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My Girlfriend Is Too Pretty for Me [SOLVED]

That’s what you think. Being pretty is a relative thing. A person cannot be measured solely based on their looks. If you think she is too pretty for you, that thought might be coming from a place of insecurity in your mind. Fight with your insecurities.A man standing in front of a window thinking about something

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”— The question is dangerous and popular at the same time. It is popular because of the tale it is from and dangerous because of the incidents that follow the absurd question. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs teaches us what happens when you judge someone solely by their looks.

Being pretty is a relative thing. Your girlfriend is pretty, and so are you. Being pretty cannot be a measuring tape to compare yourselves. If you think she is too pretty, the problem probably lies in the depth of your mind.  

Possible reasons why you think she is too pretty for you

In this age of body positivity, judging someone solely based on their looks is the last thing you want to do. Here, by finding your girlfriend “too pretty” for you, you are judging yourself in a harmful way.

They say, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,” and nothing is truer than that. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. 

You, too, are beautiful. But some part of your mind makes you think less of yourself, and together we will attempt to identify and work on that part. Read on.

#1 She is immensely popular in your common friend circle

Some people are popular; some aren’t. Not being popular is not a crime, and it definitely doesn’t mean you are not acceptable in society. 

You think your girlfriend is too pretty for you, probably because she is always at the center of your common group of friends. She is the center of attention. Everybody loves her. Everybody loves to be around her.

You are the exact opposite of what she stands for. You are socially awkward and not much of a talker. Her charismatic persona makes you feel inferior at times, and that’s when you think, “Oh, she is way too pretty for me! I don’t deserve her.”

#2 She is an extrovert; you admire her

If she is the heart of your group, she is probably the one that holds the group together, just like Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. It’s only normal for her to be an extrovert. She can strike up conversations with anyone and everyone. When she speaks, everybody listens to her in awe.

You had admired her since before you two started dating, and you probably still can’t believe that you are dating this girl. This hero-worship is detrimental to your mental well-being.

You think she is too pretty for you and that she probably deserves better. I must tell you; there is absolutely no reason to think like that. She is pretty, but so are you.

#3 She is made up of all the age-old conventional notions of beauty

Have you seen the old Disney princess movies? Most of the protagonists portray age-old, conventional notions of beauty.

The world of movies has set this unrealistic standard of beauty that makes no sense but has become a source of mental agony for self-aware people.

Your girlfriend is made up of all the conventional notions of beauty. She basically looks like a Disney princess, and she is well aware of that. 

Everything about her makes you feel inferior. Now you are unhappy with how you look, and you have started thinking she is too pretty for you.

Let me tell you one thing; there is nothing called too pretty. Being pretty is a relative thing. You think your girlfriend is too pretty for you; someone might think you are too pretty for your girlfriend.

#4 Your friends always say she is too pretty for you

Your friends are the main problem here. They are the source of all your hardships and mental agony. You fell in love with this girl with a beautiful heart and a smile that lights up the room.

But whenever you are with your friends, they make you feel inferior by saying things like, “Oh, she is too pretty for you. She is going to leave you the moment she finds someone better.”

Conversations like this have an adverse effect on your mind, and that in turn affects your relationship. Your girlfriend is not the problem here; your friends are.

#5 She was the high school prom queen

Being the high school prom queen is a big deal. But when the prom queen doesn’t date the king or the one closest to being the king, it is an even bigger deal. 

You have been in the same school since childhood, and like Ross, you too were head over heels in love with your Rachel.

Your girlfriend has been the most popular girl in school. She always had this swarm of people around her table in the cafeteria. Back in school, she was this unattainable goddess-like person whom you only admired from a distance.

Now, after years, when you are with her in a happy relationship, the thoughts about her being too pretty never leave your mind.

These thoughts stem from your insecurities about yourself and your body. Whenever you see her around men with unrealistic beauty standards, your insecurities skyrocket into this obsession about looks.

#6 She wears too much makeup

Makeup can create a whole new person. It enhances one’s physical features; it defines and highlights the best parts of your face.

However, there can be a thing called too much makeup. You think your girlfriend is too pretty for you because she wears too much makeup.

She is very careful about how she looks and never steps out of the house without putting on makeup. Nobody, not even you, has seen her without it.

