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When a Guy Calls You Sweetheart Over Text [Meaning & Responding Tips]

When a guy has known you for some time and feels comfortable with you, he might call you sweetheart. It's a sign of healthy friendship. When you start giving nicknames or addresses endearingly to someone, it suggests a developing relationship. However, if you don't like him, you must not encourage him lest it may break his heart in the future.Featured Image of When a Guy Calls You Sweetheart Over Text

Calling endearingly to one another is practiced across all forms of relationship. It is a vague way to establish a boundary in such a context. It is a strong play, too, as you keep all the options open by making your relationship dynamic. 

When a guy calls you sweetheart, he keeps all his options open. His further declaration would depend on your reaction. If you are pleased by how he addresses you, it will make room for flirtatious interactions. 

If, on the other hand, you get offended and set limits, it will friendzone him and perhaps briefly put him off. You must make up your mind and analyze your feelings before giving a reaction.

In this blog post, I shall help you in figuring out the possible reasons why a guy would call you sweetheart over text and what should be your reply to it depending on which pages you stand with him.

Reasons for a guy to call you sweetheart over text 

While there are many possible reasons for a guy to call you sweetheart, the strongest possibility is that he likes you. Whether that looking is in the capacity of a friend or something more has to be figured out.

I've shared the many possibilities below. See which one seems most acceptable in your case. There can be more than one reason. The combination will help you arrive at a better conclusion.

#1 He is fond of you 

That's the starting point of every good or long-term relationship, to call each other endearing names. It is a positive sign, and if you have known him for some time, there's nothing to freak out about.

It suggests that the guy took his time before entitling you sweet names. This also suggests that the relationship can develop, and the guy is not trying to flirt with you here.

#2 You're on his mind 

The time and place matter. Perhaps the guy was thinking about you when your text popped up on his mobile screen. He is moved, and in the moment of joy, he replies by calling you a sweetheart.

Try to ask him this –

"A sweetheart, or your sweetheart"

If he laughs it off, there's nothing serious. If he uses this as an opportunity to level up with you, it's game.

#3 He wants to get intimate with you 

Perhaps the guy is lonely and trying to imagine himself with you. In such a situation, ask yourself, do you see him a lot? Does he come across as a depressed fellow? Does he have many friends?

Intimacy can be on various levels. It is possible to get intimate with a person at a friendly level. If he is lonely, he is hoping to find friendship in you. But if he is depressed, the emotions might get confused, and the relationship can get toxic.

Make your decision wisely. Think twice before giving him an acknowledgment or affirmation. It is okay to take your time before giving a reply.

#4 He is trying to wave a green flag 

Do you have a crush on this one? Perhaps that's why you pondered much on this subject in the first place. 

This guy felt you. He knows you like him. He is waving a green flag and playing safe at the same time. If his instincts were wrong and you don't feel for him that way, he would dismiss this as a friendly gesture. But if you are excited and feel yourself on cloud nine, he would use the opportunity to know you further.

#5 It's condescending (if he's committed and you've been pushy) 

A lot depends on what line of conversation you were having before he called you sweetheart. If you were asking him out while he made it clear that he is taken or lacks interest, he might be calling you sweetheart in a condescending manner.

The ground rule here is to not be pushy. While you might be doing it in a friendly way, or you intended to play a prank on him, he might not take it in the spirit of a sport.

#6 He wants to friendzone you 

Calling you sweetheart rather than giving you a nickname or calling you someone special can be taken as a gesture to friendzone you.

This, in turn, might have its list of possible reasons. He might be interested in your best friend, or he simply doesn't have time for relationships.

Either way, you must acknowledge and come to a mutual understanding to keep up with whatever little goodness you can harbor between yourselves. 

#7 You talk a lot (what he says after sweetheart, counts too) 

Perhaps you have just met, but you started ranting before him. If you feel you have been chirping like a bird, control yourself. 

Take your time before opening your book of life before newcomers. The ground rule here is to be low-key. The interaction must be meaningful and both-sided.

#8 He is trying to console you (if you're worried or had a loss) 

If you are freaked out or anxious due to certain events, he tries to console you by suggesting that he has your back. He is a genuine well-wisher. It can be either because he is too kind or particularly kind towards you. 

