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My Girlfriend Is Hiding Our Relationship (DECODED)

She is taking her time before making up her mind. Making a relationship official has its pros and cons. Your girlfriend wants to be certain that it will work out before she takes the big step. Show her that you mean to be with her, and it's a tale forever.A man thinking about something deeply

Relationships aren't about hiding and seeking as it is about an effortless journey of togetherness. Or, at least that's the ideology. But reaching there requires painstaking efforts. It doesn't happen with a click.

If you wonder why your girlfriend is hiding your relationship, she has her set of reasons. But what is more important here is how to win her heart.

If you win her heart with effort, she will let you help her overcome the reasons together. Worry not! I'm going to help you understand the reasons and the ways to fix this right here. Keep reading further to find more.

12 Reasons why your girlfriend is hiding your relationship

One of the primary reasons for playing hide and seek in a relationship is having trust issues with your partner. While you might not understand why your girlfriend won't trust you completely, she might have many reasons.

Scroll down to find out the most common ones, among other factors for hiding your relationship from the big world.

#1 She is not serious about you 

You will get early signs if your girlfriend is not serious about you. Whether she likes to learn about your day, does she ask for selfies, does she cares for you. Ask yourself these questions. If she does, she has a soft corner for you. If not, this is casual. 

However, if you are serious about her, don't give up easily. Casual takes its course to turn into something productive and serious.

Allow her that time. Help her see how you are different from the f*ckboys out there. She will gradually understand that this is something meaningful. 

#2 She likes to be adored by others 

Your girlfriend might be an attention seeker. She is aware if she reveals that she is committed, many people will look at her differently.

She will not get the same pleasure as she used to do before. Moreover, people will get judgemental. They would judge her based on her choice. Some might say that she could have done better. Others might get jealous. 

Try to focus on what attracted you to her. In that light, keep your thoughts. It shall give you enough reasons to love her more with each passing day.

#3 She is flirtatious 

If your girlfriend is flirtatious, she will not easily reveal her relationship status. You will have to bring her to do it in a roundabout manner.

One way of doing it would be to keep flirting with her. She should never feel that the relationship has gotten old or lost the charm. The desire should never be completely satisfied.

Keep her excited by trying new things. If she often laughs in the company of other dudes, she enjoys flirting. You can check her messenger, read her comments, and look at the reactions to get more clues.

#4 She is not into monogamy 

Your girlfriend is the woman of a modern era that steadily moves towards open relationships. Notice her reactions when people break up because one of them was cheating on the other.

If she finds the thought disgusting and you get the vibe that monogamy is not her thing, that is it. 

If you are old school and looking for a loyal relationship, you need to clear out your priorities with your girlfriend.

It would help if you told her that loyalty is something you can't compromise. If she wants to stick by you, she will mend her ways.

#5 She is not over her past experiences 

If your girlfriend is still stuck in the past, it will be a big step for her to reveal to the world that she has found her true love in you so easily. 

There might be actions that trigger her and remind her of her ex. If your relationship is young and her previous relationship was long, or if the breakup is recent, she might be using it to get over the critical phase.

She wants you to help her move on. She isn't thinking much about your relationship yet. She is still struggling to overcome her past experiences and loss. 

#6 She is not an extrovert 

If your girlfriend is not an extrovert, she won't like to reveal her personal life to the world.

It's not just the relationship that she is hiding. From her marks to her ambitions, her feelings, and emotions, she kept it all hidden.

Do you ever find her making a Facebook post about her thoughts and feelings? Is she into blogging? Does she keep many friends? Do you feel her smile is mostly plastic?

These answers will help you understand her better. It would help if you were a good friend to your girlfriend to know her inside out. Merely being her boyfriend will not help.

#7 She writes about you in a diary 

If your girlfriend doesn't talk to other people about you but is happy with your relationship, she maintains a secret diary where she jots down all her feelings.

You can ask her about it when you get the chance. If she allows you, take a look at it. You would know her true nature and intentions for you. 

Remember, the world is a trap. Your mind is a trap. In matters of the heart, you will have to be delicate to prevent it from withering away. Be careful with your words and more careful with your actions. Don't dishearten the one you love.

#8 She wants to see your reaction 

Perhaps your girl wants to see if you have been paying attention. She wants to be certain that you don't take her for granted. 

If you have cared and it pricks you that she doesn't show you as her boyfriend, it would suggest that you are proud to have her as your girlfriend.

This will give her reassurance. She will do all in her ability to secure your trust and love in a treasure box for eternity. Once she has that confidence, she won't mind sharing her secret with the near and dear ones.

#9 You haven't proposed to her properly 

Perhaps your girlfriend is mad at you because you haven't proposed to her seriously yet. She was enthusiastic and full of vigor, but it burnt to ashes when you didn't respond to her energy at the same level.

If you doubt that this might be the case, waste no time, get down on your knees, and accept her as your partner for life. She will not be able to resist paying l posting about it to the big world, and your problem would be sorted at once.

#10 The relationship is young 

Perhaps your relationship is too young to make a fuss about it. Your girlfriend likes to take things slow. She hasn't contemplated her future with you yet. It is all far-sighted at the moment. She will undo the secret in time.

Meanwhile, it would help if you were persistent in your efforts. Don't leave room for doubts. Don't allow these things to get on your nerves or make you restless. It won't be worth it. Be steady, even if slow.

