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My Boyfriend Didn't Post for My Birthday [Explained]

He is an introvert and does not like making a big display of affection and affirmation. He believes in touching one's heart through efforts. See how he makes you feel special. Judge him by his actions. You can post on his behalf summing up your feelings for him.A woman sitting on a sofa thinking

The ways of society mostly dictate relationships. But not all like to share the narratives. Some people like to play by their rules and do not go out of their comfort zone.

If your birthday, unlike your friends' boyfriends, didn't post stories after stories on his social media accounts to make you feel special, he doesn't understand how that would make you feel special. He is a thoughtful person and believes in putting effort into ways that make a big deal.

Let's read and understand what makes your guy different and how you could regulate your behavior to create a better understanding.

11 Reasons why your boyfriend didn't post on your birthday

Your boyfriend is a delicate person who likes to deal with heart matters with extra care. He doesn't want the outside world to interfere with personal things.

You are personal to him. He doesn't want other people's opinions to influence or ruin it. Hence he selects not to make a fuss about it. Read on to find more!

#1 You're dating an introvert 

Perhaps your guy is an introvert. It would help if you focused on his activities to figure it out. Is he comfortable around strangers? Does he ever initiate conversations? Does he look others in the eye? Does he post on others' Facebook walls on their birthdays? 

All these will clear your doubts. If he hesitates in doing so, he is an introvert. You must understand and show that you love him for all that he represents

#2 Your relationship isn't official 

If your relationship isn't official, your boyfriend might hesitate before making a celebratory post about your birthday on social media.

However, you can tell him as a passing remark that people post on social media to celebrate birthdays for their friends. He will take the hint and bear it in mind. If he is sensible enough, he might even post with the captain 'about last night with someone special,' but if he doesn't, he might offer you an explanation. 

#3 He wasn't sure if you would like it 

Perhaps you are not like the other girls he has known in his life, which put him in a fix to decide what he would like and what you would not.

He does not like it when you are the best of him, or you get upset about something related to him hence did not take his chance.

Perhaps you never showtime a desire that you would like to be celebrated that way. He was under the impression that you don't like public displays of affection.

#4 He is not active on social media 

It can be that you are overthinking while your boyfriend is not active on social media.

It is advisable to check when was the last time he was online or how frequently he made appearances on the virtual platform.

If it is very rare, then it's not just on your part to get mad at him for something he likes to avoid in his daily life. 

Remember, you are important to him because you are not a one-day occurrence. You are as good and true as his life. Just like he doesn't post about his life to give people updates, similarly, he doesn't post about you as well.

#5 He did not remember your birthday 

Perhaps your boyfriend forgot about your birthday. Did he call you up at midnight to wish you? If not, he must have forgotten about it.

The greater chances are he saw your birthday on Facebook. If he had posted on Facebook, it would have become obvious. Hence, he avoids posting altogether to avoid embarrassment. 

You could ask him if he remembered your birthday. If not, he might be in some strain keeping him preoccupied. 

You might want to destress him in your ways to lighten up his mood. This shall show that you are not like other girls who make a big fuss against such small things. 

#6 He does not feel the same way anymore

Perhaps something has changed recently. If he used to celebrate your day earlier but has stopped doing so recently, it can indicate dropping hints.

Matters of the heart must be delicately handled. It would help if you did not jump to conclusions at once. If you feel he is trying to make some point, you can enquire about it to him directly rather than making assumptions.

Ask him, "Has something changed, dear? These days you don't feel like yourself. Is there something you would like to share?" 

This would allow him enough space and scope to articulate his response without getting temperamental about it. If this something is related to you, he might hesitate in opening up at once.

However, if something else is occupying his mind, he would share it with you while appreciating your concern.

#7 You hadn't posted on his birthday 

It might be that he is trying to make things even. Since you didn't celebrate his birthday, he is not celebrating yours.

It must be two ways, after all. If this hurts you, be more thoughtful and think about how he must have felt that made him so desperate to avoid you. Take your lesson and try to make amends. 

Fighting over it won't be the right thing. You must be more sensitive to one another. Take him out and celebrate both your days together in a grand manner.

Could you give him a treat? Expect nothing in return for this once. Let him see that you can love him with all his flaws. Wait to see how he responds before making your final call on the matter.

#8 He is cheating on you 

If your guy has recently been negligent towards you, there might be a slight chance that he is cheating on you. You must pay close attention to his activities.

Do you find a recurring number in his call log? Have his posts been liked and commented on by a particular account? Has he been avoiding your calls? Does he hesitate to share pictures with you on social media? Does he keep his phone password protected? 

Answering those questions would lead you to the ultimate answer. If you feel that the answers are not favoring him, these are early signs before he decides to break up. You must talk to him and know his heart. If he plans to back off, you must be prepared for it mentally. 

#9 He wanted to give you a surprise 

Don't rush into making a judgment. Wait for the day to get over.

Perhaps he wanted to give you a surprise late at night. Please don't do anything until you are certain that he has been forgetful about your birthday. 

If you feel he has been deliberately doing it, he must have a strong reason. Try to know the reason. Think from his perspective.

Take everything that goes into his making into consideration before jumping to a conclusion. Ask yourself all the Wh questions. See where it leads you.

#10 He is unwell 

If your boyfriend has been avoiding meeting you for a few days, there might be a possibility that he is not keeping well.

He didn't tell you about his health because he did not want to spoil your birthday. He is a thoughtful and caring person. 