Either way, kindness must not be confronted harshly. It's not a crime to call or to be called a sweetheart. Sometimes a smile as a reaction suffices.

#9 He wants to keep it casual (he likes you, but there's no need to hype about it) 

He is perhaps in the initial stage of crushing or reciprocation. He wants to take it slow. Hence, he is prudent in his selection of words.

There's no reason for you to hype about it. Act cool. Maintain your tempo and temperament. Sail with the wind, and you shall reach the shore happily.

#10 He is being pushy (Have you rejected him once?) 

It might be that the guy is a psycho and crazy about you. If you have rejected him once, it has hit his male ego so hard that he has taken the oath to pester you until and unless you submit. 

If you can sense the sarcasm in his voice, it's better not to entertain him. If you can, take a third person in your confidence and tell them about him so that if something unforeseen happens, you can call for help.

#11 You're mad at him (A term of endearment used to please you and get off your nerves) 

If you are mad at him, he tries to calm you by making you feel loved. This is human nature. We express our love for someone by calling him in terms of endearment. You can give him one too. Much thought need not be invested here.

#12 He is taken up by the moment (What's the setting? Are you two alone? Is there a chance he can take advantage of you?) 

Perhaps the moment was such that it seemed the right call to make. If you were flirtatious and the mood was right, it was past midnight, and you had been chatting for a while, it's perfectly fine to call the other person, sweetheart. 

#13 Texting sweetheart is his habit 

Perhaps he wasn't mindful while texting you. He typed sweetheart out of habit. He is bad at remembering names. He calls sweetheart to his friend, girlfriend, and sister. It is something random. Had he called you sexy, that would have shown a form of appealing interest. Calling sweetheart, however, isn't a big deal.

Next step if you are fond of him 

If you like the guy, keep the dice rolling. There's no need to pause or make it very deliberate that you have been called endearingly out of the blue. Make it feel natural and let the events take their turn.

I've shared several ways in which you can express your pleasure to the texting guy. Keep reading to know more!

#1 Use endearing names to call him 

When you are called sweetheart, you call him darling. Don't be mean, be even. Go by that policy, and you will be in for the game.

This way, you won't have the pressure to give the conversation a different direction. You will follow the lead, and in the process, you shall get to know his true intentions.

#2 Show you are thankful and happy 

If something makes you happy, learn to show off that happiness. Express your gratitude.

Tell him that talking with him makes your day. He will understand what you mean, and if luck is on your side, he will reciprocate with the same intensity.

#3 Share your feelings with him 

If you like him, don't hesitate to say so. This can be the perfect opportunity. He might be feeling close to you on a mental level. Use it to your benefit. 

State it simply in words like, "I've always been fond of you. With you, time escapes into thin air. There are days I feel like I've known you since time eternity."

This will keep the game open. It is ambiguous. You could mean this as a friend or as a potential girlfriend. It depends on his reply which way he would like to take it.

#4 Hold his hands 

When you meet him next, use the opportunity to hold his hand. Taking his hands into yours will make you two conscious of each other's presence and role in your life.

You would become more aware of each other's situation. If keeping his hand in yours feel good, carry it on. If he doesn't jerk off his hand, he likes it too.

#5 Call him and express your thoughts 

There's no harm in making a call. Even silence shall speak over a call. Ring him up and see if he is already prepared with words. 

These things happen unexpectedly. One moment you are friends, the next moment, you become dearer to one another. Let spontaneity rule. 

#6 Go on a date 

Ask him out on a date. There's no harm in it. Your next text message to him should read something along the following lines, "Care to hang out with me? I know this coziest spot with electric music and brilliant lighting."

The use of the term coziest shall be enough to drop hints. If he is indeed interested in you, his reply will come in affirmation. If he isn't very sure or needs time, he will try to postpone it for the time being. Either way, you shall get a direction to the situation.

#7 Go to the countryside 

Going alone or with him away in front of the hustle and bustle of city lights can fetch more clarity into your situation. If he agrees to accompany you, it strongly suggests that he enjoys your company. If he throws air, go alone, and you will be able to analyze the current context better.

#8 Bake him your favorite dessert 

Make him feel special by giving him something customized. Be it a present or food, when you add your touch to it, it becomes special. 

If you are a good Baker, but you don't know his favorite dessert, there's no harm in asking him about it. Let him know in advance that you plan to bake something sweet for the one who calls you sweetheart.