#11 She is carefree

Perhaps your girlfriend doesn't care what you or the world think about her. It is not that she is desperately trying to keep your relationship a secret. Rather, she wants the world to figure it out naturally. 

When people look at you two spending time together, she feels comfortable with one another, and your body language will speak louder than words.

People will take a glance and spread the word. These tidbits of information spread like wildfire. It is useless to either hide or reveal such details. Remember, the truth cannot be hidden for long anyway.

#12 She is ambitious 

If you have an ambitious girlfriend, she might have plans to take her away from you to a different city altogether. This might be why she is not making a big deal about your relationship. 

She is seeking companionship till the time she can get it. Ask her about her ambitions and plans.

Does she put up a fight when you don't answer her call? Has she asked you about your ambitions? Do you share her field of interest?

Try to figure out these questions, and it will automatically give you all the answers.

What to do when your girlfriend is hiding your relationship?

If your girlfriend is hiding your relationship, she needs your help figuring things out.

She might be having her doubts and her set of questions. Answer those questions without hesitation. Show her that you are ready to give all the tests that it takes to make her trust you. Once she is confident, she will declare it openly to the world.

#1 Talk to her 

Tell your girlfriend that it concerns you when she keeps the relationship hidden. You feel demotivated and disheartened.

Say something in words such as, "Baby, and I wonder when you will make our relationship official. It has gotten on my mind now. Let's throw a party and let people know that I belong to you and you belong to me. What do you say?" 

This will be beautiful and moving. It will touch her heart, and she won't be able to say no.

#2 Make your relationship official 

If your girlfriend hesitates to make the relationship official, it is because she wants you to take the initiative. Don't hesitate in taking the first step. 

If she doesn't mind, she will share the spirit with you. If she minds, she will let you know about it. Either way, it will open up the avenue for discussion. You will be able to talk to her without further ado. Do it first and inform her about it to see the reaction.

#3 Spend more time together 

Spending more time with your girlfriend will help you win her heart so that there won't be space for any doubts.

Remember, the objective is to make each other so comfortable that neither of you hesitates in opening up about anything that comes to your mind. It would be best if you celebrated all the occasions together.

You must be the reason for each other's happiness. Eventually, everything will fall in place.

#4 Learn more about her 

Gathering more information about your girlfriend's past from her friends or her social handles might be helpful. 

You would know if she made her previous relationships official. You will get an idea about her likes and dislikes. You can use this information to show up as the perfect man in her life—the one she wouldn't want to say no to.

#5 Trust her 

Trusting your better half is the essential part of your relationship. When you trust her with your secrets, she will trust you with hers.

It is always best to stay even and aspire for new goals. Show her that you trust her by revealing her things about you that others don't know. 

Tell her that you trust her with your life. If she isn't serious about you, she will either get serious or leave you before it's too late.

#6 Have faith in the power of love 

At times, I don't mind leaving things in the natural scheme. Don't underestimate the power of love. If cupid has shot her arrows at you, the cosmos must have bigger plans. Just do your bit to the best. 

Fulfill your promises, show up whenever expected, and love and cherish her presence. Everything else will fall in place in due course.

#7 Propose her 

If you haven't proposed to your girlfriend, that might be why she is skeptical about the relationship.

Plan it out, get down on your knees, arrange for a ring or make one with flowers, and kiss her hands. Plan it out perfectly. The date, venue, time, and music. It should be the most looked forward surprised. 

#8 Get more romantic 

With every moment passing by, do something that enhances the affection of your girlfriend towards you. When you are romantic with someone and make them feel happy, their body releases certain hormones that drive them to cloud nine.

When they reach there, they will do anything to stay with you and to express their gratification for you. That is the moment you take them into confidence and express your concern. The empathy play will be strong at that moment. You will get what you deeply desire.

#9 Invite her home 

When you invite your girlfriend to your home, you show her that she is dearly special to you. An invitation to home is an invitation to your comfort zone. Every corner of your house will carry your essentials.

It will allow her to know you inside out. She would realize her importance in your life immediately. There won't be any barriers anymore. You won't have to utter your requirements to her. She will put effort into pleasing you.

#10 Familiarise her with your friends 

When you introduce your girlfriend to your friends, even as someone special, the secret won't be a secret any longer. Word will spread from mouth to mouth, and this way, your girlfriend might not hesitate because it is you who took the initiative.

The next thing you know, she invites you for an outing with her friends, and they adore you as the perfect couple out there.

#11 Show up at her place 

Showing up at your girlfriend's face without prior information has dual benefits. If she is not cheating on you, she will take it as a pleasant surprise. If she is cheating on you, it will allow you to catch her red-handed or at least off-guard.

Either way, while she might get enraged if she is not cheating, with a little effort, you can make her happy; and if she is cheating, there is no more to say.

#12 Give her an anonymous call

One way to test your girlfriend is to make an anonymous call to her. See the names that she takes. Those are the people she keeps in her mind. If the first name spoken is not yours, it has to be either her best friend, her ex or the one she is cheating on you with. 

You can use a voice-changing app to modify your voice. However, never confront her or reveal this to her. Take the clue, and proceed accordingly.

Summing up

To sum up, your girlfriend can't keep the truth hidden for long. Eventually, one way or the other, it will come out.

Hence, worry about things that matter. Work on identifying important things from the insignificant ones. Your relationship is significant. Whether the people know or do not know about it is of no importance.

Suprity Acharyya


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