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My Girlfriend Always Wears My Clothes: Here's Why and What to Do

Your clothes are oversized and more comfortable. Besides, it's your clothes. She likes to wear it because it carries your aroma and makes her feel close to you even when you are away from one another. However, if you don't like it, express your concern before her.couple seeing each other

Menswear is undoubtedly more comfortable than women's wear. Although these days girls wear more denim and shorts, the sad fact is it is not comfortable. The manufacturers, most of them males, do not design women's bottom wear or tees the same way as they do for men. 

If your girlfriend dons your attire time and again, it is because she loves to wear it. While at first you found it cute and complimented her, it might happen that with time it has become a botheration for you. 

This may be so because whenever you have a zoom meeting to attend, or you need to go out for some business, you find yourself out of clothes.

Either it's not clean or not pressed. Well, calm down! We have the solutions for you. But before we jump onto it, let us develop a better understanding as to why your girlfriend is doing what she is doing.

Why does your girlfriend always wear your clothes? 

While your girlfriend might have one of the many reasons to wear your clothes, the most likely one is that she thinks of herself to be so much into you that even at moments when you're not with her, she likes to feel you close to her.

When she puts on your clothes and looks at her reflection, she sees you by her side. That gives her a sense of security and makes her feel special. You're special to her. You're a lucky guy. However, there might be more reasons for it than this one. Let's continue reading to find out.

#1 She wants to try roleplay 

She may be thinking of trying something new with you, like roleplay or role reversal. It will be new if you haven't tried it yet. If you have tried it, she wants to try it some other way.

My suggestion would be you must wait for her till she expresses it clearly before you. However, if she does make such an expression, be a sport, and don't hesitate to experiment with new domains if you feel like it.

#2 You keep your clothes tidy 

It might be that your girlfriend is not as good at laundry as you. While you keep your clothes tidy and pressed, she skips doing it for most of the time. Naturally, when she looks at your nicely folded clothes, she is pushed to try them on, which when she does, it feels good, and she decides to keep it on for the rest of the day. 

Well, directly asking her not to wear your clothes might not be easy. Instead, I would suggest you get laundry the way you do yours.

Be Sheldon to your Penny. You got to be her best friend if you want to remain her boyfriend for long. Besides, these things are cute, and you get to experiment with new fabric softeners on your girlfriend's garments!

#3 Your clothes are oversized for her 

If you have a good physique and she is in perfect shape too, your clothes must be oversized for her. While shopping, girls don't bag oversized clothes for obvious reasons.

They cannot wear it outside, and they waste a lot of money shopping already. But if the boyfriend's hoodies or t-shirts keep her well covered and keep her comfortable, there's no harm in it.

You've got a cute girl out there. Adore and love her as much as you can. It takes a lot for a girl to share this comfort level with a guy.

#4 Your clothes carry your essence 

I reiterate she is madly and deeply in love with you. Your clothes carry your essence. She likes to hold you close and feel your warmth in every breath. This might look like a silly move, but it is not.

Love makes a person blind, and love is blind; love makes us do weird things all the time. Love has all your answers. Just kiss her hard, lift her and ask her why she wears your clothes all the time. She will tell you that she loves you and you will have your answer.

#5 She has a fixation with your garments 

There's something special about your garments. It's either the fabric or the brand or the fabric softener you use. It takes her to a different zone altogether. 

You can try shopping together. Shop from the same brand uses the same detergent. These things might make some difference.

#6 She likes to flaunt that she has a lovely boyfriend 

Your girlfriend likes to show her in your clothes in front of her friends. It does two things at once. It is a marker that she is already taken. It shows that she has a cute boyfriend.

The latter makes her feel proud. It would help if you tried to feel proud all the same. After all, you have got yourself a lovely girlfriend who doesn't mind wearing your clothes in front of others. It shows how strong you two are together. It's like you are one of those couples made in heaven.

#7 She has a weird garment fetish 

Well, fetishes are weird. It might be that she enjoys making out with you while wearing your clothes.

You may find more on this by observing her mood and seeing if she likes to dominate. Notice any changes that she might undergo with your clothes on. 

#8 Menswear is more comfortable 

Menswear is any day way more comfortable than women's wear. That's the only reason perhaps why she keeps your clothes on most of the time. Next time you buy her a gift, give her one of your favorite t-shirts. She would love it!

#9 She requires clothes and wants you to take her out shopping 

If your girlfriend wears your clothes most of the time, it may be that she is subtly suggesting that you should take her out shopping. 

It might be that you never take her out shopping or her birthday is near, and she is hoping for a grand surprise. Try to think on these lines and read her mind. You can try and ask about it, too; don't be too direct in your inquiries.

#10 She is bored 

Your girlfriend might be putting on your clothes out of boredom. She is bored, and you are not giving her due attention. It might be that you're busy with your work, and it is to draw your attention towards her that she is doing all this.

#11 She is testing you 

Well, your clothes might not only contain your essence in them. It might be that she spotted something unusual. Say, a lipstick mark or a new perfume.

She might feel that you're cheating on her. Wearing your clothes all the time suggests that she would leave no stone unturned to find out if you are indeed seeing someone, even if for a fling.

