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Would a Guy Kiss You if He Wasn't Interested? (ANSWERED)

Yes, a guy can kiss you even if he is not interested. His hormones can make him do it. He will later say that he was not thinking straight or it was no big deal. Before reciprocating, make up your mind and do the calculations if you want a one-night stand or friends with benefits scene with him.Feature Image of Would a Guy Kiss You if He Wasn't Interested

Kissing is a part of foreplay that makes room for intense makeout. However, the purpose of a kiss need not always be something extreme.

A kiss is also a token of fondness. How well someone likes you can be revealed by how you are kissed. It is important to focus on how you are kissed and, more so, on how you felt while you were being kissed. Did it arouse you? Or did it make you feel special? 

Don't muddle your brain. We shall figure it out together besides finding ways to take better control over the situation.

Reasons why a guy will kiss you without being interested 

If the guy felt that you were lonely and his kiss might comfort you, he won't hesitate to keep himself off you. The situation gets tricky when you are alone and if it's dark or in a theatre and there's a romantic scene going on.

Sharing proximity with someone leads to things you hadn't thought of. However, there's always more than one reason for it. Keep reading to know more.

#1 He is horny 

If the guy is having an adrenaline rush and he finds you not hesitating in kissing back, he would kiss you.

You will understand it from his eyes. Is he trying to corner you? Is he trying to arouse you? Do you get charming vibes from him?

If he behaves in the most gentlemanly manner, it is a facade, and he is doing it because he has a purpose.

#2 It's a challenge 

Perhaps the guy has been challenged by his friends or has accepted it as a challenge to himself. If you are not one of them easily available girls who readily goes out with a guy, he would take it on his ego and try his best to get cozy with you.

Look at the way he kisses you. Is he trying to claim you in the process of kissing? Are people watching when he is kissing you? Does he try to take a selfie while kissing you?

If he does all this or any of it, you must beware. 

#3 You're the talk of the town

If you are popular and have a pleasing personality or appealing attributes, that is, if you have the perfect figure or very kissable and pouty full lips, any guy would want to kiss you to be exhilarated with the experience of it. 

However, if it makes you uncomfortable, that is, if you don't like the way he kisses you or if he attempts to take it further than kissing, it is the red flag unless you are genuinely interested.

#4 Maybe he is interested in you but never showed up 

He may have been watching and wanting you for a long time. You might be his first crush. Finally, if he gets an opportunity and sees the willingness on your part to be kissed or to kiss, he would like to go for it. 

Such a scenario occurs when the guy is an old friend or classmate you have never paid a lot of attention to. He was always there but always went unnoticed. 

Kissing this guy would be an experience of a kind because he is shy and would take his time to kiss you properly. You might want it if you haven't been kissed like that before.

#5 He is dominative 

Perhaps the guy wants to kiss you to thrust himself over you. He is dominant. If you are dominant, too, he will take it up as a challenge. Whereas, if you are submissive, he would like to rule over you as much as possible.

It all comes down to your needs. How do you like to keep the balance in your life? What are you looking for? 

Does the guy allow you to be expressive or wait for you to kiss him first? If not, he is dominant. If yes, he is the balanced type.

#6 He wants to try and see 

Perhaps he is experimenting on you. The guy wants to see how kissable you are.

Look at his expression. Does he keep his eyes close while he kisses you? Does he keep his eyes open to observe you? How does he place his hands while kissing you?

Try to study body language. If he holds you by your waist, he has wanted it for some time in a romantic way. If he holds you by the neck, he is lusty for you. If he kisses you by placing his arms on the wall around you, he tries to dominate you. 

#7 He likes to make others horny 

He is having fun with you. If the guy kisses you but doesn't attempt to do anything more, he is a tease. He wants to turn you on and keep you longing for him. He wants to see his effect on you.

Wait to see how he approaches you later. Is he comfortable around you, or does he gets fidgeted when you are near him? If it's the former, he is a schemer. If it's the latter, he has wanted you for a long time.

#8 He cares for you 

Perhaps the kiss is a token of fondness. This guy cares for you and perhaps loves you in a friendly way.

You would know this if you look back and see how far you have come together. Sometimes in friendship, you can't help but love a person. The kiss is to show that they love you. 

Were you upset or low when this surprise kiss came your way? Did it alter your feeling and make you happy? Kisses release certain hormones that can uplift our mood. If that's how you felt after being kissed, the kiss was selfless and wholly meant to please you.

You can get such a kiss from your colleague or your subordinate.

#9 He likes you as a friend 

Did he smile after kissing you? Did he make you comfortable when he kissed you? Did he take your permission before kissing you? 

A friend would do all of that. If he did all these, he kissed you as a friend. It was a gesture to celebrate your friendship. It is nothing complex.

Do not overthink and spoil it. Unless he says or makes a confession about having secretly liked you romantically, this kiss is a blessing.

#10 You begged for it 

If you wanted the guy to kiss you, and you asked him to do so in the heat of the moment, he might have done it.

This is something you do on vacation and perhaps on a beach. When you have come across someone charming, and you are vibing well or chilling together, and you wonder if a kiss is harmless, you do it.

If you feel good about it, there's nothing wrong with it. It was a one-time thing and perhaps will never happen again.

Enjoy it and let it go. Don't try to hold strongly on to this person if it feels like something that comes with no strings attached.

#11 He was drunk 

If the guy was drunk and out of his wits and you were at a party where you happen to stand close to him, he looked at you, pulled you by the waist, and planted kisses on you.

