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My Crush Avoids Eye Contact With Me [Explained]

Your crush has a shy disposition, and making eye contact makes them uncomfortable. They are perhaps aware of your crush on them, but they are introverts and do not know how to take the first step. If you feel that they like you too, don't hesitate to break the ice and lead the grabs woman face and both looking at each other

A person understands and reciprocates their fondness through gestures before using. While it can be done in various ways, the hide and seek that one plays through their eyes tops the list.

If you struggle to take the initiative because your crush avoids eye contact with you, it can be for many reasons.

Rather than getting disheartened, use this article to find out why your crush avoids you in such a way and what should be your appropriate response to take it a step ahead.

Keep reading to know more!

Reasons why your crush avoids eye contact

Your crush avoids eye contact with you for fear of feeling intimidated. They don't want to do something unruly out of excitement. You don't need to haste things either. Read below to understand why your crush might be facing such difficulty in making eye contact with you.

#1 They feel intimidated 

The highest possible chance is that they feel intimidated. It happens in the early stages of liking and being liked by someone.

You might feel the same way when you catch them looking at you while looking elsewhere. That's the beauty of love.

It makes you behave in unexpected and weird ways. At times, undoubtedly, it becomes awkward for both of you but remember, the journey ahead is beautiful.

#2 They like you 

Your crush avoids eye contact with you because they are unaware that you like them, while deep inside, they are crushing on you.

Sounds complicated, right? But it is very much a possibility. If you don't have mutual friends, they might be clueless that you have a crush on them.

Instead, they might feel that you are keeping a check on them to see if they are weirdly straight at you. 

#3 They are ignorant of your eye contact 

Perhaps your crush isn't aware that you have been eyeing them. They are ignorant of your eye contact. Nor do they have any idea that you like them.

It is also possible that they are so absent-minded or self-conceited that they are not even aware of your existence.

Well, some people are like that. However, if you like them, you don't have anything to lose. Break the ice and see where it goes.

Remember, even if it doesn't work out in the form of a relationship, you can always get a good friend.

#4 They are shy 

Perhaps your crush is a shy person. A shy person finds it tremendously difficult to look eye to eye. You will have to make them arrive at it.

Go to them, take their hands in your hands, pull up their chin, and confess your feelings. I hope that you aren't shy yourself lest your love story shall be a lost cause. 

#5 They came out of a difficult relationship 

Your crush might be avoiding eye contact because they have just come out from a difficult relationship, and it's too soon for them to move on to another.

If you don't know much about their past, I suggest you dig for information.

A bit of knowledge if they were recently dating someone would come in handy if they are active on social media. Do your bit and find out about their relationship status before approaching them.

#6 They are introvert 

Your crush is avoiding eye contact because they are introverted. They freak out easily and might be difficult to approach because they try to stay unapproachable.

They will mostly be found in a quiet corner, perhaps, with a hardbound novel, living their time in imagination.

To initiate a conversation, you will need something more particular rather than vague. Unlike others, they will not be interested in discussing whether to make out a little later. You will have to pick a social cause or a recent book or movie to reach out to them.

#7 They're not interested in dating 

Your crush might be avoiding eye contact because they are not interested in dating.

They are either typical nerds or have more serious things to attend to at the moment. They might be future-oriented and consider dating as a distraction.

There is also a possibility that they are afraid of breaking their hearts. They have seen their close ones having a difficult time after the breakup. Hence they don't want to take a risk. They are being overly cautious and prudent.

#8 They don't like you 

It might be that your crush doesn't like you. While they are aware that you have a crush on them, the bitter truth is that they are trying to avoid you.

They might have taken you to be a casanova or an easy-going carefree person who cares less for the worries of life. They find you to be of a different startling disposition. Hence they avoid eye contact with you.

However, never give up easily on love, especially if you are strongly fond of them. Their views can change and filter later. People's opinions change with a blink these days. Don't get disheartened or lose hope easily.

#9 Their friend has a crush on you 

Your crush is avoiding eye contact with you because their friend has a crush on you, and this friend has asked your crush to set you two up.

It's a typical love triangle that shall have to take its due course of dating and updating before finally settling into resolving the matters of the heart.

Be patient, and try to find out not only about him but also about his friends.

#10 They're interested in your friend 

Your crush avoids eye contact with you because they are interested in dating your friend. They have been eyeing your friend perhaps for a longer time, and that's how you found them hovering around the places you go.

Well, this can put you in a tricky situation. However, don't decide until you're certain of the consequences and true intentions. Follow their eyes closed and see if it rests time and again on your friend. You shall have your answer.

#11 They are testing your patience 

Your crush has mutual feelings for you. However, in moments of folly, they want to test your patience.

They are being teased. They want to see how long you can contain yourself. They want you to break the ice. Hence, they avoid eye contact lest it will come easy for you.

You might accept their state as an invitation and readily get a topic to start a conversation. They want you to charm them.

#12 They are trying to read your mind 

Your crush avoids eye contact with you because they are trying to understand what you have been up to.

They are trying to read your mind. They have noticed you looking their way a few times now, but they want to be sure before approaching you. Allow them some time, and eventually, they will come your way.

What to do when your crush avoids eye contact?

If your crush avoids eye contact with you, engage them in a conversation. Rather than inviting and dismissing stares, do something unavoidable.

