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What’s Cookin Good Lookin Responses (17 Cliche Pickup Lines)

A cliche pickup line should be responded to with a ring of romance. As such, "you and me in god's pot of love" could sound appropriate if you love to flirt with the person. Featured Image of What’s Cookin Good Lookin Responses

A guy trying to hit on you or your husband coming back from work after a tedious day might send you a text to ask you if the stove is on while not disappointing you to make you feel how he likes to use you to satisfy his needs. 

Most women get offended when men try to portray them in the domestic sphere. They don't want to be subjected to the kitchen-sink dramas, but since your partner has called for it, let's see how you can respond appropriately to your mood and the message you want to send across. 

How to respond to what's cookin' good lookin'?

Your response should depend upon the equation that you hold with the person. If he is your boyfriend, you can humor him. If he is your husband, you can cook him a good meal. If he is a random guy, tell him to stop jerking around. If he is a good friend, the order is in.

Depending on the situation and the equation, I have curated certain responses below. Continue reading to know more.

#1 Flirt back (invite over to feel and find out) 

If he is a good friend and he doesn’t mean to say it literally since he is too far to arrive at your place for a meal, there is no harm in flirting with him, provided you are single. The exact response depends upon how candid you are with him. 

If you are good buddies who like to flirt carelessly with each other despite being committed to someone else, tell him, “good lookin needs good doze of appreciation to push herself from the bed in the silken thread and go to the kitchen playing with utensils.” 

This response has many innuendos and puns. It teases the other person as you create an imagery before his eyes where you are wearing a silken thread and at first resting in your room by submitting yourself lethargy, and upon receiving the text, you create another picture where you display yourself working in that thin thread of cloth in the kitchen. Even if the guy has poor imaginative faculties, he would be moved by the setup and find it sensual. 

Flirting is not an option when you don’t understand the point of the text. If you get confusing vibes where it is unclear what the guy’s true intentions are, if he is trying to praise your beauty, or is interested in knowing what you eat before going to bed, perhaps try to seek some clarity.

#2 Fire attack (be snappy) 

If you feel that the guy acts to be your admirer but, in reality, is far away from it, you don’t owe him a straight answer. You can get snappy and rude if you don’t intend to have or keep any business with him. 

A not-so-appropriate reply, in this case, would sound like, “Neither my beauty nor my dining has anything to do with you; it would be better that you think twice before dropping a text in my inbox.”

Giving a lengthy reply in cases where you are trying to get rid of the texter is not advisable. You need to make your reply sharp and pungent, so the guy doesn’t even dare to reply. At most, if his sentiments were hurt, he would give you a thumbs-up reaction to your reply. 

Think twice before sending a message in such a line to him if he holds the reputation of being a gossip monger. However, if you couldn’t care less for what people like him think or takes you to be, attack outright.

#3 Ignore the text 

When the text is from someone who texts you on and off as per his convenience, someone who has a one-sided crush on you, or who you think might be texting ten other women at the same go, you don’t owe him a reply.

When the thought of looking at the person, let alone talking to him, fills you in with repulsion, the text is better left ignored. You don’t need to open the text to show him that you have read it. By doing this, you shall put him where he belongs at once. 

If he texts again, leave his message on read to make it clear you are not interested in replying to him. If he bothers you further, report and block his account. You can give him a warning before blocking, but chances are he won’t take your words seriously. Such guys make the shameless.

#4 Ask them to surprise you (with their recipes) 

If the guy is a good friend, you can use the conversation to humor yourself. Invite him over with something surprising. In this case, an appropriate reply would be, “Why don’t you come over with something delicious, Mr. Handsome?”

It is flirtatious and decent at the same time. If you want to make it sound more desperate, you can replace “handsome” with something more explicit. It could be “sugar daddy,” “sir,” “milord,” “sexy,” “hottie,” “ravenous,” or “irresistible,” among others. 

To understand what impression it would create when you address a man as “sir,” click She Calls Me Sir (Here's Exactly Why).

#5 Order it in 

If you like to have this person over to your place for dinner, you can opt for a takeaway from either of your favorite dining options. If you have a crush on this person and are looking for a future together, this will make you share moments. 

Ordering food and having meals together is an intimate way to share moments. It brings you the opportunity to share more stories about each other’s experiences that went into the making of either of you. 

