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When A Guy French Kisses You On The First Date (14 Reasons)

When a guy french kisses you on the first date, that means he is sexually attracted to you. The reason for this sexual attraction can be your look, your appealing approach, or as well as your intelligence. Perhaps, he interpreted something as a signal to come and kiss you. Featured Image of When A Guy French Kisses You On The First Date

First dates are always special, no matter whom it is with. A few hours, all about excitement, uncertainty, and getting butterflies in the stomach: Kisses on first dates are more special and fun. So if a guy kisses you on your first date, it is a clear signal that the guy is interested as well as attracted to you. 

But what if the guy you are talking about has french kissed on the very first date? Yeah, this thing on the first date may also be fun for some people, but tons of questions could pop up in your mind at the same time.

What is his real intention? Would it end up being something casual between you two? Should it be a red flag for you? 

Doubts like these are pretty natural as french kisses are much more intense and require too much close connection between two people. 

Maybe, you were not ready for such a close encounter. Perhaps you doubt some of his actions and now want to understand what the guy wanted to mean through the french kiss on the very first date. 

In this blog, I will take you through a lot of logical possibilities behind this, and I am sure that after going through the blog, you will be able to answer yourself pretty clearly regarding it.

Don't skip any part and read till the end, as you will get to know whether a French kiss on a first date is good or bad. Moreover, I will be sharing a few pro tips at the end that might help you deal with this situation in your way. 

Reasons why he french kisses you on the first date

Reasons can be many folds behind a guy french kissing on the very first date. The kiss could have come from some well-planned intention, spontaneous, hit-of-moment expression, and many other things. But the reasons I am going to mention in the following could have worked in combination for your guy. 

So, I request that you analyze these points collectively rather than individually while judging the man you are talking about. And yes, judging is not always bad. 

#1 Make the moment memorable

A man always tries to make his first date memorable and more special if he likes the girl. This type of mindset leads a man to put as much effort as he can into the moment. Perhaps from this mindset, the guy has french kissed you. 

Moreover, in front of women they like, men often feel pretty insecure about their effort, appearance, and whether they look smart and dominating or not. This is why they are often concerned about their hair, beard, shoes, or maybe even specs. From this type of mentality, all men try to prove themselves as alpha and put a lot of effort into making themselves memorable as a person. 

This could work as a reason behind the French kiss you had from the guy when…

  • His action is not spontaneous but somewhat planned, if not planned with intention. 
  • He tried to impress you with his action throughout the whole time. 
  • The French kiss didn't come in the middle, but at least at the beginning, if not in the end. 
  • You felt his effort to dominate you while kissing.

#2 Make a long-lasting impression

As I mentioned previously, French kisses need a really close connection between two people, and hence evidently, you both liked each other, at least for the moment, if not anything more. So, perhaps the guy you went on to date with seriously wants to take the connection to the next level.

That's why maybe he felt that a french kiss would make a long-lasting impression, which could lead you to think more about him. And seems he has been pretty successful in his mission. Now you are not only thinking about him but also looking to explore his intentions as well.

  • Does the guy keep texting you since after the date?
  • Did he ask how you felt about the date that day?
  • Does he often mention the french kiss and ask your feelings about it?
  • Does he give you further hints that he wants a next date very soon?

If the guy you're talking about does these mentioned things, possibly, he french kissed you to have a long-lasting impression on you.

#3 To show affection

French kisses are indeed a very close encounter, and such close encounters take time. But suppose you vibed great with the guy during the date and spent an amazing quality time together through intimate personal conversations. In that case, it is possible that the guy has developed some kinda soft, affectionate corner for you, and the french kiss came from that very corner. 

To be honest, you would have felt really sweet and protected during and even after the kiss if it was a manifestation of pure affection. I do agree that French Kisses necessarily signify sexual interest, but at the same time, it is also true that sexual interest could also develop from affection. 

The guy might have done the following if he french kissed you to show his affection…

  • He romantically touched your hair while kissing you. 
  • He kept looking at you even after the kiss. 
  • He held your hand with care and love. 
  • He kept asking about your and your family's health in some cases. 
  • He was concerned about you reaching home. 

#4 To spark chemistry

A guy can french kiss you with the expectation of sparking romantic chemistry in the connection. French kisses need a certain level of trust and vulnerability in the relationship, and most necessarily, french kisses have to come from both sides. 

