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Why is My Girlfriend So Annoying? - Reasons & What to Do

She is impatient, and you keep asking her the same questions. Your behavior is recurring in nature. At the beginning of a relationship, such behavior is overlooked by both sides. Over time, the differences become more palpable and difficult to absorb.Featured Image of Why is My Girlfriend So Annoying

Relationships often fail as soon as the happy peak period of the immediate start begins to fade. One fine morning you wake up, and you find in yourself a lack of adrenaline. There is no thrill or excitement to seeing your partner primarily because they don't reciprocate as you would have wanted them to.

During such time, you should think harder to realize that had you been with someone else we yet such a situation would have arisen. Some situations are also effective and long-lasting measures. It tests your ability to keep people in your life. It does not make you a people pleaser.

If your girlfriend feels annoyed or behaves in a way that makes you feel annoyed, you need to modify and readjust the approach you are making to one another. How to do it? Keep reading to find out.

Reasons why your girl is so annoying

Perhaps she wants to get on your nerves and make you mad. She wants to see your reaction. Take it as a test for yourself. Be patient. Eventually, she might tell you that she was messing with you. 

In the meantime, read the following for a thorough understanding and explanation.

#1 You don't give her the due attention 

Girls want attention. When they feel neglected, they try to bug you. If you feel this might be your case, you must be very calm. Maintain your composure and keep your girl happy. 

It might be due to PMS. Give her chocolates and be extra tender. Pamper her nicely. Put the efforts you had put in for the first time when you wanted to win her heart. 

#2 She knows you're lying 

Girlfriends can detect lies easily. They notice the change in your behavior and appearance. They remember the smell of your perfume.

If you have lied to your girlfriend recently about anything, it's better to tell her the truth. If you can't be honest, drop hints that you are guilty and sorry for what you might have done. 

#3 She saw you with someone else 

Perhaps your girlfriend saw you with someone else. Even though you have no intimate relationship with this other person, she is hurt that you didn't tell her about it.

It is always better to disclose everything that happens in your life to your partner. By doing so, you would be clear on the front that you haven't hurt her consciously. When her anger subsided, she would open up and tell you about her feelings.

#4 You're too busy 

Perhaps you're not giving enough time to your girlfriend. If you are too workaholic and show up at your convenience, it would make her feel low. 

She would think you have taken her for granted and won't enjoy texting or calling you. Moreover, if the conversation is monotonous and lacks exciting talk, it signifies a failing relationship. 

You must make haste and come up with ideas to please her and make her feel better. Show your availability. Be present for her.

#5 You don't remember your promises 

You have broken some promise that you had made. Stakes are high that this isn't the first time you have broken a promise. She is annoyed by your casual approach to her.

She might feel neglected, or she might want someone who can remember the promises they make. They know how to keep promises. You can plan a staycation to make amends. It will help you to hide your forgetful memory as you could show that you wanted to surprise them with something bigger and more worthy.

#6 She is out of love for you 

Maybe your girlfriend is having an affair. She doesn't feel attracted to you anymore. The spark in your relationship is lost. 

While you can't make a person love you, their respect can be earned, and the friendship can sustain. However, if you can't unlove her, try to get into the thick of it. Talk about it to her. 

No one can tell you what goes in her heart better than her. Assure her that you would understand. Remember, reconciliation is better than holding grudges for the ones you love.

#7 She thinks she deserves better 

If your girl is popular among guys who give her a lot of attention while you don't, or if you are not as well off as other guys in her friend list, she might have this assumption that she deserves someone better. 

It is best not to assume such things but make her confess it. If she does tell you and her thoughts synchronize in these lines, it is better to dump her. Never allow any other person to mistreat you, even when you love them with your all. Remember, you are your worth and standard.

#8 You never officially proposed her 

If you haven't proposed to your girlfriend while you have been dating for a while now, you are literally on her nerves. Do it immediately if you are genuinely interested in her. If not, it is time to admit the truth and move on.

Many times we continue to be with a person out of gratification. Love cannot be gratified. It should be natural. It should make you feel alive and at home with your beloved. If you don't feel this way, you are with the wrong person.

#9 The courting period has been prolonged 

If you have been dating for a while, but the nature of your relationship has been platonic, this might have infuriated your girl. She wants you to make the first move so she can pounce upon you like a wild cat. 