An appropriate reply here would be, “How about we order a takeaway from our regular place and brew two aromatic cups of coffee, sit on the terrace, light a bonfire, and have the meal by admiring each other’s faces?” 

By suggesting something in these lines, you shall create a full-fledged picture before him. He would not be able to turn down the proposal. You can expect a prompt reply with acceptance and suggestions for desserts. 

#6 Serve leftovers from last night 

If you want to play wicked, you are not particularly fond of this person, but the equation is such that you cannot shut the door on their face and serve them leftovers from last night. You don’t have to be rude here. 

It might not be morally right to serve stale food, but when you are tired of serving them, and they don’t opt for a change of roles, why not serve them such food that they either fall sick for a while or hate the taste so much that they have to go to bed empty stomach?

If you plan to work on this devious scheme, tell them, “I have just prepared your favorite dish and was about to text you to invite you. When is the earliest that you can reach here?” This will help you serve your purpose, and they might later understand the devious card you played here, but it would also teach them a great lesson.

#7 Soup is the comfort fruit 

Don’t offer anything too tempting if you don’t like to cook for others. However, a bowl of soup is always welcome. The best part about it is that it is filling and must be consumed slowly. 

You can highlight the two pros and add a simile to sensitize the message. Adding something such as, "-- we will consume it slowly and relish the taste to the last drop" will add the seasoning to your recipe.

You can use the instant soup packets to prepare it. You can microwave them if they are good with instant noodles or pasta. It would neither take much effort, nor it would be a polite gesture. 

In such a case, an appropriate response would be, "We are doing soup tonight, honey. It's going to be a healthy night, designed by yours truly."

#8 Let's do bread tonight 

No one doesn't love bread. Either you knead the fresh dough, or you buy it in. While the former could be a little tiring, with the latter, you can ask them to buy the bun or garlic bread. 

Offer some cheese sticks along with it, and it will make a wholesome meal. In this case, tell him, "Why don't you get us a loaf of delicious bread from Nature's Basket, and I'll see what I can do with it. Having a light snack shall keep us engaged in bed for a longer time. (Winks)"

This is a reasonable offer you shall be putting forward from your end. They might even fetch you some cookies from the bakery if they are thoughtful enough.

#9 Mystify them (offer riddles, ask to guess) 

Why give him a direct answer anyway? Use the situation to mystify him. It could be amusing and shall help you stretch the conversation

Play riddles. Tell them that they will get the food delivered as a prize if they guess it in the first go. If they still need to, then they will send it to you. It could be a fun and engaging session. 

Try riddles such as, "Many triangles together make a circle." The answer would be pizza. You can frame the question depending on the shape, taste, ingredient, or place. 

For instance, if there's an outlet or a restaurant that both of you like to visit together, the place where you first met with them, the first snack you had together, or a food item they are allergic to. 

#10 Say that you are on a break 

If you are not cooking, if something has changed, if you are not entertaining guests, you can say so. How you live your life is your choice. There is no need to provide an explanation or justification to anyone as long as you are sure of what you do. 

You can take a break for various reasons. Invite them in if you feel that having company makes you feel better. Keep the people who make you feel good about yourself close. It is only sometimes that you are approached. 

The person in question may know you in close quarters. They are aware that you are undergoing a phase. They might be your well-wishers. Keep these people close even when you don't feel like yourself.

#11 Send the venue (an expensive restaurant) 

If you want to go out on a date with this person and are tired of their games of praising and teasing you, tell them so. As a reply to their text, send them the location of a venue with a note that reads, 

"How about you pick me up from home and check in at this restaurant? I hear they make the most delicious sushi in town."

This will not leave them with a third option. Either they will choose to take you out, or they will never dare to express their desire to be fed by you. 

If it's the former, make the bill heavy to test whether they ask you out the next time. It will help you figure out the guy's true intentions. If it's the latter, be on your own, happy, and content. 

#12 Ask them what they would like 

If this person is your husband, a relative, a neighbor, or overall a well-wisher, be nice in your response. When you ask them what they would like, you are a sweetheart. With this reply, they would understand that you are trying to flatter them

They might take the opportunity to flirt with you and make you feel special in the most wholesome way possible. A good response would be, “Anything for you, my love. Seeing you relish things I made for you brings me immense delight.” 

