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She Ignores Me but Doesn't Block Me (We Cracked Female Mindset)

She does that probably because she wants to know what you are up to even when you guys are not on speaking terms. She ignores you because of the reasons we will discuss below. She never blocks you, as your social media presence is the only way for her to know about you.Featured Image of She Ignores Me but Doesn't Block Me

The last time you texted her, you saw the blue ticks. You hoped for a reply, but that never happened. Not just last time, this has been happening for a while now. However, she still follows you on Instagram, is still friends with you on Facebook, and checks your status on WhatsApp. What does that mean?

Try to remember what created the distance between you. Were you guys dating? How did it end? Answers to questions like this will lead to the reason why she ignores you without blocking you from social media.

This is a pretty confusing situation. You would have easily moved on with your life if she blocked you. But now that she keeps checking your stories now and then, you are getting mixed signals.

That's why you are here with your questions about the situation. Well, there is nothing to worry about. I will walk you through her mind and help you find solutions to your problem. Read on.


Girls are ALWAYS on their phones. Which means… 

She SEES your messages popping up,

but she’s CHOOSING not to reply. 

Why? (find out here)

Why is she ignoring me?

There is always a reason when a person ignores someone they were close with. That reason is often not pleasant (at least not for you). But that doesn't necessarily mean you are no longer in her mind. She still thinks about you, and her name in the list of people who checked out your stories is a burning proof of this fact.

But why on earth is she ignoring you? Let's try to find the reasons together. Scroll down.

#1 You guys had a bad breakup

Breakups are rarely pleasant. When you guys broke up, she vowed not to see your face, and that’s why she is ignoring you now.

You probably mean nothing to her. She is totally ignoring your presence. She doesn’t even feel the need to block you.

The bad breakup ensured her voluntary disappearance from your life. You can’t help it. You can just reverse the situation. All you can do is hope that she still remembers you as you have not been blocked yet.

#2 You rejected her when she asked you out

She asked you out, and you blatantly rejected her. Of course, your decisions are to be respected, but you could have let her down easily. She clearly means a lot to you. Her absence in your life is bothering you so much that you are looking for answers here.

If she was your friend, your rejection might have driven her away. She is in no mood to talk to you. She feels devastated, insulted, and ashamed. She is annoyed with herself for judging the situation wrong. She approached you only because she thought you guys were on the same page.

#3 She is no longer interested in you

She talked to you for a while when she found you interesting. She stopped because now she doesn’t. She is no longer interested in you.

She doesn’t even feel like blocking you on social media as you are a nobody to her now. Honestly, you had your chance to win her over, and you blew it. You can still try for a second chance, but that’s totally up to her.

#4 She doesn't want to face you

Now, this can happen in two scenarios.

In the first one, she asked you out and got rejected. She did not take it well. She is mad at you as much as she is annoyed with herself for misjudging the situation. She thought something was brewing up between you two. It was immensely embarrassing for her when you rejected her, and now she feels ashamed.

She cannot face you in the second scenario because she has done something that would eventually hurt you. She can ignore you if she feels guilty for cheating on you. She knows that this breach of trust will hurt you. She wants to avoid the difficult confrontation and the heated exchange of words. That’s why she has chosen not to face you right now.

#5 She misunderstood you

Misunderstandings are among the commonest dealbreakers in a relationship. It’s age-old, but it never really gets old. The famous Ross-Rachel feud to your next-door neighbors getting divorced over a couple of missed dates all have one common villain at play­­­, and that’s a misunderstanding.

She is ignoring you because she misunderstood something you said or did. Your choice of words was not right. Maybe you can work on that from now on to avoid such things from happening in the future.

#6 She is trying to teach you a lesson

You ignored her a while ago and never really acknowledged or took responsibility for it. She felt miserable during that time while you enjoyed your life. She needs an apology from you. But you don’t understand that yet. That’s why she chose to ignore you for a change. She wants you to feel what she felt while you were away.

Ignoring someone is rude, especially if that person is in a meaningful relationship with you. You need to understand that she deserves a part of your time. Otherwise, this relationship loses its meaning.

#7 She is busy

She ignores you because she is busy. If you have known her for a while now, you will also know that she gets engrossed in her job. She loves her profession, which is why it is a priority.

Ignoring you doesn’t mean she is no longer in love with you. She will return once she has finished whatever she is doing. Till then, all you can do is have patience and trust her.

#8 She is just being rude

She is clearly a rude person who doesn’t know how to behave with people. She is ignoring you because of a whim. She is basically ghosting you for nothing.

If you try to find a proper reason for her behavior, you won’t find any because there are no reasons for this other than the fact that this is how she is. She is nothing but an utterly rude person.

#9 She wants a break

She is ignoring you because she needs a break from this relationship. She is tired of hanging in there, pretending that everything is okay between the two of you.

The moment she couldn’t take that anymore, she snapped and stopped replying to your texts and answering your calls.

She needs some time to think about where this relationship is taking her. Unlike the person we discussed above, she is not a rude person. Right now, she is just not in the right headspace to talk to you.

