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What Does It Mean When a Guy Kisses Your Neck While Hugging?

When a guy kisses your neck while hugging, it is because he feels attracted to you. A hug, ideally, is not supposed to contain neck kisses, but when it does, it means the guy wants to take the relationship to a new level. He can’t get enough of you.Feature Image of What Does It Mean When a Guy Kisses Your Neck While Hugging

Hugs are one of the most common ways of showing your affection for someone. You hug your parents and your siblings when you are happy or sad. You hug your friends and relatives for the same reasons. Hugs don’t necessarily contain neck kisses.

When a guy kisses your neck while hugging you, that clearly means he likes you. However, it can be a problem if you are not on the same page. In such cases, a neck kiss can make you immensely uncomfortable and, therefore, brings rifts between you and this guy.

There are reasons behind his behavior and solutions to your problems. Let’s explore them together.

8 Possible reasons why a guy kisses your neck while hugging

Kissing the neck is a very intimate thing. It is somewhat s#xual. When he does that while hugging you, it means he is really into you and hates the idea of letting you go at the moment. He doesn’t want the intimacy, the closeness to end.

“But why does he do what he does? Is there any other reason?”— These are the questions that brought you here. I must say, there is not one but many reasons that can range from being in love with you to trying to get laid. Read on.

#1 He likes you

There is a clear, definite reason behind the neck kiss. He likes you. He kissed your neck while hugging you. That was a bit uncalled for. But he did it because of the affection he has acquired for you.

He has been trying to kiss you for a while now. But the time and place were not allowing him to do so. This hug was the moment for him to show he likes you.

I know, the kiss is sudden, and it might even freak you out. But, honestly, that was not his intention. He only wanted to convey his feelings for you with that one kiss on your neck.

#2 He wants intimacy

You have been dating for a while now. But your highest level of intimacy includes a ten-second hug, a few pecks on the cheek, and a few brushing of each other’s lips. That’s it. That’s where the wagon got stuck.

He kissed you on the neck while hugging you because he wanted intimacy. He wants to move beyond pecks and brushes. He wants to take this relationship to the next level.

This is very normal for any person dating for a while. If you have any inhibitions about getting physical, you should let him know. This is the right time to clear all the doubts.

#3 He can’t get enough of you

You guys are in a loving relationship. It’s the beginning, the time when you can’t keep your hands off each other. He kissed you while hugging you because he couldn’t get enough of you.

You guys are not yet sharing an apartment. Every day, after spending a considerable amount of time together, you have to leave each other for work or simply for the rest of your life that does not revolve around this one person.

That’s the worst thing. Isn’t it? If only you had no work and each other’s company all day long. Sadly, that isn’t happening till retirement. So, for now, you will have to be happy with whatever little time you have with each other.

Care for a secret? He is probably falling in love with you. He may be the one.

#4 He doesn’t want to let you go

The beginning of a relationship is the best time. The first few months are full of fancy dinners, movie nights, perfect dresses, and pearl-clutching kisses. The kiss on your neck while hugging is a result of him not wanting to let you go so soon.

He wants you to stay a little longer. He wants to know you better and maybe even take the relationship to the next level.

Neck kisses are extremely intimate things. It can have that toe-curling effect if received from the right person. With the kiss, this guy wants to say how much he likes you and how much you mean to him.

#5 He loves your presence

He loves it when you are around. The kiss on your neck is a representation of his happiness. He is a quiet, introverted person who mostly keeps to himself. You are like a breath of fresh air in his life.

Remember the 1999 film Notting Hill? You are the Anna to his William. He kissed your neck because he feels fortunate to have you. He doesn’t want to let you go at any cost.

He wants to know if you are on the same page as him. That’s why this shy guy has mustered up all his courage to make that one move that will decide the future of his relationship with you.

#6 He is in love with you

You have known this guy for a while. You two have been friends. But one day, he kissed you on the neck while hugging. Chances are there that he is secretly in love with you.

You guys hug each other all the time. But this one particular hug seemed different as something had changed between you guys. He has started to feel different around you. He has started to feel this weird attraction towards you that was never there in the years of friendship.

Therefore, the kiss happened. He probably had not even decided to do that. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing. The closeness offered by the hug led him to kiss you.

#7 He is being a creep

He kissed you because he is a giant creep. This was probably the first date, and it did not even go that well, but still, he kissed you. The post-date vibe was not at all suitable for even a peck on the cheek, yet he went for the neck.

He is nothing but a creep. That’s what he does to all other girls. He goes on dates with them and crosses the boundary of civility with acts of intimacy like this, which are totally uncalled for.

He is not a safe person to be with. You don’t know what he is capable of. What if he is like Joe Goldberg, the king of creeps from the popular Netflix show You?

#8 He is trying to get laid

He is not into you. He doesn’t even like you. You are just a number for him: a new entry in his playbook. He is just trying to get laid.

He is the living embodiment of evil. He is a real-life Barney Stinson. He kissed you on your neck while hugging because that’s how he plans to seduce youNeck kisses are essentially s#xual in nature if done in the right way. This guy is an expert in this arena.

He has been with numerous unsuspecting girls. This is how he lives. Every week is allotted for a new girl who succumbs to his impeccable charms. In the words of the makers of Bridgerton, “He is a rake!”

