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My Boyfriend Hasn’t Texted Me All Day (Here's What to Do)

He might be preoccupied with some emergency. Owing to the nature of the emergency, your boyfriend couldn't inform you beforehand. Maybe wait till the end of the day or give him a call to ensure he is fine. Featured Image of Boyfriend Has Not Texted Me All Day

Overthinkers face a difficult time maintaining relationships. A little inconvenience or instability floods their minds with too much negativity. If you are one of them, you might get too restless when your boyfriend doesn't text you all day. 

However, I'm here to put you at ease. In this blog post, I'll help you figure out why your boyfriend hasn't texted you all day and what you can do about it. Keep reading to find out more. 

Reasons why your boyfriend hasn't texted you all day

It is about something that happened last night. Recall your conversation and try to understand what would have upset him to the extent that he is trying to take a break from you. 

However, there can be more than one possible cause and explanation for such behavior. Read below to find out more. 

#1 He is busy 

The most probable reason would be that your boyfriend is busy. It could be at his workplace or some new assignment that he is working on unless you are dating someone who is jobless and doesn't worth a penny. 

It could also be that he is spending the day with his family or has decided to take a day off for himself. It could be self-pampering, meditating, discussing business proposals with his friends or prospective clients, or making his will. 

He could also be engaged in doing something that he loves to do, his hobbies. The hobby is so enjoyable that he didn't mind the moving clock and forgot to text or inform you about it. It would also imply that he doesn't love you enough to care for you that much. Or perhaps he has gotten so bored from the relationship that a break of some hours seems worthy.

This happens when you begin to take relationships too seriously. As a result, it seems to be a chore rather than companionship. If you are not giving enough space to your partner, or if you don't care what your partner does or thinks, this might happen. 

Taking out time to discuss what difficulties you might be facing with one another and how to cope with them so that you don't have a sudden breakdown, in the long run, can help a great deal.

#2 He is upset 

If you did something or said hurtful things, your boyfriend might be pondering over those. As a result, he didn't call you up even if he wanted to. He has been giving you warnings and bearing tantrums, but your aloofness, rudeness, and indifference might have made him think that you hardly care for him. 

If one of the partners begins to think they are in a one-sided relationship, the spark will begin to fade. But that is when you double your efforts to maintain it. The idea is to not give up on a relationship. If it calls for effort, when it calls it, give your best. 

#3 He is cheating on you 

If your boyfriend has started getting distant, and this isn't the first time he hasn't texted you all day, but it has been happening a lot lately, he is perhaps cheating on you. 

It is time for introspection and retrospection. Has your heart stopped skipping a beat when you see your boyfriend? Does your boyfriend kiss you with passion? Do you take out time to do nothing but look into each other's eyes? 

If not, if your boyfriend doesn't keep reminding you about how much he loves you, he is not in love with you. Someone who used to love you a lot may fall out of it. Time conducts tricky business. Hence, putting effort and being persistent in your pursuits is important.

#4 He has taken you for granted 

If your boyfriend doesn't value you as much as he used to, he has taken you too lightly and doesn't talk to you the way he used to, and he has taken you for granted. Many fewer relationships and equations are such wherein you don't feel fading into the background in the life of others. 

To hold that special spot in their life, you must show them what you bring to the table. They should feel that what you provide them, they won't get it anywhere else. When people are scared of putting in the effort, they will find the prospect of doing so again for someone new, not likable. You will be surprised to see how many people don't break up because they are afraid of being lonely, and more than anything, they hate putting in the effort. To think of redoing the entire process again for someone new is beyond them.

Where do you place yourself in such a case? You make it clear that you would neither be a sidekick nor accept to be taken lightly. If you respect their private space, you won't let it succumb you into oblivion.

#5 He wants you to text first 

Your boyfriend hasn't texted you all day because he wants you to text first. He is tired of taking the initiative and putting in the first effort. If you feel that he might feel this way, your boyfriend needs pampering. 

Spend more time with him. Call him, text him, try video calls, share, and tag him on memes. It would help if you made him feel that he means the world to you. Even such costless gestures can help in winning him back. 

