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My Girlfriend Wants to See Me Every Day (Here's Why)

Your girlfriend is fixated on you. This could be the initial stage of infatuation where in her mind, she thinks she is madly in love with you. If you truly love her, don't shy away from the meeting. However, if your love is not sincere, you must begin to distance yourself at once. Featured Image of My Girlfriend Wants to See Me Every Day

In the initial phase of going out with someone, we want to spend all our time with that person. The desire has its root in multiple layers. One is to form an understanding. Other is to level up. 

If you are in a young relationship and your girlfriend wants to see you every day, it is healthy. If your relationship is old, yet your girlfriend wants to see you daily, she might be insecure. 

Either way, there can be more than one reason for this curious behavior. In this blog post, I'll help you to decode the possible reasons to understand why your girlfriend wants to see you every day and what should and shouldn't you do about it either way. Happy reading!

Reasons why your girlfriend wants to see you every day

Insecurity and possessiveness, while to a certain degree could be regarded healthy, it tends to take a mental toll with the toil to keep up with the assistance of both partners. 

Finding its root cause could lead to a happier and more peaceful life. The cause could be personal, stereotypical, or social. Please read below to get a pragmatic understanding of the strange behavior and calls made by your girlfriend where she insists upon seeing you every day.

#1 She is overly insecure (You have many female friends) 

If you have been highly popular among girls, or if you are a heart throbber, or you have many female friends, your girlfriend, despite loving and trusting you, might come across as insecure.

While insecurity, to a certain degree, is admirable, to a greater degree, it tends to become uncomforting. Commitment is futile unless the other person trusts you. 

In this case, if your girlfriend doesn't trust you enough, neither of you will be able to stay happy or prosper together.

#2 She is highly possessive 

If your girlfriend wants you to wear her label on your forehead each time you go out, she is highly possessive. Remember, your relationship must not be about showing off your love and belongingness in front of your friends and society. 

A relationship depends on how willingly devoted you feel to each other. Love need not make you Juno Swans. You don't have to smell one another or pass certain tests to prove you know each other well. 

Love is that comfort pillow whose cushioning will always extend your support even when you are not well-learned about its fiber and content. Share these aspects with your girlfriend. Show her that you couldn't care about society less. It's you together that essentially matters.

#3 She is a stalker 

Your girlfriend might be a passionate stalker. She likes to maintain a journal, or in your case, become a journal to keep sustenance. She feels that since she is your girlfriend, she is right to accompany you everywhere. 

While you might initially find it cute, it is after some time that you realize her intentions. She doesn't trust you enough to let you be. She might not even like the company you keep. 

If your friend circle is such that guys are wayward or womanizers, it will only dim her confidence. She won't open up to you with what goes in her mind but will make it a point to meet you daily to keep a check. 

Remember, you didn't ask for a supervisor or a mother in the form of a girlfriend. If breathing is too difficult, don't hesitate to open up new windows.

#4 She is madly in love with you 

If your love is young, and you are the first love of your girlfriend, she is neither mature enough to know the boundaries nor in the right state of mind to rationalize things. The first love makes one flip on the heels. 

Everything seems magical to their eyes, and they are always in gala mode. They have taken you to be their prince charming. They might even write songs in praise. 

If you don't share their energy or feel the same for them, you must slowly start stepping backward, for if you do it all at once, they might go into a state of shock.

#5 She is a gold digger 

If you are wealthy, and your girlfriend is extravagant, she might want to date you primarily for the money that comes along. She wants to see you every day, so you take her out on fancy dates

Perhaps she has a very fancy Instagram profile with many followers. If you are usually found in 7-star places, she will do anything to meet you. If you keep a well-maintained car, she would love to travel with you.

We all love luxuries. Women like to stay with the ones who know how to keep and maintain them. You might also enjoy her company because she knows how to carry herself.

#6 You lie to her often 

If you are a bad liar, but you lie often, it might be of grave concern to your girlfriend. This would be more the case if you have been dating for a long time. 

She has invested her time and energy in you. She expects you to be honest with her. Even when you tell her white lies because you don't want to hurt her, she needs you to improve yourself. 

Such instances mostly happen when you are negligent towards your work or between jobs. If you are reaching an age where your girlfriend would like to move in with you, if not tie knots together, she needs to sense that sincerity from your end. 

Perhaps you are good at heart, and you love her too. But love alone is not enough. You must share the responsibilities to generate warmth in your relationship. Be a keeper. Propose to her the idea of moving in together. It would give her reassurance and happiness. 

