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My Boyfriend Switched Off His Phone [15 Possible Reasons]

Your boyfriend is not having a good day, and he needs some time alone. Have patience and wait for him to ring you back. When he calls you up, lend him your ears. Show up at his place if he doesn't call by the end of the day.A woman sitting in her room seems worried

Relationships tend to take a toll on our mental health. That happens when we begin to overthink a situation.

For instance, if your boyfriend switched off his phone after breaking into a fight with you, it might be that he is taking his time to calm down.

Whereas, if your boyfriend's phone, one fine day, has been switched off for a prolonged period, the stakes are high that something is wrong with his device. 

However, I want you to fret not. Go easy on yourself. In resolving issues of your relationship, don't create imaginary situations. It will make things worse and sometimes make them out of control.

Hence, in this blog post, I shall help you figure out the possible causes of your boyfriend switching off his device and how you can reasonably master the situation without freaking out unnecessarily. 

Please keep reading and taking notes to fix it instantly.

15 Reasons why your boyfriend switched off his phone

If your boyfriend turned off his cellphone at night, he did it to make you worry. He picked an odd hour when nobody else would try to reach him. If you haven't been eye to eye with your boyfriend, that might be his reason for the strain.

However, there are many other possibilities. Let's slowly read each of them to determine which one best fits your case.

#1 He is in a meeting 

Your boyfriend might have an urgent meeting. There must be some urgent business to discuss due to which he had to put off his phone during office hours. Watch the news channel or stock market to see if something went wrong with your boyfriend's company or the one he works for.

Moreover, if your boyfriend was working under pressure for the past few days or if it's the month of audit, there is a larger probability that it has got something to do with his business.

Tip: Knowing your boyfriend's colleagues and hanging out with their girlfriends can keep you updated with these details even when your boyfriend forgets to mention them before you.

#2 His phone's battery is low 

Perhaps your boyfriend turned off his phone to save the battery from drainage. His phone's battery is low, and he wants to keep the remaining power for emergencies.

It might also be that he is charging his phone after putting it off for quick charging. Let your boyfriend know how this makes you sweat, and tell him to keep you informed if such an issue turns up.

Simply dropping a message that says that his phone is running on low battery, and he will contact you later will suffice. For now, you can try calling his colleagues or at his office number to communicate.

#3 He is mad at you 

If you and your boyfriend have been having rough nights, that is, if you have not been talking a lot of the conversations, take a turn for the worse; that can be a strong reason for your boyfriend to be mad at you.

He feels like you are too stubborn to view things from his perspective. It is, therefore, that in a fit of anger, he has turned off his cellphone. 

If this is your case, you might want to utilize this time to figure things out and understand your heart. Don't get obsessed with a person. Sometimes, we mistake love for infatuation. Know what you are in for she accordingly decides your next step.

#4 He needs some time to think 

Perhaps your boyfriend is taking some time off because his phone keeps him distracted. He has turned on the DND service or switched over to Zen mode.

This happens when our virtual life invades our physical space and robs us of our peace. The wise ones realize early that it is not worth it. 

They take off time to disconnect themselves from the unnecessary worries of the world and utilize it for important activities such as meditation or a sweet nap.

Drop him a text that you have been trying to connect to, but his device is unreachable, and it's best to revert as soon as possible. He will sense the urgency and when he calls you up, politely tell him to keep you informed when he decides to put his phone off.

#5 He is not in a good mood 

Perhaps your boyfriend is upset. He fought with his best friend or broke into an argument with his mother. Either way, he is not feeling good about it, and if he keeps his phone on, he is aware that the situation will worsen.

If your boyfriend stays in a different city than his parents, this is a common tactic that comes in handy. However, ringing up his best friend shall give you some clues if something alarming or worrisome took place.

#6 He is trying to avoid you 

You're quite a chatterbox, and sometimes your boyfriend might not be in the mood.

To avoid unnecessary arguments or to show you that you get on his nerves sometimes, he has turned off his phone.

He is trying to avoid you. If you feel that some of your habits are a grave concern to him and he has mentioned it to you before, it's high time that you work on it.

Tip: Never be repetitive with your habits. An element of surprise now and then in a relationship is appreciated. Keep them handy.

