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My Ex Is Dating the Person She Cheated on Me With [SOLVED]

She always had a soft corner for him, and it shouldn't surprise you. After all, you can't understate that something about him moved her to cheat on you—priorities what matters the most, the peace of your mind. If you feel wronged, learn to forgive and move on.A man standing outside puts his hand on his head and thinks something

It has been a while since you and your ex had a nasty breakup because you discovered that she was cheating on you.

While scrolling through Instagram, however, you discovered that she is officially dating the guy she cheated on you with. This brings back all the bitterness and consumes your mental peace.

You begin to question why she would cheat on you anyway. You feel your relationship was flawless, and you didn't lack any quality from the perfect man to be dated.

However, stop fretting. I've not only figured out possible ways why she would behave in a certain way but also how you could either overcome or win back her heart as you desire.

10 Reasons why your ex is dating the guy she cheated on you with

Perhaps your ex found her true love in him. She never got those butterflies for you the way she did for him. When she looked at him for the first time, although she was aware that she must not break his trust, something inside her voiced out that this was it; he is the one. Let's find out more about it!

#1 She always liked him 

Perhaps your ex always had a soft corner for him. Since she was already with you, she didn't get an opportunity to mingle with him until she cheated. It might also be that she stayed and played along with you because this other guy was seeing someone else. 

She was waiting for them to break up before she would have taken a chance on him. However, above all, she is not a part of your life anymore. Let bygones be bygones and move on with someone who shall truly love you.

#2 He seduced her 

Perhaps this guy seduced her into loving him. He might have got her drunk. In that state of dizziness, she committed guilt.

After which, since you would neither understand nor accept her stand, she thought she was better off with him. He perhaps always admired your girl and had longed to call her his.

He considered himself a happy man who touched the right chord at the right time. If you had ups and downs in your relationship and you had trust issues, then it wouldn't have worked out anyway.

#3 She is a gold digger 

Perhaps your ex is a gold digger. She had cheated on you because this other guy could offer her luxuries that your small pocket couldn't. Perhaps this guy she has picked up has a family fortune or is self-made.

Either way, she knows she won't have to struggle if she sticks by him. Hence, since she had already cheated on you with him, she might have convinced him to give this a try officially.

#4 He told her about your past 

Perhaps the guy she cheated on you with knew about your past. It can be about misconduct or lies or something which told her that she couldn't trust you anymore. 

She was vulnerable at that moment, and the guy lent her his shoulder in a gentlemanly fashion. This helped make the damsel in distress smile and, in return, win her heart. Eventually, one thing led to another, and they decided to come together.

#5 He helped her with finances 

Perhaps it's more a gesture of appreciation than true love which moves your ex to get along with this guy. He helped her in either finding a loan or paying the bills. It might be that she was in a tough situation.

Her parents were admitted to the hospital, or something serious had happened, and while you ignored her or didn't care to get into details, this stranger decided to do his best to fix it on her behalf.

This gesture so moved her that without giving it much thought, she decided to go straight into his arms and make love. The feeling got stronger with time, and they decided to move in together.

#6 He got her into his company 

Perhaps the guy in question helped her in securing a job. He took her skills seriously and invested faith in her. His letter of recommendation worked wonders. This made her think of all the reasons she was with you. It was evident that this guy liked her. It wasn't for nothing that they did us favors.

One night, while dropping her back home in his car, he attempted to brush her hair off her face. The time and place being favorable, they came close, and she invited him in. Since then, they have been meeting until they decided it's a good time to make it official.

#7 He proposed her 

Perhaps the guy proposed to her in the dreamiest way possible. She couldn't say no to it!

It was something that you had taken too long to do. When she saw the love for her in his eyes, she was deeply moved. 

No one had ever made her feel loved to such an extent. That's when she decided it was time for a fresh start and high time to move on with someone ready to settle.

#8 She finds him compatible 

Perhaps it's the truth that makes them attractive to one another. They share their likings. They understand each other well.

There's no reason to hide things or tell lies. They are comfortable with the ugliest truth and accept the follies with a kindred spirit. They don't mind sharing the harsh follies they had committed in the past. 

They are ashamed of nothing when they are together. This made them wonder why not make it permanent and be together forever?

#9 He is mature 

Perhaps the guy she is dating has figured things out. He is not boyish as most men are. He likes to stay well kept and make firm decisions. He is serious about everything. Be it his job, career, relationship, family, or politics.

