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What Does It Mean When a Guy Smells Your Hair? [ANSWERED]

He is fond of you and thinks that the right time has come to take your friendship to the next stage. He is perhaps dreaming about you at night and shall be proposing to you soon. Encourage him if you find him compatible.A man hugging a woman from behind and smelling her hair

Relationships begin with surprises. You start getting comfortable with one another, and you don't even realize it. That's what makes it so special.

If there's a guy who gives you gestures of fondness and you have been nicely acquainted with him for a while now, it's time to give him a chance!

Keep reading to discover the reasons and the ways you can control or manipulate the situation. We hope you find the best way to fix this situation.

12 Reasons why a guy smells your hair

A guy is most likely to smell your hair when you standing close to him or hugging him. If you are standing close to him or hugging him, he is perhaps a nobody.

You know him well, but you might not have thought about him in an intimate context. But guys' fantasies have feathers.

Remember all the favors he has been doing for you, even if it meant going out of his way a bit? It wasn't for nothing, of course.

Please read below the possible reasons why a guy would smell your hair like that when he perhaps is well aware that you notice him doing so.

#1 He likes you 

The guy has a fondness for you. It might have been from the first time he had put his eyes on you, or it could have developed eventually.

If you have known him for a long time and he likes to take your side or stay by you, he is rooting for you.

He has developed complex emotions that might not be easily palpable in words. Hence, such moves and gestures become elementary to understanding emotions.

If you have similar emotions for him, don't hide them. Let your feelings free, and it shall give you unlimited reasons to smile.

#2 He has a weird fetish 

If you find the guy creepy, that is to say, if he is not someone you have known closely, it might be one of those weird fetishes that humans tend to have.

He has a strange attractiveness towards your hair, the way some people are attracted to feet and others to armpits.

It sounds weird because it is so, but such is the nature of engagement in bodily relations. It's nasty yet pleasurable (at least for one person). If you don't like it, begin to distance yourself from him at the earliest.

#3 You changed your shampoo 

If the guy happens to be your secret admirer, he keeps a note of everything you do. One such instance is when you change your shampoo. Perhaps he sensed it. He is smelling your hair to make a guess. 

He wants to know which shampoo did you switch to and why. Whether you are experiencing hair fall or have dandruff, he is also trying to figure out if your previous shampoo gave your hair a silky texture or this one.

#4 He likes your shampoo 

Perhaps the guy likes your shampoo. It makes your hair shiny and silky.

Moreover, your hair might be voluminous and dandruff free. He might want to know more about the product. The intention could be to gift a bottle to his girlfriend or sister, who doesn't have well-kept hair or to buy one for personal use. 

Moreover, your shampoo has an elegant aroma which adds to the benefits. If he works for one such company that manufactures or specializes in hair products, he would be further interested in fetching more information.

#5 It reminds him of his ex 

Perhaps the shampoo and conditioner that you used were the ones his ex used to use. Moreover, the way you do your hair, or the color of your hair, reminds him of his ex.

He is trying to relive the moment. It takes him back to his past and helps him recollect good times. If you can sense agony on his face while he stands close to you, ask him about it. 

You can be a good friend and support him if you feel he needs help.

#6 He is trying to get intimate 

Perhaps the guy is trying to attempt to get closer to you. He wants to get intimate. It could be a fling or something he has been wondering about for a while.

This is a gesture, perhaps his first obvious move. He wants you to know that he wants you. He would perhaps make love to you in the coziest way possible.

If you feel something for him and would like to give it a try, make your move. Perhaps stand closer to him to make yourself more accessible to see what he does next. It will lead you to your natural next step.

#7 He is controlling himself from taking control over you 

If the guy is smelling your hair and not making the next move, he is perhaps trying hard to control himself from expressing his feelings for you. 

Keep a check on his moves, body language, and how he looks at you. If he has some feelings for you, it must be spontaneous.

You either remind him of someone, or you are someone he has never met before. He finds you unique and good-looking. This is what makes it difficult for him to approach you. He isn't certain what's the right way to do it.

#8 He is lusty 

Perhaps the guy is drunk and high. He has a surge of hormones, and you are standing close to him. While he cannot do something that might be offensive, he limits himself to smelling your hair.