This is a common scenario in a drunken situation. If you know the guy well, warn him not to repeat it if you don't like it. If the guy was a stranger, keep your distance from him if ever you see him again. If you liked it, find out more about him, and if he is single, don't hesitate to ask him out.

What to do to lead him further?

If you liked and enjoyed the way you were kissed, or if you developed certain feelings afterward, you might want to continue and build a relationship with this guy.

There are many ways to steer forward. One way is to respond affirmatively. How to do that? Keep reading to know more!

#1 Kiss him back 

If you like the way you are kissed, kiss back! That's the best way to show your liking for a person. Kiss as passionately as possible. Breathe life into him. You can take it further eventually, one step at a time.

#2 Ask him out 

If you don't want to play mind games and want to be direct in your approach to him, asking him out on a date would be the right way to carry things forward. Tell him, "Would you like to take this further by going to a more romantic place?" 

This will give you more privacy, and you will feel freer to take things forward at your pace.

#3 Buy him gifts 

Show him that he has reserved a special place in your heart by giving him something special and thoughtful. It would be a declaration of your love to him. If he reciprocates it with something special, you will get your affirmation.

#4 Dress up and show at his door 

Give him a surprise by showing up at his door. Dress in the most woman-like manner so that your feminine attributes don't go ignored.

If he invites you in and doesn't hesitate to make you comfortable, it will suggest that he is single. 

#5 Give him your number 

If the guy is a stranger, but you would like to familiarize yourself with him, give him your number with a note, "Let's see where it goes from here. Give me a call."

If he is genuinely interested, he won't pass on the situation. Wait for a few days. If he takes his time before contacting you, he suggests that he has done some digging into your background. You can utilize the period to do the same.

#6 Offer him a no-strings-attached deal 

If you find him attractive, but you aren't ready for anything big or serious, tell him that.

Offer him a no-strings-attached deal. Guys are mostly more than happy to accept such a proposal. They love friends with benefit or nameless relationships.

You get comfort, solace, empathy, and everything you could ask for in return for no commitments.

#7 Play cool 

If you want to take your time before arriving at conclusions, play cool. Let him do the talking part. Talking requires effort. Let him put in the effort. You enjoy the process.

An effortless relationship is the best thing one can ask for. Moreover, guys appreciate it when girls don't get hyper and haywire about little things. They like to date patient women. It is an attractive quality.

#8 Don't get too personal 

Getting too serious or asking emotional questions is never tasteful. You cannot know a person over text. You need to spend days and nights before someone will show you their vulnerable side.

If you want to make this relationship tasteful, take it slow. Take your time and think of a lotus when you do it. Take the time to unfold the petals. It has many petals. It will show you multiple sides. But ultimately, it shall be pleasing and worth the effort.

How to protest?

If the kiss was forceful and you were disgusted or confused, you might want to take immediate action to ensure it doesn't happen again. One such action would be to push him away. Call him a jerk while you do that. It will leave him doubtless that you don't like him.

However, there are many more ways to do it. Scroll down to know more.

#1 Give him a puzzled look 

Do you know that bewildered expression one often comes across in memes? Give him that look. Show it on your face. It should read, "What the heck, dude?!"

It should be crystal clear to him that it was in no way expected, and it has disgusted you limitless. Make him feel that you want to throw up right there.

#2 Make a confession 

If there was a time you used to like him, but things have changed, and you are seeing someone else, reveal it to him. Tell him that you are not on the same page.

Tell him that you wished the situation would have been different, but since it isn't, you can't afford to harbor feelings for him.

#3 Block him 

If he texts or bothers you after that incident, block him with a warning not to come close. Say something such as, "Whatever happened between us is not approved on my part. I'm still shocked, and I can't process it. Keep your distance from me and stop bothering me."

This should set things clear and help you in handling the situation.

#4 Confront him 

Tell him on your face that you strongly disapprove of this and ask him what he thought when he kissed you.

His answers, reactions, or lack of reaction will help you connect the dots. Once you know how his mind works or how long he has been dreaming of this moment, you will be able to handle the situation tactfully.

#5 Avoid his company 

If you didn't enjoy kissing him, it's better to avoid his company. Ignore him. Don't look at him. Keep yourself busy. Don't exchange numbers with him. Don't try to offer your point of view. Leave him alone and forget all of this as a bad dream.

#6 Tell about it to your partner 

If you are taken aback by the sudden kiss of a stranger, and you are with your partner, you must involve him in the matter. Tell him that an awkward incident has occurred, and you cannot make sense of it. 

Your partner might go and talk to him or advise you on what to do next. If it was your partner's friend or partner who was hitting on you, it is serious.

#7 Don't kiss him back 

The first rule when you don't like the way you are kissed or the kisser is not to kiss back. Don't let yourself loose for even a microsecond. Else, you will get carried away with the flow and won't even be able to blame him later for any of it. 

Never get too cozy with someone unless you are sure about your motives. It is important first to know your mind well. 

#8 Ask him to stay away 

If you don't want him, ask him to stay away. If he is committed, tell him that you would disclose it to his girlfriend if he doesn't behave himself. Give him a warning before taking any severe action.

Summing up 

A guy can kiss you with or without feelings. A guy can kiss you if you are his friend or a stranger. A guy can kiss you if you are his ex.

A guy shouldn't kiss you if you don't allow him to. You can also kiss a guy if the guy doesn't hesitate.

As human beings, we like to complicate the situation by overanalyzing it.

Remember, the great wants what it wants. If you feel attracted to someone and it's mutual, have your way; if not, stay away without giving it another thought.

Suprity Acharyya


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