He is an avid reader and a responsible person. Most of all, he is neither a hypocrite nor a spendthrift. He knows that one must not judge a book by its cover.

And whatever his follies might be, he knows how to hide it. Your ex felt helpless in front of this stranger and decided that she would get stronger in his company.

#10 He is well-liked 

If the guy is well-liked in society, convincing her parents to accept him would be easy. While her parents never liked you, she saw the obvious contrast between you two and thought this might work in their favor.

Her parents will not be able to develop a strong excuse as they had already given reasons for not accepting you. Moreover, she gets to shine in his light. People adore and admire her because she is dating someone highly esteemed among his folks. That alone is enough to win the heart of a girl!

What to do when your ex dates the guy she cheated on you with?

It depends on whether you want to move on with your life or try and win her back from your arch-enemy who stole your love from your life.

Either way, we have ways to fix it for you. If you want to move on, stop stalking her at once. Whereas, if you want to win her back, why not send her some lovely flowers? Keep reading to know more!

If you want her back 

The heart wants what it wants, right? It puts us in such a fix to get something in the style of a naughty child. However, it's your heart, and you can't blame it enough. So, why waste time?

Let's see how you can bring your heart and mind to work together to fulfill your desire. The easiest way to win the heart of the loved one is to express your love for them. How to do it? Keep reading to know it!

#1 Work on your physique 

Take a look at the mirror and note down how you can enhance what you see. Make yourself appealing. Work on your physique. If the guy your ex is dating has his biceps on which she can swing, you have the reason.

Build yourself up. It's high time, and you must hit the gym. Scoops on protein and steadfast determination will eventually get you there.

#2 Work on your bank account 

Perhaps she switched to the other guy because he is a provider. He enhanced her lifestyle and took her to places she had always wanted to see.

However, if you work on your bank account and take your career seriously, you might reach a level where you can offer her greater opportunities. That shall do the trick. Remember, when you truly love someone, you must never give up!

#3 Try to know her likes and dislikes more 

Perhaps you never paid attention to the little details that count the most. It's her likes and dislikes. You always sought out your comfort zone.

Instead of booking tickets for a romcom, you always prioritized Marvel. Instead of taking her to a ball or a music concert, you always took her to a match or a stand-up show. This might appear little to you, but it means a great deal to her.

This other guy always gives her the preference and keeps her first. He cares for her happiness the way you had never done.

#4 Write her a love letter 

Writing a love letter is always romantic and old school. Hence, it's a good way to win her heart back. It will portray you as a romantic soul and might touch the right chord. 

Use endearing terms and talk about the promises you had made to one another. Also, pen down the things you recall every night to make it emotional. Make it a sensational piece.

Don't write a letter in the fashion of Rachel. Pages after pages will make it tedious. 

#5 Send her an apology note with her favorite flowers 

If you want her back, take slow steps. Never for a moment make her feel that you are desperate. Begin with the note of friendship. Send her a bouquet of her favorite flowers. Choose a pleasing color. Don't send roses.

Try something out of the box, such as tulips or sunflowers. Your apology note should be precise. A one-liner will do. Write something such as, "I don't want it to end on bad terms; if it ends, it must. I look forward to your lovely smile every day." 

#6 Don't be rude or break into a fight with her 

You might be having this strong urge to question her and blame her for everything that went wrong. Don't. What's done is done. You can't undo it anyway. It's better to do something that shall make her appreciate your efforts. 

She should at least feel that she can't lose you as a friend. Once you are there, one thing can lead to another, and you can turn out to be the lucky man! Remember, Jim never gave up on Pam even though she was engaged!! She can be your Pamela if you shall prove to be her Jim.

#7 Wish them luck in future 

Not in a condescending attitude but in a way that shows you mean it, wish them prosperity and love for the future. The way the wise say, never let your opposition know your next move.

If you want to steal your girl back and bring her home, make her boyfriend feel secure when you are around. After all, that's what he had done too? There's no harm in being even. Remember, everything is forgiven in matters of love and war.

#8 Ask her another chance 

Everyone deserves a second chance, isn't it? Ask your ex one! If you feel you had done something to screw up in the first place, that is to say, and if you had cheated on her before she had cheated on you or neglected her long enough to make her desperate step obvious, she must not be blamed!

Ask her for a second chance to prove yourself and show her that you are meant to be together. Don't give up easily. Keep showing her how you are meant to be together.

#9 Date her best friend 

If asking your ex right out to date, you again are too mainstream for you, try dating her best friend.

