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Why Is My Wife So Secretive With Her Phone? (13 Possible Reasons)

Your wife is keeping something from you. While it can be that she is planning a surprise or hiding a truth, the best way to know it is to make her talk. Making assumptions will cause misunderstanding and bring in new difficulties.Featured Image of Why Is My Wife So Secretive With Her Phone

Cellphones can cause a point of conflict in a person's life. While it has many pros, the challenges it can unknowingly harbor in relationships do not go unnoticed.

If your wife has suddenly become secretive about her cellphone so much so that she keeps it locked and takes it to the washroom or keeps using it late at night, this might become a concerning issue to you. 

You might want her to spend more time with you than she does with her cellphone. However, worry not. It's merely a phase that shall hopefully not prolong.

But if it has been a while and you intend to resolve the matter before it takes a volcanic turn in your relationship, keep scrolling and read this article to find out the causes and the many ways in which it can be fixed.

13 Reasons why your wife is secretive about her cellphone

Your wife is secretive about her phone because she hides something from you. She is perhaps taking her time to bring the news to you.

It can be that she is pregnant or someone from her past is bothering her. She is perhaps trying to manage it herself before opening up to you.

However, there can be a set of different reasons for your wife's obsession with her cellphone. Let's find out more about these reasons below.

#1 She is having an affair 

One of the strongest reasons for a married woman to get secretive about their phone is when they are having an affair. Your wife is so secretive about her phone because she is cheating on you and is scared to be red-handed.

It can be somebody from your mutual circle or someone from her workplace. It can be someone from her past too.

However, it is wrong on your part to arrive at any conclusion without having strong proof. It would help if you talked about it to your wife. Convince her to keep the phone unlocked the way you do. You can also log into her WhatsApp through a browser to scan the names she usually talks to.

#2 She is planning to give you a surprise 

Your wife might have suddenly become secretive about her phone because she is planning to give you a surprise. 

If your birthday or anniversary is round the corner, or if you have been trying to have a child for a while, she might have some big news for you.

I suggest you wait till the next weekend before arriving at any decision to see if there's indeed a surprising element in it.

#3 She is keeping a secret 

Your wife is so secretive about her phone because she keeps a secret from you. This secret can be something minor or major. It can be about pregnancy or business transactions.

However, at such moments you should reiterate your love for your wife so that she finds no such need to keep a secret from her husband. She should feel that you are soulmates and there's no use to keep things from you.

#4 She is talking to her ex 

Your wife is so secretive about her phone because she is talking to somebody she has dated or known in the past.

She is well aware that this might make you uncomfortable. However, the guy might either be pestering her, or she might now be good friends with him. Either way, she might not have mentioned him before and is not sure if you would like the idea of her talking to someone from her past. 

If she has an ex-husband, this becomes a point of serious concern. Hence, she is taking her time. She might open up to you soon. Don't suspect her based on groundless assumptions.

#5 She is not well 

Your wife is secretive about her phone because it might have reports or recordings of her medical records. She might not be keeping well and taking her time before revealing it before you. 

Notice the changes in her behavior, keep a record of the number of times she is visiting restrooms, see through the number and kinds of medicines available at your home.

This will give you some clues if your wife is not keeping well.

#6 You have cheated on her, and she has proof of that 

I feel if you had cheated on her, it might have occurred to you that she has discovered it by her sudden change in behavior.

If your wife checks your phone routinely, and if you have something regarding an affair on your phone, she might have forwarded those to herself and kept them in a secure folder. Let's hope to God that you didn't give her an opportunity to do any such thing. 

However, if you indeed cheated on her and weren't careful regarding the photos or conversations on your phone, it's time to recheck she talk about it to her. 

It's better to confess if you've adulterated rather than trying hard to keep it a secret. If you feel that there's love left between you and your partner or your love is strong enough to continue your relationship any longer, it shall last.

If not, you might want to rethink the decisions you have made and how you would like to change them.

#7 She is a phone addict 

It might be that you feel your wife has become secretive about her phone while she hasn't become secretive but obsessed with her device. Your wife may become a phone addict if she has recently bought a new cell phone or has come across a new application.

