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Boyfriend Acts Single on Social Networks [Find Out Why]

He is having a hard time getting over his ex. He wants to be certain before making it official. Giver him confidence that you love him and won't leave him in your wildest dreams. Show him that he means life to you. Change your relationship status to committed and tag him to boost his confidence.A woman sitting on a chair looking at her phone seems upset

A young relationship can have as many complexities as an old one. If you have been dating a guy for a while, but he hasn't made the relationship official yet, you start wondering what he has in mind.

You get skeptical and ask yourself whether he is indeed serious regarding you. You have seen many of your friends having a hard breakup because their boyfriends got bored of them.

You are scared to fall into such a position. Worry not! It is sometimes normal for guys to take a long time before making their relationship official. Keep reading to know why!

Possible reasons why your boyfriend acts single on social networks

One of the primary reasons for a guy not to make the relationship official is because it never occurred to him in the first place.

Yes, guys are like that. Important things don't occur to them, and you got to work hard to bring them to their notice. Please keep reading to know all the possible reasons why your boyfriend hasn't changed his relationship status yet and shows himself to be single.

#1 He isn't over his ex yet 

If your relationship is young and your boyfriend had a miserable breakup before he found you, it might be that various episodes from the past still trigger him.

While his previous relationship was official, he is extremely cautious this time. Certain signs shall confirm this hypothesis. See if your boyfriend still has his ex's photos in his gallery. 

If his ex is still on his mind, he might call her name instead of yours at times. If and when he does that, don't let it go. Confront him. Don't excuse him for anything.

Ask him to share what's troubling him with you. Explain to him that you are together for larger things and want to make it meaningful.

#2 He is not serious about you 

Perhaps your boyfriend isn't serious about you and is still out on the hunt. He, therefore, acts single as if all that's taking place between you is merely for fun. 

While you have been considering everything very seriously, and perhaps this guy agreed to all your wishes when you were alone in the room, it was a mere tactic to get into your pants. Now that he is through his motives, he doesn't care what you feel and doesn't even pretend to confirm you.

#3 He thinks you are not serious about him 

Perhaps you never made any grand gestures in love. You don't remind him how much you love him. You haven't done any such thing that would make him feel that you are into him. It has all been casual and superficial between you, or at least he feels that way. 

You can ask him what he feels for you. In return, you can tell me what you feel in his absence. That would explain where you stand with your relationship with him. Once he understands that, you both can behave like an online and offline couple.

#4 You show off as single 

Suppose you have always flirted with guys, even in the presence of your boyfriend, even though he never expressed it, but your actions hurt him.

He felt that you would move on with someone else as soon as he called it off. If this is not the case, you must make amends. 

Do not flirt with guys either online or offline. Instead, show everywhere that you belong to him as he does to you. Once you start showing it off, there won't be any confusion, and he won't mind behaving accordingly.

#5 He doesn't prefer to public his relationship stories 

Perhaps your boyfriend likes to stay low-key. If so, he wouldn't behave like he is in a relationship. He might not be doing this to get the attention of the single ladies. He is doing it to prevent any unwanted interruption in his life. 

Some easy signs of understanding this without verbally putting it before your boyfriend would be to check his frequent posts or make updates online and what its nature is.

If it is mostly political, there's nothing to worry about. However, if he makes posts and status with captions that essentially makes other believe that he is single, you must confront him.

#6 Your friends don't know about him 

If your boyfriend is a stranger to your friends, he tries to keep you a stranger to his friends. This is his have of keeping things even between both of you as he feels that there is still scope to create a better understanding before you begin to pose before others what you truly mean to one another. 

When we don't know or find it hard to estimate the value of a person in our life, we might be able to tell others about it either comprehensively.

At that moment, we will feel wasted and start questioning the purpose of what we are doing with the partner we have. Your boyfriend is perhaps trying to elude such a scenario. He pretends to know you, but he is still in the process of learning. Take the process slow and bear with him.

#7 His friends don't like you 

If, for some peculiar reason, you are not in the good books of his friends, it can be either due to past differences or because your personality doesn't matter to one another, your boyfriend might lack confidence in opening up about you in his circle.

It is, therefore, that he plays along and pretends to be single. However, if you feel that this is the case, you must convince your boyfriend to find a way to make things better between you and his friends.