It will instill a feeling of jealousy and might touch the right chords the way you want. It will make her recall all your habits and happy memories. She might want to recreate and relive it again. 

If you were her first love or dated for a good period, this might be worth a try. You can date in real or simply pretend to be together with her best friend to see her eventual reaction.

#10 Do social work

A woman's heart can be won by working for society. She must feel that you care for the world and work for a bigger purpose. When she senses that you are a selfless man, her heart will melt for you. 

If you are working for the right cause, she will overcome her personal feelings to support you. She would make efforts to be associated with you. When she does that, give her the chance to come back into your life. She might accept it happily.

If you want to get over her

If, on the other hand, you feel you have had enough, and you would not want to continue with this time-draining business, well, then don't! Stop at once.

Never indulge in anything that brings you pain. Make this your life mantra and move on. I've suggested a few ways how to do it below. Pick the one that suits you best.

#1 Stop stalking her 

The first thing to do when trying to move on in life is to discard the person along with their possessions and their thoughts before it destroys them.

When you unfollow your ex on social media and block her on WhatsApp, you will not know about her present dating scene, and it will keep you sane. 

#2 Start dating again 

When you're single and desperate to move on in life, going on a few blind dates might be the remedy you need. Try dating apps or hit on your friends you feel might be interested. 

Getting out of your room and your routine will help you get rid of memories that bring your ex back to you.

#3 Focus on your career 

Perhaps it's time to focus on things that matter, for instance, your life and career. Give you are living a purpose. 

Fix your aim and get obsessed with it. Set up the bar high and instill new standards in the current work culture. Be an inspiration for the young and a much-deserved competitor for others. Live your life with high standards.

#4 Go on a vacation 

Taking a long-due vacation might make life easy for you. A change in setting and glimpses of new people will detoxify you of old memories draining you. 

Visit a place you always wanted to go or try trekking. It will keep you occupied even on vacation, and you won't get time to deviate your thoughts into unwanted places.

#5 Try casual hookups 

Casual hookups can be your thing when you try them. Look for interested people. Don't just commit yet. Take your time. 

Get to know the dating world out there without seriously dating. Keep it three days a week. Utilize weekends and Wednesdays. It will keep you active and optimistic. It's one of the most proven ways to get over the past and move ahead.

#6 Read books 

Reading books could be therapy. Pick your genre. Try the mystery of Jeffrey Archer or the historical fiction of Dan Brown. Don't pick typical love narratives.

Try something more realistic such as Thomas Hardy. Read ways to control your mood swings and temperament. Ikigai can do wonders. Reading will help you cultivate important lessons. Give Colleen Hoover a break. Pick up Philip K Dick or some graphic novels.

#7 Spend time with your family 

Sometimes spending time with family is all the therapy you need. Surround yourself with people who genuinely love and care for you. 

Visit them or invite them to your place. Go out for picnics or to the cinema. Revisit happy memories by scrolling through photo albums.

Ask them to share the memories they cherish. Take their advice. Buy them gifts. Happiness will build a home right there. 

#8 Try meditation and yoga 

Detoxification and mental peace can be sought with the help of yoga asanas, deep breathing exercise, and meditation. 

It will enlighten you, calm your mind, and show you the right direction. You will be able to view life from a new angle. It will motivate you to try again and never give up.

#9 Work on a new hobby 

When you desire a change in your life, pick up something that interests you, and work on improving it. Try something out of the box such as tarot card reading, writing, building up to games, oil painting, playing an instrument, playing chess, or singing.

You can enroll in a dance class and master a style. Or, you can try cooking. Specialize in a particular type. It could be baking, barbeque, or fixing cocktails. 

Remember, the whole point is that you must enjoy it. And, it comes with a bonus. You get to meet like-minded people!

#10 Devote yourself to humanity

Work on a bigger purpose. Do something for orphans or the homeless. Devote some hours of your week to bringing smiles to their face. You would appreciate your efforts more than anybody else.

It will bring you happiness in mysterious ways. You will find serenity in everything you do. You don't be able to hold grudges against anyone any longer. You will overbrim with love. Life will appear beautiful!

Summing up 

If your ex is dating the one, she cheated on you with, good for her! She didn't deserve you anyway. You're too honest and loyal to be mishandled by her.

Before trying to love another, you must learn to love yourself. When you love yourself wholeheartedly, you will attract positive energy, and happiness won't be far away!

Suprity Acharyya


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