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What Does It Mean if a Girl Sends You a Picture of Her Legs? [Answered]

She is flirting with you and wants you to do the same. She wants to see if you are good at flirting. Please give her a prompt reply and don't be too fishy about it. If you find her attractive, you might soon get lucky!Feature Image of What Does It Mean if a Girl Sends You a Picture of Her Legs

There are always some new trends that are socially in practice. One such trend is exchanging photos, especially through modes like Snapchat. Now that the platforms give us the option to send pictures on invisible mode or with the option of viewing them only once.

In scenarios such as this, if a girl deliberately sends you a picture of her legs, she is trying to secure your attention. Even if she sent you a normal picture without using any hidden modes, you can get flirtatious with her and see where it goes.

I'll be discussing the various reasons why a girl sends you the picture of her legs and the multiple ways in which you can respond to it.

15 Reasons why a girl sends you a picture of her legs

If a girl shares a picture with you, you are special to her. If this picture happens to be a part of her tight body, it suggests something deeper.

She is into you and would like to have a good time with you. Let's try to take into account the multiple possible reasons why a girl would send you the picture of her legs which will then help us in figuring out the ways to come up with appropriate reactions.

#1 She is a flirt 

The strongest possible reason for a girl to randomly share a picture of her legs would mean that she is a flirt. It might not be long since you guys got acquainted with one another. She is flirting with you because something about you is appealing to her. 

If in your conversations, you had taken an interest in knowing her deeper and better, she is responding to it via this picture. If you would like to take it ahead, perhaps send her your picture and wait for her reply.

#2 It's an invitation to her place 

If a girl sends you the picture of her leg, it is perhaps an invitation to her place. If this girl happens to be someone you have recently met, she has a crush on you.

However, if she is your girlfriend or wife, she is waiting to meet you as soon as possible. You might want to reciprocate in a way that keeps the for burning until you meet again.

#3 She finds you attractive 

The girl finds you attractive. At times it happens that we want to show a person that we desire them. To do so, we do desperate things that, at the spur of the moment, didn't seem that desperate.

This might be one such instance. Instead of judging her, if she likes you, appreciate her emotion. Please don't do something distasteful that would make her question her choice. 

#4 She is testing you 

Perhaps the girl is trying to analyze your character. It might be a photo from Google. She wants to see what you would do now.

I suggest you wait for her to text you first. Don't reply until then. That way, you would know her purpose, and she would understand your nature.

#5 She is trying to seduce you 

Well, the lady might be high in love with you. She has been trying for a long time to secure your attention, but it always goes unnoticed. Hence, this time she decided to be more direct in her approach.

If you ignore this too, she would feel that you are homosexual. So, think hard and strong before giving your reaction. Do some digging if needed to know what's really on her mind.

#6 You are hot 

Well, if you are generally regarded as hot, this might not be the first time that you are getting pictures of a woman's body. If you have a great physique, most women won't mind getting laid with you.

However, in such cases, you have the upper hand. You must not trust the lady or, rather, the sender blindly. It might be a trap meant to deceive you.

Cross-check their contact or ask her first how she got your number. Don't entertain her unless you feel that her answer is genuine.

#7 She knows you like her 

Perhaps the sender knows you have a fondness for her. She might be in the mood to perform some mischief. It might be that her commitments lie elsewhere.

However, she doesn't feel like playing by the rules tonight. Or, her partner is cheating on her, and she thought to herself, why wouldn't she do the same. Know her reasons before making a decision.

#8 She is seeking attention 

The sender is an attention seeker. She might be having tough days with her partner. She wants to see if she still holds power and magic.

She wants to see if the photo of her legs can still make guys go wild. Perhaps she got hold of your number somewhere and decided to try the bait on you. It's a desperate attempt on her part to regain confidence in herself and her body.

#9 It was a mistake 

Perhaps the photo wasn't meant for you. It was a genuine mistake. She was sending it to someone else or mistook you for someone else.

Either way, if she didn't apologize for it, she hasn't have realized the error she had made. It would help if you texted her to see her reaction.

If she at once tells you about it and her tone sounds embarrassing, you would realize that the woman made a pretty mistake, and you might use the opportunity to praise her beauty, assuring her that there's nothing to feel bad about it.