He is trying to indicate to you that he is into you. Even if he is committed or perhaps married, he might be looking for that one night for which he could be sorry later. 

If you get such vibes from him, stay away and stay in company. Perhaps ask the host to keep a check or bring it to your friend's notice. Such people are spoiled brats, and it is better to neither humor nor entertain them.

#9 His olfactory is strong 

Perhaps the guy has a strong sense of olfactory. He likes to smell things. He is smelling your hair and trying to ascertain not only which product you are wearing but also which flowers went into making this product.

He is a nutcase. Look around, and you will perhaps find him smelling other things too. It can be food, other people's hair, or gossip. A quick reminder to mind his business rather than sneaking here and there shall put him in his right position. 

#10 He finds you irresistible 

You are perhaps the most attractive woman out there, or perhaps he has never got an opportunity to be around women much. Hence, he doesn't know how to behave.

He is so moved and charmed by the overwhelming presence that he can't help himself. He wants to use all his five senses to record and register everything happening around him.

He will perhaps recollect it back home. It is also possible that he is an investigator out on a mission. He might be suspecting you of something. Digging a bit into his background might give you upfront clues.

#11 He is indicating approval 

Perhaps the guy has known you for a long time now, and he feels that you are attracted to him. This is his way of giving you the approval that he is available if you are interested in dating him.

If you have known him for a while and you feel this is it, if you are interested in dating him, this is the green flag. 

However, a word of caution, he seems like someone who easily gets obsessed with people or things. If you change your mind later, splitting up from him might be chaotic.

#12 He knows this makes girls go crazy 

Perhaps he thinks himself a charmer and feels he excels in flirtation skills. He has high and wrong notions about himself. 

Confronting him how uneasy it makes you feel might shatter his illusion and bring him back to reality.

If you know the guy a bit, that would be the right thing to do. If he does this with an absolute stranger, she might seriously get offended and slap him. Please warn him that such behavior can put him in trouble.

What are the next steps?

It depends on how you feel about the situation. If you like it, you might want to encourage him further with a gesture of affirmation.

Whereas, if it disgusts you, confront him at once with a warning to not reiterate such conduct in the future. I've shared various ways in which you can respond to the situation below.

If you like him

When we like a person, we get awkward around them. We blush and try hard not to reveal how we feel about them. Imagine Ross smelling Rachel's hair. You could picture it. Rachel, however, won't be able to understand what he is doing and might wonder if she likes it. Doing one or a combination of the following inputs shall help you to understand his feeling as well as comprehend yours at the same time.

#1 Encourage him 

If you like the way, he comes close and smells your hair, perhaps in an attempt to hug you, encourage him by taking a step closer and looking at him directly with soft eyes.

That shall persuade him to hug you indeed. Once you reach a comfort zone, you might want to take it ahead of how you feel best.

#2 Give him a kiss 

Kissing him might not be as bad as it sounds. It will prevent both of you from wasting any more time. You feel for each other. 

Please take it to the room and master your desires with open eyes. Once you are at it, you will find a way to level up eventually.

#3 Pull him closer 

Drawing him closer to you will be indicative of your fondness for him. Let no space be secure in between. Stay so close that your eyes talk, and you live the moment fully. Guide him if need be, but don't let the moment escape into anything.

#4 Stroke his hair 

Stroking his hair could be a legit reaction. It will be soft and cozy and speak a million words simultaneously.

Moreover, it shall be something to do with hair, too, unless he is a bald man. You will show that you understand and accept. 

#5 Bite him 

If you are horny by his proximity and moves, biting his earlobe or palm might not be a bad thing to do. Naughty it shall be, but it shall save you from wasting unnecessary words to decode the emotions. It will be appreciated and enhanced if the guy truly feels for you.

#6 Give him a hug 

If he is already smelling your hair, he is placed pretty close to you. If you want a shoulder to lean on or are yearning for some comfort and support, this might be it. 

Give him a friendly hug and see if he hugs you back. You can talk your hearts out once you get comfortable with one another.

#7 Beam at him while smiling 

A smile can work wonders. Let your smile do the magic here. If you're blushing, don't hide away from him. Show him how his moves melt you, and your heart plays romantic tunes for you.

