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My Boyfriend Wants to See Me Every Day: Here's Why

If your boyfriend wants to see you daily, he is desperate to get into your pants. A decent guy would give you plenty of time to process and take things slowly. You must make excuses rather than allow him to regularly spend long hours with you.Featured Image of My Boyfriend Wants to See Me Every Day

You see a partner regularly. If that partner is not your husband but your boyfriend, switching to a live-in mode is advisable as that would foster commitment. 

Even when you love your boyfriend and trust him blindly, it is wise not always to do things his way. Make your call, show your stand, and don't be a puppet at his hand. Never let him take patronizing control over you. 

Continue reading below to understand better why your boyfriend insists on meeting you daily.

Reasons why your boyfriend wants to meet you every day

Is it mere insecurity or wholesome love that prompts a guy to meet his girl daily? I feel this guy has a more seize the day and make the most of the moment approach. This would imply a lot of things. Remember, things don't happen to be as simple as they look over the face. The reality is always startling. Read below to find more.

#1 He is insecure 

It might be that your boyfriend has trust issues. He might have had a past difficult experience, which has made him over-possessive towards the person he is seeing.

If your relationship is young, it can be out of this deep-seated insecurity that he behaves in such a manner. However, if your relationship is old, he plans to propose to you for marriage, or he wants to split up.

By spending time with you daily, he might be looking for the perfect moment to do so. If he wants to break up with you, he doesn't want to take the blame upon himself. Hence, he might be looking for opportunities where you misbehave. 

If he intends to level up, he wants to do it when you aren't expecting it. He wants to capture the moment and make it special. Either way, don't keep your hopes up; be prepared for both situations

#2 He is desperate 

Perhaps all your boyfriend is looking for are those deep secluded moments with you. He likes to spend at least some hours of the day with you so that it's shared only between the two of you.

It might be that he is obsessed with you, making him desperate. He never thought of dating a diva like you, which makes the situation irresistible. 

#3 He is horny 

If you're dating a guy who has just hit puberty, it is only natural that he would want to spend all his time with you. Men, unlike women, are mostly aroused and face difficulty handling their state alone. They are pleasure seekers. 

Your boyfriend is not looking for a platonic relationship. He wants things to get corny, and he wants that to happen at a fast pace. There is no room for any doubt here. 

If you match his level of desire, you can spend all your time with him. If you doubt it might not work, he will be patient.

#4 He is madly in love 

It might be that your guy is head over heels in love with you. This happens when the love is young, and you've agreed to date him after he has spent a prolonged time impressing you. 

Winning your heart is like winning a trophy for him. He doesn't want to take it slow. A fire burning inside him will consume him if he keeps himself away from you. 

This madness and insanity are usually found in the case of first love. If you're the first love of his life, deal delicately with him. Be careful with your words. He has already planned his future and lifelong journey with you in his mind. 

#5 He is dominative 

If you're dating someone who can as well be called a sugar daddy, he will be patronizing in his tone and behavior. He will try to be a provider and caretaker. However, every form of pleasure comes with its tag attached.

Such a person would be excessively dominant and treat you like a child. He won't stand your personal opinions. Guys are generally older than girls. They like to date teens. They have weird fantasies. 

Spending time with you daily will enable them to tame you to their liking. If you feel that your man is one such thing while reading this, be alert. If possible, take your best friend or sibling in confidence. If your equation is young, try not to blindly trust this person even if you feel high in life when you are with him.

#6 He is heartbroken 

If you are in a new relationship and the guy is too clingy, the chances are high that he has just come out of a broken relationship. He is heartbroken, and spending time alone makes him prone to depression. 

He avoids his friends and close circle because he wants to wash off his thoughts from his brain. You might not be like his ex. He has chosen you as a respite. Spending time with you keeps his head clear and helps him think straight. 

Try to talk to him about his past. If he gets uncomfortable, it indicates that his past has been hideous. You might want to look at his social sites and get in touch with his friends for a heads-up. If the guy is prone to depression, you must be very careful in want you speak or how you behave. You cannot do anything that might trigger him. But most of all, you need to figure out if you want to spend your life with such a guy in the first place. For that, you should be deeply fond of him or be too empathetic.

