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Boyfriend Kisses Me in My Sleep [Here's What You Need to Know]

If your boyfriend kisses you while you are asleep, he is obsessed with you. This might be because you're the first love of his life, and he can't get enough of you. If you're in a new relationship, this is normal. If you have been dating him for long, he is madly in love with you.Boyfriend kisses his partner while sleeping

Relationships have got a lot to do with physical touch and connection. The level of comfort is achieved with time. In the zone of comfort, you at times get too cheesy or forget to seek permission from your partner about certain things. 

If your partner kisses you while you are fast asleep, there might be moments when you feel happy and blessed. But all days, or may I say nights, aren't the same. If you have had a long day and want to rest, you might not want your boyfriend to get luvvy duvvy with you.

Well, worry not; we will first figure out why he kisses you while you are asleep. Is it out of love or a lack of understanding? And then, we shall look for ways in which we can fix it for you. I'll further share some quick tips with you to go well along the way.

Why does your boyfriend kisses you while you are asleep? 

Your boyfriend likes to give extra doses of his love to you. The kisses he pecks on your face are his way of adoring and pampering you. However, there can be more reasons for it. I've discussed it below; keep reading!

#1 He is madly in love with you 

The most obvious reason for your boyfriend to overwhelm you with his kisses even late at night is that he loves you like a madman. Now, if you ask me if it's immature behavior or if it's wrong to love another person crazily, it will bring into account many other factors.

The most important thing for you to care about is your feelings. The way he kisses you, do you like it? Do you want more of it? Does it not make you feel uncomfortable? If not, you must not overthink this.

Enjoy the moment. Carpe diem! Seize the hand of the clock with the acceptance of every kiss he lovingly puts on you. However, the day you get uncomfortable, don't fear to speak up.

#2 He is insecure about you 

Either you're too pretty, or you are too pretty for him. He has never been or imagined himself to be with someone like you. He considers you a diva.

In such scenarios, it gets difficult to cage one's desires. The very sight of yours makes him want to do things. It might be right if you like it. It might be wrong if you find it repulsive. 

You know your heart best. Don't let things happen for the sake of it. Try to analyze your feelings first. Remember, you are in this relationship because it brings you happiness. If he is insecure about you, earn his trust. Make love with him or love him the way he loves you.

#3 He is too possessive 

Being a bit possessive is fundamental to any relationship. We have this habit of calling them 'my girl,' 'my boy,' 'my love,' and so on. However, if the degree is so great that one can never get enough of the other, it becomes a concern.

Perhaps the reason why you are reading this blog post today isn't that you like or don't like it; it's your curiosity that is bothering you at noon. You fail to understand the persistent behavior who might not love you well while you are up but won't let go of you while drowning in sleep.

It might be a matter of time. If the relationship is new, this might continue for some time. If it's been a while, you mean life to him!

#4 He is mad at you 

If it's not natural for him to kiss you while you are in your dreamland, something has prompted this behavior. If he doesn't like to break into fights with you, this is his way of keeping up with his anger.

If you feel that something is bothering him, it's better to sort it out. Take him in your embrace and ask him softly what the matter is; he will be honest in his reply.

#5 He is horny 

Well, guys are horny round the clock but more so at night. He is kissing you like that because he cannot help himself. He wants to get cozy with you

If you feel a make-out session would help you sleep better together, keep the ball rolling. If not, kiss his forehead and wish him a good night.

#6 He had a bad dream 

There is a possibility that your boyfriend has been having nightmares for a fortnight now. While you are lying peacefully there, his consciousness is pricking him. It might be something to do with his professional life, or it might be the fruit of his overthinking unhealthy exercise.

Try to study the pattern. Watch the time. If it happens at the same hour every night, this is it! If he breaks down or begins to sob while kissing you, he is undergoing emotional torment.

Quick tip: Notice the way he kisses you. If he is not kissing you on the sensational part, it is not out of lust. A kiss on the forehead regularly at a particular hour has a greater significance than anything that can occur to one immediately. 

#7 He has a weird fetish 

Well, fetishes are mostly weird. Your guy may have a weird fetish where he enjoys making out with people in a semiconscious state. This could be serious stuff. If this behavior is recurring, I strongly suggest you open up with him or consider counseling. 

Remember, you will have to make him comfortable enough to make him share it with you. Share your fetish with him. If you don't have one, make it up. That will give him the initiative to open up to you.

#8 He likes to drive you crazy 

He knows very well that you enjoy it when he kisses you like that. His motto is to give you all the pleasure you deserve. He is doing this so that you get as obsessed with him as he is with you.

If you feel the same way for him, acknowledge it. An acknowledgment on the note of gratification could bring him happiness and keep the fuel burning.

#9 He enjoys watching your reaction 

He enjoys watching your expressions. The way you turn or twist, the way you hold or allow him to hold you, these small things could be the source of fun for him.

Continue it till the time you enjoy it too. But if there are days you would prefer to be left alone, express it before him. If he is the right guy for you, he is bound to understand.

#10 He likes to take you by surprise 

He likes giving you surprises, which is one way to bring a smile to your face. These are cute gestures that make the bond special. It's the little things that matter. He wants to love you in all the little ways possible.

#11 He is happy 

He is kissing you while you're asleep because he is happy. This happiness could be because of you, or it could be that he got promoted. He wanted to celebrate and make love. For whatever reason, he couldn't; he wanted to express it in the form of kisses.

#12 He is not satisfied 

You guys haven't made out recently or haven't made out well enough. He is thirsty, and he wants more of you. While you're asleep, he wants to love you and hold you close for the entire night.