Here's what you can do now

If you are comfortable with the guy kissing your neck, that’s fine. You can start a relationship with this person (or maybe you are already in one).

But if you feel uncomfortable with all the neck-kissing, you will have to inform him about that. You should ask him to respect the boundaries and that you guys probably are not on the same page.

What else can you do, has been enlisted below. Dive in.

#1 Ask him if he likes you

Ask him directly whether he likes you or not. That way, you will know if this neck kiss was out of affection or if it was a lustful act.

The kiss must have occurred for a reason. It happened while you were hugging each other. You were not ready for it. That is bound to freak you out.

The questions in your mind are valid. Do not shy away from asking questions to this guy. He is supposed to answer them all.

If he comes up with a positive answer, you will be able to make your decision accordingly. If his answer to your question is unsatisfactory, you are free to ignore him and move on.

#2 Check if he is serious about this relationship

If you guys have been dating for a while now, and this was your first intimate moment apart from casual pecks and kisses, you will need to ask him how serious he is about this relationship.

A new relationship takes a lot of effort to build. When it breaks down after a few months or years, it takes a toll on your mental health. To avoid that agony, you need to ask him if he is serious or not.

If he is here to fool around with neck kisses with the ultimate goal of sleeping with you, you need to identify his intentions and move on.

However, if he is a nice guy who is ready to put effort into building a great relationship with you, stick to him and never let him go.

#3 Set ground rules for intimacy

He kissed your neck while hugging you because he wanted to get intimate with you. If you are up for the next level, it’s great. You will just have to set some ground rules.

Make a list of things you don’t like (for example, biting or any other kind of aggressive behavior) and inform him about him. Ideally, he should be fine with it. If he is not, it is a red signal for toxicity.

While at it, ask him to set a few ground rules too. Ask him about his likes and dislikes. The conversation is very important in situations like this to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

#4  Next time, ask him to stop if you feel uncomfortable

Neck kisses can bring the feeling of fluttering butterflies in your stomach. However, it can only happen if it is gentle and has the right rhythm. If you feel uncomfortable, ask him to stop the next time he does that.

If he is a gentleman, he will stop it right there. But not everyone is the epitome of goodness. Some will have the audacity to go on with it, even if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Next time, muster up your courage and pull that person away from your body. Yell at him and say that you don’t feel comfortable with what he is doing forcefully. Call him out in front of the public if he doesn’t apologize right at that moment!

If he is an arrogant person who is hell-bent on forcing himself upon you, he leaves you no other option than to use violence for the sake of self-defense and to call the police later to turn him in.

#5 Reciprocate if you are comfortable

It is great if you are comfortable with the neck kiss. He did it to seduce you, and you can reciprocate by kissing him back from now on. You can even let him continue to where it leads to.

This guy likes you, and even you probably like this guy. Acts of intimacy between two people who like each other are the most normal thing. This could be the beginning of a great relationship.

If you enjoy what he is doing, just go with the flow and maybe even participate in it after a while. Next time, show him what you can do to curl his toes.

#6 Let him know how you feel

If the kiss on your neck made you feel great, tell him how you feel. He did it because he likes you. Let him know whether you like him too.

Even if it was a great kiss, you could still not be much into him. If this is the case, you should let him know about that too, so that he gets to make his decision quickly.

Nobody should stay with someone they don’t like. He should be able to leave you and move on. You cannot break his heart by withholding information like this. The best thing is to let him know at once. At this stage, there should be no unnecessary secrets between the two of you.

#7 Kiss him back

Kiss him back if you like what he did the next time you meet him. He kissed you on the neck while hugging; it was a depiction of his affection for you. He likes you, but words were not enough for him. Maybe, he was not able to find the right words to convey his feelings for you.

An action felt better to him, and therefore he chose to act accordingly. He kissed you because he felt that it would have a better impact than mere words. And boy, was he right. You liked it.

If you liked it so much, you should act accordingly. At your next meeting, you can take the situation to the next level by kissing him back and turning on the heat a little more.

#8 Let him know if you are not on the same page

If you feel that you are not on the same page as he is, let him know at the earliest. You should do this to spare him the pain of heartbreak.

It’s okay to be not on the same page as someone. You guys want different things in life and can never make each other happy. The kiss happened in a moment of weakness. Make sure you won’t let that happen again, as it will hurt you both in an irreparable way.

Explain to him why just this one kiss can’t determine your future with him. It ensures nothing. Tell him the things that can cause this relationship to fall apart.

You guys are not compatible with each other, and that is a truth he has to digest. He might be madly in love with you, but one can only clap with the help of two hands.

Tell him nothing happens between you two unless both of you are on the same page and willing to be with each other. The best option you have here is to forget what happened and move on.

Summing up

Kissing someone’s neck is an intimate act. It brings you closer to the person you like. If a guy kisses you on the neck while hugging, he likes you. Kissing your neck is his way of showing affection. Reciprocating his feelings is totally up to you.

If you are into him, you can keep going without a word. If you don’t have a romantic inclination towards him, you can stop him and let him know about that.

However, if he tries to force himself on you, shout for help and make an official complaint about the creep to the authorities.

Nirajana Mukherjee

Senior Writer

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