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My Boyfriend Tells His Friends Everything [Private Details] We Do

Your guy is not a shy person. He enjoys the reputation of the dude who knows things and does it right. However, it makes him disrespectful and immature. You can give him a warning, but if that goes unheeded, it's better to leave him for someone who understands your self-worth.A woman sitting on a bed and holding a cup in her hand thinking about something

Everything in relationships isn't pleasurable. Relationships are about many firsts. The trickiest and most difficult part of a relationship is to secure your privacy.

Since a relationship is all about allowing a person to share your all, securing privacy becomes a grave concern.

At times, we feel that our partner is invading our body, mind, and soul. One such scenario occurs when your boyfriend tells his friends everything you do.

In that case, you feel that nothing about you is private any longer. It bothers you limitless. However, through this blog, I shall help you see more clearly why your boyfriend does so and how you could conduct your concerns to him. What are you waiting for? Scroll down to continue reading!

15 Reasons why your boyfriend tells his friends everything you do

When you discover that your boyfriend shares everything you do together with his friends, you might feel that you are dating a jerk.

While I won't say that that isn't a possibility, I would like to suggest that there can be many other possibilities. If these possibilities are reasonable or not, that is for you to decide.

However, a word of caution, do not make decisions with a boiling mind. Do some deep breathing exercises and continue reading to find more about the reasons.

#1 You're his first love 

If you're the first love of your boyfriend, he might get too zealous about everything he does with you. It's too romantic to be contained within.

He wants to scream and shout and let the whole world know that he has found the true love of his life. It's a grand moment for him. He would paint it in the sky if he could. You may try to go easy on him for some days before eventually opening up to him with your concerns.

#2 He gets very excited 

With you, he feels different. Even though your boyfriend has dated many women in the past, he doesn't feel the same way as he did when he made out with you.

Hence, he gets very excited, and in his excitement, he conveys the details, primarily the parts that he enjoyed the most, to his friends. This basically means that he is going crazy head over heels for you. Experience the joy while it lasts.

#3 He is extrovert 

If you happen to be dating an extrovert while you are an introvert, it may complicate things. You need to understand that extroverts are very expressive about their emotions and feelings. They don't understand the need to contain it. 

In fact, they find it difficult to stay steady in life because they're always jumping from one goal to the next. They enjoy meeting people, exploring new places, and experiencing new delights. For your boyfriend, you are his noble delight. He wants to not only relish it but also share all about it with his friends.

#4 You're popular 

Things get extremely complicated if you are a popular person in the city. People will naturally be intrigued and keen to know more about your life.

Your boyfriend, I'm sorry to say this, might enjoy sharing the details with random people as much as he does in the making out with you. 

He would be treated as a celebrity, or at least he would feel like one when he shares intimate details with others.

However, this is suggestive of your wrong decision. He is not the guy you should be dating. If you are a popular persona, it becomes all the more fundamental for you to be extremely picky when it comes to dating. 

Your first priority must not be looks but maturity. You might want to date someone older than you. Older men are mostly seen to be more mature and know the things they must keep private in life. Reconsider your decision if you find the current situation to be alarming.

#5 He is a pervert 

You are perhaps dating a jerk if he shares all the intimate details that go between you two with his friends. He is a pervert, and he is perhaps not there to stay long. He likes to amuse himself and move on.

Notice the way he behaves when you engage in a lovemaking session.

Does he care for your pleasure, or is he more dominative? Do you enjoy making out with him, or does he makes you feel uncomfortable? How tenderly does he look at you? Study the way he keeps his eyes on you. That will tell you a lot about what goes on in his mind while making love with you.

#6 His friends share their details too 

Well, there is a greater possibility that sharing intimate details of their love life is a mutual thing among your boyfriend's friends.

The kind of circle he keeps is too open with meticulous details of their intimate life. They perhaps even discuss the kind of protective measures they use or the type their girlfriends prefer.

Details such as what turns on their partner might be exchanged too. While these are not decent, the fact of the matter is that they don't mind sharing it.