In such a case, it's better to visit him. You would be able to see his condition for yourself. It will prevent you from getting involved in unnecessary loops and save your time and energy. 

#11 He is in a mess 

Perhaps your boyfriend is in some serious trouble. He is not revealing it to you because he is scared of giving you a disappointed look.

Was there something he had been very excited about, but he suddenly stopped talking about it altogether? It might be a business proposal, a promotion, or something to do with his passion. If yes, it might have turned down, and that has disheartened him so much that he is unable to gather the energy to start from scratch.

However, in such cases, you must be more supportive and understanding. Rather than abandoning him, show him love and support.

What to do when your boyfriend doesn't celebrate your big day on social media?

If it hurts you when your boyfriend doesn't post about you on your birthday, you can ask him to do it.

He is your boyfriend, and it's your birthday. He won't sideline your wish or get into an argument. He will make you happy because that is what matters to him. Use it to your benefit.

However, there are more ways to deal with it. Keep reading!

#1 Don't react immediately 

Wait for a little longer to see if your boyfriend comes up with an explanation. Sometimes it happens that we don't provide enough time for others to explain things at their convenience. 

When we haste them into replies, the answers are not what he had originally expected. This creates complexities and makes things difficult. Instead, it's better to allow things to take their natural turns. By hook or crook, an explanation shall be given when due.

#2 Judge him by his actions 

Rather than getting into debates or getting sad over something not said, look at the actions and reactions. See how he makes you feel on your birthday. That alone shall matter.

Does he take time to spend with you if it's a weekday? Does he give you something thoughtful? Does he put effort into making your day special? If yes, that is all that matters. No use worrying about things that don't count.

The virtual world won't make a difference. Reality counts. Learn to embrace what's real. Don't be misguided via peer pressure.

#3 Try to understand his PoV 

Don't be mean because it's your birthday. Study your boyfriend's situation. Understanding his mental condition, psychology, and his bank account will give you the answers. It's not that your boyfriend won't make you feel special if he can help it.

If he loves you, he will do anything realistically possible to make you smile. Care for the ways he cuddles you, how he plants kisses on you, and the way he conducts and behaves with you in front of his friends. These are the things that matter and make relationships special. 

#4 Make your relationship official 

If you feel making your relationship official will smooth things up, discuss it with your boyfriend.

If he feels the same way, that is, if this has been keeping him from opening up and sharing things, he would agree at once.

Sometimes it happens that when we fail to make a public display of our affection, it is thought by our partner that we are not so sure about them. 

Skepticism can create both short-term and long-term problems. Keep your relationship skeptic free as much as possible.

#5 Post on his behalf 

If your boyfriend didn't post about your birthday but made you feel special, you post on his behalf. Tag him and write about how special he made you feel.

It might simply be that he was so busy making all the preparations that it genuinely escaped him to make a declaration in the virtual world. That is excusable.

Please don't be harsh on him after everything he has done for you. Express your joys as poetically as possible.

#6 Tell him your expectations 

If you feel that your boyfriend hesitated in posting because he was not certain that you would appreciate it, talk to him.

Tell him plainly that "I would appreciate it if you celebrated my day on your Facebook page. It brings a wholesome feeling. It is special because it shows I belong to your feed." 

He might blow you a soft kiss before setting about the task. Deal with the matters of the heart as softly as possible. 

#7 Stalk his activities on social media 

Browsing through your boyfriend's social media accounts will be useful.

Firstly, you will get an idea if he makes celebratory posts on the birthdays of his dear ones. Secondly, you would get an update on something that he might have kept from you. You must know where to look.

Don't just look at his posts and skim through his closed accounts. See who tags him and why. Pay a close look at the kind of people he interacts with. 

Ask him to show his Messenger accounts. If he is honest with you and not talking to anyone else behind your back, he won't hesitate to hand his device to you at once. 

Moreover, if you both are truly honest with one another and social media isn't his big play, share the passwords too. That would remove any complexities whatsoever.

#8 Talk to his friends 

If you are close to his friends or have mutual friends who set you two together in the first place, there won't be anything wrong in asking them about his past girlfriends.

Once you get an idea of how he usually plays the dating game, you won't be surprised by his moves or the lack of them.

Moreover, it's your birthday. So, you don't have to call people to get information about him. When they call you to wish, ask them about this off behavior and see their reaction. If they go quiet for a minute, they know the secret. Whereas, if you get a prompt reply, there's no reason to fret.

#9 Spend more time with him 

Spending quality time with your boyfriend might be the key you need. If you didn't spend your day with him because you were preoccupied with your family and friends, that might be disheartening for him. 

Spending a minimum round of hours in a week is essential. It would bring you close and create an understanding or at least frankness.

If you don't get time because you are too occupied with daily chores, go on a vacation together. Plan it and go trekking, or to a hill station, or to the beach. The goal must be to spend as much time together as possible to avoid unwanted differences. 

#10 Check his phone records 

Keeping a check on your boyfriend's phone records will prevent you from committing follies. You would know if he is cheating on you.

You would know who he likes to talk to. It will tell you if he puts up masks before you or is he truly an introvert.

Moreover, knowing the number of contacts your boyfriend has and the number of people he talks to will help you make out where to reach with your doubts when your boyfriend refuses to clarify them.

Summing up 

If your boyfriend didn't post on your birthday, try to get into his shoes and see things from his perspective.

Don't get too judgemental. If your relationship is new, let things take their turn. Whereas, if you have been together for a while, don't hesitate in expressing your thoughts before him unfiltered.

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