#10 She wants to get laid 

She might be a novice in the dating scene and might have secured your number from one of the dating apps.

While she wants to get laid, she is not sure how to ask for it directly or what is the right move to make. Hence, she sent you a photograph of her legs, hoping that her suggestion would be obvious. She is perhaps hoping for some lead or encouragement here. Please be sensitive and understand her purpose.

#11 She is interested in sexting 

Perhaps the girl is more interested in virtual action than real action. She has been loyal to her boyfriend, but that has robbed her of all the fun.

Hence she sought out the idea of sexting. She got your number from a friend who might have told her that you are pretty good and moving at it.

Girls like to share these details to show off among their friends that they have connections or to claim their knowledge of men. 

#12 She is horny 

Perhaps the moment when the girl sent you the photo, her hormones were driving her crazy. At that moment of extreme sensitivity, your face came before her mind.

This is suggestive of her deep crush on you. Perhaps for some reason, you never got to date one another. If she is a good friend, you might not have seen her in that way. If she is a tomboy, guys fail to give her that attention.

All this together might have moved her to share a picture of her legs and see if the guy would be interested in knowing her identity from her legs.

#13 She wants sexy legs 

She wants beautiful legs, and she wants someone to compliment them. If it isn't sexy, she perhaps has some disease and has taken you to be either a doctor or a fitness trainer.

She wants you to make her fit by coaching her. If her legs look like those of a jumbo elephant, you may directly ask her and wait to see if she takes it sportily or does she get offended.

#14 It's a prank 

Perhaps she is playing a prank on you. Or, perhaps your girlfriend has asked her to do so. It's to get the better of you.

If you haven't been able to spend much time with your girlfriend, she is trying to see if you have given her a genuine reason. If you choose to engage in long conversations with this stranger, your girlfriend might use it as a weapon to prove you guilty or disloyal.

#15 She is a gold digger

Perhaps this woman is a gold digger, and you are filthy rich. She wants you to treat her extravagantly while she pleases you with her offerings.

Such people and relationships with them are mostly toxic and ill-advised. Think wisely before taking your step. Do not entertain her if you feel she has no connections with you. 

What should you do when a girl sends you a picture of her legs?

If a girl sends you a picture of her legs, you got to make a clever move. If you like what you see on your phone screen, send her a compliment. If you don't, tell her something in lines such as "What's this tons pound of flesh doing on my phone screen? It looks like a nightmare!" Wait to see her reply. 

However, there are a few other things that you can do. Keep reading to know more.

#1 Flirt with her 

If you find the picture appealing or you feel that the person on the other side is up for some game, be flirtatious.

Tell something along the lines of "the sight makes me drool," shall keep the game on.

Remember, it is never advisable to send long-way type narratives when trying to flirt with a person. It should be to the point and calm.

#2 Compliment her 

Perhaps the lady is looking for some compliment to regain her confidence.

Give her that. Tell her that that's the most beautiful pair of shapely legs that you have ever seen.

If you get prompt replies, gather the courage to ask her to see the lovely face.

Say something along the lines of, "I was wondering when the legs are so seductive, how appealing shall the rest of the body be. I'd love to see your face, for starters." If you get a reply to that, you might get lucky tonight!

#3 Ask her the purpose 

If you find it weird or it puzzles you because the legs are either not shaved or look manly in appearance, you might want to ask her the purpose of sending you a photograph like that.

Something in their lines of "Mind revealing your identity and telling the purpose of sending me bate pictures of your not so appealing legs? I hope you are not planning to kick me with it." 

If she understands and appreciates the joke, you might ask her out; if she doesn't, don't entertain further.

#4 Ask her out 

You might want to hit the nail directly at the head rather than beating about the bush. If you feel that she wants you to ask her out, do so.

Tell her that you're free in the evening and would love to take the beauty out for a romantic evening.

Tell her that she will not be able to forget it for many days to come. Something in the lines of, "I would love to take you out and spend some quality time with you. I shall offer you my arms to rest. I will worship those legs and make you mine. See me tonight?"

#5 Send her your picture 

If a girl sent you her picture, you do the same.

That's the Snapchat trend, perhaps. She might be exhibiting her new accessory. Or, if her legs are bare, you make her a suggestion that you would like to adore those legs with a beautiful ornament.