In such cases, it is totally on you to decide if you want to entertain such things in your life. If it makes you uncomfortable and repulsive, don't hesitate to state it clearly to your boyfriend.

#7 He seeks advice from them 

Your boyfriend's friends claim themselves to be great relationship advisors. Your boyfriend might feel the need to take their advice sometimes out of curiosity.

For instance, if you gave him a look while making out, he wants to know what you were thinking. But rather than asking you directly about it, he prefers to describe it vividly before his friend knows what he thinks. 

#8 He is trying to make his friend jealous 

Well, it might be that his friends were trying to court you at the same time, but you chose to date him.

Now, naturally, he is feeling too manly and likes to make his friends jealous. Hence, he gives a detailed description of your make outs to his friends.

However, it's an extremely cheap move. You must teach your boyfriend a lesson. Avoid him for a few days. Be harsh with him. Show him that such disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.

#9 He is close with his buddies 

It is a possibility that you are overthinking and overanalyzing things. Perhaps, your boyfriend shares the episodes that take place between both of you because he is close to his friends.

It is not a mark of disrespect nor an attempt to flaunt in his eyes. He is looking for someone to talk to about the things you do, and he doesn't want that person to be you.

#10 He is boyish 

You are not dating a man. You are perhaps dating a boy. Because honestly, such behavior is boyish.

Remember how we used to get excited about our first kiss back in school? We would want all our group members to know about it.

Moreover, we loved it and paid close attention when they shared their details. Perhaps, your boyfriend hasn't overcome that stage yet. He is still basking in the shine of fame while sharing his lovemaking session with others.

#11 He is not serious with you 

Such behavior might not be that apparent if the guy had been serious with you.

The chances are high that he takes you for granted and considers it a mere fling.

You need to scrutinize his behavior. Whether he cares for your happiness or puts effort into making you happy if he does, this is folly, and you could talk it out to him. If he doesn't, he is not the right person to love.

#12 He is disrespectful towards you 

Your boyfriend is disrespectful towards you and perhaps towards women in general.

He is a pro patriarch. He believes in dominating and controlling women.

Sharing the intimate details of your session aids him in showing others that he ranks himself higher and above you. He doesn't deserve love. Nor mercy. If you have been tricked once, don't let it happen again.

#13 He lacks self-esteem 

Perhaps the guy lacks self-esteem. He doesn't understand that by sharing such details, he is raising a finger on his own character.

He lacks integrity. Perhaps the people he maintains in his life are also lowly. You don't want to get involved with this uncivilized group. You will find someone better waiting for you. Don't hype this always hyped Buffon. 

#14 He is a novice 

If you are dating a nerd, this might be his first time. All his life, he has been so serious about everything that he finds it overwhelming as now, finally he has been able to relax and chill a bit.

These are the signs of a novice. You will have to be patient with him. Try to talk to him perhaps about his feelings before and after the sessions. 

#15 He loves to gossip 

You're dating a gossipmonger disguised as a cute handsome boyfriend. Yes, you read that right. Your boyfriend loves to gossip, and he doesn't mind if the need of the hour makes him talk about the details of his love life.

He would talk his heart out, and there's no stopping him, not until you make a rigid decision that he must be mindful of the words or the stories that leave his tongue. 

What should you do if your boyfriend tells everything you do to his friends?

If your boyfriend shares all the intimate details with his friends, give him a taste of his medicine. Share the disappointing parts of dating him with your friends.

He will never again dare to share the details with anyone in life. However, if you want to be a bit lenient and give him warnings, pick your choice from the options below.

#1 Confront him 

Letting your boyfriend know that you know he shares all your intimate details with them might buy him some shame and push him to stop this filthy habit.

However, if he comes up with an excuse or denies the truth, tell him that if you ever get to hear such things again, it shall be the end of your relationship.

Don't worry. Sometimes we get astray from the right path, and we need to treat our loved ones severely to show them the right path. Open up to him in lines such as, "I've known it for some time that you have this annoying habit of sharing our little details with your friends. However, I feel I cannot take it anymore."

