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My Ex Texted Me Happy Birthday at Midnight (10 Secret Meanings)

Your ex still remembers your birthday, and he has feelings for you. They can also wish just out of courtesy. You should only reply if you two ended on a good note and maintain a cordial friendship. If you had a bad experience with your past, you could avoid the text. Feature Image of My Ex Texted Me Happy Birthday at Midnight

Birthdays are special, and there is no doubt about that. And let's all agree that we love getting birthday wishes from our loved ones. The birthday wish becomes heart-touching when it comes from that special person.

But what if that special person is not special anymore and is just an episode of the past? Well, then the situation is going to get trickier.

Just imagine while you are busy replying to the texts, seeing yourself tagged in Instagram posts and stories on your birthday, and suddenly in the middle of the night, you receive a text. Guess what? It's from that person whom you had the least expectation.

It's your ex. All of a sudden, the person with whom you have lost connection is texting you, and that too on your birthday. Your mind will have thousands of interpretations, and you will feel puzzled. 

Let us look at the various meanings when your Ex texts you happy birthday at midnight.

10 Secret meanings when your ex texts you happy birthday at midnight

Moving on from a relationship is indeed difficult. It becomes more difficult to move on completely, but your ex appears to you out of nowhere. You feel puzzled and have no clue how to respond, how to react, and what to do. 

#1 He is being courteous

Not every Ex has to be a bad chapter of your life. They can still be friends with you even after the relationship has ended.

If you two had a smooth relationship and had to part ways because of changing cities or work issues, then there are high chances that you two will remain friends or be in touch even after your break up. 

If you have been in contact with your ex, it is no surprise that your ex will wish you a happy birthday. You might wonder why my ex is wishing me at midnight. But don't overthink. Your ex wishes you just as a courtesy, and there is no deep meaning attached to it. 

#2 Your ex wants to disturb you

Every individual has a different motive. Unfortunately, your ex likes to disturb their exes even after the relationship has ended.

They won't bother to text you throughout the year. But they like to piss you off on your very special day, your birthday. They know that seeing your name appearing on their mobile screen will certainly ruin their mood. You might even respond out of disgust, and they are here just for its fun. 

So, if you two have lost all connections after your breakup, and you find your ex texting you in the middle of the night on your birthday, it's better to ignore it. Don't bother to respond to their texts. 

#3 Your ex wants a closure

Many relationships end without closure. Not getting closure can make the process of moving on even more difficult.

So, if you broke up with your partner and didn't give them a proper reason or any formal closure to the relationship, you might get texts from them.

And since they need some sort of closure, they won't text you on any normal day randomly. They were waiting for this day, your birthday.

They know that you would reply to their texts out of courtesy, and that's their golden opportunity to initiate a conversation with you. They want to give it a try. They want to know what went wrong and why the relationship has to end like that. 

#4 Your ex misses you

Even when a couple breaks up and moves on, a little part of that relationship remains. After all, we are all human beings; we tend to be emotional.

Although you two chose to part ways, your ex sometimes misses you. And your ex still remembers your birthday very well.

They remember how the two of you used to celebrate birthdays, how they used to plan for your gifts etc. So, when your birthday finally is there, your ex makes sure to wish you.

They hope that you will reply to their texts and maybe they will get a chance to say that they miss you even to date.

Also, if your ex was unable to move on, they will surely remember your birthday and will wait for that day so that they get a chance to talk to you. 

Perhaps, they want another chance from you. They wisely choose the time midnight because they know it's a vulnerable time. It's easy to get people's emotions at night. 

#5 Your ex feels guilty

Did your ex cheat on you, and that's why the relationship ended? Well, then your ex must be quite guilty of that act.

Sometimes exes don't realize the gravity of the mistake until it has reached the point where there's no turning back. 

They had upset you many times previously, and even though you gave them a chance after chance, they always disappointed you. Now when the relationship has ended, they have understood how much they hurt you. So, they wish you on your birthday, thinking of getting a response. 

Their actual motive is to send you an apology. They want to convey their regret or say sorry for their past acts. 

#6 Your ex wants to know your updates

Some exes are just curious. You have blocked them on Instagram or Facebook; they have no ways to know about your whereabouts. 

But they are very much willing to know about your life updates. What have you been doing, if you are dating someone, if you have moved to another city or not- these are all the brewing questions they have, and that's what they want to know. Wishing you on your birthday gives them the right context. 

You won't feel that they are trying to invade your privacy or they are trying to disturb you by any means. You might reply to them out of courtesy or formality, and then they can start a conversation with you, asking you about your life. 

#7 Your ex wants to return your stuff

Giving gifts or other stuff in a relationship is pretty common. However, things can get complicated if the relationship doesn't work out.

Those beautiful gifts become a burden for each other. If you and your ex never got a chance to give back each other's stuff, then your ex might text you to give back your stuff.

They can also ask to return their stuff if you have something valuable for them. They could not ask you directly about returning your stuff; hence they wished you your birthday. 

They are hopeful that you will respond, and they can tell you about their intention to return your stuff. They are not here to come back into your life or make you say sorry. They only want to get rid of the memories, and that's why they are texting you. 

#8 Your ex wants to come back to you

Your ex can try to make a comeback in your life even after you two have lost touch or the relationship ended on a bitter note. Maybe it was their fault, and now they have realized their mistake.