#13 He is trying to seduce you 

He is kissing you while you're sleeping to seduce you into making love with him. These are simple tricks guys like to play now and then. Kiss him hard and hug him all night long.

What to do if you like how your boyfriend kisses you in sleep? 

Well, if you enjoy the extra dose of pampering that you receive from your boyfriend, you can add fuel to it by making it both ways, and as such, reciprocating and loving him, all the same, is the best way to move ahead. However, that's not all. Keep reading to know more.

#1 Express your love for him 

Well, if your boyfriend adores you with kisses, the least that you must do in return is to utter the three magical words. Telling someone that you love them at the most comforting hour can be very romantic. It is almost like winning their heart over and over again. 

Quick tip: If you like the way he kisses you in sleep, give him a sweet smile as a gesture of approval and affirmation. It will make him continue it for longer than he had intended.

#2 Give him the kiss of life 

If your boyfriend adores you with soft kisses, turn around, face him, hold him, and give him the kiss of life! Love him in a way that surpasses all. Make him feel alive and happy for sharing this life and its precious moments with you by his side. 

Quick tip: If you like how he pampers you with kisses, engage him in a kissing session. Show him that you like getting loved and loving him all the same.

#3 Try role play 

If you like the way your boyfriend kisses you and you want to prolong the session, try fun stuff like role play. It will heat the session and make it enjoyable for both of you.

In the process of doing this, you will also discover new facts about one another and know how comfortable you feel in given situations. It is doubtless that it shall bring you a lot closer than before.

#4 You do the same to him 

If he adores you with kisses, you adore him too! He might appreciate it. However, it might be that he enjoys loving you more than being loved.

My friend had dated this guy once, and he was an expert in kissing.

While he would kiss her in ways, she had never been kissed before, he would not allow her to do the same. All she desired was an absolute submission on her part.

She had expressed her concern to me. See, the crux is that you must enjoy whatever you are doing. If you like the way he kisses you, enjoy it. If not, I have got a tip for you.

A quick tip: If you are an early riser and you happen to get a chance to kiss him in the morning, the way he kissed you at night, don't let it go amiss! Wake him up with soft kisses to make him feel all loved and blessed to start the day with you by his side.

#5 Give him a surprise 

Surprises are also always welcome. Surprises can vary and know no limit. You can decorate your room and play some romantic tunes, or you can book a couples spa and take him on for aromatherapy together. These things are romantic, and it keeps your relationship from becoming monotonous

#6 Plan a staycation 

The humdrum of city life might be preventing things from getting heated up. If you plan a staycation to hills or beaches, you will get more scope to be romantic and appreciate all these gestures that come your way.

While you might think that you are staying under the same roof and a vacation or staycation might not create any difference, you cannot be more wrong. A vacay mode affects your temperament. It takes you to a different zone where you date to cross your limits and experiment with new things. 

#7 Dress up for him 

Even if you're not able to take the time out to take a vacay or go on dates, dressing up for your guy would be a romantic move. Wear his favorite color or don something gifted by him. It will give him another reason to keep loving you the way he does.

#8 Be flirtatious 

Flirt with him a lot more than you generally do. Getting naughty or flashy, teasing, and being playful with each other will make it more enjoyable for both of you.

What to do if you don't like it when your boyfriend kisses you in sleep? 

If you're a sleepy head and like to sleep uninterrupted, you might want your boyfriend to adore you with kisses when you're wide awake and more into the real world than at hours when you're sound asleep. In such cases, it is best to express your concern in very simple words before him.

However, besides some other options, I've shared some tips to keep you going. These tips will make room for you before you try to voice your concern.

#1 Make love before going to bed 

If you don't like being disturbed in your sleep, making love before going to bed might be all you need. It would naturally be followed by long hours of sleep. However, if that is not good enough and he wants more of it, I have a tip for you.

Quick tip: Keep a pillow or two between the two of you in such a way that he can't get close enough to kiss you. Make him promise you not to disturb the arrangement.

#2 Share your concern 

In any relationship, communication is to the core. It would help if you learned to establish communication with one another, and it must be candid. Don't just assume that because you think of him as your better half, he will understand all your needs and work on them automatically.

It is always better to give words to your emotions and feelings. If you will not share it with him, who else would you share it with? Learn to talk it out.

If, after talking it out too, he doesn't work on it, follow my quick tip.

Quick tip: If he doesn't work on his habits, sleep in separate rooms for some time. This might bring him to a better understanding with you.

#3 Try changing positions 

Face on the other side while sleeping. However, this might not be very effective as he can always come close and kiss your back. However, it will give him a hint that you don't desire to be distributed while asleep.

A quick tip: Cover yourself from head to toe with a blanket, and don't share your blanket with him.

#4 Ask him about his desires, fantasy, and fetish

Get him talking. Ask him to open up. Tell him you want to know him inside out. Express your fantasies and desires before him. This will give him a push and encourage him to share it with you. Once you get an idea of all that runs at the back of his mind, you will be able to arrive at a better solution.

If the idea pleases you, you can encourage it. If it doesn't, you can talk about it. Remember, it's not as grave a matter as it might seem. You might be old school, but these things are weird and normal at the same time. Take your time to understand things better before coming up with a decision.

Summing up 

If your boyfriend kisses you in sleep, it's a sweet gesture; appreciate it. Every guy has their way of adoring and loving their girl. They call it their signature move.

It makes them and your relationship unique. As I've discussed above, you come up with such a signature move to make you unique in his book and make him smile whenever he recalls it.

Suprity Acharyya


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