#7 She wants to propose to you 

Perhaps your girlfriend is looking for the right opportunity to confess her feelings for you to make it official. She is trying to analyze your behavior when she spends time with you regularly

If it alters your behavior, and you feel it burdensome to meet your girlfriend daily, it would indicate you aren't ready for what your girlfriend has in her mind. 

If you are glad to see your girlfriend daily, she will take it as an affirmation and be encouraged to make the big call. 

#8 You spend a lot of time with your best friend 

If you are in constant influence with your best friend who is a partygoer or not a great influence, perhaps popular for all the things to be avoided, it must be alarming for your girl. 

She is planning to have a future with you. She wants you to develop your circle in a way that urges you forward to pursue newer goals. However, there might be a possibility that something fishy might be cooking between your girl and your best friend. 

I'd suggest you keep a close eye on them. Check their vibe. Does she feel more comfortable talking to him than she does with you? Does she enjoy your company in his absence? 

Such attractions are mostly latent and go unacknowledged. However, these possibilities must not be overlooked. If you need to prevent your relationship, don't mind spending more time with your girlfriend than you do with your best friend. 

#9 You still talk to your ex 

If you are in touch with your ex, or if your ex has recently tried to contact you for your opinion or favor, it might sadden your girlfriend. 

On the face of it, a girl will never show that she is jealous of another woman or that her conduct with someone from her past is disturbing her. But deep inside, it will bring her sleepless nights. 

She would try to stalk both of your accounts and might even dig deeper into your past. This can further cause disturbance in your happy relationship. 

Remember, even if she shows you that she is happy and comfortable with you talking to your ex, do your best to make her feel more secure. Take the hints from the change in her behavior but don't point it out bluntly to her. 

Posing like a couple on social handles and making your girlfriend meet up with your ex could help clear the clouds and win back her heart.

#10 You stay closeby 

If you have been sincerely dating each other, or your conversation often takes colorful flights, your girlfriend would be eager to meet you all the time.

If you know how to excite a girl, that's the key to her heart. It becomes easier for her to show up at your doorstep if you are neighbors. The pros and cons of dating the girl next door that only a person with foresight could have cautioned you about. 

Seeing someone from your neighborhood compromises your private life. You don't get much air to breathe in because you are under constant watch, not only by your girlfriend but by her close ones too. 

Moreover, if she has an admirer in the locality, he would keep more scrutinizing and watchful eyes on you to inform your girlfriend about any slips or false stories you might have told.

#11 You work in the same office 

If you share the workplace with your girlfriend, or if you have opened a joint venture together, there is no saying not to see your girlfriend every day. 

This is one of the primary reasons you must not date people you work with. It means a conflict of interest. It hampers your professional and personal life. 

Catching feelings in a work environment have always been romanticized. We hardly ever question the notion or the deeper layers of unrest that it could cause in the future.

Once you are already at it, there's not much that you can do than looking for a switch in jobs. If you are attempting it, don't make your girlfriend feel it because she does, it would be heartbreaking.

#12 She is pregnant  

Do you notice sudden changes in your girlfriend? These changes are multifold. She is driven emotionally. She is making unreasonable demands or having sudden mood flings. 

Is she crying herself to sleep? Did you ask her if there is anything that has been terrifying her? The best way to do this would be to feel her belly. 

Put your palm on her belly, and whisper in her ears, "Baby, is there anything you want to share with me? I want you to know that I'll stand by your side in whatever call you to make. All I ask is for you to give me that opportunity."

If she is indeed changing, this will encourage her to share the piece of news with you. If not, she would laugh and find it adorable that her boyfriend would like to take things to the next level.

However, if she indeed is pregnant, don't panic. Find the right gynecologist, go for relationship counseling, and make a mutual call if you want to do this.

#13 You don't take an interest in her anymore 

It is one of the most common complaints of couples as they celebrate more than two years together. Either one of them, at least, feels that the other has become less affectionate or has taken them for granted.

Such a thought is off-putting. You would never want your partner to feel that way. However, in your case, it might be that your girl thinks that you feel this way for her. She fears a communication gap. 

Hence, she comes to see you every day, making extra efforts to show you how much you mean to her. Your relationship is turning stronger where even after years of dating one another, you are neither bored nor overwhelmed. 