Ask them out on a date, perhaps. It will give you a chance to be more expressive. I've suggested many possible ways in which you can handle the situation masterfully. Continue reading to know more.

#1 Be more direct in your approach 

When your indirect approach goes unheeded, you might like to switch to a more direct approach. By direct approach, I mean something that cannot be readily ignored.

I have such an approach. Your crush would be bound to give you a reaction. This reaction could range from a smile to a conversation.

Different modes of direct approach are initiating a conversation, sending a text message, asking out to dance. Choose the one that you find appropriate to the situation.

#2 Connect with them on social media 

A social media connection with your crush will act as a catalyst to increase the chances of getting acquainted and making conversation.

Most of the dates begin virtually. You can find anyone on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. Please post your photos in stories to get their attention. React to their stories to drop hints that you like them.

#3 Invite them to your house party 

Throw a house party and extend a special invitation to your crush. This will work in multiple ways. It will act as a conversation starter. As you shall be the host, it will bring you close and make you share the same space with your crush.

You could readily ask them to join you on the floor. They would get to see your home and get a rough idea about your lifestyle. Most of all, it shall provide you with a grand opportunity to create a remarkable impression.

#4 Ask them for a help 

If you don't want to be too direct in your approach, you can request your crush to help you out with something.

This could be anything that will make them spend quality time with you. It can be working out on a project together. It can be baking a cake for a common friend.

Pick something creative that your crush is good at. It can also be a particular dance style if your crush is good in their moves.

#5 Take their side when you get a turn 

Another way of leaving an impression on your crush would be to reach out to them in their moments of need. If they are caught up in a situation where they might use someone's advice or a pair of helping hands or someone to take their side, be their savior.

Out of desperation, don't try to put them in such a situation in the first place so that you can be heroic in your moves while pretending to rescue them. Always be honest with your words and actions.

#6 Give them a warm smile 

A warm smile is a welcoming invitation. A well-mannered person shall smile back even if they don't know you.

When they smile back at you, it allows you to walk towards them and begin a conversation.

Something in terms of, "Hey, what's up! I did not know you too found this interesting. I'm Alex, by the way. I've seen you around many times but never got an opportunity to talk." This might be good for starters. 

#7 Text them 

There's nothing easier than dropping a text message in the inbox of your crush. It's way easier than making eye contact, I tell you! Besides, you will know at once from their reply what they think about you. Just don't be creepy in making your move.

Don't express your liking for them at once. Take it slow. Something such as, "Hey there! I got your number from Alisha. We are classmates, by the way. I'm Ross. Could you help me with our literature assignment? I've noticed that you're quite attentive in class. Ping me if it's alright with you. I promise to get you your favorite latte from Starbucks."

#8 Make them your meme partner 

What is a meme partner? Well, that's the person you love to share memes with. It opens up an easy avenue that can further lead to making conversations. It will give them time to get comfortable. Once they start replying to your text, you can ask them out.

#9 Send them your photo 

If you have noticed them staring at you when you're not looking or getting nervous around you, it might be that they like you as well.

In such cases, sending them a photo on Snapchat could lead to further exchanges and conversations. The photo can be a selfie or something that you feel interests them. 

If you are traveling, then you can send photos of your travels. If there's a book fair, you can send photos and ask them to join you. If you have ice cream, you can ask them their favorite flavor and perhaps send one to their place as a surprise. 

#10 Talk to their friends 

Talking to their friends instead of them is an indirect approach to getting closer to them. You will not only get to know about them in their process, but it will also allow them to talk to you if they feel like it.

You can opt for this one if you don't want to rush into a decision. Always remember, when you are truly in love with a person, you like to take things slow, and you maintain a high level of patience.

#11 Learn about their hobbies 

To get closer to a person you like, it's best to learn about their hobbies. Learning about their hobbies will let you know where they like to hang out in their free time.

That shall give you the spot where you would want to go to meet them. It will be something spontaneous for them, and it shall give you some time to prepare and work on your steps to create a good impression.

#12 Give them a blink 

If you notice that your crush avoids gaze, blink at them. They will be rendered helpless and would be forced to confront you.

While this seems to be a desperate measure, it is no big deal. It will give you a definite outcome, and you will have to use your skills to use it to your benefit.

#13 Take them on a date  

Plan a surprise date for your crush. It could be on their terrace or in the classroom, or the office's stairwell. It should be meaningful rather than grand. Buy their favorite flowers, bake their favorite dessert, play their favorite music, get down on your knees and ask them straight. It will be too romantic to deny.

#14 Go shopping together 

Going shopping together can be meaningful. Tell them that you find their dressing sense impressive and want to get something for your friend.

They shouldn't mind it. Later, when you plan your first date, give them this. It will be romantic and moving. This shall show that you're thinking and desire to put your best to love them the way they have never been loved before.

#15 Send them food

Food is the portal to a person's heart. You want to win your crush's heart, send them their favorite food. Get hold of their address and Swiggy it to their place with a note that says something like, "From your admirer," and put your number or a hint there that would help them understand that it's from you.

Summing up 

To sum up, if your crush is avoiding eye contact, they are shy. In such a case, you need to be more direct in your approach. You cannot leave it all to Cupid's arrow. Take your move without wasting any more time and see how it goes. I hope you find the true love of your life in this person.

Suprity Acharyya


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