Even when you spend the night together, she looks unrealistically pretty in the morning. Her secret? She wakes up before you, cleans up, and goes through a quick and fresh session of makeup before joining you in bed.

#7 She makes you feel bad about your looks

Now, in this case, she is the toxic one in your relationship. She is the epitome of unrealistic beauty standards. Everyone calls her pretty, and she basks in it. 

She knows about your insecurities, and that’s her weapon. She intentionally makes you feel miserable about your looks so that you keep on admiring her as the goddess on an altar.

She has successfully created an Elizabethan poet out of you, the one that puts their beloved on a pedestal and worships her. 

She is trying to be the alpha in this relationship, and you have paved the way for her to be that. You think she is too pretty for you because she makes you think like that.

#8 She is a fitness freak, and you are not

Fitness can do wonders for the human body. It keeps you healthy and lets you live long and happy. It also makes you look a certain way that is, unfortunately, more accepted in our society. 

Your girlfriend is a fitness freak. She has a toned body and can jump over walls and climb trees. She is an outdoors person, while you love to stay within the comforts of your cozy little room.

Her vibrant personality and that perfect body make you think she is too pretty for you. Her life makes you feel guilty about all the extra weight you have put on with your unhealthy life full of junk food and dairy products.

She lives and eats healthy while you are the opposite. You want to get fit, but every time you start, you lose your focus after a few healthy days.

#9 Conventionally “good-looking” guys hit on her all the time

Whenever you are out with her in a public place, conventionally good-looking guys ignore your presence and shamelessly hit on her.

That makes you feel like you don’t deserve her and that she is too pretty for you. Whenever a guy hits on her, you start questioning your presence in her life.

You feel invisible around her aura. Whenever this happens, you tend to forget who you are and what you have achieved so far.

Even if you are happy in your relationship and have a successful career, these guys make you feel inferior every single time.

Beauty is a momentary thing; a person’s looks changes with age, and the conventional beauty that everyone is so proud of wanes away real quick.

There is no need to think she is too pretty for you. You guys are in a relationship; you have found each other, chosen each other over everyone else; that’s the only thing that matters.

#10 She knows how to dress well

Dressing in the right way can do wonders for your look. She dresses really well, and that’s what makes her stand out in a crowd. Her impeccable sense of dressing makes her look pretty, which makes you think, “She is too pretty for me.” You have never seen her dressed lousily.

She spends a considerable amount of her day deciding what to wear the next time she steps out of her house. Most of us wear old tattered clothes at home for the sole purpose of comfort. She chooses her home clothes with a lot of care and looks good in them too.

This constant show of perfection makes you feel inferior over the most superficial thing in the world, that is, beauty.

What can you do to deal with this thought?

“She is too pretty for me. Maybe, I don’t deserve her.”—Such thoughts can be detrimental to your mental health. It would help if you worked on staying positive to deal with this problem.

If you are not being able to handle the negative thoughts on your own, you can always ask for help. 

You can approach your parents, your friends, and even your girlfriend.

These people are supposed to be by your side as your support in time of need. If talking to your near and dear ones don’t work, you can reach out for professional help.

Here are a few other things you can do to deal with the situation.

#1 Write down positive things about yourself

Keep a journal by your bed, and every night before falling asleep, write down at least one positive thought about yourself. This way, by the end of the month, you will have thirty good things about yourself to feel proud about.

You think your girlfriend is too pretty for you. There must be a number of reasons for that, but such thoughts can only harm your mental state.

She is pretty, and that’s great, but that doesn’t mean you are ugly compared to her. You are beautiful, inside out. Looks cannot judge a person; it is not a way to measure how good a human is.

Beauty is a relative concept. Writing down good things about yourself will help you experience a world outside the narrow lanes of physical beauty. It will help you understand your mind better.

#2 Talk to her about how you feel

Your problem is solely associated with your girlfriend; therefore, you should talk to her about that. Tell her how you feel. 

Don’t forget to mention the things about her that make you feel inferior. Ask for her help. If she is a good person, she will definitely help you out.

She fell in love with you for a reason, and if you continue to be a good person, she will stay by your side forever.

#3 Avoid the friends who make you feel bad

They said she is too pretty for you. They said you don’t deserve her, right on to your face. Avoid the friends who made you feel this way. 