So, perhaps such an environment of mutual trust and vulnerability was created between you two. At that moment, the guy ended up french kissing you to explore and deepen the chemistry of the connection. Intense physical touches, such as french kissing, releases oxytocin, a hormone associated with bonding and affection. This can create a positive connection and enhance feelings of intimacy between partners.

In this case…

  • The guy could have held you strongly. 
  • He was extraordinarily passionate during the kiss. 
  • The french kiss lasted longer than usual. 
  • There might be a moment of intense silence between you two just after the kiss. 

#5 He shares a comfort zone with you

If a guy french kissed you on the very first date, the most obvious reason is that he shares a very close and comfortable zone with you. Perhaps he felt he could have amazing vibes in this connection and share anything of himself. 

Guys always tend to fall for those women in front of whom they don't have to pretend. So, this comfort zone could have led your guy to feel more deeply for you, and he ended up french kissing you at that moment. 

While discussing this point, I want to mention that the comfort zone is the primary prerequisite for any kind of close encounter. Be it a relationship or hookup, a comfort zone is a primary criterion. So, always see this factor as a combination with at least another potential reason. It might be his intense feelings, romantic signals, attempt to spark chemistry, or anything else. 

#6 He has something very intense for you

By definition, a french kiss is synonymous with intensity. So, when a guy french kisses you on the very first date, it is highly possible that he feels something very intense for you. Perhaps, this was the key factor behind his french kiss. 

During french kisses, two persons have to be involved with an ultimate passion that could not come without some intensity I am talking about. This intensity can be merely sexual or maybe emotional as well. If you want to know his intensity for you, you have to analyze and observe his overall approaches.

  • How romantic the moment was when the guy kissed you.
  • Where exactly did he touch you while kissing with passion? Did he touch your hair? Or maybe your waist or grabbed your ass?
  • How did he behave at the end of your date? Did he ask you to come to his place? Did he tease you in some silly way? Or did he become pretty romantic and protective of you?

By observing and analyzing these small actions of the guy, you could understand what type of intensity he holds about you. And then, you can take your next step accordingly. 

#7 He wants to take things a little faster

Be it a hookup or a relationship, all kinds of close connections are bound to take time. But sometimes, in the on-the-go world, many people prefer plug-and-play even in life rather than having patience. I don't want to judge those people particularly based on this attitude, but you might have got that french kiss on your first date from a guy who believes in this philosophy. 

Perhaps the guy you have dated and kissed doesn't want to wait long to grow something gradually. Maybe, he has been staying single for a long time, and now he is desperate to enter a relationship. 

On the other hand, it is also possible that the guy doesn't want a so-called romantic relationship at all. Maybe, he is just sexually attracted to you, and after dating you for the first time, he wants to take things further as soon as possible. 

Potential signs are…

  • The guy is sexually hinting at you.
  • He keeps asking your family more than usual.
  • He keeps asking what the connection between you two is.
  • He talks about the future together.

#8 He is Pretty straightforward about his intention

Guys who are pretty straightforward about their intention might kiss you no matter if it's your first date with him. These guys are unapologetically desperate and think of themselves as self-sufficient. They pretend that nothing can bother them emotionally and physically. 

These guys could readily approach you and end up kissing you intensely. These types of men tend to be quite dominating and always try to pretend to be sigma.

But the advantages of dating these guys are…

  • There's less probability that they would cheat.
  • They would be pretty clear about their intention from the very beginning. So there won't be any further confusion about them.
  • A survey shows that these types of men generally respect women's consent and tend to be pretty passionate kissers. 

#9 He finds you too attractive to control

You used to talk with this man virtually, it seemed fine, and you decided to date him. But on the first date, the guy ends up french kissing you. This could be because, for the guy, you are so much attractive that he lost control over himself. 

I agree that Human beings should always act with integrity and respect others' dignity, but while dealing with love affairs, men sometimes lose control over themselves. The guy you are talking about, his case might be the same. But that doesn't necessarily mean he is a jerk. Perhaps, he has been looking forward to meeting you for a long time. Maybe, he likes you more than usual, and after seeing you on the first date, he has already fallen for you in his mind. Due to these emotional turmoils in his mind, a very intense situation was created, and eventually, he could not help kissing you. 

#10 He has fallen for your signal

When we go on a date with someone, we try to explore the other person through their actions even more than their words. On our first date, very small and silly things, like the look, appearance, how the other person talks, how they sit, how they treat people, and the way they treat us- everything matters. Men and women are generally no different in this case. 