#7 He wants to call it off 

Perhaps your boyfriend is simply bored and yearns for a change. Or, he has had a change of heart and might feel that the scheme of things isn't quite going as planned. Hence, he wants to call it off.

He is taking his time to articulate his words before presenting them before you. Perhaps out of frustration, you might imply that it's not working anymore and suggest taking a break. Think out loud and clear and try to come to a mutual decision. 

#8 He is cheating on you 

If there is a chance that your boyfriend is cheating on you, then he keeps his phone off when he is spending time with her. You might want to browse his phone for hidden apps and photos.

If he has dating apps such as Tinder or Bumble on his device or photos with another girl, or movie tickets in his inbox, it would suggest something dark and suspicious. Stalking him might be an indirect way, but talking to him about it is easier. 

Tip: Make a fake account and if you find your boyfriend on a dating app, try to connect with him there. Ask him to meet. When he agrees, you get to catch him red-handed.

#9 He is planning a surprise for you 

If your birthday or some special day such as valentine's is around the corner, your boyfriend might be planning a surprise for you.

He wants to make you uncomfortable before he reveals the surprise. The surprise could also come in the form of a proposal or his house keys as an invitation for living together.

Make up your mind and plan your future before nodding yes. Besides, you might want to surprise him too. Use this time to plan out something special for him.

#10 He is playing a prank on you 

Perhaps your boyfriend is playing a prank on you to test your loyalty or have some fun.

While he stays away, he might make his friend or colleague available to you. They might surprise you with your favorite flowers or send you a love letter expressing how they have always wanted to be with you.

Don't fall for the trap. Never heed the expressions of anyone related to your boyfriend while you're dating or haven't officially broken up.

#11 He is on a flight 

Perhaps your boyfriend didn't get the time to tell you that he had to travel for some urgent business or emergency.

In either case, your boyfriend might have turned off his device because he is boarding the flight.

But that must not be for long. Wait for an hour or two and if you still fail to reach him, try contacting his colleagues or show up at his door to know more.

#12 He had a fight 

Perhaps your boyfriend fought with someone. The fight could be verbal. This person could be a colleague, a friend, a distant cousin, or a close family member.

To not make it worse, he is keeping his phone off. You can know more about it when you meet him next. He shall certainly share it with you.

Ensure that you comfort him and take his side even if you feel he might be at fault. Don't dismiss his opinion at once. Once he calms down, you can comfort him with your words and love.

#13 He is getting fake calls 

Your boyfriend might be getting pranks or fake calls. He has turned off his phone to keep these calls at bay.

However, he should be responsible enough to use an alternative number or mode to inform you about it. If he has mentioned it before, you might want to advise him to change his number or to clean his phone off all the unwanted apps for once.

Sometimes, we overanalyze a situation but forget to take the basic necessary steps that could have easily fixed the problem.

Tip: Install Truecaller on your boyfriend's device if he hasn't done it yet, and keep your Gmail account registered and synced on both devices. That way, you shall start updating them about most of his activities.

#14 His phone is not working 

Perhaps your boyfriend's phone is not functioning properly. It could be a screen blackout, or the device might have drowned in water. It might have got displaced or lost.

Such things keep happening, and he might not remember your number, or he is too busy looking for the phone. Give it some time. Meanwhile, try to arrange an alternative device to help him out if you feel this is the best bet. He will appreciate it.

#15 He met an accident

Unforeseen situations happen daily. There might be a chance that your boyfriend met with an accident, his phone got crashed. If this could be the case, your concern is real.

You might want to check the news, call at his workplace and at his home to be certain that he is well. T

ake this step or think on these lines if something unusual has happened. For instance, if he was worried about something or wasn't in the right state of mind for the past few days. Or if he hasn't called you at a particular time, which would break the routine and make it very unnatural for him to do.

Tip: Install 'find my device' on your phones to easily locate one another.

What to do when your boyfriend switches off his phone?

Calling up your boyfriend's close associates is your best bet to find out if something unfortunate happened with him. However, keep your tone calm and composed. Don't freak out unnecessarily.

Call up in the form of a request. Don't make it a blame game, or don't overwhelm the listener with your verbose. Keep it reserved for later.

