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My Girlfriend Doesn't Apologize [Here's Why & What to Do]

Your girlfriend doesn't apologize because she feels that it is mutually accepted and understood. She is more of a doer than a mild speaker. She works hard on improving her ways which might have caused embarrassment or misunderstandings then to lament about it uselessly. You are dating a bold woman.A man standing outside and deeply thinking about something

A relationship does not run on the concept that it shall be flawless or the partners shall be a perfect pair to one another. It is accepted that there shall be flaws and gaps.

However, there's also an understanding that we shall come over it together. As such, the courteous expressions to express one's gratitude or to acknowledge one's fault is the accepted code of conduct.

But if your girlfriend deviates from the practice of accepting the general norms, she must have her reasons to do so. Let's find out what these probable reasons could be and how to make her more empathetic.

15 Reasons why your girlfriend don't apologize

Your girlfriend doesn't apologize to you because she is not used to making an apology. This might be so because of her profession or her brought up. If she is more of a commander, it never occurred to her that sometimes it's better to give a note of apology when it is due.

However, it might be due to some other factors as well. Keep reading to find out more.

#1 She is a doer 

Your girlfriend doesn't apologize because she doesn't believe in preaching. She is a lady of action and would impress you with her actions.

You must keep an account of whether she repeats the same mistake again. You should also try to observe if she does something to please you rather than being direct in her words to make an apology.

If she is indeed a doer, it indicates that she is a keeper too. You would love to be along with her and learn many things from her in the process. Giving warm gestures is always more appreciated than throwing words without feeling it.

#2 She doesn't like to acknowledge her errors 

You have picked a girl who is too absorbed in her vanity to acknowledge her faults. She considers herself to be Pro human who is always right.

In such cases, you need to be extremely patient with her. You need to understand that she is not doing it deliberately. It's her nature, and you can influence it to make it better.

If you truly love her, you need to love her flaws at the same time while having the enthusiasm to work on them and help her in becoming a better social woman.

#3 You never apologize 

Your girlfriend never apologizes to you because you never apologize to her.

You get what you give, and it's a circle. If you are rude to her or indifferent to her, she will naturally stop putting extra efforts to make you feel special or make an exception for you in her conduct.

If her not apologizing is irking you a lot, start being delicate with her and apologize or express gratitude whenever you get an opportunity.

#4 She is egoistic 

Your girlfriend doesn't apologize to you because she is egoistic.

There might be different reasons for this. While she shows that she is invincible outside, she might be very tender within.

She is spending more time with her to know her better. It's just that she hasn't got the opportunity to shed her outer self and embrace the soft inner side.

#5 She is condescending 

If your girlfriend is an affluent person, she might be condescending in nature. This means that when you point out flaws in her, she, in turn, points out faults in you.

It is very difficult to cope with such people. However, when the impact and effect of their mistakes hit them hard, they never repeat it again.

In such cases, you must try to help your girlfriend anticipate the consequences of her behavior and her reactions in the long term. This will help her become more insightful in the long run, and you will become stronger together.

#6 She considers you interior to her 

If you feel that she doesn't respect you or treat you interior to her, then that might be the reason for her denying to give you the due apology when needed.

This might be due to your background, or if you work in her father's office, it's never wise to date such a person.

Always prioritize your dignity and integrity more than your feelings for someone, even if that includes your girlfriend.

#7 She is immature 

It's not that your girlfriend is deliberately hurting you by avoiding uttering the word "sorry" before you.

This suggests that she is immature and doesn't yet understand the intricacies of the nature of the relationship. This might be due to her age or due to the age gap between both of you.

However, you can always be the bigger person here and forgive or oversee her errors for now.

Tell her about the mistakes she committed and never realized when she is listening to you attentively. She won't get agitated and might appreciate your patience and maturity.

#8 She is carefree 

Your girlfriend doesn't care for the norms of the world. She doesn't play by rules. Maybe that is the reason why she is into you. Because you understand her and match her energy, she is not stereotypical.

