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Should I Block Someone Who Ignores Me? [ANSWERED]

Of course, you should. They are ignoring you for a reason and don’t want to be disturbed. Also, by ignoring you, they hurt you in a way. Getting ignored by someone that you care about is not a pleasant feeling. It can even have adverse effects on your mind.An image of a mobile phone, showing different social networking apps

Getting ignored by someone is never a pleasant feeling, especially when you care for the person even a little bit. Ignoring someone means that either that person has moved on from whatever relationship this was or is immensely angry about something that you don’t know yet.

You can either keep on bugging the person for closure, or you can forget it and move on. If the relationship ends on bad terms, getting back with the person or stopping them from ignoring you will be impossible. This is where you try to move on. Block the person to save yourself from getting hurt every day by looking at the texts with the blues ticks and no replies.

This person can be an ex-partner or a dear friend who has successfully forgotten you. I know it isn’t easy to let go of the memories you have made together, but there is nothing you can do now.

Why are they ignoring you?

There can be a number of reasons that can range from them cheating on you to you cheating on them. But if the behavior is a sudden, unexpected one, you can wait till you find out if that person is fine. When they are blatantly ignoring you with no intention of ever getting back, it’s better to forget them for good.

However, you deserve closure. Everyone deserves closure. You can try to find out what went wrong between you two, but that will be a relatively difficult job. I can help you by listing down a few possible reasons. Read on.

#1 They are no longer interested in you

Someone who doesn’t reply to your texts even after seeing them for days is definitely no longer interested in you. If you had a romantic relationship with this person, it is long over.

There is nothing much you can do to change this reality. It will be better to forget this person and block them from every social media account you have. You deserve closure, and this is how you get it.

The same thing applies when the person ignoring you is a dear friend. Something must have gone off track between the two of you, leading to this situation. If they are not talking, let’s not pester them to do so. You will eventually make other friends.

#2 They are super-annoyed at something you have done

Did you do something you shouldn’t have done? Let me guess— you don’t know what you have done to annoy them to this extent. They are ignoring you because they feel hurt.

Your actions or something you have said could be the reason for their anger. They are so annoyed that the last thing they want to see is constant texts from you. They would not reply to your texts until their anger has settled or you have apologized for your mistakes.

#3 You have hurt them in some way that you aren’t aware of

If you hurt a person who is close to you, there can be two reactions. They can either fight with you (verbally), or they can just stop talking to you. In your case, the person you have hurt has chosen the second option of ignoring your existence.

They would never fight with you. They won’t point out your mistakes. Instead, they would ignore your texts until you realize what you have done and amend them.

#4 They are facing an emergency

There are blue ticks under your texts but no replies. They have seen your texts but are forced to ignore them because of an emergency that needs their undivided attention right now.

It is not advisable to block a person after they have ignored you for a day. The emergency they are facing could be a serious one. It can range from a work issue to accidents. They will reply when the time is right.

If this behavior of ignoring you is not a recurring one, then there is not much to worry about. This is a one-time thing. They will definitely come back once their problem is solved.

#5 They have suddenly fallen ill

Talking about emergencies, this is the most important one. They are not replying to your texts may be because they have fallen ill. Their illness is not letting them do the basic human things.

They are probably not awake or aren’t able to get out of bed at this moment. They could even be in a hospital, undergoing treatment. In situations like this, replying to someone’s texts comes last on the long list of priorities.

Maybe their phone is being handled by someone else, who is not entitled to reply to your texts without their permission. This situation has got nothing to do with you. It is totally about the concerned person and their illness.

They will reply once they are out of danger and are free to leave the bed or the hospital. There is no reason to block someone for this.

#6 They have moved on

If this person you are worried about was in a relationship with you, they must have moved on by now. Not replying to your texts mean that they are not interested in you anymore. Whatever you say doesn’t affect them now.

If this person is an old friend with whom you once had an ugly fight, they must have found some other friend. If they are not replying, it would clearly mean that you are no longer a part of their life.

In both cases, the person we are talking about has replaced you in some way. The replacement can be a person, a pet, or even a new hobby.

#7 They have found someone better

If they are not replying to your texts, they have clearly replaced you with someone better. If the rift between you guys had an ugly start, the person we are discussing must be extremely disappointed in this relationship.

The moment they found out about the incompatibility of your relationship with them, they made up their mind about staying away from you. Not replying to your texts is the best way to annoy you into hating them, and they are successful in it.

#8 They are just being rude

There are relationships that become examples for all couples out there. There is love, compassion, and mutual respect in an ideal relationship. But all are not the same, and none is perfect.

This person we are talking about is not replying to your texts. You are in a relationship with them, but that doesn’t stop them from blatantly ignoring your existence and feelings.

They are rude. Rudeness is what defines them. They were rude even before you started this relationship. Ignoring you doesn’t have a reason here. They do it just because they don’t care about you enough.

In situations like this, blocking the person from all social media accounts will be a great way to teach them a lesson. It will give them a taste of their own medicine.

What can you do before you block them?

