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Why Does My Girlfriend Sleep With Her Phone? [ANSWERED]

Your girlfriend suffers from insecurity. She might have lost it in the past. She doesn’t want to lose it again. She can also be addicted to her phone, especially because of the blingy world of social media.A woman sleeping while looking at her mobile

Unlike the simpler 90s, phones are an important part of our lives now. Most of us cannot go even an hour without it. The constant need to check it every minute is an unnecessary distraction, but it’s a habit now. Phones have become a part of our bodies. We walk, run, eat, bathe and sleep with it. It helps us do literally everything under the sun.

Have you ever faced a situation where you are not being able to locate your phone for a few minutes? I know that takes away your breath.

Almost every phone owner has faced this fiasco at some point in their life. Losing a phone permanently is extremely scary for most people. The harrowing experience has occurred in most people’s lives.

Your girlfriend doesn’t leave her phone at any cost, not even when she sleeps. It stays under the safety of her pillows, and you wonder why.

The clearest and the first answer to this points towards her insecurity. Sleeping with the phone makes her feel safe. You find this strange, and you are struggling to know the reason behind such behavior. Do you need to do something about it? How to tell her that she is acting weird?

I have the answers to these raging questions. Read on.

Possible reasons for sleeping with her phone

Your girlfriend clings to her phone all the time and even sleeps with it under her pillow. Her insecurities make her do this. For her, this habit is normal.

For you, it’s not.

She might have lost a phone in the past, and that experience haunts her to date. There is not much she can do about it. She suffers quietly and keeps her phone as close to her as possible.

Of course, you find this habit a bit weird, and that’s why you came looking for the reasons in here. Is she hiding something? What if she cannot trust you enough? Is there any other reason? Let’s find out what keeps her phone under the pillow?

#1 She suffers from insecurity

Suffering from insecurity is quite a common problem in the time we live. Insecurities often make people get attached to inanimate objects.

She might have insecurities that you don’t know about. Keeping her phone attached to her body at all times, even when she sleeps, keeps her calm. You find this habit weird, and it is quite legit to think so.

Her insecurities can stem from a range of possible reasons, from childhood trauma to an irreversibly damaged phone from her past. The phone acts as a place of refuge for her. She finds peace in it. With keen observation, you might find her to be the happiest whenever she is with her phone.

#2 She has lost her phone in the past

Losing a phone can be an extremely painful experience. In today’s world, a phone carries a lot of vital information. It holds a gallery full of memories. She might have had the experience of losing a phone with no back-up, to a theft, or to mere carelessness.

She just can’t afford to be careless anymore. She stays careful with her phone, even at home. It will seem irrational to you, but her fears her real. So much so that she can’t even leave her phone near the windowpane. According to her, the phone stays the safest under her pillow while she sleeps.

#3 She has secrets

She is a secretive person; she is mysterious. Her phone is a witness to most of the mysteries around her. It is her secret keeper. That’s why she won’t leave it even for once.

Her secrets can include a number of issues like weird websites in her search history, strange screenshots, unnecessary expenditures, and proof of eating disorder in her food delivery apps.

She is not ready to share any of this with you right now. Her problems are extremely personal to her. She needs to deal with it on her own.

She sleeps with her phone under the pillow as she is scared of the fact that her secrets might get disclosed otherwise. She does her best to keep them safe.

#4 She doesn’t trust you

She is a private person, and her phone is very close to her. She just doesn’t trust you enough with it. She doesn’t feel safe when it is with you.

Her trust issues are not new. It could have originated years ago with a horrible breach of trust from someone who was close to her. It can be a family member, a friend, or a former boyfriend. According to her, nobody is trustworthy. Not even you.

She has willingly chosen the discomfort of sleeping with her phone under her pillow or maybe a side of her pillow because of her raging trust issues. She needs professional help to recover from any possible trauma that is causing it.

#5 She feels safe with it

Everybody has a person or thing around which they feel safe. Kids often have security blankets and t-shirts that they like to sleep in. Even you have something that makes you feel safe. For your girlfriend, her phone is her “security thing.”

The phone makes her feel safe. She is happy whenever she is with her phone. She tends to go berserk when she loses her phone, even for a few seconds. No wonder she sleeps with it.

Chances are there that you will never be able to make her see how weird this habit is. The strangest part of this is that this weird habit belongs to a lot of people nowadays.

