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What to Say When a Girl Says Yes to a Date? [with Templates]

You should show her a positive attitude, and your voice and tone must convey your happiness. Since you've asked her out, she should know that you are excited and putting in genuine effort. Let her feel special and plan a beautiful date for her. A man standing behind a street looking at his phone and smiling

Asking out a girl for a date is one of the most dreaded things to do. A thousand different emotions are going on in your mind. You have a fear of rejection; you fear losing her as a friend forever and many other risks.

But when it comes to matters of the heart, you have to muster up all the courage in the world. You can't let your feelings go in vain for that stupid fear. Right? 

And then the golden moment arrives when you have conveyed your feelings and asked her out on a date. Well, pat on your back as your attempt was a successful one. So, a big congratulations to you as she has said "yes" to going out with you on a date. 

But now what? Often guys don't know the next step, which is where they mess things up. You must remember that getting just a "yes" from a girl for a date is not enough. You must have your next plan ready with you. You won't love to keep the girl waiting to plan your next steps. 

Now that half of your battle is already won, let's look at the different ways you can respond to a girl.

7 ways to respond to a girl when she says "Yes" to a date

If you thought that you were all set to go just because your girl had agreed to go on a date, then you are still in a bubble. This is just the beginning, and you have a lot of tasks in hand. 

Your response will determine how great that date is going to be. A good response can make a beautiful date, while a bad one can stand you up by the girl.

So, let's jump right away to know different ways to respond to a girl. 

#1 Ask about her preference

You might have a favorite restaurant or a cafe where you want to take your girl. But that doesn't mean that she will have the same choice of food or location.

She can have an entirely different taste. So, when she agrees to go out with you on a date, you must first ask her about her preference. Ask her where she would like to meet you- it can be a park, it can be by the sea, and a hike.

So, ask her where she would love to go for a first date and what she likes to eat. When you know her food preference, you can suggest to her some good eateries nearby or even get her favorite chocolate as a sweet gesture on your first date. You can ask some questions-

  • "Are you a coffee person? Or are you a total movie lover?
  • "I love hiking, have you ever tried it? Would you like to explore?"
  • "What's your favorite cuisine? Would you like to try out a new place?"

These are some ways you can ask her what she would like to do on the first date. This certainly shows that you are very much interested in taking her out. 

#2 Show your excitement

Your first reaction should be a deal maker or breaker. She needs to know how happy you are to be meeting her and going on a date with her.

Even if you had asked her out over a text, your replies should show your excitement and happiness. Tell her that you are really glad that she is ready to go on a date with you. Add some happy emoticons along with your texts. If you are on a call, then you can say- 

  • "Oh my god, I still can't believe that we will be going on a date." This way, she will feel that you are quite serious about the date and haven't been fluffing around with her. Your sincerity and genuineness will be shown through your excitement. 
  • "I really need to pinch myself to believe that you have said 'yes.'
  • "I am really excited to meet you and get to know you more."

Have genuine excitement in your voice so that she understands that you are being truthful about your feelings. 

#3 Be courteous

Don't think that your job is done. Just because she has said "yes" doesn't imply that you can get whoever you want, and now you will have an attitude that you've achieved something. 

You should be polite that she has agreed to go on a date. Thank her for agreeing to go out with you. Also, if the girl is a bit shy and it took you some time to convince her to go on a date, you must thank her even more. 

Be polite in your tone. And move on to ask her questions like what she likes to eat, does she have a favorite cafe, or she is up for a movie date. Whatever you ask, make sure to be polite. Carrying some flowers on the day of the date would actually be a pretty move. 

You can say something like-

  • "Hey, thanks a lot for saying yes. I was a bit nervous, you know, but I'm sure that we will have a great time together."
  • "I promise you that we will have a real good time together. I have been looking forward to this day for long."
  • "I am extremely glad that I will be finally meeting you. Let's spend some quality time together and get to know each other better."

#4 Be quick

Well, don't confuse between being quick and being desperate. You surely don't want to come across as a desperate guy waiting to go out on a date with a girl.

But at the same time, you should not take a lot of time to respond to her. After all, you were the one who asked her out for a date, and now that she has said "yes," it's really rude to keep her waiting for your reply.

So, be quick and respond fast as soon as you get her message. Let her feel that you were waiting for her message, and now that it's happening, you are literally on cloud nine. 

  • "Wow, I am so happy to get your response. Let's plan something superb."
  • "You won't believe how eager I was to get a reply from you. I am super glad that you agreed, and now we can have a gala time together."

These are some of the responses which will show your eagerness but at the same time won't make you look very desperate. 