She is not overly feminine in her attributes. She wants to face life the way it comes, accept it, give her best and move on to the next part.

You chose her for the qualities that complete her. Focus on those and try to understand why she is lacking some which might have been otherwise readily available.

#9 She is irresponsible 

You're perhaps dating a spoilt child! She is irresponsible, and that is what disables her to acknowledge her faults.

You can eventually find a way to tame her. Be patient and give her time. She will eventually learn the responsibilities and behave accordingly. Moreover, as the saying goes, opposites attract each other. 

#10 She is not well brought up 

Your girlfriend doesn't apologize because nobody in her family or friend circle is into the practice of making apologies.

It is suggestive of uncivil behavior or a pool of bad influencers. It is therefore important to always go a background check on the person you date to have an estimate about their behavior and not be absolutely shocked or clueless when you experience it first hand.

#11 She is selfish 

Your girlfriend doesn't apologize to you because she doesn't care about your feelings. She is selfish. She only prioritizes her peace of mind. It doesn't bother her if her words or actions have hurt you or made your night sleepless.

If you feel that it's an apt description of the girl you are dating, it means that you are dating the wrong woman. You deserve someone who keeps you before her and cares for you in every way possible

#12 She is bossy and dominating 

If your girlfriend is always bossy and dominating while you are the feeble one, this might be the reason why she doesn't apologize to you.

She feels that once she starts apologizing for her conduct, she will lose the point of control that might eventually lead to a reversal in the role play. She might have watched her mother always being the submissive one in her relationship, and she took an oath to never be like her.

#13 She is toxic 

Your girlfriend doesn't apologize to you or to anyone else because she has toxicity in her veins. She does not care for peace, love, or harmony. These are not her priorities. 

She has taken you for granted and feels that if you want to stick by her, you will tolerate whatever behavior she puts up. This is not at all healthy, and it's always better to detoxify yourself of such a person as soon as possible.

#14 She is insensitive 

You are dating an insensitive and rude woman. She might look pretty, and her smiling might have a pernicious effect, but she is not womanly.

You must figure out the priorities that you look for in a woman. List down the qualities that are non-negotiable for you. Mention it before her and see if it's acceptable to her. If it isn't, you are better off without her.

#15 You never appreciated her efforts

Your girlfriend doesn't apologize to you because when she does, you never give her a nod of approval or acknowledgment.

You took her for granted, and now she is doing the same to you.

Learn to appreciate her efforts while you have the time. If she gets all cold-hearted for you, then there will be no more love left in either of your hearts.

What should you do if your girlfriend doesn't apologize?

If your girlfriend doesn't apologize to you, it doesn't grant you the liberty to start misbehaving or ill-treating her. If you try either of those things, it shall only indicate that you were putting up a facade to impress her. There are better ways to handle the situation and fix the problem. Keep reading to know more.

#1 Talk to her 

If your girlfriend doesn't apologize to you and that hurts you, consider expressing your concern before her. Don't be direct with your words. Drop hints that you would have appreciated if she would acknowledge her mistakes.

Something in terms of, "Darling, we are all humans, and it makes us prone to commit errors. But what makes us a better human and a nice partner is when we acknowledge our mistakes rather than hiding them." You will open the dialogue with a term of endearment that won't make you sound rude, and your point shall be conveyed.

#2 Stop talking to her 

If you feel your girlfriend deliberately does not make an apology and it is more a token of disrespect than ignorance, you must do something to make her feel that this behavior is not acceptable.

If you stop talking to her, you will understand that you are mad at her. When she approaches you, tell her about it and make her promise not to repeat it.

#3 Help her in getting therapy 

Suppose your girlfriend has behavioral issues on a broader scale. A few sessions of therapy might do her good. You can accompany her to give her support.

However, you must discuss it with the doctor and involve her family before convincing her to go for it. Therapy helps us in cultivating a sound mind, but many people still look down on it. Do go skiing or talk with all the close ones in your circle before coming to a decision.