#6 She is addicted to her phone

Addiction is an ancient problem. Addiction to phones is a modern problem. Most of us are addicted to our phones to an extent.

When was the last time you spent an entire day without even looking at your phone? I am sure you will not be able to find that out.

Some people’s addiction to phones seems to be in a state of control, while others suffer from an uncontrollable urge to check their phones all the time. Your girlfriend falls in the second category.

Even while sleeping, she keeps her phone close to her ears so that she wouldn’t miss a single social media update. She loves to stay glued to it all the time. Her phone seems more interesting to her than any other entity in the world.

#7 She is hiding something

She could be hiding something. I have said earlier; she might have a wide range of secrets hidden by her phone. It could be the place where she is cheating on you with someone else. 

She sleeps with her phone under her pillow as she is afraid of the consequences of you finding out about her dishonesty.

She is scared that you already might have some information about what she is up to. She just doesn’t want to give you any more ammunition than you already have.

#8 She wants no one to touch her phone

She is extremely paranoid about the safety of her phone. She has a rule that no one can lay their hands on it. Her phone is the most important part of her life. It can even be more important than you.

It can also be a fact that she is afraid of anyone else touching her phone because a former one got damaged by someone she trusted. She can afford to lose this one.

What can you do?

If her weird habit of sleeping with her phone creeps you out, talk to her. There is nothing an honest conversation can’t solve.

Tell her if you feel uncomfortable when the phone vibrates. If you feel she is hiding something, confront her politely about it.

A step forward from you can help her deal with her problems. Here is a list of things you can do to help the situation.

#1 Talk to her about her insecurities

Talk to her about her insecurities, and you can be her security blanket. Ask her why she is so possessive about her phone.

You need to be very polite with your approach. She shouldn’t feel intimidated in any way.

Her phone is a very important part of her life and sleeping with it is very normal to her. You will have to place yourself in her position and then think about the problem at hand.

#2 Talk to her about your problems

There is nothing a nice conversation can’t mend. You should definitely talk to her about how you feel when she sleeps with the phone under her pillow. Tell her the physical problems you face.

Sleeping with the phone will mean it stays on the bed.

A phone vibrates or rings, and that can become a problem for a sleeping person or a person who is trying to sleep after a long and tiring day.

You should tell her how the phone on the bed disturbs your sleep and how that, in turn, disrupts your work-life balance and your peace of mind.

#3 Try to be trustworthy

Earning her trust is not easy, especially when she is not good at trusting anyone. She will only trust you if she comes across enough proof to do so. 

If you have ever sneaked into her phone, her trust issues cannot be dealt with. However, if you haven’t, don’t even try to do that. Sneaking into someone’s phone is one of the most awful things to do. It is extremely detrimental to a relationship.

#4 Don’t touch her phone without permission

Have you entered someone else’s property without their permission (childhood mischief doesn’t count)? Any sane person wouldn’t. Your girlfriend’s phone is her property, and you are not supposed to break into it. Her phone is a very private thing for her. She can only share it with select few trustworthy people.

You are not yet residing on the list of people she can trust. However, she can try to include you if you try your best to be the version of the person she loves to include in her life.

#5 Ask her directly if she is hiding anything

People who cling to their phones often tend to hide elements like infidelity and deep dark secrets. It is quite clear she is hiding it from you. 

If you are curious to know, ask her directly. Ask her— “Why do you cling to your phone all the time?” If she is being dishonest, she will try to come up with numerous excuses to convince you, and you will be able to see right through all of it. Try to be calm, talk to her about it at length and come to a decision.

Summing up

Phones are a part of our hands now. It cannot be detached from our lives. The pandemic-ridden couple of years has increased our dependence on it even more.

Phones do everything for us nowadays. Therefore, they bear the brunt of our insecurities. We keep them attached to ourselves at all times. Some people go a step further and put it under their pillow while sleeping.

Even you are attached to your phone— everyone is. And that’s absolutely normal. When your girlfriend behaves weirdly regarding her phone, try to understand the reasons behind it, talk to her. Try finding a solution instead of panicking.

All relationships face problems. Some problems can be amended. There can be a great life ahead for the two of you if you can figure out the problems and deal with them.

Nirajana Mukherjee

Senior Writer

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