She needs some time for herself to reflect on her thoughts alone. Your presence in her life now will distract her from that.

#10 She is depressed or sick

She hasn’t been picking up your calls. Your texts go unnoticed. Try not to draw conclusions from this scenario. Be a little patient. She might not be well.

She is ignoring you probably because she is suffering from depression. She could also be sick. In either case, you will have to deal with the situation carefully. You cannot hurt her in any way.

Be careful with your words, as that can turn out to be like salt in her wound. She will probably come back to you once she is okay to deal with the world. Till then, let her stay where she is.

But why doesn't she block me?

She won't block you because your social media presence is the only way for her to know what you are up to these days. She wants to see how you are doing without her.

However, that is not the only reason. I can help you find out what makes her check your stories daily. Read on.

#1 She still has got feelings for you (even after the horrible breakup)

Even though your breakup was harrowing, she still has feelings for you. She is ignoring you now. But why isn’t she blocking you right away? I get it. This is a bit confusing for you. You are getting mixed signals from her behavior.

Her latent feelings for you, hidden under a layer of breakup-induced hatred, make her fingers stop millimeters above the block button on her phone. She is not ready to let go of this relationship yet, but she would never admit that. She is too proud to say that she misses you and wants you back in her life.

#2 She wants to see your life without her in it

She is not with you for a reason. Normally, people tend to part ways and block each other on social media after bad breakups. In your case, that did not happen. Instead, she has put you in an awkward situation where you don’t know what to do, so you are looking for answers on the web.

She hasn’t blocked you yet because she wants to see your life without her in it. Maybe she isn’t really over you yet. She is not willing to talk to you but blocking you would be too much of a sacrifice for her. She still wants to keep tabs on your life.

#3 She is checking if you have moved on yet

She is looking for closure in you. She is ignoring you without blocking you on social media because she wants to know if you have moved on. She wants to know how miserable you are after the breakup.

She is comparing her sadness you yours. If she finds out that you have moved on, she will get her closure and probably will move on too.

#4 She feels blocking someone is juvenile

Blocking is for kids. That’s what she thinks. While in your twenties, breakups are not easy to deal with all the pressure that life has in store for you. Therefore taking time to think about you and blocking you from all her social media handles is a tedious job for her.

She wants a quiet and hassle-free breakup. She thinks blocking someone is juvenile. She believes in blatantly ignoring the person who is no longer in a relationship with her.

#5 She wants to give you a second chance

Life is all about second chances. She has not blocked you because she wants you to grab a second chance at this relationship. She wants you to try and sweep her off her feet once again. However, she won’t admit that because of her pride.

Blocking someone kind of feels like the last nail in the coffin when it comes to relationships. She still has hope for this lost love. While ignoring you without actually blocking you, she is trying to reach out to her old, loving partner without saying a word.

#6 She is confused about this relationship

You guys are still in a relationship but are not talking to each other because of that awful fight last week. She has stopped talking to you since then. She is ignoring your texts but isn’t blocking you, and now you are confused about the situation. You are pondering whether this is a breakup or another long fight that will eventually end.

She, too, is confused about where this relationship is going. The fight made her realize that there are some things about the two of you that just don’t go along. She is probably willing to if this a second chance but is waiting for her anger to subside.

#7 She forgot to block you

You guys broke up, and you mean nothing to her. The truth is, she will keep on ignoring you forever. She is so over you that she has forgotten to block you.

There is no chance of a second chance in this relationship that has already reached its expiry date.

It will be difficult, but you will need to compose your mind and accept the fact that you are no longer with this person. She will never come back to your life. Whether she blocks you or not doesn’t really matter here.

#8 She already moved on (you don’t matter to her anymore)

Like I said in the previous point, you mean nothing to her. You don’t matter to her anymore. She moved on a week after you broke up. She probably has found someone else to replace you.

She is not even aware of the fact that she is ignoring you. She isn’t aware of your presence in her inbox. She is so engrossed with her life that she forgot to block you.

What should you do?

You can get to the root of the problem, the reason for her present behavior. Only then can you do something about it. Once you get to know why she is ignoring you, you can decide whether to apologize or to take her to a doctor.

Whatever you do, do not irritate her into blocking you eventually. She has not blocked you yet, which is nothing but a positive thing in a situation like this. Use it to your advantage if you wish to get her back.

I have enlisted a few things you can do to deal with this problem. Keep scrolling.

#1 Drop a text

Text her explaining your plight. Clearly mention that you need to sort things out. Type out something like:

  • “What do you want out of this relationship. Why aren’t you blocking me yet?”
  • “Why are you ignoring me?”
  • “Do you want to take a break?”
  • “Are we breaking up?”

Text her and hope that she replies to questions as serious as these. If she keeps ignoring you, you probably have your answer, and you need to move on based on that.

#2 Call her

If you are a bit more courageous, you can call her up. She might not pick it up first. But if you keep calling her between equal intervals, she will realize the urgency of the call and might even receive it.

That will be your cue to talk, to place your argument. Explain to her how you feel about the ignoring but not blocking thing. Tell her that it is sending you mixed signals.

