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My Girlfriend Dry-texting Me: Why and What to Do

Dry texting indicates a lack of interest in carrying on the conversation. Your girlfriend is doing that because she is not willing to talk to you right now. She wants to get rid of you for the time being. She might be too sleepy or too busy.Feature Image of My Girlfriend Dry-texting Me

Imagine you are talking to someone, and the topic is excruciatingly boring. You have somewhere else to go or a task to complete. What will you do?

In this fast world, we don’t have much time to showcase our patience even if we want to. When you find a certain conversation a bit too boring, you simply try to bail out.

Dry texting is nothing but a person trying to bail out of a fatally boring conversation. We all have dry-texted someone in our lives. We all had our reasons.

If the same has been happening with you for a while now, you have come to the right place for advice. I am going to take you through the possible reasons for her dry texts and what you can do in a situation like this. Read on.

Why is your girlfriend dry texting you?

She dry-texts you simply because she doesn’t want to carry on with the boring conversation. That’s her way of getting rid of you for some time. But that doesn’t necessarily mean she is no longer in love with you. If you are in a long-term relationship, this is quite common.

But of course, that upsets you, and that’s why you are here looking for answers. So with further ado, let’s dive into her mind and see some possible reasons for this behavior.

#1 She finds the conversation boring

You have bored her into it. She is desperately trying to end this boredom by dry-texting you. She is probably interested in some other topic. But your rant on the same old issues is boring her to death.

She could be doing this when you have talked about an uninteresting incident that happened in your workplace this morning. It is normal for her to find it excruciatingly boring.

You will probably not understand her lack of interest in your words at the beginning of the conversation because she is trying too hard not to sound disinterested. But she has a limit. She can’t pretend to follow what you are saying forever. She is bound to space out after a while. And that’s what has happened in this case.

She is replying to your texts with “Hmm,” “Mmm…,” “OK,” and emojis now. That’s a classic example of dry-texting. That’s your cue to stop talking about whatever boring thing you are ranting about.

#2 She doesn’t want to talk right now

She just doesn’t feel like talking to you right now. She might not be in the mood to talk. She might be busy or upset about something that she feels is not necessary for you to know right now. She just wants to avoid talking to you.

She wants this time for herself. Her mind needs this me-time to declutter from all that has been happening for the last few days. When unwinding, her mind needs to be blank, and for now, you, with your incessant texting, are being an obstacle to her peace.

#3 She is watching a movie, and your texts are disturbing her

This scenario is more common than you think. Remember the last time your favorite movie came on Netflix, and you took the evening off just to watch it alone with some delicious chicken wings on your plate.

The same thing is happening when you find her dry texting you. She has taken the day off of everything just to watch her favorite movie alone with her comfort food. She wants no one to text her and that “no one” includes you.

How would you know that? Well, here is an example for you.

You say, “I’ll pick you up from your apartment tomorrow around 2:00 pm. I’ve got a surprise for you.” A normal reply to this would contain excitement and anticipation. But if she is engrossed in watching her favorite film or that sitcom she loves, the reply you may get will be, “OK,” “Yeah. I’ll be there.” or simply, “Whatever….”

#4 She is gaming

Her busy schedule and her relationship with you seldom allow her to pursue her favorite hobby, which is gaming. Her gaming chair has been collecting dust for the past few months.

Now that she has got some time for herself, she has decided to play her heart out. She is dry-texting you to keep you at bay while she plays. Texting while gaming is a proven distraction.

She will probably make it up to you after her gaming session. Till then, you need to stop texting her like a maniac.

#5 She is at work

Of course, she can’t text you properly when she is at work. She takes her job seriously and is dry-texting you so that you leave her alone for the time being.

If you have been with this woman for a while now, you must know about her work hours in detail. You know when she comes home. You could have waited for her to return. Instead, you went on a texting spree like the time Ross badgered Rachel by calling and sending her gifts at her workplace.

It is quite irresponsible on your part to text her when she is busy at work. She never does that to you. Therefore, you kind of had it coming.

A word of advice, don’t be a Ross. He is the epitome of toxicity.

#6 She is busy with household chores

She is the Monica of your group. Cleaning calms her down. She loves to do her household chores, and while doing so, she hates being disturbed.

She is dry-texting you because she doesn’t want to talk to you while going about her chores. Talking with you will distract her.

Working around her home helps her get her scattered thoughts in order. It is like meditation to her. Naturally, when you keep on continuing the conversation against her wishes, she brings out her dry-texting weapon to disarm you.

Ignoring you totally is not her thing. She is not that rude. But whenever she replies to your texts with that “Hmm…” three times at a stretch, it is a hint for you to stop texting her for the time being.

#7 She is no longer interested in you

She is dry-texting you because she has lost all interest in you. This relationship with you is a burden to her now, and she wants to shake it off.

Every relationship has got an expiry date. Unfortunately, you have reached yours. She sees no future with you. Your relationship with her has reached a dead-end.

She earnestly hopes that her constant dry-texting will annoy you into leaving her. She plans to break up with you but is cleverly passive about it.

#8 She has found love elsewhere

Going forward with the idea in the preceding point, it can be said that she has found love somewhere else. She is dry-texting you because she no longer wants you to be romantically involved with her.

Talking to you makes her feel bored. Instead, the new person she has been seeing for a while is more interesting to her.

She wants to spend all her precious time talking to this person. She gets that “new-into-the-relationship” feeling whenever she speaks to them.

#9 She is angry about something you have done

You have done something to annoy her. She is angry, and that is making her dry-text you. Whenever you text her, she replies with a definitive answer that makes further conversation impossible.

She clearly wants to avoid you for the time being. The anger she feels for you is overwhelming, but it is quite sensible of her to stop talking to you instead of creating a scene out of it.