Girls often hesitate in making the first move. If you have been courting her for long but haven't romanced with her in the literal sense of the term, it might have made her restless. Try to get touchy and see her reaction. If it pleases her, keep going!

#10 She thinks high of herself 

If you're from a lowly background, or if you are a minimalist, you might not get along with her taste. She likes to make an appearance. She wants to be the talk of the town.

A modern relationship means going to fancy places, dressing fashionably, taking pictures of one another, and uploading them on social sites. If you are not engaging or participating in these activities, she might not feel one with you. 

If you can't modify your choices, you must be patient with her. If she loves you enough, she will trace her way back to you.

What to do when your girlfriend is annoying?

Be tender with her. Show her that her annoyance doesn't annoy you. Show that you love and care. She will be overwhelmed and readjust herself. 

How to do it? Keep reading to find out.

#1 Tell her about it 

While it might be a dangerous step, it is worth it if your girlfriend's annoyance is too much to handle. Tell her politely. Say something such as, 

"My dear, sometimes you are too much to handle. It is better to tell what is bothering you than to hide it. I love you, and I'll do my best to keep you happy!" 

If she were teasing you, she would stop. She might blow you a kiss, and all will be well.

#2 Feed her chocolates 

Chocolates keep a woman happy. Know her favorite and maintain a stock to present before her whenever she is cranky.

It is a proven scientific method. If she is not a chocolate person, find out what she likes. Pick your favorite among them and start sharing.

#3 Make a grand gesture 

Occasionally, it would be best if you indulged your girlfriend by making a grand statement. This keeps them happy. It could be a staycation, a party on a rooftop cafe with music and champagne, or expensive gifts. 

To keep a relationship running, you need to keep spending from your pocket—the greater the roll, the stronger the bond. Nothing in life comes for free; love or passion is only the beginning.

#4 Don't keep secrets 

If you have been hiding things from your girlfriend, she might have grown weary of your secretive personality. She yearns for transparency. It is her right to know her boyfriend inside out. 

You would expect and shall deserve the same from her. Secrets make a relationship dirty. You don't want the darkness in your personal life to reflect on your relationship. 

When you are with a person, you should be able to feel at home with them. You will shine in their presence. If you feel otherwise, you are with the wrong person.

#5 Make love 

Making intense love shall relax her nerves. It will make her feel secure. She would either laugh or go quiet. Either way, it will seal your bond and bring you closer. 

It would be an insightful moment where you would begin to make memories. A perfect selection of the place you decide to do it shall make it intense.

#6 Indulge in her hobbies 

Know your girlfriend's hobbies. It will enable you to participate in her interest. She feels annoyed or annoyed because you don't talk steps to know more about her.

When a relationship is merely based on physical interest, it lacks depth. Sapiosexual relationships last longer. When you start vibing along with someone, neither of you will feel out of place.

#7 Introduce her to your playlist 

Music is known to be soothing. It's a bonus when your girlfriend understands and appreciates your taste. You play a song and sing it out together is such fun that there would be little to no need to care about making conversations.

While doing this, don't be ignorant of her taste. If you feel she doesn't enjoy yours, make a fusion of the two. Offer her something thoughtful that would win her heart by reminding her why she chose you over others.

#8 Take counseling 

If you feel relationship counseling will help you to understand each other better, do it. While on the council, the questions you ask will provide words to the latent feelings and thoughts.

It is never easy to be transparent with another person. Honesty requires strength. Counseling will help you to talk openly with each other. It will help in acknowledging the feelings that you have been hiding for so long, either consciously or unconsciously.

#9 Take a break 

A break is efficient if you have an overwhelming feeling of causing destruction. The thought of violence is alarming, and sometimes it is committed to the ones we love the most.

If you feel your relationship has gone to that extent, step back. You can make a reappearance after fighting with your inner demons. Tame it first. Remember, nobody is virtuous. We all commit mistakes. Knowing when to stop is the key to something longer and permanent.

#10 Buy her spa tickets 

Offer your girl relaxation when you feel she needs one. A spa would be a soothing experience. Either solo or couple, both would be equally efficient.

If you send her solo, it will show you appreciate her privacy. If you go together, you will create delightful memories. You can ask for her preference or give her a solo pass to see if she invites you to join her. 

Summing up 

Sometimes something about our conduct irks the one we love. We fail to realize it. Introspecting your actions would help you with sudden confrontations. A remedy would never be far away. Take a deep breath and with a calm mind, trust your guts.

Suprity Acharyya


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