Ask her to come to a conclusion as you need closure now. No person can stay like this forever.

#3 Apologize if you have done something to upset her

If you know what you have done to annoy her into ignoring you, apologize to her without conditions. She is in pain because of whatever you have done to upset her.

If she accepts your apology, try to make amends by doing whatever she likes (and not just for a day; you need to prove that you are someone she can trust).

#4 Send her a thoughtful gift (not a ridiculously expensive one, though)

You know her better than most people. You know her likes and dislikes. Send her a thoughtful gift and hope to hear from her (only if she decides to talk).

The gift should have a personal touch. Ridiculously expensive gifts can backfire. She is already mad at you, so don’t annoy her into thinking that your expensive gift was nothing but a shallow gesture (which it actually is).

Think of something that is attached to this relationship, something valued by both of you. It can be a humble mix-tape or even a tattered old comic book bought from a garage sale.

#5 Check if she is alright

She will likely stop talking if she suffers from depression or other illnesses. Not just you; she is ignoring everyone in her contacts. She mostly keeps to herself.

In a situation like this, you must focus on her instead of your problems. She would never talk to you willingly. You should visit her place more often and keep her attached to the world outside her dark, gloomy room.

#6 Advise her to see a doctor if you feel things aren’t right

If she is suffering from a physical ailment, advise her to visit a doctor even if she ignores you. Ignoring means, she is still reading your texts. She is not replying to any of them because of her present inhibitions.

Try to arrange a medical check-up for her even if she ignores her health. Talk to her friends and ask them to check on her. You can even ask them to take her to a doctor. Your genuine concern for her well-being can bring her back to you.

#7 Check if she is seeing someone else

She will ignore you if she has already moved on from this relationship. She is probably seeing someone else. For that, she doesn’t need to plan an elaborate breakup. She has cut you from her life in a very cruel, heartless way.

If you think this can be the scenario, check if she is seeing someone else. If she isn’t, you earn zero points and frown for your error in judgment. However, if your suspicion turns out to be true, you can confront her for closure. You can demand an apology from her for abandoning you without a word.

#8 Check if she is busy

She is busy (probably with work), and that’s why she has been ignoring you for a while. In this case, this “ignoring” thing cannot possibly last for more than two days. Have a little patience till then. If you can’t wait for her even for a couple of days, I don’t think you deserve to be in a relationship with this woman.

Everybody is passionate about their work. She, too, loves her job. Let her do it in peace. Being a workaholic doesn’t mean she will break up with you or that she is no longer interested in you.

This kind of impatient behavior on your part will do more harm than whatever she is doing. Spend time with her whenever she is not busy.

#9 Talk to her friends and family

Her friends and family know her better. If you know them, talk to them about what is making her ignore you without even blocking you.

She probably has discussed her situation with you, with them. They will be able to shed some light on your confusion. That way, you might find a path to deal with the soup you are in.

#10 Cut ties with her if she is being too rude

If she is deliberately being rude, don’t even try to contact her again. You don’t deserve such behavior. If you have done nothing to be on the receiving end of her rudeness, end whatever relationship you have with her.

She has chosen to be unnecessarily rude instead of having a meaningful relationship with you. Ignore her as well. If she hasn’t blocked you from anywhere yet, you should go ahead and do the job.

My ex ignores me but doesn't block me

In their personal interactions, it has been observed that the individual's former partner consistently disregards their presence and fails to acknowledge their existence, however, they have refrained from taking the action of blocking them on social media.

It indicates that despite the apparent separation and dissolution of the relationship, the ex-partner has made a deliberate choice to maintain a level of connection or openness with the individual.

This decision can be interpreted in different ways, ranging from a sign of maturity and capability for cordiality to the possibility of lingering feelings or a desire to keep tabs on the individual's life.

These also a possibility they haven't seen the messages, however this usually isn't the case with WhatsApp and social platforms.

She unfollowed me but didn't block me

The act of unfollowing someone on social media can carry various implications. From a relationship expert's perspective, when someone chooses to unfollow another person but doesn't block them, it often signifies a desire for emotional distance without completely severing ties.

This action can be a way to set boundaries, reduce potential triggers, or simply declutter one's social media feed. However, the decision not to block indicates that there's still a level of openness to communication or a willingness to keep some line of connection intact.

It's crucial for individuals on the receiving end of such actions like their ex unliking pictures not to jump to conclusions or make assumptions. Instead, consider the broader context of the relationship and, if appropriate, initiate a direct conversation to gain clarity. Remember, social media is just one facet of a relationship, and open communication remains the most reliable way to understand and navigate complexities.

To sum up

You are here looking for answers because she means a lot to you. Her prolonged absence in your life feels devastating. Of course, you want her back. But for that, you need to know what created this distance.

The solution to your problem can come only after you know the true reason. Have a little patience and give this situation a little time. You need to be slow but steady as you untie the knots. 

This is a pretty fragile situation. Your relationship with her hangs on a thread here. Tread carefully if you don’t want to lose her forever to someone she finds worthier.

Nirajana Mukherjee

Senior Writer

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