#4 Gift her a book on the need of being humble 

Developing reading habits and reading correct books such as "Atomic Habits" might help to cultivate some sense and true mode of conduct within her.

You need to make her understand that you are not expecting a complete reversal in her. All you seek is some degree of improvement that will make you more fit for one another as a couple.

#5 Take a break from her 

If you feel that her behavior is stealing your peace of mind, then it's better to go on a break. You must do it by telling her about it. Don't keep her guessing.

Tell her that you cannot continue to date her if she does not fix her behavior or improve her manners. If she is indeed interested in dating you, she will work hard to improve her nature.

#6 Be more dominative 

If your girlfriend has been the bossy one in the relationship, it's time to reverse the role. Start voicing out your opinions and feelings.

Don't be a puppet. Maintain a balance in the process of decision-making. Practicing these minor things will help your growth and make you a better individual.

#7 Notice her efforts 

Don't be blind to her efforts. The mere utterance of words does not make much difference in any way. Until and unless she makes deliberate efforts to celebrate you and the bond that she cherish with you, words would fail to impress.

But it is of utmost importance to reciprocate her love and appreciate get gestures when she makes it very obvious that she is trying hard. Don't be too harsh on her and do not police her. You are not the principal of a school. You are her soulmate. Never forget it underestimate that.

#8 Be softer with her 

If you have always been a complaint box and if you draw comparisons between her and your friends' girlfriends, then you are the one to be blamed.

Learn to love her right. Be tender with her. She should feel blessed to have you in her life. Be her, Barry Allen.

Love her unconditionally, and she will be able to overcome all her flaws and become a much better person eventually. Learn to trust the process. Keep playing your part without overthinking.

#9 Don't stoop down to her level 

If your girlfriend is rude to you, that does not mean that you will treat her likewise.

Never stoop down to the level of a person whose qualities you dislike. If she has given you the reasons to be mad at her, she had also given you the reasons to love her.

Don't forget or undervalue that. We have a tendency to take the people we love for granted, and eventually, the relationship loses its beauty.

Don't let the charm fade. Be the better person of the two, and remember, sometimes the love of one person is so overwhelming that it can keep both of you afloat.

#10 Involve her in social activities 

Involving your girlfriend in social activities will make her kinder and softer. It will also improve her manners and make her more courteous.

This shall be most helpful if your girlfriend is a very egoistic person and regard herself highly. When she is exposed to the misery of the world, it will pierce through her iron heart and make it beat for the right things and reasons.

If she willingly participates and takes interest, you will notice a change in her behavior gradually, and this change will be permanent.

#11 Earn her trust 

If your girlfriend truly and completely trusts you, she won't mind making a hundred apologies to you even if she isn't at fault.

But if she feels that you are not trustworthy, she would not expose her vulnerable side to you. Making an apology suggests giving importance to the other person. If she has her doubts about you being faithful or about the relationship being long-lasting, she will hesitate in making apologies.

#12 Do a background study

If you feel that your girlfriend is too insensitive or uncivil, doing a background study on her can take you a long way from here. It will not only provide you with reasons as to why she behaves the way she does but also help you to figure out how you can fix it or who will be the right person to help you in influencing her behavior. 

#13 You need detoxification

Your girlfriend is not apologizing to you and treating you unfairly because you are allowing her to do this. Once you make it clear that such behavior is not tolerable, she will either mend her ways or leave you.

The latter, such a scenario is the wisest choice to make for your benefit. Humans never change, they might improve in scale, but they never undergo absolutely alteration in character.

Whenever they try to show that they have undergone a sudden change, it is temporary. Make her promise to gradually make improvements or detoxify yourself of her essence for good.

Summing up

To sum up, if your girlfriend doesn't apologize to you, try to work more on ways of avoiding the need to make an apology in the first place. You're supposed to be her better half. How often do you apologize to yourself when you hurt yourself? Think about her in the same way. Don't be too harsh on her. Love her with all your might, and she will give you plenty of reasons to smile.

Suprity Acharyya


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