After all, he is a part of the group, and he found something in you for which he loves you. His love must have the force to convince his friends to change their views. However, don't let him do it all alone. Meet him and his friends midway while they are at it.

#8 Your best friend is his ex 

If you both decided to keep your relationship secret because your best friend is his ex, he might have obvious reasons to act single online. 

Dating somebody's ex from the circle complicates things. However, the truth cannot be hidden for long. Remember when Rachel and Joey started seeing each other? It came as a shock to Ross, and he was deeply hurt. It was perhaps because he never imagined them together. 

However, Rachel and Joey decided it was best to tell him personally. They selected an appropriate moment as well. They invited him over dinner along with his girlfriend.

You should pick up such a moment too. When his ex sees someone, ask your boyfriend to invite them over for a feast. It would be personal and distant at the same time. 

#9 You only talk at nights 

If you can give time to each other only after finishing all your work and before going to bed, it would mean that you are not sharing a phase where the distance from your partner drives you crazy.

If you aren't sharing that phase yet, you expect him to appear taken online, and it would give you disappointing results. You haven't fallen in love yet. 

If you don't have the longing to meet each other or stay with one another, you might want to try harder. You must spend more time with one another.

Take more interest in things that go into making his personality. These things will draw you mentally closer, and both of you will start appreciating the importance of each other.

#10 You haven't exchanged photographs yet 

If you either don't trust or don't have the yearning to take a better look at each other, that is, if you don't exchange intimate images or click photographs together, you are far from the phase where you would pretend to be taken or act in that manner.

It would help if you did not blame him alone for this. You share the guilt. You got to give him something that keeps him hooked to you even when you are not around. Plan this out and drop it as a surprise. Once he begins to yearn for you, he will do anything to keep you.

#11 You don't surprise one another 

If you don't make extra efforts to surprise each other, you won't derive pleasure the way other couples do.

When you regard someone as special, you need to show them by walking an extra mile together. Little things matter. 

Showing up at his place at odd hours, parceling him his favorite food item, making a collage, and sending it to him, anything that can bring a smile on the face of the person you love would do the magic.

Once you start putting efforts on your part, he will revert similarly.

#12 You haven't discussed your past 

When you open up about your past to the person you are dating, you hand them a key to your heart.

They become a part of the story when you narrate it to them. You feel less lonely, and they feel more yours. These are things that make a relationship successful. 

If in your case, you haven't opened up about your childhood memories or nightmares, you must do it soon. It would help to analyze where and how things are not falling in place. 

Mere speculations of things not turning up the way you want will only cause more trouble. Try to figure out solutions rather than lament the situation. It's in your hand to make it better.

#13 You show off to be too modern 

If you are a pro-feminist or someone who supports the idea of open relationships, your boyfriend might be using it up to his advantage because he took it for granted that you must be considering yourself to fall on the same list.

These days, when we support a theory, it is assumed that we are a part of that theory. That is, we would like to be in a similar situation. However, all we mean to say is that we understand how it works and doesn't have a reason to go against it. 

If this is the case, you might want to clarify things with your boyfriend. Let him know that you didn't mean these theories apply to your case. You only are positive about it, but deep inside, you like to stay old school in practice.

What to do when your boyfriend acts single on social media? 

It would help if you told him that out of all the things that you can put up with, this is something that you cannot. It is a mark of disrespect and dishonesty. You are neither weaving lies, nor are you embarrassed to confront the truth.

Try to make him look at things from your perspective. If he loves you, he will understand and behave accordingly. Please keep reading to find out ways to express it before your boyfriend.

#1 Tell him your concern 

Be polite and cheesy when you express it before your boyfriend. Don't pick up a harsh tone. Remember, you want to convince him, not break up with him.

Tell him teasingly, "Darling, I've noticed you have been naughty online. You put up like you are single and ready to mingle. Don't think that I don't pay attention." 

This will hint that you don't appreciate the conduct, and he will mend his way soon. 

#2 Invite him over 

Inviting your boyfriend to your place would be dragging him into your comfort zone. He would be more conscious, and you would be more at ease.

He would not be about to make excuses or run away. It's not like you are setting a trap, but you got to be subtle. 