Striking the right balance is the key to success. You must help her out in doing so. Don't let her walk the extra mile alone. Hold her hands, drawing her close.

#14 You're ill 

If you have been sick, your girlfriend will take up the role of a caretaker. She would not want to leave your side. She feels that you could use her company. 

Women love to nurse. If she gets an opportunity to exhibit her motherly attributes by being excessively tender with you, she won't mind. 

However, make sure that it is not a communicative disease. You don't want your girl to fall ill while looking after you. Also, take in the right portion of food and juice to keep yourself hydrated and energetic throughout the day. 

What to do when your girlfriend wants to see you every day?

Depending upon whether you like it or not, make your call. Either way, don't be rude or dishonest. Try to understand the root cause and work on it. How to do it? Continuing reading below for briefings and templates.

When you like it 

When you like the way something is happening, you might want to lose yourself in terms of restrictions and become more affirmative. 

I've discussed below various ways to do so. 

#1 Take her for special outings 

Outings always make relationships special. Witnessing the glorious sunrise in all its might at the break of the day is very romantic. 

When you feel your girlfriend is getting restless about seeing you every day, plan a weekend trip. Help her in backpacking by picking up the right outfit. Remember, it's not the destination but the journey that makes our relationship special.

#2 Use the opportunity for a better understanding 

Create a pool of better understanding when you see your girlfriend putting extra effort into sticking by your side. Don't shy away from efforts. Use your skills to show her what she means to you. 

There is nothing better than smelling like your partner and knowing their taste and preferences inside out. Try to use the opportunity to explore your girlfriend's habits and behaviors rather than getting scared and running away.

#3 Plan a staycation 

If you need some time before making the big call of moving in together, plan a staycation. Taking yourself away from the immediate buzz of existence and leisurely enjoying the comforting lap of your girlfriend would always be rewarding.

Staycation also helps you to open up to each other. It provides you enough time to confront your deepest insecurities. It would also bring you a glimpse of what it feels like to stay together. 

#4 Get romantic 

Romantic gestures always help in overcoming insecurities. There are many ways to be romantic with your partner. 

Holding hands, going on movie dates, hopping clubs and cafes, picking up desserts, dressing up to impress, being a cook for a day, going to buffets, spend a night under the starry sky drawing patterns guiding each other's fingers, these and many more ways are there to make your love one feel on cloud nine.

Efforts are attractive. When you're ready to put it from your side, life shall be merrier.

#5 Plan a startup 

Initiating a startup together where you can utilize your reasoning and your girlfriend's creativity could be a great thing to do. 

Suggest her ideas, and give her homework. This will keep her engaged in work. She would not want to meet again unless she comes up with a mind-blowing idea first. 

Learn to practice brainstorming with your girlfriend. Rather than getting all mushy, give your conversations a direction. It shall inspire both of you to perform better. 

#6 Make a bucket list 

A bucket list of all the adventurous things you should want to try out with your girlfriend. This could range from something personal to something adventurous. 

River rafting, paragliding, bungee jumping, and mountain climbing could be at the topmost of the list. Write these down on differently crafted papers, and put it all in a pot, perhaps. Decorate it from the outside by painting and using ribbons. 

Next time when you see her, give it as a present. Tell her these are the things you want to experience with her. It will make her feel special. She might come up with something creative for you too.

#7 Go clubbing 

Clubbing together gives you time when you vibe with one another more. It is better than going out to fancy restaurants because clubbing comes with loud music, and you don't need to worry about talking.

Clubbing is always fun because you booze and dance. It brings you closer by taking you out of your nutshell. You even get opportunities to get cozy with one another. It makes you feel at home. 

#8 Do a couple yoga 

Couple yoga is the new goal of most of the couples out there! It makes you comfortable with each other's bodies. You both only learn the importance of balance but also master it. 

Yoga, deep meditation, and healthy eating will keep the toxic thoughts away. Your surroundings won't influence you much. You won't come under any form of peer pressure.

You shall have clarity of thought. You would mold into something stronger together while asserting your self-importance. It allows you to make a difference in both of your lives simultaneously rather than merely existing and dating stereotypically.

If you feel that yoga is a long way, try alternatives such as hitting the gym together or enjoying any sport with each other. It also checks hormones and channels your energy on days when you don't want to take things immediately to bed.

#9 Have one meal of the day together 

Sharing at least one meal or snack brings you to use time efficiently. What is better than catching up with your partner with their favorite meal? 