#7 You are needy 

If you come across as a needy person who is always looking for affirmations and acknowledgments, the guy might as well use this opportunity to his advantage. Moreover, if he is not serious with his career, that is, if he is a womanizer or a wayward, 

Look for signs such as how he addresses you, how he looks at you, and what he appreciates about you. These will give you an insight into his upbringing. You will be able to make wiser calls. Remember, at the beginning of a relationship, everything looks appealing and dreamy, but when the charm begins to fade, reality starts hitting hard.

It is always better to be prudent and know your mind. You should have certain ground rules and standards that you would want to stick to. Expect the same from him, and ask him to discuss it with you openly.

#8 You are easy to manipulate 

If you come across as fickle-minded and manipulative, the guy will tend to have the upper hand on you. If you are not someone, who easily says 'no,' no matter who you see, he might take advantage of your disposition.

Hence, it becomes extremely important that you know you can trust this man. Certain signs will help you in figuring it out. One is to see if he has kept your relationship secretive. If his friends know about you, it suggests that he means no harm. 

Other is to see how much space he is providing you. If he is too nosy and likes to check your phone, he might sometimes get on your nerves. Know your priorities. If you want a harmonious relationship, it is better when your relationship is driven by logic and not merely by emotion.

#9 You live alone 

If you live alone, it will give you easy access to him. A guy never denies easy access to a girl's private zone – home or otherwise. Moreover, seeing you in your private circle will enable him to make certain observations.

In our homes, we are at our truest selves. We neither keep up a facade nor are nervous. This would give him an insight into your character. A word of caution, such people, try to get into your skin. They try to merge themselves with you. A month with them, and you would start shedding off your individuality. 

Shedding off individuality is not an issue if the other person also meets you halfway. But if this is one-sided, it is not a fair deal. Try to keep things even as it will also enhance mutual respect. 

#10 He doesn't trust your best friend 

If you are always out with your best friend, and if this best friend is a guy who either has a wayward personality or is a casanova, this could be an issue with your boyfriend. Moreover, if he finds you to be more comfortable with your best friend than you are with me, he might find it offensive.

The idea of spending more time with you is to make you share that comfort zone with him. Understanding and adjustments must be made if you want your relationship to be powerful and lasting. Remember, not everything is a competition. Just because your boyfriend is taking an interest in your friend circle doesn't mean you must also. You should do it only when it interests you. It is a good sign if it does. However, to familiarize yourself with his friend circle, don't get obsessed with tracing loopholes.

You might get offended when he points out certain things in your equation with your friends, and rather than trying to understand his perspective, you might decide to challenge his notions. It is not only unfair but also destructive. It will disturb your calm, and at the end of the day, you won't be able to make much out of this relationship. Be patient and understand why someone is doing what they are doing. 

#11 He is a pervert 

There are some early signs of dating a pervert. He would not be interested in cuddling with you. The kind and quality of talks he would like to engage in would have more innuendos than objective appeal. He won't be interested in you as a person. 

He would never ask you how your day was. He is dating you, perhaps because you are eye candy. Perverts have no interest in making soul-to-soul connections. They are empty of emotions. 

Dating such a person would drain you mentally. If you feel your guy would fall into this category, you better start walking backward.

#12 He is an alcoholic 

An alcoholic finds it difficult to think straight. Most of the time, they would be unaware of what they truly want from life. An alcoholic does not know how to exercise discretion. He would be more dependent upon listening to and accepting other people's decisions and pay more weight to the words of other people in his group than he would to his own. Such a character lacks integrity.

They are always high in life. They need that strong dose of serotonin to keep them alive. At a personal level, you will discover that their life has been miserable. They either have toxic relations with their parents or a very destructive relationship with their ex. These past events have disabled them from trusting another person. 

If you are dating someone who likes to take you to pubs and enjoys clubbing, please remember that occasionally these indulgences are worthy only when done. When such indulgences become the food for survival and drink for sanity, annihilation on several grounds won't be far away. Moreover, you can never rely on such people's judgment. They excel at sugar quoting. They would promise you the moon but ultimately and untimely leave you hopelessly crumbled into puzzling loops of to be or not to be. 