Once he is there, make him comfortable and when you get the opportunity, open his page on your phone and ask him about it. See his reaction. If his face tells you that he has been caught red-handed, he is guilty and well aware of what he is doing.

However, if he misses the point, he is perhaps ignorant, and you might need to explain to him what is troubling you.

#3 Plan a get-together 

A get-together with your friends and his would reveal things. There won't be any more need or space for secrecy.

You both would be open to one another and feel stronger as a couple. You would further be able to plan things, especially with the couples in your groups. Partying, and planning trips, among other exciting things, could be arranged together.

That way, your relationship won't be monotonous. You won't get overwhelmed by each other's company. The bonus is that you get to post pictures online with groups, and everybody at large would know that you see each other.

#4 Change your relationship status 

Altering your relationship status from single to dating will give your boyfriend a straight jacket hint of what you are up to. You might even consider tagging him. 

He will take the hint if he chooses not to act as a dummy. If he doesn't, you will get the opportunity to ask him straight away what's keeping me from exhibiting as your boyfriend. Either way, you will get closure to the problem.

#5 Send him your pictures 

If you haven't gotten cheesy in a relationship and it's bothering you how your boyfriend acts socially or online, you might want to level up.

Sharing intimate photos exchanged between couples might be the way to go. He must not only feel that you are cute but should find you appealing. 

Your expressions should be loud enough for him. Getting naughty with your boyfriend is right. It will make things exciting and give you control. Once you are in charge, you will be able to mend ways accordingly.

#6 Talk more often 

If you aren't talking enough to your boyfriend, that it's, if you are not sharing ideas, exchanging views, asking for opinions, discussing career choices, talking about your day, then you are missing big things in a relationship.

These are the loopholes that you want to plaster. If he isn't taking the initiative, you start it.

Call him during the day in the middle of your chores or while running on the treadmill. Tell him that you would have loved to spend that moment with him.

Ask him about his day. Make him talk. Once he is there, you won't even need to express your concerns. He will feel you.

#7 Plan a staycation 

A staycation will allow you plenty of time to understand each other and clear any hard feelings that might be swelling your heart.

You would be able to open up without any burden. It will be effortless. You will be able to bring up the topic for discussion effortlessly. Or, you might decide to post pictures together as couples spontaneously.

That will ease the situation and take off your worries without you even mentioning it to him. Now, what's better than avoiding arguments, right? 

#8 Go shopping together 

Shopping together will help you know each other's preferences and appreciate each other's choices. You will eventually learn to mold your partner's choice while making a purchase. 

Even when you decide to buy a dress for yourself, you would want to wear his favorite color. That would be a mood lifter for both of you.

He might learn and imply it himself too. Once there's an understanding between you two, neither of you will have anything to worry about. You would be over insecurities and feel more complete with one another.

#9 Cook for each other 

Cooking is not easy when you are cooking for someone else. You need to know their preference which might not be the way you would like.

However, it is metaphorically a very intimate activity. There's no lovelier gesture to win a heart than cooking food for them. It will present to them your love.

It will show that you pay attention to details when they are in the picture, and you will take that extra mile to bring a smile to their face. Sometimes, it is all that matters. It's a fulfilling experience to cook and feed someone lovingly. It never goes unappreciated. Try it today!

#10 Gift books to one another 

Books are treasures of wisdom. The correct pick can be life-changing.

Similarly, it can take you a long way in your relationship. When you gift, share, or exchange books with each other, you present them with the key to your thoughts. It will help your boyfriend know about your ideologies. 

Even when you want to mark a shift in his thinking process or broaden up his mentality, the right book might land you there.

#11 Learn Salsa together 

Salsa is an intimate dance form made for couples. It will bring you together and make you look sexy as a couple.

It would appear to the world that you were made for one another. Your body language would ease up. You would pick up a natural flow.

An understanding and energy that you weren't even aware of would begin to show up. You would enjoy each other's company, and your relationship will be unique. Watch the movie Step Up to get more inspiration!

Summing up

Behaviors are affectations and not remote. It shall change with the response to the behavior. When you don't like something, and you express it to the one who cares, they will do everything to change it.

All you have to do is gather the courage to express your dislike; that is the challenging part. I hope this article helps you gather the courage and open up gracefully to your boyfriend about his conduct on social media without heating things unnecessarily.

Suprity Acharyya


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