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Do Guys Like Being Hugged From Behind? [Answered by Guy]

Yes, guys generally like being hugged from behind. As hugging is an affectionate physical connection, it helps in dopamine secretion and makes men feel good. Depending on the bonding you share with the guy, he may feel loved, appreciate the closeness, and feel lusty about you.Copy of Featured Image of Do Guys Like Being Hugged From Behind

Is there anything more warm and comforting than hugs? We, as humans, are social creatures, and we love to be acknowledged, appreciated, adored, and loved.

When we meet our friends and family, we hug each other to show affection. When couples see each other, they hug each other as well.

However, the types of hugs that people share vary greatly depending on the relationship between two people. For example, how a man hugs his daughter is not the same as how he hugs his wife, and how siblings hug each other is very different from how two people who like each other hug. 

Since you landed on this post, we assume you are a bit confused about hugging a guy. 

Do guys like being hugged from behind? That is a tricky question. Some guys love it, while others absolutely hate it. Some may like it from their lovers but not from friends.

Some may allow their young siblings to hug them from behind but wouldn't allow others to do that at all.

So, who is this guy to you? Is he a friend? Is he someone you like? Are you both in a relationship? Is he comfortable with physical contact? Let's first try to understand what guys like. 

What do guys feel about being hugged from behind? 

Different people have different things that they like and dislike. Just the way not everyone in this world loves the same food or the same color, not every guy has the same preference when it comes to hugs.

Some would prefer a handshake over a hug, some would like a 'bro' hug, and some would love to be hugged intimately. 

Some guys like it

There are many guys who would love to be hugged from behind. Here are some reasons why they may love the gesture:

#1 They like physical contact

A large number of men like physical contact. especially hugging and cuddling, releases a hormone called oxytocin which makes people feel good and happy. 

Some guys may like to hug their friends very often. You may find them often hugging or lying down with their friends after a playful soccer or basketball match. Or you may see them chilling together, hand-in-hand, with their friends without feeling awkward about it.

You may even see that they prefer to hug others when they meet them instead of just saying hello. This shows that they are very comfortable with physical contact. 

#2 They appreciate the closeness of your connection

Sometimes, the closeness of the connection makes a gesture feel good. A guy may not enjoy a lot of physical contacts. He may not feel very comfortable when touched, held, or hugged by random people. 

But if a person he likes or loves initiates physical contact or hugs him, he would like it for sure! Even if a close friend or his sibling hugged him, he would appreciate it because they mean so much to him. So, sometimes whether or not a guy would like a hug from behind depends on the connection you share with him. 

#3 They feel loved

Some guys are very warm and loving. When they enter a room, the room's atmosphere brightens almost instantly.

They love to make others feel warm, and they love when others also show them, love. When a person wants to show them affection and hug them, or when a friend hugs them as a 'goodbye,' they appreciate it.

When close people hug them, they find it warm. If the guy you are concerned about is someone very warm and affectionate and doesn't back away from showing affection towards others, you may take it as a sign that he would appreciate your hugs. 

#4 If you both are in a romantic relationship, it can mean something special for them (or for the both of you)

Two people who are in a romantic relationship share a special connection. In such relationships, gestures, words, or actions often develop a significant meaning and become special to the couple. 

Maybe one of them hugged their partner in a specific way when their partner proposed to them. Or maybe a girl wore a sky blue dress when she went out on her first date with her boyfriend.

These gestures and even outfits then hold significance. So, even if the guy doesn't care about hugs or is not very interested in physical contact, if you both are in a romantic relationship, maybe a hug from behind can become your love language, your special thing! 

Some guys do not prefer it

There are many guys who are not interested in hugs or being hugged from behind. Here are a few reasons why they may not like it:

#1 They prefer non-physical greetings

Everyone has their own unique list of preferences. Like some guys prefer tennis over soccer or badminton over baseball, many guys prefer non-physical greetings over hugs, especially intimate ones.

They may not have anything against hugs or other forms of physical greetings, but they just like it better if others would verbally greet them. 