They miss you. They truly loved you, and they want you back in their lives. However, they never got the correct time or chance to text you to convey their feelings.

They remember your birthday very well and wish you to tell them their feelings for you. You would get a long birthday text right at midnight with apologies, emotional words, and many more things. 

If you have been unable to move on and you loved your ex genuinely, you can respond. If you wanted that one text from your ex to give your relationship another chance, you could have a healthy conversation with your ex. 

#9 Your ex wants to see your reaction

Every ex has a diffrenet intention. Your ex wants to see your reaction and whether you have been thinking about them or not.

Even if your ex has moved on, they want to know if you still have leftover feelings for them. They wisely choose your birthday because you will wait for their texts if you have been unable to move on. You would be emotionally vulnerable at that time, and you would react to their texts. They are here to see what kind of reaction you give them. 

They won't tell you about their life updates but would surely know if you are dating someone or not and all other juicy news of your life.

They will talk to you and leave you again on the cliff. If you want to know if they still have feelings for you, they will ignore the question swiftly and will never give you a reply. They will stop the conversation suddenly, and your heart will be shattered once again.

#10 Your ex wishes you with a happy heart

Even your ex can be a good person. They remember your birthday wholeheartedly and are wishing you a happy birthday. Even if you parted many years ago, this is a ritual that your ex follows till now.

They text you every year on your birthday with good intentions. They are here to wish you a happy year, and they want you to have good times despite whatever has happened between you two. They don't want any kind of bad blood floating between you two. 

You two won't exchange any kinds of texts throughout the year except the festive wishes on Christmas and your birthday wish. So, you can be kind and cordial to them and respond sweetly to their genuine wishes. 

Now you must have a fair idea of the possible reasons for your ex texting in the middle of the night on your birthday. But it's also important to know what to do and what not to do in such a situation. 

What to do when your ex texts you happy birthday at midnight

  • Ignore it. Yes, it may sound harsh, but sometimes you have to look for yourself. Even if you two have been in a cordial relationship after your breakup, you must not hurry and reply to your ex immediately. Enjoy your time, and you can always respond to them the next day with a fresh mind. 
  • Respond to your ex in a cold manner. You can choose to reply the next morning or even at night. But your reply should be cold, and it should not depict any kind of emotions or excitement from your end. The text should look like it is out of obligation, for example- "Thanks" and nothing else, no emojis, no exclamation marks. Only a formal reply. 
  • Talk to your ex if it has been a recent breakup and you know that there are chances of getting back together. You can reply to your ex, and you can initiate the conversation by understanding their tone. 
  • Ask for closure. Your ex has shown up uncalled on the night of your birthday. So, if your ex has not given you closure, your heart must be searching for answers. You can take advantage of this time and ask what went wrong with the relationship. 
  • Keep your phone in silent mode. You should not let your past ruin your present. So if you see that your ex not only texted you "happy birthday" but also kept on sending other messages with it, then keep your phone silent and enjoy your night with your friends. 
  • Confront him. If your ex has been bothering you, then you must confront them. You can directly say that you are irritated by their texts and would like to keep no contact with them. 
  • Give them a chance. It depends on the kind of breakup you had. If you two fought over a silly reason and know that your ex is genuinely sorry for their mistakes, you can give them a chance. 
  • Block your ex. This is the ultimate step. If you were the victim of a toxic relationship or were cheated on, and you are aware that your ex is deliberately texting you to ruin your peace of mind, you must block them. You should not even bother to respond to their texts and simply block them.

What you should not do when your ex texts you happy birthday at midnight

  • Don't reply to your ex with anger. An angry state of mind can bring in a whole new set of problems you certainly don't want. So even if their texts leave you extremely disturbed, you must try to ignore them. 
  • Don't act impulsively. Your ex is here to see your reaction and play with your emotions once again, and you must not fall into that trap. If you replied to them out of courtesy and they then insist on calling you or video calling you, you should totally avoid it. You can be vulnerable and act on your emotions impulsive, but you have to check your emotions.
  • Don't drunk text. It's your birthday night, and you must in a party mood. There are chances that you can be drunk and reply to your texts. Drunk texts can be wild and say anything you would not want to say intentionally. So try to steer clear of drunk texts. 
  • Don't fight with your ex. Your ex's sole motive here can be to irritate you or ruin your birthday. So, if you leave your birthday party and concentrate on fighting with your ex, you give them what they want. So ignorance is the only solution for you. 
  • Don't post it on social media. You might be in a rage and would post it on social media letting the world know that your ex texted you. Your ex can genuinely wish you a happy birthday. So there's no point in making such a big scene. Also, you can get a lot of bashing from your friends and followers for such a stupid move. 

Let's wrap up

It's your birthday and more so over it's your life. You should never give anyone, especially if that person is from your past, to take control of that. 

Indulge in the current moment. Enjoy your birthday. Think through the next day whether you want to respond to your ex's text or even to have a conversation with you. 

Follow your heart. If you feel you two can talk it out, go ahead. But if your heart even has a second doubt regarding the intentions of your ex's text, don't fall for it. 

Live your moment, live your day. It's your time to make the of it. 

Ahiri Chakraborty

Senior Writer

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