In such a case, the reply might be a partial name list of food they like eating. Instead, they would feel so appreciated that they would either want to take you out or cook for you. If they choose to flirt with you, they might say something such as, “you taste more delicious than all the exotic food in the world,” to which you should reply, 

“It’s the way you eat that does all the magic. It is like you cast a spell and make everything so worthy. I am grateful for all the love and happy vibes.”

However, the nice exchanges are good but do fix them something to eat, too, lest their stomach might grumble while you make love. It will also make them happy to see you not only love but also honestly care for them as much as they do for you. 

#13 Tell them to try again (be a tease, tell them to try harder, send flirty photos)  

If the statement puts you off because they are trying to get into your skin while you only started talking a night or two ago, there is no harm in telling them to try again, this time with a better pickup line, perhaps – 

“When you pick up cliches to make this more interesting, why not pay some effort and choose a line worthier and more captivating than this?”

It will be said in a sportive spirit and won’t cause any damage. You can use one of the laughter emojis to ensure that you mean well. You can even send them some photos of yourself, food, or some common gossip they might find hot. It will help them to understand how you like to make conversations. 

#14 Express disgust (say something like that's the worst thing anyone has ever told you, or how you hate cooking) 

If you find their statement cringy, tell them so. Express your sentiments and disgust. When you feel like saying “ouch!” say it. Exercise expressing pain when you feel it. Many people don’t enjoy cooking, but they are great foodies. They like to explore new places and dishes. Be that good person for them. 

To express this sentiment if it matches yours, try using one of the following word combinations:

“I never found cooking interesting, and I don’t understand why you would say that –”

“There is nothing I hate doing more than cooking, so consider it a pass.”

“I hope you know that’s the worst pickup line ever.”

“I appreciate your eye for beauty, but you don’t have an eye for detail. Have you ever seen me talking about the different cooking processes, sharing cooking videos, watching or bragging about MasterChef, or even putting on a kettle for myself? How could you ask me this!”

Any of the above statements would make it clear to them never to bother the kitchen forum or use the kitchen metaphor, even if they mean it as a compliment.

#15 Tell them you are not a foodie 

If you have just started exchanging texts and getting to know each other, they may not be aware of your eating and drinking habits. Sending them snaps of what you eat instead of explaining it all would be wiser and less strenuous. You can add the caption as 

“it is what it is!”

“Nothing very exciting here, you tell me?”

“All cold and raw, just the way I like it.”

If they turn out to be a very foodie person, it will bring your downfall as they won’t choose to keep you as the protagonist of their play. To those mesmerized by the idea of food and pursuing cooking as a hobby, not wanting to do either would be banging hard on the turn-off switch.

Moreover, if they are so keen on cooking or keep using cooking metaphors in the conversation, it might be that they run a restaurant, own a bakery, or are a chef. In this case, they should be sending you hot food parcels daily.

#16 Tell them what you are doing 

Many people need help understanding that the texter is just trying to engage them in a conversation. In this case, by “What's cookin', good lookin'?” they might mean to ask you, “what are you doing?” in the simplest terms. 

Hence, rather than complicating things, you can merely reply with a bland “nothing much, you tell me?” and make them lead the conversation. There is no requirement to make a fuss or take the case too strongly here. If they are interested in knowing what you are having for a meal, or where you are at that moment, or that they smell something fishy and want to get the insights, they would ask you more directly. 

Refrain from entertaining people all the time unless you owe them. You will be stabbing your own foot to distribute free passes and hand them over to anyone who finds them convenient. Sometimes it’s good to distinguish yourself for who you are and be precise in your details.

#17 Tell them you practice therapy on Sundays (indicating that you find cooking as a therapy)

If you take cooking as therapy and like to do it slowly, tell them so. Something that you find therapeutic will always be enjoyed more in solitary. Tell them that you enjoy a Sunday morning breakfast when you set a bonfire and cook in the open air admiring the gentle breeze and the beauty of the soothing sun. 

Remember, your reply need not always match up with your interactor’s expectations. As long as you are honest, nothing else matters. Feel free to extend an invitation for a Sunday brunch with you after you are done cooking. Tell them to bring desserts with some flowers to admire the view.

Summing up 

Try to take conversations light-heartedly to enjoy them more. After all, you are only making conversations; not all conversations are meant to conduct business. Sometimes it just needs to be about making and feeling good about each other. That’s what friends are for. If you didn’t know, here’s a little secret: conversations can be therapeutic too!

Suprity Acharyya


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