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If He Can Go A Day Without Talking To You [ANSWERED]

If your partner can go a day without talking to you, that means perhaps he's so busy and stressed out with his life that he hardly has any energy left to have a conversation with you. But if it's happening regularly, you can try exploring other reasons behind this phenomenon. Featured Image of If He Can Go A Day Without Talking To You

When we are interested in or together with someone, we begin to have certain expectations from them. We expect them to show us a lot of love and care. We hope they will go the extra mile for us and make us feel special. We expect them to understand us even if we don't say anything.

Most importantly, we expect them to stay in touch with us throughout the day. We expect them to call and text us often, share their day and ask about ours. But what happens when these expectations are not met? What does it mean? 

Since you landed on this post, we assume that your special someone is not talking to you very often, which is troubling you. You may wonder if it is normal for guys to go a day without talking to their person? Is it okay, or does it mean something? Could it be that he is busy these days? Or could it be that he is losing interest in you and is bored? Well, the answer is going to be different for everyone. 

Maybe your guy is stressed and has a lot of things going on in his life and so isn't in a mood to talk. Maybe he is not a talkative person, and you need to take the initiative to talk instead of waiting for him to text you. Or maybe, just maybe, he is not as interested in you, and this connection is not as special to him. 

Possible reasons why he can go a day without talking to you

You may be thinking that he doesn't like you anymore or is bored with you. Maybe you are worried and can't understand his behavior. Why is it that he can go a day without talking to you? 

The very initial step you can take in this situation is knowing the specific reason behind this phenomenon of your partner. But at this very beginning, I would like to request you to go through the blog thoroughly and with an open mind so that you can accept any situation, whether good or bad.

#1 He is busy or stressed

The most common reason when someone doesn't call or text for a long time is that they are busy.

Maybe your person is busy with work. If he attends a school or college, maybe he has assignments to complete. If he works in an office, maybe his workload has increased. It could also be that some guests came over to his house unannounced, and he has now gotten busy taking care of things for them. 

Stress can make a person feel irritated and sick. When one is stressed, they often don't want to talk to others or casually chat with friends. Maybe whenever he is stressed, he doesn't want to talk to anyone, so he doesn't contact you. 

#2 He is introverted and shy

People who are introverted and shy often find it difficult to start conversations. He may wish to talk to you but doesn't know what to do. He may feel that his text would disturb you or annoy you. Or he may feel that you would think he is too clingy. 

Some people are not very confident and outgoing. They may constantly worry that their actions would come off as annoying. They may fear that they would embarrass themselves in front of others.

If you feel that your guy is introverted or shy and awkward with people, this may be the case. In this case, he is not trying to ignore or not interested in you. He just doesn't want to annoy you. 

#3 He doesn't like to talk much (in general)

Some people are extremely talkative and can go on and on for hours. They can talk to you for hours even if they do not know you personally.

But there are also people who do not like to talk much. They only talk when there is something to talk about, or they have something to discuss. They prefer their solitude and would be happy if they are not disturbed. 

If your guy doesn't like to talk much, it would explain why he can go a day without talking to you. It is normal for him, and it does not mean that he is not interested in you or doesn't care about you. 

#4 He is not interested in you

You met him in a club, and you both caught each other's attention. You thought things were looking good, and so you exchanged numbers.

You started to call and text each other, and it looked like he was quite interested in you. Or maybe he is someone you have known for quite some time, but only recently did you start talking to each other.

You are interested in him and feel that he also has feelings for you. But these days, he doesn't call or text you, which has confused you. 

It could be that he is not interested in you. Maybe he was never interested in you and only considered you a casual friend. Maybe he just wanted to flirt for a while and move on. Or maybe he was genuinely attracted to you initially, but then his interest faded away. 

#5 You both have been together for a long time 

When two people start dating, sparks are flying everywhere. They want to stay together all the time and often talk for hours. There's a lot to talk about and share.

However, once the relationship ages, things settle down, and conversations become mundane. For people who have been together for years, it is pretty normal to just know what the other person is up to; thus, there is nothing much left to talk about. 

If you have been together with your man for a long time, it could be that things have become mundane. It is not that he doesn't care, but he just doesn't know what to talk about all the time. It may be the reason why he doesn't call or text you often and can go a day without talking. 

#6 He is angry or annoyed with you 

It could be that something you said or did anger him. Maybe you commented on his dressing sense or his habits. Maybe you laughed at him or said something in an insulting way. Maybe your words rubbed him the wrong way. 

He may also be annoyed with you. Suppose you both went out together, and you were too clingy or acted in a way that left him embarrassed in front of people he knew. Maybe he kept giving you signs, but you never picked them up and were lost in your own world. 

If you feel that some of your actions may have pissed him off, this may be the reason why he isn't talking to you. 

#7 He is losing interest in this connection and/or is seeing someone else

You both have known each other for a long time. You like him, and he reciprocates your feelings. He has always been someone who would call and text you daily. But recently, he doesn't seem to be as interested in talking to you, and often a whole day goes by without him contacting you. 

If you sense that he is distancing himself from you, and it is not because he is busy or stressed, it could be that he is losing interest in you or this connection.

Maybe he is losing interest in talking to you because he is interested in someone else. If he has been rejecting your advances or his behavior has changed a lot recently, it could suggest that someone else has caught his attention. 

If you are not together, a change in his behavior could also suggest that he has already started seeing someone else. If he is going out with someone else, he probably wouldn't care much about talking to you every day. But if you are both together, this may mean that he sees someone else behind your back. In this case, you must find out what is really going on before reacting. 

How should you handle the situation? 