The application can be something related to social media, or it can be some form of mobile game. It's the addition of a new user. With time, it shall fade, and you won't have much to worry about.

#8 She is trying to secure your attention 

Your wife is neither a phone addict, nor there's anything mysterious hidden on her device. She is putting up a facade to draw your attention.

You might have neglected your wife for a while now. This is not acceptable to her. While you put up a show presenting yourself as the busy man, she is acting as one to have a more interesting life. 

Take her out on a date or make love with her, and she might be restored to her original self and natural behavior.

#9 She has lost interest in you 

Your wife might be hiding things from you or is developing an alternate lifestyle because she has lost her interest in you.

This can be because you live a very routinely monotonous life. You don't go out much or socialize either. 

You're perhaps too workaholic and not that romantic. All these have made her reconsider the decisions that she has made in life so far. She is trying to keep herself diverted from the mainstream life you offer.

#10 She is looking for a change 

Your wife's phone acts as an escapade to her. She is yearning for a change, and hooking on her phone is a desperate attempt to do so. There might be a good number of reasons for such a yearning. She might be a little too stressed recently. Sharing quality time with your wife might bring her some comfort. 

#11 To prevent the misuse by children 

Your wife is secretive about her phone in the sense that she keeps the device double locked all the time. It prevents the slip of information to places where it is not needed. 

If your children are teenagers, they might take a special interest in the lives of adults. It is to prevent any embarrassing moment between your children and you as parents.

You can ask her about it, and if she has been thinking on this line, she won't mind disclosing it before you.

#12 She is undergoing a mid-life crisis

It's a crisis of midlife that your wife is trying to cope with. Her cellphone is more of a medium than a mere device to socialize and find some meaning in her life. She is trying to reignite the fire of vigor and youth that makes her life meaningful. 

It's as if all has been done and dusted, and life has lost its purpose. You might want to show her that your life is meaningless without her essence in it. Appreciate her presence, and even if she had gone astray, she would come back to hold your hands.

#13 Her family member is sick

If you are not on good terms with your wife's side of the family, she might be hiding things from you that concern them.

Your parents-in-law might not be well, and your wife is trying to help them out the way she could. She knows that you might not be sensitive enough to care.

However, if that is the case, it's better to visit them. Your wife will appreciate it, and it shall be a good moment to resolve matters.

What to do when your wife is secretive about her cellphone?

If your wife is secretive about her phone, getting restless or aggressive is not the way to go. You must stay calm and find ways to communicate your botheration without insensitive to her. I've discussed ways to fix this and get you out of this uncomfortable zone.

#1 Make out with your wife 

Suppose you feel that the distance between you and your wife increases, the quickest way to cease it is to get cozy with her. Don't let something as trivial as a cellphone invade your love zone. When you're passionate about one another, you will not have a willingness to keep any secret. 

#2 Keep your device unlocked 

If your wife is secretive about her cellphone and you had always kept your phone locked too, switching to a no lock mode can ease the process.

When she notices that you don't keep your phone locked these days, she will get the hint. If she cares to bridge the gap, she will take a similar initiative from her side.

#3 Check her phone 

Suspecting your wife of cheating can be difficult to deal with. You might feel angry and betrayed, but it's important to take the time to get all of the facts before confronting them.

Checking her phone might be the easiest and simplest way to fix the problem in this case. There are many ways to do it.

You can directly check her phone or get access to the cloud or a monitoring app like mSpy is what you need to gather evidence and confront your partner with confidence.

Social media is the first place where you can find proof of their infidelity and mSpy’s can help you get it. No matter what app they use, Instagram, Facebook, or Tinder, you’ll see exactly who your wife is texting with and what they discuss. 

If he isn’t a texting person, you can check their call logs to see the names, timestamps, and durations of the call. And if they suddenly need to go on a business trip, you can track each move they make. Whether they go to a fancy restaurant or visit a jewelry shop, you’ll know it. 

All these features can provide invaluable information to uncover any shady behavior from a cheating spouse. For those who want peace of mind without wasting hours of detective work themselves, mSpy can be a useful tool for catching a cheater quickly.

#4 Talk to her 

I keep reiterating that communication is the key to a healthy and successful relationship. Communication gaps can create unnecessary misunderstandings.

