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Do Guys Mean What They Say When Drunk? [ANSWERED]

Mostly, yes. Guys say what they feel when they're drunk. However, that feeling can alter with time. Perhaps, when they were drunk, they felt vulnerable. But when they're sober, their ego takes the better of their conscience. Featured Image of Do Guys Mean What They Say When Drunk

The degree of drunkenness varies from person to person. While some are down by two points, others keep running for eight. The state of drunkenness varies from person to person. Similarly, the amount of truth revealed and concealed might vary. While one might be good at masking things, the other might be good at making it up. 

The veracity of statements, when uttered in a starter of drunkenness, depends on various factors. One such factor is who is this person, second who is this person to you, and third, what does this person think about you.

What do guys say when they are drunk, and what does it mean?

If you are in a relationship, this guy might be jealous of your boyfriend and make up stories to create misunderstandings between you. However, there are many other possibilities as to why a guy would say certain things when they are drunk and if it's true or not. Keep reading to know more.

#1 They tell you how they feel about you 

Such confessions are mostly true even if their circumstances won't render them to make it happen. For instance, if the guy who is single tells you he loves you, he might not have proposed to you yet because he is unsure if you would love him back. In most cases, this single guy would be your best friend who always had a soft corner for you in his heart.

On the other hand, if this guy is your boyfriend who either tells you that he loves you a lot even though you had been more neglected towards him or if he tells you he is out of love for you, these are declarations that cannot be made off-handed. The speaker is aware that he must foster a great deal of guts to confront you with his heart open and barren.

In either case, giving him a quick reaction might not be worth it. You must take your time to ponder upon it before coming to a decision.

#2 They share their workload with you 

If in a state of intoxication, a guy shares his workload with you, he is bound to be true. If this guy is your husband, he didn't share it before because he likes to keep you happy rather than burden you with his official matters.

On the other hand, if the guy is a random friend, he is looking for someone to hear him out. This guy might be an introvert who doesn't like to discuss his life much. 

If it comes from a random guy at a bar, it means that the guy is wasted. He has some due project the next morning, but he would prefer to drink and get rid of his wits rather than work on his project. Such guys lack ambition, and it is better to keep away from them.

In the case of your husband or friend, give them emotional support and tell them kindly that you trust their abilities. Something such as, "One must work hard to level up, isn't it?" shall do the magic. 

#3 They tell you how they feel about your boyfriend 

This can put you in a tricky situation, more so if the speaker is your boyfriend's best friend. The guy might know well what he is confiding in you. He is stating facts. This might be something harsh, or it might be something comforting. You need to delve deeper into the context here. 

If you are having doubts about your boyfriend, and this guy assures you of your boyfriend's love for you, it is suggestive that your boyfriend shares his feelings with his best friend. You can be assured that your boyfriend is deeply in love with you.

On the other hand, if this guy says discouraging and demotivating things about your boyfriend, he knows that your boyfriend isn't treating you right. You must take his words seriously and dig deeper into the matter. Kindly note that confronting your boyfriend won't be the right way to go about it. You must have proof to prove him wrong, and this proof must be stronger than a guy's words.

However, if bitter statements about your boyfriend are spoken by random strangers, you must not allow it to play with your peace of mind. Remember, a relationship is founded on trust, and that trust must not be easily shaken by a random someone.

#4 They tell you if they have a crush on your friend 

This can be a sweet declaration unless you have a crush on the speaker. Plus, it has to be genuine, for the speaker didn't approach your friend directly but you. It suggests that he has been crushing on your friend for a long time.

If your friend is single, you must disclose it to her at once. However, if she is happily committed, you might want to let the matter rest. On the other hand, if your friend has been in a troubled relationship, you must encourage the guy to approach her. 

However, if your friend is not straight, you might want to drop a hint to the guy so that he focuses and channelizes his efforts somewhere else.

#5 They confess their wrong deeds before you 

If this guy is one of your close friends or your boyfriend, and he confesses something that he might be guilty about, it means he is indeed sorry for what he has done. In such a case, if the act is pardonable, you must not only forgive him but also extend your arm of support for him.

If this guy is someone you don't know, he might be looking for emotional support, and you must try to cheer him up. Such people are depressed and might not be thinking straight at the moment. You must try to discourage him from harming himself, and perhaps contact someone who knows him well to look after him.

#6 They cry 

If a drunk guy cries, his tears are genuine. This person needs love. It might not be physical. You need to try and show that there are people in this world who care.

Be compassionate towards him. Sometimes being a listener works a great deal. He might feel better after he has spoken out all that was burdening him.

#7 They tell you bitter truths 

If the guy tells you something about yourself, a harsh truth, it suggests that you had hurt his feelings perhaps unconsciously in the past. It is a good sign that he is letting you know about it. You must not let this opportunity get wasted. If you feel an apology is due, grant him one.

#8 They tell you they have never loved you 

If a declaration is so extreme that it states a major part of your life to be a lie, you will need time to absorb it, rather than giving the guy a reaction or wasting any words on him, distance from the guy. 

You might feel a need to talk and communicate. You might want to cry. Don't hold back your feelings. Call up your friend. Do the talking. Eventually, after a considerable amount of time, you will sober down from the affectations and gulp the words at once.

Remember, don't shut the doors on others because one person failed you. All you need to do is be careful. Take small steps. Put equal effort from both sides next time. 

#9 They say they are planning to harm themselves 

This might not be a prank. It would be better to reassure them of any help they might need. Make contact with their family and friends.

A depressed person can make good use of counseling. Group discussion helps them to reveal their feelings. Moreover, such a person must be kept away from drinking. If he is a regular drunkard, he is in dire need of detoxification.

#10 They ask for money 

Had the guy truly needed funds, he wouldn't have been drinking and getting wasted. Don't fall for the trap. Don't pay heed to his words. Distant yourself and talk as little with him as possible.

Final Words

Whether to take the words of a drunken person at face value or not depends on a great many factors. One such being how long have you known this person.

If the guy is random, he might be confiding in you because you're a stranger.

If the guy is your colleague or the husband or boyfriend of your best friend, he might have different motives.

In any case, you must think twice before giving a response. 

Suprity Acharyya


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