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Can a Man Forget a Woman He Slept with? (Yes, Here's Why)

Yes, a man can forget a woman he slept with. If he was intoxicated or promiscuous, he might have difficulty recalling her name or immediately recognizing her. Featured Image of Can a Man Forget a Woman He Slept with

Sleeping with someone is more about gratifying our bodily needs than complementing each other’s attributes. Men, more than women, are attracted to women’s physical attributes. They don’t wait to learn the name and gather information about the woman first. They would rather make their move with the cheesiest pickup line ever.

If you are surprised to find out how a man can forget a woman he slept with, keep reading below.

Reasons why a man forgets a woman he slept with 

If you ask a man this question, he may say nothing is worth remembering. While some would raise a scandal over the statement, others would consider the joke to be on the man because he had gotten intimate with her, even if that was temporary.

Keep reading below to find out what most men said when they answered affirmatively about forgetting women in their lives.

#1 He never cared to ask her name 

If the man never asked the girl's name because everything happened on the spur of the moment and the next thing they knew, that is, if the woman herself did not want to make any contact with the man and thus they did not exchange numbers, the man might forget her.

Moreover, people often get along with others in clubs and parties, primarily intending to sleep rather than get personal. These are mostly one-night stands that guys and girls of all ages love to indulge in.

#2 He has multiple partners 

If the guy has multiple partners or is in an open relationship, he likes to date casually. He'd pay the bills and be rude, but he'd be uninterested in knowing the personal details of the women he sleeps with. 

Such men are not into small talk. They won’t ask you about your family, education, or where you live or work. They are only interested in getting into your pants. Once you give them the keys, they feel privileged and sorted. 

#3 He was too inebriated

If the guy slept with someone while he was heavily drunk, he might not remember her countenance. He might not forget the bearing and the sensation of pouncing over and under. They shall remember the warmth and might have mild memories about it, but they will have difficulty recollecting the entire episode due to inebriation.

However, suppose a man genuinely likes or wants to know more about the woman. In that case, he will track her down by revisiting where he picked her up an ad asking the people over there if they know someone of that bearing or if she is a regular visitor at the given cafe or restaurant.

#4 He is a drug user

If the guy is heavily into drugs, he would not remember anything about most of the events in his life. His life, as such, would be a sorry affair. In this case, girls should be more careful and think twice before going to bed with a drug user.

It should not be shocking if they are abandoned at midnight or mistreated the next morning. One must not trust drug addicts unless one knows them personally. Even if you start liking one, try to fix his habits by pushing him to join a rehab facility. 

#5 He is heartbroken 

If the guy is heartbroken, the only name that he will remember is that of his ex. The chances are high that he will try to date girls who resemble his ex. He might even call them by her name. 

In such cases, the guy is obsessed with the previous partner and missing out on the current people in his life. 

However, this also implies that he loved her dearly. He would take time to recover, but he would do so passionately when he loved someone again. Just in case you fall for someone and he doesn’t remember anything about you, don’t be disheartened. Try to analyze the situation and get to the root cause of it. 

When you understand that the guy has been betrayed in love and disabled him from loving another easily, help him out. Begin by being a friend. Take him to counsel. Talk to him. Help him get over her memories.

#6 He likes to catfish 

If the guy loves to catfish, he treats dating life like a game. He would not care for emotions. He enjoys fooling around and takes immense pride in the number of girls he can fool with. Perhaps he doesn’t remember the names of the women he has slept with, but he is definitely keeping count of the number of women he has slept with. 

Such guys are like vagabonds. They would seek favor, eat and sleep with random women, and continue their lives as if nothing had happened the previous day. They are hippies and may even dress as such. They would love to talk about politics, and they are always supportive of liberals.

#7 He lacks conscience 

If the guy lacks conscience, that is, if his upbringing has been such or if it is common in his culture to sleep randomly with women, a mistaken notion of hypermodernity perhaps, he may be completely aware of this habit of forgetfulness and thus approach women with the opening line, "Hey sweetie, I think I know you." Have we seen each other before? "Were you in the same high school as me?” Then he would take random names to see if you fell for any of them, or you could tell him your name.

This is a common playboy move, and it would means that he is a player. Whenever a guy pretends to know you but the dots don’t quite match, he tries to hit on you, and nothing more than that. 

#8 He always had a bad memory 

Perhaps the guy in question has amnesia. Many people suffer from amnesia these days, and in such incidents, it would be natural not to remember people they hold close to their hearts. It is wise to get an idea of the medical condition of people before planning to go out with them.  

The problem is that we get so spontaneous in wanting to satisfy our instincts that we hardly think about the long-term impacts. In most cases, it doesn’t even occur to people that they should also know their partner's mental records. While diagnosis has been an unexplored area by many, it must not be neglected by loved ones.

