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Married Guy Friend Stopped Talking to Me [Reasons & Next Steps]

His wife caught him talking to you, and they broke into a fight. He loves his wife and doesn't want unnecessary complications in life. He thought better and chose his domestic life over you.Featured Image of Married Guy Friend Stopped Talking to Me

Long-term relationships can get tedious sometimes, and we look at undomestic places to breathe fresh air. Such can be the case after marriage as well. 

If you had a good rapport with a married man, but he stopped talking to you suddenly, it is primarily because he has had his share of fresh air and intends to return to his happy abode.

While you enjoyed the session and might have wanted it to last longer, the guy does not share your feelings. It is best to find refuge elsewhere. 

In this blog post, I shall help you in figuring out the probable causes why a married man stopped talking to you and what shall you do to move on.

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Possible reasons why a married guy stopped talking to you

While you never got intimate and might wonder why a married guy who had become a good friend of yours over time would suddenly stop talking to you without telling you about it, the highest probability is that his wife is involved.

She has discovered your conversations and is not pleased that you have seeped into each other's skin. However, there might be other possibilities. To not leave back any possibilities, keep reading.

#1 His wife caught him 

If a guy has not been too careful, his wife would easily know from his behavior and conversation that he has been talking to someone else. Guys are not so good at making conversations. 

Unlike women, they don't repeat the same occurrence in front of others. So, if this married guy would share his private or business matters with you, the chances are high that he isn't sharing it with his wife. 

His wife won't be able to ignore this behavior for long and would stalk him till she caught him unguarded. This might have prompted him to go on a hiatus with you, and this might be temporary.

#2 Your husband threatened him 

If you are a married woman and your husband has discovered your conversations with this guy, he won't be too pleased about it. While your husband might not confront you because he feels it is on him that prompted you to seek solace elsewhere, he won't stand the guy. 

He might have threatened and told him that he would disclose this to his wife or punch the life out of him. Either way, the guy would naturally step back and think twice before sending you a text again.

#3 He is bored 

If you weren't matching his energy or he failed to fulfill his intentions, he might have gotten bored and moved on to new prey. At the same time, you might have thought him to be a nice and friendly person, but that might not be the case in truth.

Remember, appearances are deceptive. You need to know a person inside out, but that takes time. You must meet the person and spend quality time with them. This must be a continuous and long process. 

Judging someone based on occasional meetings or based on talking as per their convenience would not do good to either of you.

#4 You are ambitious 

Not every man can keep up with ambitious women. If this married guy has not seen much growth in life, he would be jealous of your success. Try to recall if your new initiatives or success make him happy

If he never truly liked celebrating your success, he is not your true friend. He might show up at once, but he has motives to benefit from those. 

Moreover, an ambitious woman must stay out with an ambitious man. If you are kind and rich, the combination can be dangerous for some people. Learn to filter your friends. Some are there when they need you, and others are there when you need them.

#5 He is busy 

A married person has many responsibilities. He might be busy with his family or at work managing the finances. Eventually, it might happen that while catching up with life, he forgets about you.

If he has been silent for a week, you might want to drop a text and ask him if all is well. There's no harm in doing it. In that way, you would act as a well-wisher, and if the guy is courteous enough, he will give you a reply.

However, if you don't get a reply, it would suggest that this man likes to talk to you at his leisure. He is giving you unfair treatment, and it must be on you to decide your worth.

#6 He feels guilty 

It is possible that during conversations, he committed infidelity. This is natural. When we feel comfortable with someone, and the tone is flirtatious, we take the liberty to get intimate. 

While nothing might have gone between you in real, a strong imagination can make a man's world upside down. Revisiting the conversations you have had would give you some clues in this regard.

In this regard, your social status would make a difference. If you are a maiden or a married woman with an estranged husband or a widow, the tag will come along. Society spares none. 

Whether a friend or someone more special, try not to keep it a secret. If a married guy treats you as a friend, ask him to acknowledge the friendship openly. Don't hesitate to meet up with his family. 

While if he takes you as a lover, know beforehand his relationship status with his wife. See to it that you don't allow him to take you for granted.

#7 You're getting obsessed with him 

You should not outlook the possibility that you are obsessed with this man. You are hunting for answers while your feelings are hurt could be this. 

A married man is always too careful with the steps he advances and the people he allows in his life. If he has sniffed your obsession for him, he would at once be on alert to withdraw his steps back till you calm down and relax.