It is always heart-winning. It sets up certain goals and raises the bar for both of you. Eventually, you shall be so comfortable that you will show your baby self or weird self to each other.

The idea of advanced talks and keeping up with gentility would shed itself when you find that home in the other. Ultimately, you will see yourself surprising your girlfriend with impromptu meets from your end.

On days when you cannot meet up, don't think twice before face timing each other. Having meals virtually would make it special too. Also, do more of those video calls. It would give her positive reassurance. 

#10 Power of forehead kisses

Never leave your girlfriend's side without cuddling and pampering her with forehead kisses. Show her that she is taken care of. She must never doubt how much she means to you in life.

Caring is the easiest way to one's heart. Every other thing is overtaken by it. It allows love to flourish. You can show care by being curious about your tastes and preferences. Enable yourself to blend it in with your tastes and preferences. 

When you don't like it 

There is no need to be rude even if you decide to be upfront with your girlfriend. If you are unable to meet up with certain expectations, explain to her the reasons. This won't upset her; dishonesty will. 

Read below to find out how to cope with the situation when you don't like to meet your girlfriend every day, and she keeps on insisting.

#1 Take a break from the city 

You can go on a business trip or spend some time with your guy friends to take a break from the city and a short one from your girlfriend.

Sometimes relationship becomes overwhelming, and you want to slow down the current lest you might go adrift. It is harmless if you mend up the slowing down with consolation prizes. 

FaceTime, sending flowers, letters, or chocolates would enable you to share the room with your girlfriend even when you are on a trip with your friends. The trick is not to let her feel left out. 

Avail of this option only if you want the relationship to work, but not at a very fast driving speed.

#2 Tell her you're busy 

Telling her you are engaged in a project that needs your extra time and input is better than ignoring her calls. Share pictures of your office routine to give credibility to your statement

She will neither feel ignored nor neglected this way. She will put effort into calling you less. Eventually, you can come down to decide on a time slot when both of you are free. This way, even if you spend less time together, it will be quality.

#3 Help her get busy 

Perhaps you have always been a loner, and you don't hate when your girlfriend wants to spend time with you. However, you would have appreciated it had she been more productive.

This is not a good enough reason for ditching someone. You do have feelings for her. Help her out in making her keep busy. 

Push her into looking for work, and help her with job applications. Give your recommendations, and help in widening her networking. Your efforts won't go in vain. 

#4 Stop clicking photos together 

If you are uncomfortable posing as a couple while you want to keep seeing her, consider not clicking photos together. It would be an indirect method to drop hints that you aren't that comfortable with her. 

A sensible person would understand that you need your time. There can be various reasons for not taking pictures or posing as a couple yet. However, you can make up for it by clicking her beautiful pictures. If she has her instaworthy clicks, she might overlook not having the opportunity to get clicked with you.

#5 Be a step ahead 

Make plans for the next meet-up before your girlfriend suggests meeting the next day again. You can share your routine with her to show how occupied you are throughout the week and push seeing each other to the weekend. 

This will allow you enough time to breathe, and when you see her next, you won't be putting up a facade of false pleasures but might enjoy being around her.

#6 Don't be cheesy 

Be less cheesy when you want to keep a check on the speed. Even if the person before you comes up with the best pickup lines and leaves no opportunity to shower their love and admiration with you, it can be out to bay when you don't appropriately reciprocate.

It will take some time to master this skill, but all it needs is to think twice before making a response and limiting to put yourself before your partner wholeheartedly.

#7 Don't answer her call all at once 

Stop answering the calls and messages at a go. Redirect the calls to the voice mail, and reply to them either at the end of the day or the next morning. She will understand that you want to slow things down. It would prevent you from spending a lot of time otherwise.

#8 Politely reject 

Sometimes it's better to put the other down, but it doesn't mean you would be rude. You can reject your girlfriend's initiatives politely by telling her that you don't feel like meeting. I'm sharing a template as to how you can frame your words,

"Darling, our last meet-up was so nice that I need to take some time to absorb and bask in its light. I intend to make our next meeting more special. Please don't say no. Allow me some time, and I'll get back to you soon with a beautiful plan. Truly yours -"

Summing up 

Planning the next meeting beforehand can help you in avoiding surprises, or shocks for that matter. It will keep your girlfriend calm. You will be able to take the lead. Don't be manipulative in your ways of carrying out things. Remember, honesty can take you places fancies would never be able to surpass.

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