#5 Make her feel special

When you've asked her out for a date, she must be special to you. You are looking forward to meeting her, and you want to know her. So, she needs to feel special from your side as well.

Just saying "yes" to your date won't seal a future deal for you. If she sees that you have stopped putting in your efforts after she has said 'yes,' she would also lose interest in you and might even turn you down. 

So, it's your responsibility to make her feel special. The way you respond to her texts, her calls, the way you plan out the date, everything will show her how you treat her.

Talk to her even more before the date to know a little bit more about her likes and dislikes. On the day of the date, you will have a lot of topics to talk about, and she would notice how you have remembered all her details and paid attention while talking to her. 

  • "I am willing to spend time with you. Where would you like to go? Do you have a favorite place to hang out?"
  • "I will be driving my car and will surely drop you home, so please don't worry at all."
  • If you two are going for a movie date, you can say- "Would you like to grab a cup of coffee before going to the movie? I know that you love cold coffees." 

#6 Keep on putting in your efforts

Many guys think that they have achieved the goal of their lives once the girl says "yes" to the date. And then they make the biggest mistake of stopping putting their efforts. 

When you are genuinely interested in a girl, you need to keep putting in your efforts for her. If you have asked out to go for a Saturday and she has some other work that day, don't show your attitude or don't be irritated. 

Be accommodating towards her relaxing time. Give her other options and let her know you are ready to wait for her whenever she is free as you are really into her. Keeping feelings to yourself won't help you. You need to show her your feelings, and constant effort is a must for that making. 

  • "It's totally fine that this Saturday doesn't work for you. Let me know whenever you are free; I will make myself free for you anytime."
  • If she has a particular taste for movies which you don't like, you can say- "Although I have not watched movies of this genre before, since you like it, I'm sure it's gonna be awesome." 

This will show that you are willing to try out new things with her and adjust yourself to her schedule. 

#7 Be respectful towards her

She might not be comfortable going out for a date in the evening or at night. So if she doesn't agree to go on a date according to your plan, don't sound rude or be disrespectful towards her.

She is meeting you first, and she wants to be comfortable with you. Perhaps, for the first date, she wants to keep it simple and want to see how things turn out between you two. 

Later on, she will be up for all sorts of dates. So, give her that comfort space and let her know that you really care for her choice. 

Also, sometimes you might be confused even after getting a yes from the girl because she might just be fooling around with you. So, you really don't know whether she is truly interested in you.

Well, to remove all your confusion, I have written an article on If A Girl Says Yes To A Date She Is Interested. Check it out and get to know whether you're on the right track. 

Now that you know how to respond to her, let's look at the Dos and Don'ts for your date. 

Do's for your date

  • Reach before her. Being late is never a good sign on the first date, and you don't want to ruin your impression, right? So, if the time is at 6p.m, there is no harm in reaching 10 mins early and booking a table for the two of you. 
  • Listen to her attentively. You are here to have a conversation with her; you want to know her even more. So, make sure to be a great listener that night and remember the little details about her. 
  • Try out a new food of her choice. If she insists you on having a certain dish, then try it. Let her know that you are even willing to try something out of your comfort zone for her. This will surely show your efforts. 
  • Talk about her favorite things like sports, foods, movies, series, traveling, etc. this way, you two will never have an awkward silence on your date, and she will also see how you remembered all her favorite things. 
  • Offer her a ride home. Even if you don't have a car, make sure to drop her home. 
  • Text her after the date to know did she feel comfortable, was the food good, etc. carry on with your conversation.
  • Let her know how the date went for you and how you are glad you were true to have spent some time together. 
  • Ask before clicking pictures with her. She might not be comfortable; hence taking her consent is a must. Also, if you click, ask her if you can post them on your social media. 


  • Don't show off. She hasn't come here to know how many things you own and what latest gadget you bought. The conversation should be two-way and not just about boasting yourself. 
  • Don't be on your phone. You have spent enough time talking to her on your phone, and now is the time to have a real face-to-face conversation with her. So, stop looking at your phone as this is quite disrespectful, and your girl will be extremely annoyed by this behavior.
  • Don't be rude. Even if you two have different opinions, you don't need to be rude to put across your points. Just be polite. 
  • Don't bring your past. Focus on the present and spend time knowing about her rather than telling her about your past relationships. Only if she asks you can bring up the topic. 

Let's wrap up

Going on a date is a wonderful feeling indeed. However, you need to make sure that things are in the right direction. So, asking her out isn't the only thing you need to do. Your efforts go on even after she has said "yes."

You can have an amazing date with your girl when you know how to respond to her and how you can make her special. So, let her know your feelings and have a beautiful romantic time together. 

Ahiri Chakraborty

Senior Writer

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