If a guy prefers non-physical greetings, it doesn't mean he would hate it if you hug them. But they may not like it as much and may not react as enthusiastically as you may wish they did. 

#2 They find the gesture uncomfortable

Some people just do not feel comfortable when they are hugged or physically shown affection. Some may like a generic 'bro-hug or a side hug but do not want to be hugged in an overly affectionate or intimate way.

Some may be fine hugging their parents, siblings, and other family members but would find hugging outsiders uncomfortable. Some guys may feel comfortable hugging their male friends but get awkward near a girl.

So, if a guy finds hugs or, more specifically, being hugged from behind uncomfortable, then they may not appreciate you embracing them in that way. 

#3 They won't mind it if you are someone close to them

A guy may not like hugs, or he may not like being hugged too intimately. But if you are close to them, they may not mind it.

They may not enjoy it, but they surely wouldn't hate it. If you are a close friend or if you both like each other, he may like a hug from you even if he dislikes the gesture in general!

Some guys hate it

Sometimes, some people just do not like some things, and that's fine. There are many guys who do not like being hugged, especially from behind. Here are some reasons why they may hate the gesture:

#1 It makes them absolutely uncomfortable

Different cultures and families have different ideas of what is 'normal,' and they raise their kids accordingly. 

Someone who grew up in such a household where hugging each other was never appreciated may not feel comfortable with hugs. Sometimes people just do not like being touched and stay away from hugs. 

If a guy reacts weirdly to being patted or hugged by his friends, he may not like physical contact, and such actions may make him feel absolutely uncomfortable. In such situations, a hug is not at all welcomed and may make everyone awkward. 

#2 They wouldn't like just anyone to do that to them

Maybe being hugged from behind is a gesture that means something special to them, and they do not want others to do that to them. 

Maybe they have reserved the gesture for someone special. Maybe only the person they are romantically involved with can hug them from behind. In that scenario, they may not like others trying to hug them, and the situation can soon become awkward. 

What should you do? 

Now that you understand what guys may feel about being hugged from behind, let's figure out what you should do in your situation. 

If you both are friends/siblings/cousins

In platonic relationships, a hug is quite common and often appreciated. If you are friends with the guy and he is cool with physical greetings such as handshakes and hugs, you may go ahead and hug him. But it would be a good idea first to hug him casually to see if he is comfortable enough with you. 

If he seems warm and welcoming, you may hug him from behind next time. If you both are siblings or cousins, whether he would like it depends on what is normal for the both of you. He may be very open to it if you have grown up physically showing affection.

However, he may feel awkward if you both have been very reserved all this time. It may be better to start with casual side hugs and then proceed to back hugs if he is comfortable with it. 

If you like him

If you like the guy or are interested in him, then it becomes very important for you to be sure of what you are doing. One wrong action can make him misunderstand you; you definitely do not want that. 

If the guy is someone pretty warm and often shows affection by hugging, you may take a chance and hug him. We would still suggest that you first give him a casual hug and see if he is comfortable with you. 

If the guy is someone who doesn't prefer or like hugs, it would be a good idea to let your bond develop some more before moving on to hugs. And if he absolutely hates hugs or at least intimate hugs, it is in your best interest to stay away from them, or it may create awkwardness between you. 

If you both are together 

If you are in a relationship with the guy you are concerned about, hugging wouldn't be much of an issue. Even if you are not sure he would like to be hugged from behind, you can surely try it. 

If he likes it, that's great! If he doesn't, you both can laugh it off. If your man is someone who is affectionate and likes to display his love, he would surely love you hugging him. If he is someone who doesn't quite enjoy such things, you can still probably give it a shot. Who knows, he may like it! 

Be careful 

There is one thing that you need to be careful about when hugging someone from behind. Some people have very strong reflexes, and their defense reflexes may get triggered when startled.

So, if you hug someone from behind very stealthy, without making it known to them, they may unintentionally turn back and attack you. 

They may react that way without being conscious, and it may hurt you physically.