Suddenly blocking someone you once cared about can be difficult. Getting ignored by this person is clearly causing you a lot of agonies.

The best option is to forget them and move on. But, the heart wants what it wants. You need closure, and for that, you need to know the reasons. That can only be done by talking to them.

You need to tell them how you feel before letting them go. Let’s see what else you can do before you block this person once and for all.

#1 Call them up

Blocking someone right away can call for unmanageable rifts in a relationship. You should know why they are ignoring your texts before blocking them from your social media accounts.

You can call them up to know what is causing this behavior. They must have a reason to ignore you. If you find out that somehow you are at fault here, you can rectify that before it is too late.

There is nothing a mature conversation cannot cure. Talking to them will bridge the rift between you two can the situation can even improve for good.

#2 Ask them if they have found someone else

You called them up, but their answers or reasons for ignoring you were not satisfying enough. The next thing that you should ask them is: “Have you found someone else?”

See how they answer this question as the future of your relationship with this person will depend on that. Based on the answer, you will be able to decide if you want to block this person or not.

If they have found someone else to replace you, there is no need of pining over a person who doesn’t value you. It is better to leave them. You don’t need that kind of toxicity in your life.

#3 Talk to a common friend

If you have a common friend, you can talk to them for advice. You can even get a peek into their mind through this friend. This person will probably be able to tell you why they are doing what they are doing. They will provide you with a different perspective.

However, this common friend must not be too close to them. Too much loyalty to the person you are worried about could lead to biased outcomes. In this case, the answers that you will get from this person will totally be in favor of the one who is ignoring your texts.

Talking to an unbiased friend will ensure a proper assessment of the situation, and it will help you with your next decision. The unbiased common friend can even turn out to be an advisor for you.

#4 Think about what you have done to annoy them

We often tend to overlook our own faults. Pointing a finger is the easiest thing to do when we find ourselves in soup. Before you block them, take a step back and think about what you have done to annoy them into doing this.

This person is ignoring you. Getting ignored by someone is one of the worst feelings in the world. It is dehumanizing. Someone denies acknowledging existence even though you have been a considerably important part of their lives for a certain amount of time.

But there is a reason for almost every human action. If you can’t find a reason on your own, think about what you have done to call for this situation.

Something you have said or done must have hurt them. You could have inadvertently insulted their family. Think about how you behaved with their pet the last time you visited them.

Not respecting the important things in their life must have annoyed them. They expect nothing but good behavior from you in this relationship. Once you understand that, the problem will solve itself, and there will be no need to block anyone.

#5 Check if they are alright

As we have discussed earlier, an emergency or an illness can be a major reason for not replying to your texts. When you have seen the texts with blue ticks and no reply for a while, the first thing you should do is check if they are alright.

Blocking someone without knowing their side of the story is a rude thing to do. You should know what made them do this, particularly if this doesn’t feel like them.

If you attempt to check on them, you might even be of help if there is an emergency. Helping someone in times of need will strengthen the relationship, especially if this “someone” is your potential soul mate.

#6 Confront them about being rude

If this person is being plain rude, you need to confront the situation sternly. Nobody has the right to treat you in a disrespectful manner. They should know about the distress they have caused.

This person we are talking about is probably unaware of the fact that the behavior they are meting out to people is affecting them in a negative way.

You need to make them aware of the fact that if they want to be in this relationship, they will have to quit behaving like an entitled brat all the time.

They should know that being rude comes with negative consequences that can affect a relationship. You can even threaten to leave them if they continue this toxic behavior.

#7 Try to meet them in person

Talking over texts is fine, but your texts stay there without a reply; you will need to call that person. Calls can be ignored too. But your physical presence can’t be ignored. Meet them if you can.

If you are clueless about the reason for their behavior, the best thing to do is to meet them in person and talk to them about the problem. Meeting someone can ensure conversation and answers to all the burning questions.

Meeting them will force them into a conversation that they have been trying to avoid so far. A lot of problems can be solved if the physical distance between two people reduces.

#8 Send a long text about how you feel before blocking them

This is the last resort. If you can’t make them talk to you by any means, you can send them a long text explaining the situation before you block them.

In situations like this, where communication becomes impossible, I would advise you to take a step back and let the person live their life.

If they have any intention of coming back to you, they will find a way. It will be difficult for you to block them without proper closure. That’s why the long text is needed. I know it is not enough for you, but this is the least you can do to make yourself feel better.

Whatever the reason may be, there is no need for you to tolerate a person who blatantly ignores you. You will be better off without this kind of mental agony. The long text will help you to move on and have a fresh start.

Summing up

Ignoring someone without a visible reason is the worst thing one can do. Getting ignored by an important person in your life is terribly agonizing. You will want to move on from such a toxic situation, but your heart won’t let you. Therefore, it’s time to listen to your mind.

Think honestly about what you have done to receive this behavior. If you don’t get a satisfactory answer from within you, I think it is better to move away from this person.

If you don’t get proper closure from the person in due time, they are simply being cruel. Get your own closure by blocking the person from everywhere, once and for all. Move on for good. 

Nirajana Mukherjee

Senior Writer

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