Now that you understand why he may be behaving this way let us figure out what you should do in your situation. 

#1 If he is busy or stressed 

If your person is very busy and has been under a lot of pressure at school or work, he probably needs some time and space just to relax. 

Or maybe he has some issues to deal with at home. In that case, it is normal that he would be occupied. It would be best if you didn't worry that he doesn't care about you or that something is wrong between the two of you

If you notice that he is stressed, tell him that you understand his situation and that you are always there. Give him the time to deal with his things. In this situation, it is not a great idea to get annoyed with him if he isn't able to call or text you often. After all, people in a connection need to understand each other's struggles. 

#2 If he is an introverted person 

If you know that your guy is pretty introverted or shy and has a hard time starting conversations, it may be a good idea to take charge and initiate more conversations with him instead of just waiting for him. He may feel that his calls or texts would disturb or annoy you, which may keep him from contacting you even if he wants to. 

If you call or text him often, it may make him feel more comfortable. You can also tell him that you are comfortable if he wants to call or text you and that you would be happy if he did so. 

#3 If he doesn't like to talk much 

Suppose he isn't talkative and doesn't like to talk much. In this situation, you can either adjust and accept that he wouldn't be someone who would call and text you all the time, or you can talk to him and share your concerns with him. You both may share your thoughts and come to a mutual decision. For example, you both may decide to at least contact each other once a day, no matter what.

If you share your concerns with him, he may understand your needs and decide to talk to you more often. You may also choose to take the initiative of calling or texting him first. 

#4 If he doesn't seem to be interested in you 

Maybe you thought he was as interested in you as you were. But now, that doesn't seem to be true. If this is the case, it would be a good idea to talk to him.

You may ask him why he didn't contact you or why he often ignores you. If his answers do not satisfy you and you keep feeling like he has no interest in you, you may need to let go of this connection. 

He may see you only as a friend, or he may just be casually flirting with you. And so, chances are that the more you push him to talk to you or show interest in you, the more he would distance himself from you. 

#5 If you both have been together for a very long time 

You both have been together for very long, and things have become mundane. You feel this is why he isn't as interested in talking to you daily.

In this case, you may try to spice things up. You may sit him down and talk to him about your concerns, needs, and desires. You may tell him that it makes you sad when you both don't talk for a long time.

You know he cares about you and this connection. He would surely understand your needs and would make sure to talk to you. And if he forgets to call you or text you someday, you can always take the initiative to ping him. 

#6 If you fear he may be annoyed with you 

If you feel that you may have annoyed him with your words or actions, which is why he isn't talking to you, it may be a good idea to talk to him directly about it. You may explain yourself or apologize if you feel that you did indeed hurt him.

We often do not realize how the words we speak casually or jokingly can affect the other person. You can take this opportunity to get to know him better so that you may avoid hurting him in the future. It would also make it clear that you care about him and this connection, and things may return to normal in no time. 

#7 If you think he is losing interest in you or seeing someone else 

Suppose you both are in a relationship, and you find that he is losing his interest in you. He has become rude and started to ignore and lie to you. If you feel something is going on with him that you don't know about, you should sit him down and talk to him directly about it. If you think that he is seeing someone else, be direct and ask him.

If it becomes clear that he has lost his interest in you and has decided to move on to someone else, it is better to let go. 

Are you worried? 

Maybe you are still worried, and you don't know what you should do. In any case, here are a few things to keep in your mind. 

#1 Sometimes you just need to stop overthinking 

We tend to overthink a lot and make problems look bigger than they actually are. Maybe your person was just busy, or maybe something important came up suddenly. There can be a thousand things keeping him occupied. He may also be annoyed with other things going on in his life and not in a mood to talk. 

Worrying and overthinking is only going to drain you and make you feel bad. Instead, wait for him to call you or text him and ask him about his day if you want. 

#2 Be honest with yourself 

Be very honest with yourself. Why are you so worried? Do you feel insecure about him? Are you jealous that he is giving importance to other things, not you? And if you are indeed insecure, what is the basis of your fear?

Sometimes our worries are based on truth. But many times, it is our deep-rooted fears that make us feel doubtful and jealous. We may react in anger or feel hurt, but if we look at things clearly, our person may not at all be at fault. If it is your insecurities, you may need to work on yourself and trust your guy more. Mutual trust is very important in every relationship. 

#3 Talk to him about your worries and needs

Communication is a key that can open many locks. If you like one thing and your person likes another thing, if your interests, habits, and behaviors differ, it is normal that sometimes it will be hard for the both of you to understand what the other person needs.

If you wish to talk to him more often or if you want him to call you or text you every day, it is best to talk to him about it. Talk to him comfortably about your concerns and needs. This will help him understand you better and fulfill your needs. 

#4 If he doesn't want to be with you

If you find out that he is not interested in you and doesn't want to be with you at any cost, it is better to let go of him and this connection. Even if it hurts and you want to somehow hold on to him, it is better to let go than staying in a loveless, toxic and dysfunctional relationship. 

To Conclude…

Some days are hard, and it is okay if you are not feeling great. But make sure you treat yourself with love and understanding. It is very important to take care of yourself and your emotions. Be gentle with yourself and think calmly. Avoid making any hasty decisions that you may regret later. 

I hope this blog provided you with the answers you were looking for. If your person can go a day without talking to you and you are worried that it might mean he doesn't care about you, let go of your worries.

More often than not, it is because they are busy, stressed, or tired and have no time or energy to contact you. It may be a good idea to give your person some time, but if you are very worried, you may talk to him about it. Whatever the case, take care of yourself and handle the situation calmly! 

Adhideb Ghosh

Senior Writer

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