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Do Guys Who Secretly Like You Avoid Eye Contact? [ANSWERED]

A guy likes you but generally avoids eye contact because he feels intimidated. He is scared of making himself look like a fool. If you feel that the guy finds you attractive and you like him too, don't hesitate to approach him with a soft smile on your face.Men and women are dancing in a party

It all begins with eyes. Well, not always. A guy may sometimes hesitate in directly approaching you. He would rather look at you from the corner of his eyes.

He avoids directly immersing himself in your eyes. Because once he does it, there's no stopping him. He will lock you with his eyes and keep you there without blinking. So until and unless he is certain it shall work, he might prefer not to take the risk.

In this article, I shall help you figure out what to do when a guy avoids eye contact with you and why they do it anyway. Besides, are they like you, and the feeling is mutual, we will figure out ways in which you can make it work. 

How to find out if a guy likes you if they avoid eye contact with you?

If the person keeps on looking in your direction but avoids looking at you in particular, it is a green signal. It suggests that this person likes you and perhaps even wants to talk to you but is too shy to do it simultaneously. Let's find out the many possible ways you can tell if he likes you or not.

#1 Notice his stare 

If you feel that a guy likes you but is shying away from looking directly at you, make a close observation of his stare.

  • Is he ignoring you?
  • Do you also feel that he is ignoring someone else?
  • How comfortable is he looking in his present countenance? 

Try to observe, and if you feel that his eyes try to follow your steps, he is definitely into you!

Well, if that is the case, you might want to give him some gesture of affirmation to take it forward. A nod, a smile, a blink could be some gestures that would give him the green flag and encourage him to talk to you.

#2 Pay close attention to his lip movement 

Lip movements reveal a lot about a person. If the guy bites his lip, he tries to hide or avoid something. If he is talking a lot, he is trying to evade the main point. If his lips are twitching, he is not at ease.

The kind of movements his lips make will tell you if he is trying to hide his feelings. And if he is hiding his feelings while escaping himself from looking directly at you, it suggests that he is intimidated by you.

#3 Does he look nervous? 

If you feel that a guy likes you but avoids looking at you, it is perhaps because he is nervous. This might be due to the setting. If you are his boss's daughter, he is scared to make a move.

Or if he is dating someone but is attracted to you, he is afraid that his fate might catch him red-handed. He might also be concerned that you will realize that he has feelings for you, whereas, at that moment, he isn't ready to confront his feelings.

#4 Is he constantly fixing his hair while looking in your direction? 

Guys are as obsessed with their hair as we girls are with ours. But if a guy fixes his hair while looking in your direction, he is trying hard to create an impression.

If you find him doing this more than once, you would want to play with your hair. This would signal that you have duly noticed him and you are interested in talking to him. His next move would be to come in your direction and break the ice.

#5 How close is he standing to you? 

If the guy in question is standing very close to you or if he kept decreasing the distance between you and him, he is surely interested in you.

He is sending you indirect signals. You can try and move a little further. If you still find him standing close, you have your answer.

#6 Is he keeping himself busy with any other person from the opposite sex? 

If a guy particularly ignores looking at you while keeping himself busy with other available women at, say, a party, he tries hard to make you jealous.

If you find him attractive, it's best not to pay much attention to his movements. Such guys are self-conceited and perhaps even desperate. They would go to any extent to make you feel as if they like you, but when it comes to making a move, they will hesitate in putting in the effort.

As a result, even if you do something to show that you are interested, that would boost his confidence, and he shall take you for granted.

#7 Does he smile when he looks toward you? 

If a guy smiles when he looks in your direction but tries hard to avoid eye contact, he likes you!

This has to be more than once, the first time can be a mere coincidence, but if he is all dreamy whenever he turns his head in your direction, he has some feelings for you. 

#8 Is he taking selfies in a way that allows you to admire his physique? 

If the guy works hard to appeal to your senses, he wants to secure all your attention. However, if he doesn't look you in the eyes, he might not be a romantic.

If you are looking for something casual and want to give it a shot, he must be readily available.

#9 Is he operating his social media account by standing close to you? 

If a guy is using his social media account while you stand close to him in proximity, it is a deliberate move to help you know his handle.

If you did note down or paid close attention to his handle, you must have also scrolled through his page. This must have given you a long idea about his lifestyle, and if you like what you see, you can send him a DM to ask him out.