Don't let your feelings turn into fear. There's no harm in expressing it, especially when you get the vibe that he likes you.

#8 Ask him out 

If you want to go on a date with him, don't hesitate to ask him out. Try saying something like, "I know more magic than my sweet hair. Care to get enchanted over a date?" It might make him chuckle, but you want to sound flirtatious and playful. 

#9 Make him dance 

If you are indeed standing close to each other, take his one hand in yours and make the other rest on your waist. 

Try a waltz, or get comfortable and stroll about. This might be a great start to your date. Make it such that you cherish it long after.

#10 Seduce him

If you feel that he is hesitating, however, you enjoy watching him in such a situation, a bit of teasing would be harmless.

Wave your hair here and there, talk to his friends, play hide and seek, or dance with other guys. If he is indeed into you, it shall create a desirable effect on him. He will be moved and pushed to express his feelings more openly.

If you don't like him

If you find the guy unattractive and his behavior disgusting, it is easier to handle it than in the previous case. It would help if you made sure that the guy understands once and for all that you are not into him. To do so, you can give him a blunt statement. However, if you want to handle the situation delicately, keep reading below.

#1 Break free 

The guy can smell your hair because you share proximity with him. Break the contact if you do not like it—move in another direction, further away from him. Surround yourself with people so that he doesn't get any opportunity to come around or come close to you.

#2 Tell him 

It might be rude to confront him but what he is doing isn't polite either. Using sharp, blunt words such as "Can you please stop being so annoying and keep your distance from me," or something such as "You are freaking me out and making me extremely uncomfortable. I can't give you my hair or else I would have done it. However, I'd appreciate it if you would stop bothering me at once," might get you out of the pickle at once.

#3 Make an excuse 

If you intend to be ultra polite as you feel there might be something seriously wrong with the guy in question, you can make an excuse to detach yourself from him. Saying something such as "I need a glass of water" or "I need to make a phone call" might work out for you, provided the guy is not a pervert.

#4 Avoid him 

To make it easy and stress-free, avoiding the guy's company would be the best thing to do. Could you not go near him?

If you cannot avoid his company for some peculiar reason, stay on the call with someone, or ask someone you trust to accompany you. Other ways of avoiding him would be to not look in his direction and not participate in conversations.

#5 Block him on social media 

If the guy in question is active on social media or keeps tagging and bothering you on social media, don't hesitate to block him. 

Show him where he belongs. Take your stand guilt-free. If you don't like him, this is an easy way to show it. With a few clicks, you can throw him out of your life. He would know you don't like him and might stop bothering you at once.

#6 Share it with your boyfriend 

If you see someone and another guy, that too a stranger, bothers you weirdly through his conduct, infirm about it to your boyfriend. A guy knows how to talk to another guy.

In fact, guys share a rapport and quick understanding in such cases. When your boyfriend poses as your boyfriend in front of this guy, it will prove a setback for him, and he will remember never to cross the line again.

#7 Ask your best friend to talk to him 

Seeking help from your best friend in such an awkward situation might be the way to go. Tell your friend what the guy is doing and tell them to stay by your side.

A stranger will not risk misbehaving in the presence of a company. If this guy is not a silly person, he would understand why your friend is sticking by your side and might even be convinced to apologize for his rude or unintentional conduct.

#8 Gift him your shampoo 

If you feel that the guy is behaving weirdly because he is obsessed with your shampoo, gift him a bottle when you see him next, or tell him the details of the product with the condition to leave you alone.

Even if it sounds like a threat, do not hesitate to make one. Say something such as, "Alright, I give up! Here's my secret! I use L'oreal clear shampoo, and L'oreal goes shine conditioner. Now, kindly keep your distance from me." The use of 'kindly' will make it sound more friendly and less threatening.

Summing up 

When a guy smells your hair, and you find it creeping, make it obvious to him. If a guy's behavior is freaking you out, don't try to hide your fear. Show him that it's making you uncomfortable.

If he continues to do so, he was doing it deliberately. It would help if you took immediate action against it. If he refrains from doing it and is apologetic for his conduct, forgive him and move on. If you like it and would love to get intimate with him, turn around and give him a surprise hug.

Suprity Acharyya


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