So, make sure to feel your presence before hugging them from behind. This would make sure that your well-intentioned hug doesn't turn into a potential disaster. 

General things to keep in mind

If you are still not able to decide whether it is a good idea to hug this guy from behind, this list of things to keep in mind may help you. 

How close is your relationship with the guy? 

Are you a casual friend, a close friend, or someone special? Do you share a platonic or romantic connection with him? Do you like him? Does he like you back? Are you both in a relationship with each other?

The closer the relationship, the easier a hug from behind becomes. Partners and close friends may hug each other without any awkwardness, but as you move farther away on the closeness scale, the risk of things getting awkward grows. 

Is he comfortable with physical contact? 

What is his personal preference? Does he like physical contact, or does he prefer verbal greetings? Have you seen him greeting his friends with hugs? 

If he is comfortable with physical contact and hugs, there is a good chance that he would love a hug from you. But if he is someone who likes to keep things more verbal and less physical, he may not feel as comfortable with it. So, keeping his comfort level in mind is important. 

Is he comfortable with you touching him? 

Is he comfortable with you touching or hugging him even if he is fine with hugs? Not everyone is comfortable doing such things with everyone else. It is important to check how comfortable he is with you before planning to hug him from behind. Because if he is not quite comfortable, it can make you feel quite awkward. 

Start with a casual hug and notice his body language. If he reacts rigidly, he is probably not comfortable enough with you. And then it will be a good idea to build up that comfort level gradually. Or, if you feel he just isn't interested, you may let go of that desire. 

The hug

A sibling hugging a person from behind is very different from a romantic partner hugging them from behind. When the connection between two people is platonic, while hugging, there is still a considerable distance between their bodies.

They are not rubbing against each other or feeling each other. On the other hand, when two people who are interested in each other or together hug each other, the hug becomes much more intimate and sexual.

It would be good to be mindful of this while hugging a guy from behind. If you are just hugging him as a friend and do not want him to get any wrong ideas, be mindful that you don't end up crushing your body against his in a way that may feel too sexual. 

What to do if the guy reacts awkwardly or negatively after you hug him?

You felt everything was alright. You went ahead and hugged him from behind. But his reaction wasn't what you were expecting. What should you do next? 

If he gets awkward but doesn't say anything 

He is probably surprised if he gets awkward but doesn't react negatively. You might have caught him off guard if he didn't expect you to hug him. 

He may have actually liked the hug but just didn't know how to respond. However, it may also be the case that he is someone who isn't very comfortable with hugs and your hug made him feel pretty awkward.

Observing his behavior towards you after the hug may be a good idea. If he is shy, he probably liked your gesture. If he is aloof, it is possible that he does not know how to handle the situation. In any case, if you feel that he is ignoring you, you may talk to him about it and clear the air. 

If he gets awkward and reacts negatively

If he gets awkward and reacts in a negative way, he may not have liked your gesture. He may be someone who doesn't like physical contact or at least isn't interested in hugs. 

If he reacts in a way that hurts you, you may choose to excuse yourself from the situation and later text him to gain some clarity on the situation. If he keeps ignoring you even after that, it may be a good idea to let things be as they are for some time. 

If he explains why he doesn't like it

If he doesn't react weirdly but calmly tells you that he isn't very comfortable with it, it just means that he values the connection he shares with you, but he also is clear about his boundaries. 

In this case, you should respect his boundaries and not push him about it. And make sure not to let this incident affect your connection with him because he seems to cherish this connection! 

To conclude…

I hope this blog provided you with the answers you were looking for. If you are wondering whether guys like to be hugged from behind, then the answer is that there is no one answer! Some guys like it; some guys don't.

You may have to figure out if your guy likes it or is comfortable enough with you to appreciate it if you hug him that way. You can observe how relaxed he is with you and others when there is any physical contact involved.

Figuring this out beforehand will help you escape any awkward situation that would have resulted if you just went ahead without analyzing the situation! 

Adhideb Ghosh

Senior Writer

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