#12 She wants to leave her essence in it 

Your girlfriend is wearing your clothes for you. She wants to leave her essence in it so that when you put it on, you feel her closer to yourself.

When she is away from work or visiting her parents for some days, you might not feel that lonely as you know she is there for you.

#13 To relive the moment 

There might be something that she is relating to your clothes. A particular episode or some moments spent together which she is attempting to relive

You may try to know more about this by asking her if there's something special about your clothes that makes her wear them all the time. I'm certain that you will get your answer.

#14 You have called her sexy in it 

Did you call your girlfriend sexy while she had put on your clothes? Well, if you did, that might be the very reason why she is so hooked on it now. This also implies that she takes your remarks very seriously.

If you tell her to wear something unusual or something more feminine or say something ethnic, she might drop the idea of putting on your clothes all the time. She might think that it has been too much and you are bored.

#15 She likes to tease you

All that your girlfriend is attempting to do by putting on your clothes is tease you. She knows that it is annoying behavior, yet she is doing it because she wants to get on your nerves.

I guess that you behave differently when you're mad at her. You are perhaps more dominant when something is slightly bothering you, trying to contain that emotion.

What can you do when your girlfriend keeps wearing your clothes? 

There are ways to stop your girlfriend from wearing your clothes. The quickest way of all is to put on her clothes. It might be challenging, but it isn't that bad if you come to think about it.

However, if you don't mind that she wears your cloth, let her be happy; if you mind, yes, there are some ways to get you out of this situation.

Keep reading to know more.

#1 Stop doing the laundry 

If you don't want your girlfriend to wear your clothes, take a break from doing laundry for a time. If all the clothes pile up in the bucket, she would have no choice but to do the laundry or switch back to her clothes.

This is a quick step to get you out of this trouble. You can show that you're keeping busy so your girlfriend would hopefully not feel that you're avoiding laundry to prevent her from wearing it.

However, if she does it for you, you're a lucky guy! It would mean that she wasn't wearing your clothes because she doesn't like to do laundry.

#2 Wear her clothes 

It is not that big a deal if you bring yourself to think about it. If your girlfriend can wear your clothes, so can you, right?

You might have to explore her wardrobe to find something that fits you fine, but you will get there. It would be fun too. Shakespeare, in his plays, usually practiced cross-dressing. It makes room for some adventure and fun.

#3 Compliment her 

If you like how she carries your clothes, you can compliment her on her style. Whereas, if you don't like the way she puts it on, compliment her on anything but her style. It might take some time, but eventually, she will pick up the clues.

#4 Ask her to seduce you 

You're her boyfriend, and you can sometimes make silly demands if both of you are sportive. Ask her to lure you in the most womanly way possible. If it gets to that and you get lucky, at that moment, tell her your feelings. Tell her that you can never get enough of the woman in her.

#5 Make love 

Whenever she comes in your clothes in front of you, engage her in a romantic session. It will be a cute gesture, and if she is not very slow, she will notice the timing and understand the pattern.

#6 Buy her new clothes 

Take her out shopping. That might be it. Women can't spend many days without trying on their new clothes. It's compulsive behavior. 

She will be restless until she puts it on, hang out with her friends and click many selfies for her Instagram. Once her obsession with the new dress is over, she will likely switch back to her clothes rather than putting on yours.

#7 Tell her to dress up for you 

Asking your girlfriend to dress up for you could be a cute thing to do. However, once she's dressed up, you must take her out on a romantic date and make her feel special. That way, she might dress up beautifully every day for you.

#8 Tell her to take you out shopping 

If you suggest she take you out shopping, she will understand why you are doing it, and while she might not be able to deny you that, you will be in a win-win situation.

Once she has spent her money on your clothes, she might not wear them for some time. To keep it going smooth, gift her some new outfits in a fortnight or so.

#9 Suggest role-play 

If you feel that your girlfriend is putting on your clothes to suggest something experimental and mischief, give it words. Make some suggestions and notice her reactions.

If that might be it, you have decided successfully. It might be fun to get along together. You might get back to it on days you feel like it. This will bring you closer and establish a better understanding between both of you.

#10 Recreate memories 

Recreate some sweet memories with your girlfriend to take her out of a particular phase or reorient her obsessive behavior.

Making her feel special and taking her back to good moments spent together will make her understand your love better, and she will learn to appreciate your gesture.

#11 Talk it out 

If you think that your girlfriend is behaving in a certain way for a certain reason, talk it out with her. Communication is the key to any successful relationship.

Once you make your grounds clear, she will begin to express herself candidly rather than wanting you to break the mystical code of her obsessive behavior.

#12 Divert her attention 

Gift her something or engage her in some activity that diverts her attention and takes her away from the current situation. If you convince her to become a part of some society where she got to make a regular appearance, she will work on her looks and mind her code of conduct. 

Similarly, if you gift her something that she might regard higher and consider more precious than, for instance, your clothing, she might overcome her off-putting habits.

Summing up 

If your girlfriend is always wearing your clothes, she will send you a signal. It is most certainly a romantic gesture, be flirtatious with her, and she will lead you on. Don't unnecessarily complicate things. Move at your pace but make her feel special while showing her that you appreciate the gesture.

Suprity Acharyya


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