Something in the lines of, "A trinket would look lovely on your beautiful legs. How about I take you out shopping? We shall check out lovely collections. Tell me, where can I pick you up?" Women love to shop. It will be very hard for her to deny this proposal.

#6 Call her 

Perhaps all that the girl wanted when she sent you that picture was to secure your attention. Call her up to show that she has succeeded.

If she answers it, whisper-soft secrets about the effect that it creates on your mind. Tell her something such as, "The sight of your legs made me want to wrap it around my body. It would feel so good. The thought makes me shiver." 

Allow her to continue the conversation. If she laughs, invite her to your place. If she doesn't, close the conversation.

#7 Block her 

If you are taken and have a happy relationship, you might not like to entertain such incoming media. There's no harm in blocking it.

It shall not only prove you are a loyal lover but also emphasize your integrity and ethics as a human. You will show the sender that you don't get easily tempted or moved.

You prefer a person's company to the body. If the girl is genuine, she would appreciate it. She would understand that you value emotions and take the matter of heart seriously.

#8 Tell about it to your girlfriend 

If you have a girlfriend, it's better to share this incident with her. Had she been putting you on this, she would be relieved to see that you are trustworthy.

As a couple, partners do all sorts of things to check each other's loyalty. It has become more so in the current age because you get to hook up with a right swipe. Show her that you are hers truly, and it shall take more than a random picture of legs to tempt you in committing a folly.

#9 Get laid 

If she is interested in hooking up and you would like the same, use the precautions and bang on. Make it steamy and give her an experience that she shall cherish for long.

Understand her needs; tell her yours. Please don't do anything which might make her uncomfortable. Remember to take consent before experimentation. That's how most relationships begin these days. If she would like it, and you enjoy it, it might take a beautiful form.

#10 Keep the fire burning 

Do something equally exciting or perhaps cute. For instance, if you have a pet, send her your selfie with it. Or, send her the pictures of its paws. Unless she loathes her pet, she will get too excited about it.

When the excitement reaches its peak, invite her to your place. Spend time doing things that would make you more acquainted with one another. Don't bring up anything depressing or too personal. Be gentlemanly and polite.

#11 Send her poetries 

Sending a girl poetries could be impressive. Something that appreciates her legs.

Perhaps compose a poem. Write something to make a comparison. Use similes and metaphors to articulate better. Something in the lines of, "Your legs felt like velvet / My eyes had never seen something so glossy and my skin had never touched something so smooth…." This might do the magic. Be her poet.

#12 Ask for more 

If a girl sends a picture of her legs, ask for something more substantial, perhaps a full photograph. Tell her you to want to see the face to which the leg belongs.

Tell her that you want to admire and adore her in whole rather than parts. Tell her that you want to touch and feel her for real. Try to make it all meaningful. Touch her heart with your words and gestures. Be soft and considerate.

#13 Stalk her on social media 

If you doubt the girl's intentions, look at her on social media. Dig her details to find out more about her. Check out her friend list. See the friends she keeps.

This will give you an idea about her background and culture. You would know if what she is doing is serious or not. Like and comment on her photos to see how she reacts to them. 

#14 Offer to take her out for a spa 

If a girl sends you a picture of her legs, tell her that you have a couple of spa coupons if she would be interested.

Express it nicely. Say something such as, "Those legs might use a tender massage. I can arrange for a couples spa if you are interested." 

Suppose she responds in the affirmative, book one of the lavish spas, and take some sherry to enjoy the company. While at it, look her deep in the eyes and try to make her comfortable.

#15 Take her on a date

If a girl sends you a picture of her legs, tell her that you want to discover a date.

Book a romantic place, perhaps one at a rooftop and candle-lit dinner. Arrange for music. Ask about her preference for food. Order drooling delicacies and make it a night to remember. Later, if she agrees, invite her to your place and make love.

Summing up 

If a girl sends you a picture of her legs, treat her gently. She is craving attention, and she likes you deeply. It's a bold move and must require courage on her part.

Shower some love on her and be gentlemanly in your conduct. God willing, it might be the start of a new and beautiful chapter. Don't limit or restrict yourself. Try to understand her needs and behave accordingly.

Suprity Acharyya


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