Maybe give it the shape of a heart. That shall do it justice. A sweet dish in the shape of the heart. He will understand what you are doing, and if he is into you, he will not let this opportunity go amiss and kiss you!

#9 Go for a movie 

Going to the movies means spending more time together. It familiarizes you with each other's tastes and habits. The three to four hours spent together in a multiplex will give you many insights into the situation. 

If you, either consciously or unconsciously, come to hold each other's hands or rest your head on his shoulder, it shall be a good start to something strong and special.

The next step if you don't like him

If you don't like this guy and it freaks you out to see his text, don't entertain him further. It might be so that he holds a bad reputation and you are not like-minded. It's alright. I've shared a few ways in which this situation can be handled wisely. Keep reading below.

#1 Tell him to stay away (politely) 

You can text him back and ask him to keep his distance. Something in terms of, "I'd appreciate it if you don't text me now and then." 

An explanation isn't due. You don't need to explain why his texting bothers you. However, if he pushes, tell him you like to stay focused on your work and find texting distracting.

#2 Be cut and cross in your words 

Perhaps don't be sweet and honey when it's not needed. Be crude and cross in your replies. He will stop bothering you when you start attacking his dignity.

However, this is a harsh step. Do it only when you strongly dislike a person. There's no going back and taking away words. It won't be easy to re-establish a good relationship with him in the future.

#3 Don't reply 

When you're confused about the person's reaction and don't feel good about their message, no-obligation binds you to make a reply. Until, of course, if this person is your boss or colleague whom you will be seeing again next morning.

You will have to go with your instinct. If you choose not to reply and they ask you the next morning about it, you can always make a lame excuse and get out of the situation. 

Excuses such as you fell asleep or your phone ran out of battery comes in handy. They will understand that you are making an excuse. It's a win-win situation. They will understand that you didn't like their attempt to develop an informal relationship with you.

#4 Post with other guys 

Rather than sending a reply, post a story with your boyfriend or best friend. This will show him where he belongs. It will also prove that you have someone in your life and he doesn't stand a chance. 

Don't pick up someone whom he knows. Else, he will cross-check with the guy. Use a photo with some old high school friends. 

#5 Tell him you're taken 

Tell him not to flirt with you because you are taken. Normally, guys are not demotivated by this. They take it as a challenge and see to your breakup. Hence, if you opt for this option, you must be strong with your convictions. 

An indirect method to tell him this would be to talk about your boyfriend with him. Guys get jealous easily. It will burn him down, and he will naturally maintain his distance from you.

#6 Block him (if he is annoying) 

If he is pestering you, that is, if you are not replying but he keeps texting, go on and block the number. You don't need to tolerate unfair behavior. Your time is precious, and it is meant for people who know its worth. 

Never try to be overkind to people. Remember, while kindness attracts, over kindness is self-destructive.

#7 Meditate 

Sometimes being sociable can take a toll on mental health. In such situations, it is advisable to practice meditation. It will calm your mind and bring you in harmony with your surroundings. You will be able to forgive and forget. 

Meditating can be done indoors and outdoors. When performing it indoors, use a candle to strengthen your focus. While outdoors, use the lap of nature.

#8 Go for cycling 

Cycling can help detoxify the mind. It will relax your muscle and divert your mind from the unwanted tension. Cycling is healthy. It is a fuel-free way to brighten your day. When done on a pleasant day, it can bring you all the happiness in the world.

#9 Don't overthink, and he will lose interest eventually 

When you don't reply to the texts, the guy shall lose interest eventually. Wasting your energy on him is useless. Let him take all the pains. You can ease your mind and be calm. The ones who are not meant to be in your life cannot sustain for long. 

#10 Travel South 

Traveling can help a great deal. Change your location. Travel in a different direction. It will allow you to meet new people and make new friends. 

Sometimes, sudden encounters help. It broadens your mindset and brings you new insights. You learn to deal with the same mess tactfully when you return from vacation.

Summing up 

When a guy calls you sweetheart over text, he is being sweet. If you like sweetness, there's no harm. If you are allergic to sweets, tell him so. Make it known that while he might be trying to get friendly with you, there's a way you like to deal with people. Never think twice about expressing your views.

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