Dropping a text such as "You wanna go for a coffee?" "I know you wanted me to send this DM, so here it is. Thank me when we meet again!" shall be more flirtatious and less creepy.

#10 How often does he blink? 

If the guy is blinking a lot, he tries hard to avoid eye contact with you. He is perhaps nervous and doesn't know how to flirt.

He also takes you to be out of his league. However, it might be fun to date someone like him. Unlike other guys, he would be more submissive, and perhaps you might not get a lot of reasons to be insecure.

Moreover, such people know how to love. They understand the purity of feeling. He would not take you for granted.

#11 Does he look flirtatious? 

If a guy looks flirtatious but is shy in front of you, he is intimidated by you, or perhaps he knows about the guys you have dated in the past and considers himself way below them.

If he is carefree around others but gets conscious when standing close by, he wants to create a remarkable impression on you. I feel it's worth it to give him a chance.

#12 Is he fidgeting a lot? 

If the guy is always too restless around you, if he is dropping things or making continuous hand movements, he is not at ease. It's suggestive here that he has been stalking you for a while, and today is what we call the performance day to impress you with his skills, but he is overdoing it.

#13 Is he hesitating to go on the dance floor? 

If the guy hesitates to move on the dance floor, he is conscious of all his movements and perhaps aware that you are scanning him up and down.

However, in such a situation, if you make your way to the dance floor, he might try and join you there. Once you start grooving together, he might not hesitate to share his feelings.

#14 Is he drinking? 

If the guy is avoiding eye contact and you can see him drinking, he is either trying to gather the courage to come and talk to you, or he is trying to dismiss you from his thoughts.

Such behavior is generally seen when the person tries too hard to ignore you. He might be trying this hard because he never got any green signal from you.

He perhaps feels that you are committed or there's someone in your life who you like and admire. If this isn't the case, and you feel for him, you might want to take a glass of drink and join him.

#15 Is there anything repetitive about this person's gestures? 

If he is repeating his gestures, that could be something such as standing close to you wherever you go, pointing his toes towards you, or being fidgeting around you, it means that you are unconsciously controlling his behavior.

He is behaving in that manner because he wants to impress you. If you feel that a person is trying hard, you should give him a chance. Remember, love works in mysterious ways.

What should be your approach if the guy likes you but doesn't look you in the eye?

If the guy likes you but doesn't look you in the eye, you must assure him that you have a liking for him. You can do this by talking to him, inviting him to the dance floor, giving him your number, blinking at him, dedicating him a song, or whatever makes you feel comfortable.

If you are on the same page

If you are on the same page with the guy, it's time to level up your game. You can do this in the following ways.

  • Find an appropriate topic or, as such, an excuse to start a conversation. Something in the lines of "Hey, it feels like I've seen you before. Do you work at M & S?" Well, if he doesn't work there, he would tell you where he is located, which will help you connect dots and take the conversation ahead.
  • You can tell him to click your photo because you like their device and slip in your number so that he can WhatsApp you the photo. You were saying something on the lines of "Hey there! I see you have I phonen13 Pro. I've heard that it is a wonderful lens. Do you mind taking a photo? /…/ Oh, you're a sweetheart. Here's my number, do WhatsApp it to me when you get time."
  • Sending a note with a cute message can work wonders. Something in the lines of "I feel like I have an unknown fondness for you." Or, "I think we are opposites because I'm attracted to you."
  • Crafting a secret cocktail and offering it to them with words like "I've used my granny's recipe to fix this. I bet you it's worth a try."
  • Asking him to dance with you in words such as, "It is a mystery to me how I don't have a dance partner tonight. However, it seems you don't have one either. How about we pair up?"

If you are not on the same page 

If you feel that a guy secretly likes you, but you are not on the same page with him, you can do one of the following things to make it obvious.

  • Flirt with other guys in front of him.
  • Stand keeping your back to him.
  • Ridicule their opinion.
  • Be dismissive and ignorant about them.
  • Tell him in simple words that you don't have a fondness for him.
  • Spill a cocktail on his attire.
  • Dance with everyone but him.

Summing up 

If a guy secretly likes you but avoids eye contact, it gives you time to figure out how you are about him. If you are attracted to him, make your move at the earliest.

However, if you don't like him, try not to give him a reaction. Either way, until the words are declared out in the open, it's all a secret. Don't let it rob you of your peace, and enjoy with those who fear not to love you openly.

Suprity Acharyya


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