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My girlfriend Doesn't Ask Me About My Day [Here's Why with Solution]

Your girlfriend is not taking this relationship quite seriously. You are putting effort and trying to make the relationship work. But on her part, there is a lack of interest in taking the relationship ahead. She doesn't care how your life is, as she is too much into herself rather than in the relationship.A couple is in the kitchen, the woman is looking at her phone and the man seems upset and looking at his laptop

What is a perfect relationship for you? As shown in many movies, we all dream of having a picture-perfect relationship, but having a happily-ever-after needs much work.

It's easy to post thousands of pictures on social media, but to be always happy and satisfied in a relationship, needs time, effort, trust, and many more things.

No one is perfect certainly, and hence the expectation of having a perfect relationship is quite less. But one can always try to have one by being good to each other. 

Any relationship has some common factors such as calling up, meeting each other, making time, putting in the effort, etc. And whenever you are in a relationship, you expect your partner to share their life with you. 

But what happens when communication is just one way? You always ask your girlfriend about what's going on in her life how her day was, and she only replies to your questions. She never shows interest or enthusiasm in your life. 

When you see less interest on her part, you start doubting yourself and the relationship. You want to figure out what's wrong and certainly, want to make things right again when you're genuinely into her.

10 Possible reasons when your girlfriend doesn't ask you about your day

When you come back from your long day, you want someone to be there to listen to your stories. You want a comfortable space to relax and be yourself totally without any inhibition. And that's what a relationship gives you. That's what you expect and deserve from your partner.

However, not everyone is extremely lucky to have a relationship or a girlfriend like that. You will be upset and always be in thousand different thoughts when your girlfriend never asks you about your day.

Let's look at the various meanings when your girlfriend is not interested in knowing about your day. 

#1 She is casual about the relationship

When your girlfriend is not much into the relationship as you are, she will be least bothered about your daily life.

She is just having a fun, casual time with you. She has no plans of getting serious or committing herself to this relationship. 

For her, asking about your day is redundant, and she doesn't want to deep dive into any serious conversation with you.

If you notice, you will also see that she hardly asks you any question or shows any interest in your day. 

It's always you who takes the initiative to ask her how she spent her day with her friends and what her plans are. But there is only silence from her side. This is a clear sign that she is casual about the relationship. 

#2 She is quiet by nature

Not every girl likes to talk a lot or is outgoing by nature. Some like to have their own space, and they are generally quiet. 

Quiet doesn't necessarily mean that she is shy. She doesn't shy away from expressing her feelings, but she doesn't like to talk much.

She prefers to be a listener rather than asking your whereabouts. She would love to listen to you, your day, your stories. But she will never pester with hundreds of questions. 

And even if you don't share your day with her, she will be totally fine with that. She will always be a good listener to you, and if you ask her, she will give you all the answers you need. 

#3 She is too much into herself

Well, some girls love to live in their bubble. They are just always self-obsessed with themselves. You don't even need to ask what she has been up to or how her day was; she will always be on her toes to tell you everything.

But she will never give you a chance to speak. She is not interested in knowing about your day at all. She only needs an opportunity to share her stories with you because she is only thinking about herself. 

Even when you try to share your side of the story, she will always turn into her story, and she will snatch the limelight once again. You will start feeling that the relationship is not about two people but just her. 

#4 She doesn't like small talk

Your girlfriend can be just into serious and deep talks. For her, asking about your day is a trivial day. She loves to talk to you, and she will share her ideologies beliefs with you, but she is least bothered about such small things.

She would prefer to talk to you about certain important things like politics, culture, movies, world but not indulge in such small talk. 

If you observe her closely, you will see that it's not just you with whom she behaves like this. Even with her friends or family, she only engages in meaningful conversations and never wastes her time in small talks. 

#5 She trusts you blindly

Some couples believe in sharing everything about their life with their partners. They feel that it's the only way to communicate with your partner to build trust and stay loyal to each other.

But not every girlfriend is like that or wants that. You might be that one super lucky guy whose girlfriend trusts her blindly.

She believes if you need to share something important with her, you will surely share with her, and you won't hide anything from her.

So, she doesn't need to ask you about your day because she is confident that you will share everything relevant and significant with her. 

Asking you about your day feels to her like a responsibility or an interrogating session. She loves and has complete faith in you, so she doesn't need to worry. 

#6 She feels it's unimportant

Checking up on the boyfriend is not your girlfriend's vibe. She feels it unnecessary to ask such small things as how your day was, what you did, what you ate, etc.

She is not interested in wasting her time asking redundant things like these. She would rather watch a movie with you or go out on a date.

Also, she doesn't feel interested in answering such questions. So, if you think that you would ask her and she would gladly give you all answers, you are completely wrong.

She has a clear concept. She doesn't want to be questioned about such trivial matters, and at the same time, she won't even ask you such unimportant things. 