It might be that your wife isn't deliberately secretive about her phone, or even if she is, it is for the world or the children at home. When you talk to her about it, she might at once unlock it and hand it over to you without hesitation.

#5 Take her on a vacation 

If your wife is secretive about her phone and you feel that a certain distance is forming up between both of you, going on a vacation might help you to bridge the gap and fall in love once again. 

When you are on vacation, you are secluded from the world, and that alone can create a major difference in your life. Rather than bringing it up as a surprise, discuss it with your wife to know what is going on in her mind.

The affirmation will give you a clue that she yearns to spend more time with you whereas if she does not like the idea or makes an excuse, it shall suggest that she is trying to hide something from you.

#6 Plan to grow your family 

If you feel an unrequired distance forming up between you and your wife, you can plan to grow as a family. Bearing a child will make both of you conscious and responsible for your roles in each other's life for at least a long period. 

#7 Watch movies together 

Watching movies together will be a nice way to spend quality time with your wife.

Moreover, while you are at the cinema, if she still stays preoccupied with her phone, you will get the chance to ask her straight about it. It shall be a moment of confrontation, and she might run out of choices or excuses and would share whatever it is that has been troubling her for long with you.

#8 Involve her in your business 

If your wife feels ignorant or if you are so occupied in your work that you are unable to spend quality time with her, it's better to invite her to your office and involve her in your business.

She will feel useful and would appreciate the opportunity. It will give you more time to spend with her, and it can give a kickstart to your relationship once again.

#9 Do something romantic 

Be a romantic husband. Love your wife in all the way you can. Be romantic with her, gift her exciting presents, sing songs to her, cook for her, do anything and everything it takes to paint a smile on her lovely face.

When the husband is romantic, the lady need not look elsewhere for attention. But when the husband bores her to death, she becomes fidgeting and does things that might not very well be liked.

#10 Check her social media 

Keeping a check on your wife's social media can be a simple way to not only know what goes on in her mind but to channel your actions and articulate your words accordingly.

There might be accounts that you are not aware of. Checking the comments, the likes, the list of followers will lead you to such accounts, and you may eventually send requests directly to those or make a mention of it before your wife to see her reaction.

#11 Plan a get-together 

A get-together will allow the family members and close and distant friends from both sides to spend time under the same roof.

You will get to see new faces and have an idea as to who or what you have not known for a long time. It will lead you to clues, and you will also get to observe who your wife spends the most time with or if there is someone out there who makes her blush or asks for her hand to dance.

#12 Give her a surprise 

Women always appreciate a surprise. They love surprises. If you feel an unwanted distance between your wife and you, take the initiative by showing her what she means to you. Work on an idea and gift her something customizable. 

#13 Don't be insensitive 

If you have been insensitive towards your wife or towards the things and people she cares for, it is high time that you mend your ways and treat her right.

Show her that nobody can love her the way you do. Sugar quotes your words and always uses endearing terms to address her. 

Now and then, ask her how she has been or her preferences. When you go out for dinner, allow her to order food. Wear the clothes that she bought for you or the colors she likes. These little things can create a major difference and take you to a much higher standing than where you currently station.

#14 Have faith in your love 

The most important part of a relationship is having faith in your love. If you have faith in your love and you love her right, she ought to pave her way back to you even if she gets astrayed for a while.

There's nothing problematic here. Trust the process. Keep loving and caring the way you do. No alteration of behavior is needed if you are well-liked and appreciated.

Eventually, she shall open up to you if there might be a true cause to her sudden fixation with the device.

#15 Ask her about the password 

If your wife is secretive about her phone, ask her the reason. If her phone is locked, ask her the password.

You can ask her directly or be indirect about it. Tell her that you want to check a contact or send some files that you would like to view on her device.

She will run out of choices but hand over the unlocked device to you. 

You can quickly scan through her phone and get an idea of where and what went wrong.

Summing up

If your wife is secretive about her phone, something in her surrounding has prompted her to do so. Detect for weekend elements such as the presence of a new person in your house or a stranger next door.

Sense unusual things in your domestic life, and you will get clues as to where and what went wrong. When you start fixing it, your wife will get the hint and restore her behavior to the normal self.

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