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He Stares at Me While I Sleep [Decoded]

He fell in love with you the first time he saw you, and he is still in love with you as he looks at you while you're asleep. This guy is totally into you, and he looks up at you as his soulmate. Level up your relationship by making it official.Feature Image of He Stares at Me While I Sleep

It all begins with the eyes. Can it be any more true? If a guy looks at you while you're asleep, he is absolutely in love with you, and that emotion keeps getting stronger with every passing day.

It is an out-of-the-world feeling. While he is grateful to have you, you must be grateful for having a person like him in your life. 

However, there are other possibilities as to why he was staring at you while you were sound asleep. Let's find them out.

Why is he staring at you while you're asleep?

If he had been merely gazing at you, it would be romantic. But if he is staring at you, there might be some other things going on in his mind. Let us go through the most common of them one by one.

#1 He likes you 

Well, it's midnight, and he is restless. Something had been bothering him all day. Now he comes by your side and takes a look at your calm face. This calms him down. 

The fact that you are with him by his side is more than what he could have asked for. He is perhaps wondering how time kept flying and how he never realized that his world indeed revolves around you. He likes you.

#2 He wants to make your relationship official 

Don't be too surprised. If a guy stays up and looks at you while you're asleep, he plans many things at the back of his mind. One such thing is to marry you.

If you are indeed serious with him, and if right not, you are feeling butterflies in your stomach, it is the right call to make. You two are made for one another, and this is big.

However, if you are shocked and feel it is all happening too fast, you would want some time to think. It means that you aren't yet ready for that level of commitment. Please don't break up with him on mere assumptions but take some time off to clarify. If you long for his company, you might want to tell him yes.

#3 He is revisiting memories 

Well, maybe he is an insomniac, and he stays up late at night. He is looking at you and revisiting memories. If you have known each other for a long time, it's worth going back in time and better understanding how you managed this far together.

These days relationships are so fragile and flimsy that it is incredible to be with the same person by your side for a long duration. It would help if you, too, tried this out. It will give you new insights into your relationship. You can exchange your views with him, making a short and sweet movie.

#4 He is deeply in love with you 

Love is in the air past midnight. If you both have been dating for a while but didn't word your emotions, this is the right time to do it. Tell those magical words to one another and get stronger together.

However, always remember that love is not a discounted feeling, and you must utter the words only if you genuinely feel it. Never say it because you want to please the other person.

#5 You remind him of someone 

Well, the guy I am currently dating resembles my first boyfriend. Or should I say my first ex? It's all about perspective.

However, I didn't realize it when I had started dating him. It occurred to me much later when I'd spent hours looking and relooking at his photographs to be sure if I was making the right choice.

Similarly, you may resemble someone he has known. It could be his crush or someone he has dated, or even his mother. You cannot directly ask him this. If you are curious to know, then tell him my story. Say that you have a friend whose boyfriend resembles one of her exes. That might give him the initiative and get him talking. Thank me later. 

#6 He is very emotional 

If the guy is an emotional fellow, he stays up late to thank the universe for making this happen. Guys do get overwhelmed at times and say, if nothing in their life is going right except the part that you are by their side, they seek solace and comfort in your being. 

#7 He cannot imagine his life without you 

Yes, he cannot imagine his life without you, and that is what he has been wondering about. However, if this idea has occurred to him, it implies that he is trying to imagine his life without you though unconsciously.

Maintaining momentum would be my strong advice. Please don't rush into it. Don't jump out of it. Go at a steady pace and know your heart well.

#8 He trusts you 

The guy staying up late and staring at you means he has some serious thoughts about you and trusts you. This also implies that he knows how much you trust him to lay by his side. 

#9 He is planning to propose you 

He is perhaps waiting for you to open up your eyes so that he can bend down on his knees and make you wear that ring, open a bottle of champagne, kiss you lovingly and propose to you all the same.

If you are not ready for something this big, keep sleeping. 😉

#10 He can't get enough of you 

It is what it is. He can never get enough of you. He yearns to know you more, to try different things with you, to explore the world with you, and the list goes on and on. You can surprise him by planning a staycation away from the humdrum city life.

#11 He is guilty 

He has cheated on you. He didn't intend to, but he is not Jim Halpert, you see. He is guilty, and that is taking away his sleep. He perhaps wants to confess but lacks the audacity because he knows you might not forgive him.