An obsession of any kind means overindulgence. Remember, a married person can never take too much liberty. If you feel you are showing symptoms of obsession, try meditation.

#8 He gets distracted by your thoughts 

Perhaps you have been talking on friendly terms from your side, but he is attracted to you. While he might not show it out transparently, deep inside, he stays disturbed. 

He might be visiting a therapist. His therapist might have suggested he see less of you. If you feel that he has become a cause of distraction in your life, too, a break might do you good. 

If you feel your mind is getting cloudy, don't hesitate to go to a therapist. Doing things that soothe your being, such as an aromatic spa, could bring you relaxation and peace.

#9 You never put efforts 

If the relationship has mostly been one-sided, that is, he takes all the initiative and puts all the effort while you idle away. He might think that he is pushing himself on you. A gentleman would never like to do so.

It's your turn to show that you acknowledge and respect their presence in your life. Please send him a text or do something to make him smile. If you never text him first, perhaps he is waiting to see when you would break the ice. Don't let silence overrule for long.

#10 His children discovered about you 

 A married man's phone is often mishandled by his children. It is possible that during one such attempt to explore their father's cellphone, they came across your conversations or, worse still, your photos and asked him about it.

This might not only have put him in serious trouble but also gave him a reality check as to the path he was treading. This sudden shock might have prevented him from texting you further or staying in touch with you.

What to do when a married guy stops talking to you?

If a married guy stops talking to you, allow him some space. He might be having troubles in his domestic life and not be in a situation to think straight. 

If you mean something to him, he shall find his way back to you. If not, you are better without him. However, if you don't feel the same, I've suggested a few other possible ways to manage the situation. 

Scroll down to know more.

#1 Understand his standpoint 

Sometimes we get so muddled up in our smoky clouds of doubts that we forget to think from a different perspective. For once, try and rethink the whole scenario from his perspective.

If he has ever confided his feelings or problems in you, think in those lines, and you would understand his reason for staying aloof.

#2 Give him space 

Allowing space can help in settling emotions. Remember, the truth doesn't stay hidden for long.

Whatever he might be undergoing at this phase, he will open up to you in due course. Allow him some fresh air to breathe. Moreover, your absence will make him feel the importance of your presence.

#3 Put more effort if you like him well 

If you have not been giving him a green signal, but you feel it's worth it, that is, you would like to take a chance with him and try to make it more meaningful, it's time for you to take the initiative and put more efforts.

He should not feel that he is pushing himself on you. It should be natural and desired by both of you, whether as friends or something more.

A text such as, "I hope you are doing good, I am concerned for your well being and keep you in my prayers," shall serve the purpose.

#4 Sometimes, it's better for you to let go

At times, not thinking deeply is the safest route to peace. Why rack your brains when the other person is at peace. If he wants you in his life, he won't cloud your mind with doubts.

Take a chill pill and let him be. Master the skill of embracing selfhood and keeping yourself busy. You have many important things and important people to focus on.

#5 Don't take desperate steps 

There's no point in doing anything that shows you to be a desperate woman or makes you vulnerable. Don't try too hard. 

The best relationships of any kind are the effortless ones. Besides, all the efforts should not come from your side. When it is not acknowledged or reciprocated, you must step back.

#6 Value your self-respect more 

Nothing ranks over and above your dignity. Don't give anyone so much importance that they begin to play God in your life. You don't need a messiah. 

Give this a thought. On a scale of very important people in your life, where would you place him? If he is not that important to you, why bother at the cost of the peace of your mind.

#7 Don't get carried away 

Be realistic in your approach, and never take someone's words by heart. Remember, promises are meant to be broken. If he promised you he would never leave, the thought of leaving had already corrupted his mind. 

Rather make a promise not to allow anyone so close that they start affecting your mind. The pain is not worth it. People come, people go. You must seek stability and do all that it needs to protect it.

#8 Recollect how and why it all began 

A retrospection can bring insights that an otherwise passive mind won't highlight. Start thinking from the beginning.

Try to understand why and how it all began.

Did either of you have a certain motto to accomplish back then? Say you were colleagues, or he is your boss, or the father of your child's friend, take a deep breath and try to estimate what you were thinking and how this would have ended?

Summing up 

If a married guy stops talking to you out of the blue, don't let him resume conversation randomly again. Sought for explanations. While he might have his set of understandable reasons, it is not worth your mental pain.

You must not get exhausted for the sake of another person. Next time, don't give out free passes to people who like to come and go the way they please. 

Suprity Acharyya


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