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What Does It Mean When a Guy Stares at You but Ignores You?

When a guy stares at you from a distance but ignores you, it means that you remind him of someone he used to know long back. It can be the way you look or the way you talk. You can try to talk to him about it and calm him down. A woman standing near downstreet strangely looking at somebody

We come across weird human behavior in our life: one such being a guy staring at you blankly. When you stare back at him to see if he wants to convey something, he keeps quiet.

What could possibly be the reason for such a curious behavior? Is he trying to freak you out or send a message to you in his strange way? Does he likes you or is mad at you for some unknown reason?

We will find out this and much more in this article. Keep reading to know more.

11 Reasons why a guy stares at you from a distance

There might be a good number of possibilities for a guy to stare at you from a distance. It mostly is that he thinks he knows you or has met you before. He ignores you because perhaps that encounter wasn't something to be proud of.

However, worry not. I have not only discussed the probable reasons but also how you can get rid of those scrutinizing eyes. Keep reading to know more.

#1 You resemble his ex

It is likely possible that your behavior, manners, or countenance resemble his ex. She might be his ex, but he had loved her to his core. Or, it might be that she had met with an accident and had a tragic end.

Either way, it endorses pain and makes him extremely disheartened to recall those moments. If he is staring at you but keeping quiet, this might be one of the reasons. While he would love to talk to you, his past does not enable him to do so.

#2 He is fond of you in a weird way

If a guy stares at you from a distance but ignores you, it might be that he likes you but is too nervous about taking the first step.

He perhaps wants to court you and be your prince charming, and he might be imagining all that by staring at you blankly. In the knightly armor, he dreams of getting down on his knees and asking for your hand. 

However, as soon as his eyes meet yours, he breaks the contact and looks away as he might be embarrassed being caught off-guard.

If you like him too, move towards him and ease him down with a friendly smile. 

#3 His friend is interested in you 

It might be that his friend likes you. If he is weird, his friend might be weirder, perhaps shy.

His friend might have pushed him to go and talk to you or to fetch your number. Yet again, he has never done this before. So, in making a desperate attempt to help out his friend, he is not only making you uncomfortable but also himself.

#4 You were in school together

If you were in a co-ed school, you might want to check the school yearbook or the alumni list to find out if you get a glimpse of this guy over there.

He could be either your junior or senior. While in the case of girls, they are mostly seen bring attracted to their seniors, in the case of guys, it can happen either way.

You can go and ask him politely, "Hey there! I have noticed you staring at me for a while now. Is there any chance that we will get to know each other? Apparently, I don't have as sharp memory as I had taken it to be."

This friendly encounter would either help him convey his motives or get a hint of his intentions when he tries to cover up.

#5 He came across your profile on a dating app 

The dating scene has altered with the introduction of dating apps in our life. A swipe left and a swipe right comes easy. But that doesn't necessarily imply that we keep an account of all three profiles we had seen. While we may not remember it all well, there are people with photogenic memory. 

Such people never forget about the encounters they have had, even if that happens virtually. This might be one such case.

If you remember coming across the guy on any such platform, you were perhaps right not to swipe right on him. He is weird, and it's better to keep your distance from him.

#6 You're attractive

A guy is staring at you, perhaps even blankly, because you are the most attractive lady here has ever come across. 

While he would love to have a conversation with you, he lacks the confidence to do so. He feels that if he tries to approach you, assuming himself to be the hero, you might dash all his hopes by ridiculing him away.

However, if you feel he is decent and likable, make it easy for him by swaying a smile or waving a hand. 

#7 You are popular 

If you are a popular person, this might not come as a surprise to you. Guys gossip too, and you know that, right?

He is perhaps staring at you and noticing all your movements so that he can later retell all about it to his friends or perhaps even his girlfriend.

Don't pay much attention to such behaviors; it's unacceptable, and you are better off without letting all this bother you a lot.

#8 He is single 

You might be like, why would it matter to you or make any difference knowing if he is single or not. Well, it does. The reason why this guy is looking at you with much interest is that he is single, and everyone around him is in pairs while you are the only one to stand alone. 

However, he chooses to ignore you simultaneously because he doesn't want to come up as needy or desperate. He is trying to understand if you are his type and want to talk to him if he approaches you.

#9 You're staring at him 

It may be that you have been staring at him, and he is merely staring you back. He doesn't know you and is himself wondering, why are you looking at him in that manner. He is as confused and clueless as you. Try breaking eye contact, and that might solve the puzzle automatically.  

#10 You're a good friend of his ex

This guy might still be infatuated with his ex and stalking her when he came across you. He might be at the same place as you because he needs your help in getting his ex back in his life.

It's always wise to know about the people your friends have dated if you are close to them.

You might want to take a picture of this guy and circulate it in your social groups to see if anybody knows him at all. This will give you an idea as to why he might be staring at you strangely.

#11 He likes your friend 

It might be that the guy is not interested in you but in your friend. However, you seem to have a friendly countenance. While your friend seems to be a little above his rank.

He is using you as a medium to reach out to her. That's a common practice. 

If there is someone who is accompanying you, I suggest you draw their attention to the guy and ask them for their opinion.

This will help you in understanding what this guy might be trying to do from a perspective other than yours.