So, on the first date, a man could end up french kissing you just because he interpreted something as a signal from you to do so. I can totally understand that you may not have sent any such signal. But see, in sensitive moments like the first date; misinterpretation could also occur. 

On the other hand, it is also possible that you may have sent any such signal subconsciously. Because if you have french kissed that guy, it is already evident that you were pretty comfortable with him. So, maybe the man rightly interpreted your signal, but you still needed to be made aware of that. 

#11 The heat of the moment paved the way

The guy could have french kissed you just due to the heat of the moment. If you think this point is unreasonable, let me push you to remember how many times you have done something silly in your life just because of the heat of the moment. My friend, it is nothing to be worried about; we all do this. The only difference is that we readily use the 'heat of the moment' as an excuse for us, but for others, we don't even consider it as legitimate. 

So, try to analyze how the moment was between the two of you during the first date. What were the things you were discussing? Was it something about your fantasies and fetishes? Or was it the story of how your last boyfriend hurt you, and you had to go through severe mental trauma? Or was he describing how badly he wanted to meet you in real? Think about these phenomena, and you will understand if the heat of the moment paved the way for the french kiss or not. 

#12 Knowing you matter little to him

The guy could have french kissed you merely because he wanted to. He was on the first date, you seemed attractive to him, he liked you, and he assumed you liked him back; he wanted to kiss you in his mind and ended up doing so. Maybe as a goodbye gesture.

You may argue that he knows you too little to french kiss. I also agree that most of us want to know and understand a person properly before getting too close to them. At least we want to understand how much comfortable we are with the other person. 

But my friend, the case may not be the same for everyone. Perhaps, the guy you dated was the type of person for whom knowing you matter very little, and he is more mobilized by his wants rather than what should be. 

Maybe you are finding this trait the same as the guys with straightforward intentions, but the only difference is you won't be getting confusing signals from the previous one, and they tend to respect women's consent more. But these guys are full of all opposite possibilities. 

#13 He is taking a chance

If a guy french kissed you on the very first date, it could be because he wanted to check where exactly he stands in this connection. Just a few moments ago, I was talking about understanding how comfortable we are with the other person, right? For your guy, that french kiss could be his way of measuring the water. 

Perhaps he wanted to check how you were looking forward to this connection. Or what impression the first date had on the mutual closeness. So, how can you understand if he is taking a chance?

  • He was hesitating a little before and during the french kiss.
  • If not said directly, you have had an apologetic gesture from this guy after the kiss. 
  • He asks you how you see the future with him.
  • He talks about including you in his plans.

#14 he is a jerk

Finally, this is perhaps the most obvious thing you have been thinking about since the beginning of his french kissing you on the very first date. So, I hope till now you have pretty much understood why you should not think of a guy as a jerk at the very beginning.

But at the same time, many guys in this world have no intention other than to drag you to bed as early as possible. These guys will do whatever it takes to have s*x with you. Maybe that's why he started with the intense french kiss on the very first date. 

The worst thing about these guys is they may not even reveal their actual intention and pretend to be an ideal partner, but in their mind, they are nothing but a jerk who just wants to f*ck you. 

I consider these guys paranoid, and it's always better to maintain distance from these guys. But how could you understand who is a jerk and who is not? Look for the following in your man.

  • He is impatience.
  • He often asks you to meet somewhere inside. 
  • He tends to be oblivious and ignores you when discussing serious issues like problems in your life and career.
  • He tries to create a mystorical boundary around his personal life.
  • He doesn't want to involve you in his life and get involved in yours. 

Getting kissed on your first date: Good or Bad Sign?

So, I hope you have understood that getting french kissed by a guy on the very first date can be both a good and bad sign, depending on the guy's intention and, most importantly, your intention as well. Hopefully, till now, you have been pretty clear about understanding the intent of that guy who french kissed you. But now you have to decide what exactly you want out of this connection.

If you want a romantic relationship, your will choose and stay with your guy accordingly. Then the guy with otherwise intention is a bad sign for you. But if you just want a casual relationship, the same could be a good sign. But if the guy is a jerk, it should still be a red flag for you. 

But if your intention is also to find someone just to get into bed, you might not have a problem with the guy even being a jerk.


So, in the end, I want to suggest you not stick to someone with whom you don't share the same interest. Never hesitate to take a firm stand for yourself and maintain distance if required. Otherwise, getting kissed is always good and charming. 

Take care, and keep spreading love. 

Adhideb Ghosh

Senior Writer

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