I've discussed a handful of ways in which you can manage this unwanted, unnecessary situation and control your mind from exploding.

#1 Call his friend 

If you haven't done it already, don't let awkwardness keep you from doing it. Call up his friend. Talk to him and ask him about your whereabouts.

It's best to request him to make you have a word with your boyfriend. Once you hear his voice, you shall be back in your wits and calm down.

However, if his friend tells you that he hasn't seen him since morning, it will be a grave concern, and you would want to roam about places to find him.

#2 Have patience 

Waiting to hear from him isn't as bad as it sounds. Wait for him to return your calls for about 6 hours.

If his phone stays off after six hours, it's time to rush to places and take other steps to know that he is safe and sound. You can take your friend's help if you get too emotional.

#3 Visit his place 

If he stays alone, you can visit him anytime you want. However, if you haven't heard from him for a long time and he stays with his parents, visit his place accompanied by his friend after about six hours.

If you find him home, control your emotions. Don't get too fussy. You don't know the situation he might be in. Don't spend a lot of time there.

However, if you don't see him there, ask his parents if they have heard from him or if there's any alternative number through which he can be reached.

If his parents are equally worried, you might wait for a few hours before reporting it to the police. However, if they fail to give you an empathetic reaction, it shall suggest that they know about his whereabouts but are unwilling to share the details with you.

#4 DM him on Facebook 

His phone is not working, but if he has his laptop and an internet connection, you can reach him on Facebook or other social media modes.

Please send him a text there. If he is online or it is marked seen, it means you have fewer reasons to panic. However, if you don't get any response there too for some hours, you need to make calls and visit places.

#5 Learn about his routine 

Knowing your boyfriend's routine will keep you aware and alert about his whereabouts. You would know where he is at a particular time so that even if his phone is off, you can look for him directly at those places.

Such places are his office, his home, his friend's home, his parents' home, club, mall, nearest Starbucks, among others.

#6 Tell him to be more sensitive 

When your boyfriend finally calls you back, tell him that you expect him to be more empathetic. He should be responsible enough to keep you aware and updated. He shouldn't unnecessarily put you in a situation where you run out of patience.

Saying something in these lines, "I get worried, you know. Long hours of absence make me sweat. I'm your girlfriend, and you ought to keep me informed about your whereabouts. I can't behave like a madwoman and show up at different places to find out about you. Please don't make me so desperate."

#7 Make an apology if you owe him one 

If you feel that your boyfriend is upset and you owe him an apology for something you might have done, don't hesitate to give him what's rightfully due.

Making an apology won't make you a small person or won't let his ego win. It will make you stronger together. You will develop a better understanding of one another.

There won't occur a need to take some desperate steps of avoidance anymore.

Telling him something on these lines, "I know I got on your nerves last night. I owe you an apology. I'll work on my behavior. Please don't let this come between us. You can fight with me, taunt me, but don't avoid or ignore me."

#8 Confront him 

Confronting him on these lines, "Are you trying to avoid me? Do you have an alternative number? Are you cheating on me? What has been up with you lately? Why are you so aloof, what's wrong? Do you think we can use a break?" might get him talking.

If you touch the right chords with your words, he will open up to you. Remember, when he does open up, don't break into a battle. Do as he says till he is in the right state of mind and sane again.

#9 Stalk him on social media 

Stalking him on social media will fetch you information about his whereabouts if he stays active.

Moreover, if he is active on social media and his phone is off, he is deliberately trying to avoid you.

In such cases, don't try too hard. Let him take his time off, and when he sets his mind, he will come up to you with a confrontation.

#10 Gift him a phone 

If your boyfriend keeps his phone off and blames his device for it, you might present him with a cellphone as a gift.

If he continues to keep his phone off but offers a different excuse this time, understand that he is making a fool out of you and using you. It's better to break off before it's too late to make amends.

Summing up 

If your boyfriend keeps his phone off, remember that he is not a boy. Or, if he is one, you deserve to date a responsible gentleman.

Tell him how you feel when he mysteriously turns off his phone. If he understands and learns to behave himself, shower your love on him. If he doesn't, tell yourself that you deserve better.

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