How to react when a guy stares at you but ignores you?

The best way to react when a guy stares at you but ignores you simultaneously is to be indifferent. He is trying to get a reaction from you, don't offer him one. However, if being indifferent doesn't come easy to you, I've discussed a few more ways in which you can handle the situation.

#1 Don't pay attention

When a guy stares at you but keeps his distance, it suggests that he has done business to conduct with you. It's more than a romantic inclination, and he will discuss it with you as soon as he has made up his mind. You, on the other hand, should not care much for his eye contact; take it as it comes. 

When the guy realizes that he has failed to affect you, he will move a step ahead and try something new. This something new will get you closer to his real motive.

#2 Approach his friend 

Play smart by approaching his friend or the person accompanying him rather than him directly. This shall either make the guy jealous, or he will understand your motive and might join in the conversation. 

Keep your tone neutral so that you are not suggestive of what you think might be in either of their minds. Something such as, "Hey there, what brings you here?" can help you begin a conversation.

#3 Invite him on the ball

If it's a ball party and everyone around you is on the dance floor, you can extend your hand to suggest a dancing invitation.

If he had been looking for an opportunity, he wouldn't let this one go amiss. Once you are on the floor, you can get him talking. Maintain unflinching eye contact with him when you're at it.

#3 Give him a gesture to indicate the awkwardness

If a guy stares at you but keeps his distance, catch him off guard by raising your eyebrows at him. This shall make him more nervous than he already is, and he might drop the idea of hitting at you or of doing whatever he had intended to do.

#4 Send him your number 

If you like the guy who is staring at you from a distance but has decided to stay quiet, you may want to give him your number to make it easy to communicate. 

Sending the number is an option when you're leaving the party, not when you're staying there. In case you decide to leave the party before him, or while he is still there, you can walk towards him and give him your number in person.

If he is interested in you, he might follow you outdoors, and you can get into conversations from there.

#5 Break from the crowd 

If a guy has been staring at you all the while but has kept quiet, it might be because you were always surrounded by people around you.

In such a case, you might want to break from the crowd and reposition yourself somewhere close to him to make yourself accessible. This will encourage him, and he will be able to perhaps join you with a drink.

On the other hand, if you don't like him, always keep yourself surrounded by the crowd and make it impossible for him to reach you out until and unless he decides to make it obvious for one and all that he wants to talk to you.

#6 Ask him out 

If you are at a party where everyone around you is in pairs and if the guy staring at you appeals to your senses, you might want to ask him out.

It was likely that on his mind anyway, but he couldn't gather the courage to ask you out. Give him a chance, and he might make your evening delightful! You can ask him out flirtatiously, "Hey, mister! Care for a glass of drink?"

#7 Bring it to the attention of your host

If you are at a party and a stranger has been eyeing you creepily without uttering a word, you might want to bring it to your host's attention.

This shall not only provide you with the information about this person but also create a dramatic effect upon the guy. If, in any case, he was not invited to the party, the right action shall be taken against it.

You don't have to feel awkward about it. The guy hasn't given you an inviting look. You have to look after yourself. If you don't want to approach the host, you can inform someone else too.

Say, somebody accompanied you there, or you can see some known faces, you can tell him about this guy, and they might have pieces of information to help you out.

#8 Send him a request on Facebook 

Sending him a request on Facebook might take away the awkwardness. It will open up a venue for you to communicate. Once set, if you vibe great together, you can take it further. If you don't match each other's energy, you can avoid the hustle to meet and communicate further.

However, finding him out on Facebook might be tricky. You can stand close to him and operate your Facebook account so that he can see your username. If he is interested in talking to you, you shall get a request almost instantly or at least within a day.

#9 Reposition yourself

When a guy stares at you from a distance but doesn't take much interest in you otherwise, consider repositioning yourself. Changing your stance would hint that you got conscious of his stare and didn't find it likable.

He will either drop his looks and find a different prey for himself or approach you with a smiling face this time.

However, if he repositions himself too, to get a better look at you, it means that he is either trying to get on your nerves or trying very hard to secure your attention.

I'd suggest you go and ask him directly this time that is bothering him or if there's anything, he wants to convey to you.

#10 Introduce yourself with an extended hand 

Rather than observing his stare in return and standing there making observations, it would be feminist of you to approach him with an extended hand.

This would show a willingness to get to know him and act as a friendly gesture. Don't extend your smile a lot; else, he might take you to be over-friendly and might take things too fast down the line.

Keep a balance, and you shall be good to go. Introduce yourself by stating your name, "It's nice to see you! I'm Medha. What brings you here?"

#11 Talk about politics

Talking about politics when you intend to initiate a conversation with a guy is always a safe option.

Guys always have something to add to when it comes to politics. They get all warm-up and want you to see things from their point of view.

This shall make a common space for both of you two to communicate. Once you are at it, you can get to know more about him eventually.

Summing up

A guy might be staring at you for different reasons. If it becomes too much of a concern, it is better to ask him about it.

In that way, you shall avoid any form of misunderstanding and stay light-headed for the rest of the time. It is possible that he is one of those guys who are socially awkward. It is something that he cannot help, and you are unnecessarily having a hard time giving it so much of a thought. 

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