#2 Breakup with him 

If the details are too personal and you feel too disheartened, don't think about the promises made in the past. If you feel you should break yourself apart from this relationship, that is, if it is not bringing you any happiness or doing you any good, it's absolutely alright to break up with him.

#3 Give him a warning 

When you find a disturbing habit in your partner, a habit that robs you of your peace of mind, don't hesitate in giving him a warning.

A warning such that if he doesn't mend his way, you will not be able to continue to be with him.

Suppose he understands the severity of your warning and learns to behave well and good. If not, you are better off without him.

Try to say something in these lines, "I'm sorry to say this but consider it a warning. I am fed up with your behavior. Some things are meant to stay private. If you can't understand this, I don't know how else to explain. If you continue this pattern, I'm afraid; I'll have to put an end to this."

#4 Try to understand his reason 

You might don't want to jump to conclusions without lending him your ears.

As a girlfriend, try to understand why your boyfriend is doing what he is doing.

Try to understand his reason. If you feel he has a genuine reason, explain your concern and observe its effect over time.

#5 Take relationship counseling 

You and your boyfriend might consider taking counseling if you don't understand each other or are undergoing trouble in communication.

A few sittings can result in much improvement. Never forget the purpose of a relationship; you are each other's support system, or at least supposed to be.

#6 Tell him it's disappointing 

Tell your boyfriend he has disappointed you. Sharing intimate details is as bad as breaking one's trust or bitching about your partner behind their break.

Simply put, it's unacceptable. Let him know that you had expected better. See how he reacts. If your words create an impact on him, you are good to continue. If not, think again about why you have come so far or why you are tolerating and putting up with such behavior.

Tell him something on this line, "Baby, if you keep up with this disappointing behavior, you will keep hurting me. Sort your priorities at once. You want to see me happy or not."

#7 Make him understand your standpoint 

Your boyfriend is myopic. He didn't think about the far-fetched consequences of his words. It didn't occur to him that it would make you uncomfortable.

When you mention before him how sharing such details make it difficult and awkward for you when you show up in front of his friends, the gravity of the mistake committed might hit him hard. 

#8 Talk more while making out 

When you talk about how you feel, what you enjoy, what was unanticipated, and what you have been longing to do for quite some time, it shall give room to exchange your thoughts and convey your feelings.

By practicing this, you leave little or no room for anybody else to take over and discuss the matters of your heart with your boyfriend.

#9 Learn about his priorities 

Knowing the priorities of your boyfriend, his preferences, his moves, the sound, and his expression, will help you keep up with his expectations.

If things go as he had expected, there won't be any need for unnecessary discussions.

#10 Familiarise yourself with his previous relationships 

Knowing about your boyfriend's previous relationship will reveal many things. It will help you discover more about the kind of girls he has dated in the past. It will also tell you about his preferences.

Knowing the reason behind their breakup would help you to trace his steps. You will understand if he was always this way or something happened that made him change his behavior and manners.

#11 Be candid with him 

You are supposed to talk your heart out with your boyfriend. If something is bothering you, tell him that.

He is your well-wisher. He won't have any ill intentions for you.

When you tell him that something makes you uncomfortable, he will not only try his best never to repeat it but also keep asking you if you are comfortable or not. Well, that's what a gentleman would do.

#12 Give him a taste of his medicine 

If your boyfriend has been doing it repetitively despite the warnings, you might enjoy giving him a taste of his medicine. Show him how it makes you uncomfortable.

Tell all about his nasty secrets to all your friends. Let them judge him. Let them mock him and laugh at him. He would know what he has done to receive such a treatment.

Summing up

If your boyfriend shares all your intimate details with his friends, you must voice out against such behavior. First, try it politely. However, if he fails to understand the seriousness of the situation, be rude and harsh with him. If he still continues it, you are better off with any guy in the world but him.

Suprity Acharyya


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