Try to understand the whole situation before arriving at a decision. If you feel it can be worked on, give him a chance. Don't make hasty decisions. Think from a calm mind and ask yourself if you have never cheated on him or if the thought never crossed your mind.

#12 He is waiting for you to fall asleep  

He is staring at you in that manner to ensure that you are sound asleep. He might want to check your phone or decorate the room. It depends. If it's your birthday or anniversary, he wants to give you a surprise when you are up in the morning.

If you didn't answer his call or return his text the entire day, he feels insecure and curious to know about your whereabouts.

Keep your phone and apps password protected and keep changing it from time to time. But if it's a big occasion, keep a present ready for him in your cupboard to offer him something in return besides your love.

#13 He is mad at you  

He may be mad at you for some reason, but he has not expressed it yet. The reason has made it difficult for him to fall asleep as easily as you, and he is wondering whether he should wake you up and discuss it with you or wait till the sun is up.

Start wishing each other good night before you go to bed. Ask him if there's something he wants to share or if he is sleepy enough. On nights like this, it will render him some space to come out of his shell and express his concern before you.

#14 He is hungry 

He is feeling hungry, and that might just be it. He is wondering whether to wake you up and ask for food or gather the courage to get up and look for it himself in the kitchen or refrigerator.

What does it tell about your relationship?

It tells either of three things. It's either that you two are absolutely and madly in love with one another, or it's time to call it off, or it's one-sided love.

  • If you feel for him and see them looking at you like that, all you feel for him is love, and it's the first case.
  • If you are filled with doubt and suspicion when you find him staring at you like that, it implies that neither of you trusts each other, and it's time to call it off.
  • If you like the way he is looking at you, but you prioritize your sleep, it means that it's a one-sided love, and you don't love him truly. You are with him for time's sake, but sooner or later, you might call it off.

What should you do?

If you get up one fine night in the middle of your sleep and find your guy staring at you, try to control your emotions and not give a shrill cry. Rather wrap him in your arms and make him sleep. I've shared a few ways in which you can control the situation.

#1 Make love 

Midnight love is very romantic. If you find your guy looking at you with eyes full of love, you would want to smile at him, kiss him and take charge. However, if you have important meetings or plans the next day, try not to stay up till dawn.

#2 Ask him about it 

If his eyes have a peculiar sadness or his forehead has those lines of doubt, ask him about it. The right way to do it is not to give him a start. Look at him with those soft eyes, caress his cheek and softly ask him about it.

If something had indeed been bothering him that he would want to share with you, this sweet gesture and controlled emotion might help him to open up. If not, it will comfort him that he is by your side.

#3 Hug him 

Say nothing, ask nothing, wrap him up in your arms, sing him a lullaby or his favorite song, stroll his hair and make him sleep.

#4 Make him comfortable 

Kiss his forehead, sit straight and remind him that you are always there with him. Tell him that you are his place of comfort, and there is nothing that he should fear. Assure him that you will always be there to support him.

#5 Lend him your ears 

Tell him that the clock doesn't bother you. If he wants to talk about something, he has your absolute attention. Lend him your ears and give him good advice or words of encouragement when he shares an incident or happening or perhaps a nightmare with you.

#6 Express your feelings

Don't let him speak. Rather tell me nice things. Expressions such as being with him at that hour seem a blessing to you. Tell him things like you're glad to have him by your side and grateful to cosmos to bring you this far. 

#7 Hold his hands 

Holding hands is always a soft and encouraging gesture. All you need to do is take his hands into yours and look at him with love. He will do the rest. If he wants to love you, he will do that. If he wants to talk to you, he will start talking. If he wants to cry, he will not hold back his tears.

Tips for you

Here are some tips from my side:

  • Sing him a lullaby to help him induce sleep. Be the Penny to your Sheldon. 
  • Offer him food as midnight snacks are both comforting and sleep-inducing.
  • Give him more space in the bed. Stay up till the time he is asleep.
  • Offer him water. A glass of water will calm him down and help him communicate his worries to you.
  • Kiss his eyes to express your gladness by finding him up like that. It will comfort him and take away any shreds of doubts that he might be having at that moment.

Summing up 

To sum up, there is absolutely nothing to freak out about if you find out a guy is staring at you while you are sound asleep. It's a sweet gesture of fondness, and all it suggests is you are doing great together. There might be some room for clarity and communication, but that granted, your relationship is about to take a turn for good soon.

Suprity Acharyya


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