#7 She doesn't care

Asking questions is often misinterpreted as an interrogation session between a couple. But in reality, this is not the scenario.

Couples also love to share each other's daily updates and love to ask. This is just another form of showing love and care for each other. 

So, when you notice that you're the only one in the relationship asking things about how her day was and she shows zero interest, she doesn't care about you or your feelings like before.

She has an indifferent attitude, and it doesn't matter to her where the relationship is heading or what the future looks like for the two of you. 

She lacks care for you, and she answers you to answer you. You will see a genuine disinterest and disgust in her way of talking to you. 

#8 She is not interested anymore 

Often couples in a long-term relationship feel stagnant in their relationship.

The truth is, not just long-term relationships; even couples dating for a while don't feel the same kind of excitement after a few days. You would start finding your relationship a responsibility when you are not into your partner. 

So, your girlfriend has also lost interest in the relationship and you. It can be due to any reason. Probably you have neglected her in the past, you hardly give her time, you meet her very less, you had upset her, or you lied to her. 

There can be tons of reasons. However, she has lost the will to keep this relationship going, which is why she is acting like this. This is also her way of telling you to get out of the relationship. 

#9 She is busy

You are dating a busy bee. Your girlfriend has a super hectic schedule. She doesn't even get time to talk to you properly. So, she doesn't like to indulge in such mundane conversations whenever she gets time.

She feels that you will share if there have been interesting and happening things going on in your life. Also, she would not waste her time asking you these things. Whatever time she gets with you, she wants to make the most of it.

She would prefer to have a romantic conversation with you and spend quality time with you. 

#10 She feels distant from you 

Your girlfriend feels emotionally distant from you. Most of the time, LDR couples go through this issue because they don't get to spend time with each other, and there is a lack of intimacy between them.

However, couples not in LDR can go through the same feelings. If you are a boyfriend who does not give enough time or attention to your girlfriend or doesn't listen to her, she will feel distant from you.

She feels that you are detached from her, so she doesn't find the need to ask you about your day. She wants to see efforts from your side. 

She wants to see how you take care of her how often you meet her. But when she doesn't get that feeling from you, she will be distant from you, and she will not take the initiative to start a conversation or take forward any conversation. 

Now that you have a fair idea of what the hidden meanings can be when your girlfriend doesn't ask you about your day, let's look at some Dos and Don'ts. 

What should you do when your girlfriend doesn't ask you about your day?

  • Ask her about her day. Whenever you talk to her, ask her how her day was and show interest in knowing about you. She will also start asking about your day. 
  • Share every little detail about your day with you. She will see that you genuinely want to share everything that's been going on in your life, and it is also a sign that you are very much into her. 
  • Tell her honestly that you would like her to participate in the conversation equally. There is no harm in being honest and asking her directly. You will get a chance to see her reaction as well. 
  • Show pictures of your day. If you have hung out with your friends or gone for a vacation, show her the pictures. Generate some interest in her, and she will ask you about your day to know more. 
  • Talk to her casually. She needs to understand that you do not like this casual attitude from her side, and that's why you are also reluctant to talk to her. 
  • Be a little bit more attentive when she speaks. Probably, she has seen an indifferent attitude from your end. She might feel that you are not putting in the same effort, and hence she is acting like this. So, be more proactive, make plans, show her that you care, and put in consistent efforts. 
  • Meet her and have a face-to-face conversation. Meeting in person can always help in solving issues. Ask her what's wrong, tell her that you cannot handle this behavior from her, and sort it out. Both of you will be able to reach a middle ground. 

What you should not do when your girlfriend doesn't ask you about your day?

  • Don't fight with her. She might have been upset with her for some reason, and she is doing it on purpose to show you her anger. In this case, fighting with her will ruin the situation even more. 
  • Don't bring a third person to solve this issue. Taking suggestions from friends is a good option, but don't bring your friend in between. First, have a good talk with her and try to resolve it independently. 
  • Don't act like you don't care for her. This will worsen the situation, and there will be no positive outcome. 
  • Don't go MIA (missing in action). Often guys feel like they will take a break and not be in touch with their girlfriends. They think this will make their girlfriend realize how much they miss them. But in reality, if you are MIA, she will feel more distant from you, and she will see no effort from your end. 
  • Don't force conversations. If your girlfriend is quiet or doesn't feel that asking about your day is important, don't force her or pester her with questions. Let the conversations be normal, and go with the flow. 

Let's wrap up

A relationship can be tricky. You have to look at various aspects and work on them continuously to make a relationship work successfully. 

Having proper communication with your partner is necessary to be on the same page. However, sometimes small things can be ignored, and you don't need to make so much noise about it. 

Make sure that you two know each other well, and you are keeping each other updated about your life. Once you two are aligned, nothing can ever be an obstacle between you two. 

Ahiri Chakraborty

Senior Writer

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