#9 He is a narcissist 

He is so self-centric that his world revolves around him. He does not think about anyone else but himself. It’s not just you whose name he might have forgotten; it might be a daily occurrence in his life. He may not be interested in global affairs in general, and he may be the spoilt, overly pampered child of his parents. 

It is better to avoid narcissists, as they often fail to be socialists and might not regard others as equal to them. Even among his friends, he might be the one who loves to throw parties but doesn’t know the guests personally despite being the host. However, such people are mostly reasonably famous.

#10 He uses s*x for therapy  

If the guy in question is a sportsman or an athlete, he might engage in frequent and random make-out sessions. Such people’s ultimate concern is relaxation and therapy. For obvious reasons, they would not be interested in what others think or do or their details but in how they look and what their sexual drive is. 

Such people have high drives, and they might even take more than one partner to bed at once. Making out is all about powerplay for them. It’s a game. They frequently do not have time for anything extravagant. They would never give you the impression that they want a relationship.

#11 The woman keeps herself a mystery

If the woman sleeping with the man likes to keep an enigmatic air about herself, the man might not care to demystify the persona. He would let it be an unsolved puzzle and forget it unless the woman touched a personal chord. 

Men don’t like to engage in overthinking. When the woman isn't being direct about her identity, he might just sleep with her and leave it at that. Even women like to discover less about men these days. They like associating certain fictional attributes with it and keeping the entire thing as a facade to satiate their needs.

How do you get a man you slept with to love you? 

Don't be heartbroken if the guy you slept with struck a chord with you but has since forgotten about you. Most gentlemen treat women graciously. Though you might want more, they were planning to make it short-term.

However, you cannot overlook the fact that they shared an intimate space with you; hence, something about you strikes them as different from others. 

Continue reading below to find out some of the easiest ways to make a man fall in love with you.

#1 Recreate the scene 

You can help a man remember what went on between you by recreating the episode with precision. This could feel like deja vu to him, but he might as well mention it to you. When he utters, “I feel like this has happened before,” you can help him by filling in the details.

Try to keep the venue, your outfit, and your hairdo the same. Repeat the gestures. If you had rolled your eyes, do it again. If you laughed off his first attempt, take the risk and do it again.

#2 Hit on him 

Shaking him up a little when you like a guy you slept with, but he seems to have forgotten about you is harmless. If hitting hard defines your style, do it. Don’t shy away. Always give a second chance and take a second chance on everything you care about.

When you hit on him, and he gives you a nice reception, you would start it all over again without mentioning the past, or you might realize that the first impression was superficial. The epiphany might dawn upon you that you don’t like him as much as you thought. Either way, there will be no room for regret, so that it will be a win-win situation for you.

#3 Help him recollect 

A conversation might take you a great deal of time. An icebreaker will keep things going. It is highly unlikely that he would have forgotten all about it. When you open your mouth to tell him your story, you might be surprised to find out that he also remembers a great deal of it. 

There is also a chance that the guy was merely pretending to have forgotten you because he is not interested in you and might either mock you or get pissed off when you try hard to help him recollect all about the episode. 

This might backfire more if the guy is married. He might have merely used you to ease himself for a night. If you had approved of it, he might have thought you were tired of your partner too. Such men won’t let anyone enter their lives easily. As a result, pay close attention to his facial expression to figure out what's on his mind. 

#4 Be a friend 

Try being his friend when you like a guy from the bottom of your heart, but he does not recall much about you. It is easy to befriend someone these days. It can begin with a Facebook friend request, an exchange of numbers, or a tete-a-tete. 

Once you are friends, you will also get a deeper understanding of what goes into his decisions, and if things are favorable, he might confess his feelings for you in no time. Have faith and patience, and try to be friends with the people you intend to love.

#5 Mystify him 

You can play some mind-boggling game with the guy who has slept with you but claims to have forgotten you if you have discovered their peculiarities. This will give you an advantage when running the context. You will be able to dictate your terms. 

You can be the Catwoman in his life. Mystify him with your persona. Don’t pass him the keys easily when he feels intrigued. Rather than revealing everything at once, he drops clues from time to time until he realizes who he is dealing with.

#6 Be open about your feelings 

It is alright if you want to write a letter to the guy with a weak memory and help him not only recollect all that passed between you but also reveal to him your true feelings. Why should guys always go down on their knees and submit themselves to the love of their lives? 

Sometimes even the women in the house should do it. It will enrich your confidence and make him feel special. Even if he needs help remembering you, he would want to give this a chance if he is not too stereotypical in his way of doing things.

Summing up 

A man forgetting a woman with whom he has slept does not imply that he will not remember the woman again in a flash when the situation and circumstances require it. Memory can be tricky, but there is always hope when you strike a chord with someone.

Suprity Acharyya


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