Let me tell you one thing: friends are supposed to be there for you, always. A true friend would never make you feel inferior about yourself.

They would never stoke at your insecurities to have twisted fun out of it. Friends should be your pillars of support. Stick to the ones who make you feel good about yourself without getting involved in your personal life.

#4 Oppose her firmly if she makes you feel bad about yourself

If she is the one to spur the insecurity within you, you should oppose her firmly. 

She is your girlfriend, a person close to your heart. She is not supposed to make you feel awful about how you look.

If she makes you feel that she is too pretty for you and is doing a favor by being with you, then she is definitely a toxic person. 

Think twice about staying in a relationship with a person who ruins your mental health and feels happy about that.

#5 Ignore the guys who hit on her; she is already with you

Guys hit on her all the time, and it annoys you. Just let it go. She chose you out of so many guys on this planet; try to have some respect for that.

Your boundless insecurities are making you feel this way, and now you are behaving like that toxic jealous boyfriend who frowns at every other guy who comes near his girlfriend.

Don’t be that guy, or else you can lose her forever. If you get annoyed at her when a guy hits on her, try to work on your anger issues.

Talking to a guy doesn’t mean she will leave you for him. Have some respect for the woman you love. “She is too pretty for me” is what your insecurity-infested brain makes you think. Fight it.

#6 Start doing meditation

Meditation can have immense positive effects on the human mind. It helps you fight your negative thoughts and improves mental health. 

Finding your girlfriend too pretty for you will have a long-term effect on your mind. The ill effects of this thought will grow exponentially. 

What starts as insecurity will take no time to turn into irrational jealousy and an eventual breakup. When you are in love with someone, you should love the person’s soul.

The outer beauty is only there for a while. Meditation will help you focus on your inner beauty. It will help you focus on all the good times you had with your girlfriend and how special your relationship is.

#7 Talk to your trustworthy friends 

If you are unable to deal with the problem by yourself, talk to your friends.

Call up the one friend who will always be there for you, no matter what. Talk to them extensively about your deep-rooted insecurities and fears of losing your girlfriend, who you think is too pretty for you. 

Share with your friend whatever makes you feel insecure about this relationship. If they are a good listener, they might even find out the specific reason for your problem and will help you find a solution to that.

#8 Inform your family about your problem

Your family is the one entity you can trust the most, especially your parents. Talk to your parents about how you feel. 

Being pretty is a relative concept, but if you fail to see it after repeated attempts, your parents are the best people to talk to. 

They gave birth to you. You are the happiest thing that ever happened to them. They will move mountains to see you happy. If no one can find a solution to your problem, they will. 

Since childhood, they have been your beacon of hope whenever you have felt lost or depressed. This time too, they will surely find a solution that will help you deal with your insecurities effectively.

#9 Talk to a therapist

Looking for professional help when you face a mental health issue is the best thing to do. Thinking that your girlfriend is too pretty for you stems from a kind of inferiority complex that needs immediate attention. 

Suppose no one is able to help you out with this; a professional will. The therapist will help you through the steps to find a solution to your problem.

Feeling inferior about oneself is the worst thing one can do. Such insecurities can drive away all the good sense, and therefore it needs immediate attention.

#10 Try to be comfortable about how you look

Being comfortable in your skin is the need of the hour. In a world that runs on unhealthy competition, looks should not be added to the list of things you can compete about. 

No one gets to decide how they look; it is something one is born with. Insecurities about looks stem from the unrealistic beauty standards set by society.

Your girlfriend adheres to such standards of beauty, and that makes you feel inferior. There are so many positive things about you. Why cry over something as shallow and superficial as prettiness?

Summing up

Finding someone pretty is absolutely normal. That’s how most love stories begin. But, if you find your girlfriend too pretty for you, it is a problem for both of you. 

Nobody has got any control over how they look. Everything created by nature is inherently pretty. Beauty lies in every creature— be it an amoeba or a blue whale. 

Being comfortable with how you look is the best thing you can do for yourself. Finding her “too pretty” for you is nothing but a part of your mind that has been conditioned for ages to admire a certain form of beauty.

Nirajana Mukherjee

Senior Writer

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