#13 He is an extrovert 

If you are an introvert, it will take time to adjust and understand the dating scenario of an extrovert. Introverts are naturally more homely, whereas extroverts are more outgoing. Some extroverts are party animals. 

They have extensive connections. You would be appalled by the kind of networking they maintain. If they are truly into you, they would want to show you around. They would want you to observe them in their social circle. This will also allow them to get feedback from their side of people on you. 

They would want to see you daily to take you to new places and meet new people. They are testing you. They want a package in the form of you. 

In some cases, how you dress up and carry yourself would become a concern for them. If they are classy, they would expect the same from you. It will also annoy them if your style of things doesn't match their standard. If they are genuine, they would try to upgrade and modify your taste and style without making you feel so. 

However, if their only intention is to have a baby doll for themselves, there would be occasions when they would be rude to you, and their disappointment would reflect on their face. It will sadden you and leave you heartbroken. It is always better if an introvert dates an introvert and extrovert dates an extrovert. If you consider yourself an ambivert, you will have to see how flexible you are with making adjustments. 

#14 He is lonely 

If you are dating someone lonely and miserable, he will make your life one too. That is the charm of dating a lonely person. They pass on the loneliness easily, and you both would feel less lonely together but remain miserable. 

Here is a strong piece of advice. If you are not lonely, don't date a lonely person. Do not confuse loneliness for a loner. A loner would be content in his own space. Loners don't seek attention and prefer their space not to be invaded by others. However, a loner is usually attached to another loner, and a lonely person feels respite in the arms of another lonely person.

#15 He is trying to develop a friendship 

He may want to get to know you better, so he is trying to spend more time with you. He understands that, beyond anything, friendship sustains relationships. For that friendly bond, spending time together will give you a better understanding of each other's nature and help you make adjustments accordingly.

What to do when your boyfriend wants to see you every day?

Would you like to see your boyfriend every day if given a chance? Would you live to switch on to a live-in mode with your boyfriend? Our choices help us to understand our desires. Whether you like it when your boyfriend wants to see you every day or you don't, I will help you figure out ways not to let the situation improve. 

Keep reading below to know more.

If you like it 

If you like spending time with your boyfriend, you naturally shouldn't mind when he wants to see you daily. However, if you are anxious that it would fade away with time and you would not be as easily able to move on later, or if seeing too much of one another would expose certain aspects that you are otherwise better off without, don't worry. 

I'll help you to smoothly go through this phase and avoid unnecessary discords at the same time.

#1 Don't restrict yourself 

When enjoying time with your boyfriend, be alive in the moment with him. Don't zone out, as it could be a big turn-off. Try to make your time with him special.

Meeting every day doesn't imply meeting for long hours. You could just catch up for a coffee or go for a drive. This would keep things light and sweet. 

#2 Carpe Diem 

Seize the day. When you are with your boyfriend, make it memorable. You should try to engage him in certain activities or indulge him in your hobbies. Try oil painting together, or play board games.

Singing karaoke or trying quizzes together can make your sessions fun. Remember, you want a friend with your boyfriend. Your relationship shouldn't merely be about all the fancy stuff, fine dining, and make-out. 

These things would eventually bore you. Try to maintain a balance between fancy things and daily stuff. Try cooking food together. Learn new culinary skills or a dance form. Hit the gym together. 

When you engage in a similar activity, you are automatically spending time together, and more than anything, that time would be wholesome because it is productive.

#3 Make every day different 

Even if you are catching up with your boyfriend every day, try to make every day different. Be creative in your approach or the way you present yourself. Try a new hairstyle, perhaps. See whether he is paying attention to the details.

When you put on a different perfume or change your nail color, and it gets acknowledged, you will feel happy about it. It will naturally be a mood lifter for both of you. You would know that he observes you. He would know that you like to tease and please him.

Whereas, if he fails to take notice of the subtle changes at play, you would be able to tell if you are with a guy who is full of himself or with one who is too occupied in work and yet managing time to see you because you are special.

#4 Make it official 

You can eliminate much of the anxiety when you make your relationship official. Doing so will start sharing your comfort zone with your boyfriend. Once it is official, you will see him more as a partner than a boyfriend.

It will help in dispersing any silly notions of fooling around with each other from either of your minds. Moreover, how your boyfriend takes the idea of making it official would bring you a great deal of clarity into the situation.