Chances are there that she will never tell you what has made her so angry. It is for you to discover.

#10 She just doesn’t like talking much

Texting, or talking to someone, in general, is not her cup of tea. For her, talking to someone is like a punishment. She is not good with people, and that includes you.

She is dry-texting you because her social battery has died out for the day. She wants to spend some time alone without having to talk to anyone.

Have you ever seen her putting up those stories where she says, “Don’t text or call me for the next two days unless it is an urgent matter?” This is a classic example of a person who wants to be left alone for some time. She probably is an introvert.

What to do when your girlfriend is dry-texting?

If she is not much of a talker, there is nothing much you can do about it. However, if the other reasons are applicable, you can act on them accordingly. But don’t get too clingy. Otherwise, your plans to get closer to her might backfire.

If you want, you can even take some time off from the relationship. Talk to her about that. I think she will appreciate the idea of spending some time alone, without breathing on each other’s necks.

Here is a list of things you can do in this situation. Scroll down to read.

#1 Ask her what makes you boring in her eyes

“Do you find me boring?”—that’s the question you should ask her. She is dry-texting you for a reason, and that can very well be that she finds you boring. Talking to you has turned into a tedious task for her.

She is questioning her choices. She is questioning this relationship. Her texts clearly reflect her feelings.

In this case, you don’t have a plateful of options to bail you out of the situation. However, you can try to be a bit more interesting. You don’t need to change yourself entirely. Just modify the parts she finds boring.

#2 Don’t pester her to talk when she doesn’t want to

This is the worst thing to do. There can be many reasons for dry-texting. That can include disinterest, preoccupation, anger, etc. You wouldn’t want to aggravate any of that.

Don’t pester her with texts like, “Why are you behaving like this?” “What is wrong with you?” “Have I done something?” etc.

If you think you have done something, try to find that out yourself. If she is busy with some other issue, leave her at peace. She will come back to you when it is over.

#3 Do something else for the time being

If talking to her is the only thing you can do, you need to get a life. She has the right to be busy with her life. Don’t make her feel guilty about that by texting her all the time. It may backfire.

Actually, you know what? It has already started to backfire in the form of dry-texting. She is tired of your clinginess. She desperately wants to get rid of you.

#4 Set up a time to talk to her

You guys should set a definite time to talk to each other. In this fast-paced world, everyone is busy with their lives. Texting someone all through the day takes up a lot of time. It takes more time than you think.

Therefore, if you want to make this relationship work, if you want to eradicate all the bitterness that has built up over these few days of dry-texting, you need to set up a time to talk to each other.

For example, you can choose the time before you guys go to bed to talk to each other. That way, you can talk about your day and unwind the spirals of your mind before a good night’s sleep.

#5 Check if she is busy

If she is dry-texting, ask her whether she is busy. If her answer is “yes,” leave her alone with whatever she is doing. She will definitely come back to you.

Dry-texting doesn’t necessarily mean she is not into you anymore. She is just too busy to talk to you properly now. The dry texts are a hint for you to stop texting her at this time.

#6 Check if she is with her friends

Ask her if she is with her friends. If you text her constantly while she is hanging out with them, it becomes annoying and embarrassing after appoint of time.

Her friends are probably making fun of her because of you. Constantly texting your girlfriend even when she is busy doesn’t prove that you are a loving boyfriend. Instead, it shows how needy and clingy you are.

You can attempt to change this aspect of your personality before her friends advise her to break up with you.

#7 Find out if she has found someone else

Now, this is a relatively difficult task to accomplish. The difficulty level depends upon how good she is at hiding her new love.

For the sake of your sanity, you will need to find out if she is seeing someone else. That information will bring you the closure you were looking for so desperately.

Once you have found out her truth, you can confront her about it and can end this relationship with grace.

#8 Ask her if she is interested in you anymore

Losing interest in you doesn’t always mean that she has found someone else to replace you. She has lost interest in you probably because she sees no future in this relationship. This has reached a dead-end for her.

Talk to her if you think she is no longer interested in you. Ask her why she has been dry-texting you all this time.

The answer might be an unpleasant one, but that is a reality which you will have to accept. There is nothing better than acceptance of the truth. It gives you closure and the power to move on without emotional baggage.

#9 Try to know her better

The way she texts is a mirror of her personality, her soul. The dry texts reflect her mind. You need to know her a little better to know why she ends up dry-texting you after a while.

Knowing her better will help you understand her. It will let you know if she is really into you. You will be able to find out if the dry texts are a deliberate attempt at sabotaging the relationship or if it is a personality trait.

Knowing her better will allow you to act on this relationship in an efficient way, without hurting her or getting hurt yourself.

#10 Talk about taking a break

If you think this relationship has hit a dead-end, you guys can always take a break. Take a step back to rethink.

If she has been dry-texting you for a while now, talk to her about that. Discuss taking a break from each other. Staying away will help you guys unwind in a positive way.

This time apart from each other will help you acknowledge what you truly want in life. After a while, you can come back to confront each other, to decide the fate of this relationship.

This time off of the relationship will help you move on without regrets if you decide to part ways. However, if you decide to stick together, the break will bring you closer to each other.

To sum up

Dry texting is a clear sign of disinterest. It happens when someone finds a conversation so boring that they want to end it at any cost. Sometimes they just don’t have the mood to talk.

If your girlfriend is dry-texting you, that doesn’t always ensure infidelity. She might be busy with something else at the moment and therefore is getting irritated by your unnecessary romantic texts.

Only you can find a solution to this problem. You will have to understand that she might be busy when you have a mood for romance. She can’t just leave everything and start texting you with the words you want to see at this moment.

Nirajana Mukherjee

Senior Writer

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