If he is a playboy who has been wanting to see you every day for the sake of making out, he will stop and start distancing himself from you. If he is genuinely interested in you, he will feel blessed and take you to be thoughtful.

#5 Make him meet your friends 

If you like spending time with your boyfriend but don't quite like spending time alone with him because there are either awkward pauses or you are still in the getting-to-know phase, introduce him to your friends. This has dual benefits. One, you get to spend time together without spending time together. Two, you get an idea of how he behaves before your friends and how likable they find him.

Don't allow your friends' opinions on him. He hasn't shared his secrets or darker self with them. That bond and understanding are between you. 

You might pay heed to what the majority of them feel. But don't dismiss your feelings in the process. Remember the purpose of bringing him into your friend circle. It's to make him comfortable and a bigger part of your life, not to be skeptical and question things. Your friends should respect this.

#6 Start something productive together 

When you want to make a relationship meaningful, give it an extensive role to perform. If you are at the start of your career, think about a startup or a joint venture. If either of you is established in your field, think of ways in which you can involve the other. 

This will prevent your conversations from getting monotonous. It will take you to new heights. You are not only dreaming together but also working for it. It is bound to last longer.

#7 Go on a staycation

A staycation will give you plenty of time with one another. It will also take you away from humdrum city life. The natural scenery will allow you to be your true self. You will get to know each other better. It will create a level of intimacy that won't be easily penetrable. 

Discuss it with your boyfriend rather than gifting it to him as a surprise. See the kind of venues he would like and the number of days he would be able to take out from his office hours. Plan it meticulously because even the process of planning things together shows how one thinks about certain subjects.

If you don't like it 

If you don't like spending time with your boyfriend as much as you used to, or if you are busy and don't have much time to meet up every day, worry not. Read below to find out ways in which you can go about keeping your boyfriend at bay but not astray.

#1 Make excuses 

Saying no to face could be rude. You must try to be indirect in showing your unwillingness of not wanting to spend time with your boyfriend. However, if you feel that dragging the matter unnecessarily is useless because you don't feel the same with him, then making excuses won't be a wise option. You should instead opt for a more decisive approach.

#2 Try to analyze if he is a toxic person 

The last thing you'd want in life is to be in a relationship with a toxic person. Look for signs that would help you analyze whether he is obsessed with you or has ill intentions. Is he trying to spend more time getting to know you better so that he can groom himself accordingly, or is he buying time to find out your faults and flaws to use them against you?

A person's intentions could tell a lot about their behavior. The actions with positive and negative intent could synchronize; hence you should have a clear idea about the whys of the purpose. Ask yourself, do you feel at home with the person? Is your boyfriend consistent in his behavior?

#3 Stop adjusting 

If you feel you are the one making all the adjustments and taking that extra mile every time, stop! Don't tolerate any mark of disrespect in any relationship. Putting in the extra effort once or twice is understandable. However, if you do it every time and your boyfriend doesn't, it either implies that he has taken you for granted or doesn't quite appreciate your efforts. 

#4 Take a break 

When you need an urge to take a break, take it. If you feel the absence of your boyfriend irking you during the break, and even in his absence, you find yourself closing your eyes and talking to him, you are in love. To give him the news, don't do it over text or call but go out of the line and, perhaps in a non-stereotypical way, go down your knees and ask for his hand.

#5 Closely notice his behavior with others 

If you doubt that your boyfriend has been catfishing with you, that is, he has been putting up impressions to lull you with an exhibit of certain behaviors, pay close attention when you watch him talking to others. He might put up a facade before you, but he won't be able to do it with his co-workers, subordinates, friends, and strangers. It would give you an idea about his temperament and help you make your call.

#6 Communicate

Communicate when you are uncomfortable with something or thought that keeps you up at night while your boyfriend is clueless about the pandemonium he has instilled in your mind. Communication is the key to not only the success of a relationship but also to peace. How he takes it from the other end is a different thing altogether. It would help you understand how compatible you are together. 

Summing Up 

If your boyfriend wants to meet you daily, tell me how you feel about it. Be transparent about it. Let him listen to you and see how he takes it. It will automatically lead you forward.

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