#6 He wants to see your reaction 

There is a possibility that your boyfriend might feel you have taken him for granted, and hence he is ignoring or neglecting you to see your reaction. 

If you don't notice that he is not giving you time or that it doesn't matter to you much, he will take it that you are not serious about him. 

If, indeed, you have been looking to get away for good, then this is it. If not, and you fear to death losing him, then give it a vigorous reaction. Let him see that you don't accept being taken lightly and what dating you truly means.

#7 He is embarrassed and guilty 

If your boyfriend has done something lately that he is guilty of and embarrassed to confess, he might get distant. He is taking time to process things. This something could be confronting and hitting your ex, it could be making out with his ex, or it could be a fling with someone last night in the pub. 

While he might have decided that he won't confess it before you, for it would bring him no good, he is uneasy now that he is sober. It is making it too difficult for him to cope. 

There is also the possibility that your boyfriend loves you too much, and last night might have been a setup. He is scared you might get to know about it and dump him for good. More than that, what he truly fears is breaking your heart.

#8 He caught your lie 

If you had told some lie to your boyfriend and someone else uncovered it before him, he would be filled with rage. Now it depends upon the degree of lie and the reason for lying, due to which you might have done this. 

Perhaps drop hints to see his reaction to understand if your lie has been caught. Approach your boyfriend to resolve issues. Tell him you had to keep things from him because you were waiting for the right moment to uncover them. 

If he is earnest in his devotion to you, he would be deeply hurt, and it won't be easy to make amends. The only way is not to give up and keep trying. Perseverance will take you there eventually. 

#9 He doesn't feel secure in the relationship 

If you flirt openly and treat other men the same way you treat him, he might feel insecure. There is nothing worse than a man feeling insecure in a relationship. It means that the relationship has trust issues

It is important to discuss your insecurities and your past relationship experiences, and the reasons why it didn't work out. This will open up forums to discuss your insecurities and space for exchanging opinions to work on it further. 

#10 He lost interest 

Time can divorce one of interest. If he loses interest, he won't care nor be moved by your tears, pleas, appeals, or efforts. If you feel that your relationship has reached that point, you should gather yourself up and move on. 

If, however, you feel this can be a potential beginning of doom, you can recreate memories to help understand why it started in the first place. Make a habit of appreciating two things about each other every day. This will help you to focus on the brighter side and get better and stronger together. 

#11 He is having technical problems 

There is a strong possibility that your boyfriend might have lost or misplaced his cell phone or might be in an area without network coverage. You can check on this by dialing his number. If you are informed that it is out of service, one of these might have happened. 

Before jumping to conclusions, learn to take things forward in parts and steps. It will help you to stay content. When you keep a limited prospectus on your agenda, there is a greater chance of achievement. It will also be time and cost-efficient.

#12 He is avoiding conflict 

Your boyfriend is not texting you because he knows it would push either of you to say hurtful things to one another. Your boyfriend is avoiding conflict by staying away. 

When he feels that he can be back to normal, he will contact you. Don't let others, even your boyfriend decide how to treat you. Don't let their words and actions affect you. If you have done nothing wrong, you don't have any cause to fear. 

What to do when your boyfriend hasn't texted you all day?

Call him up to see if he is alright. Text him to state your concern for his wellness. Even if he is upset, he would have the decency to put you out of your misery by shedding light on the reasons. 

To know more ways to find out a way out of this tricky situation, continue reading below. 

#1 Don’t immediately get upset 

If you are a very spontaneous person who exposes your sentiments without taking moments to process things, stop it. Instead, take a minute break to take a deep breath and understand things. 

You are liable to get hot-tempered when you see a pattern emerging. That is when you know that you are being played with. But when the situation has occurred for the first time, you should let it go. Treating someone too harshly can flip the situation. 

#2 Check in with yourself 

Sometimes it is important to check in with ourselves to understand our range of expectations from others. For instance, in your case, you must try to ascertain your expectations for your boyfriend's communication habits. Are those expectations realistic, given his current situation?

If your boyfriend has started working in a new place, he will take time to adapt to the new environment. Naturally, it will be hectic for him, and he won't be available during office hours.

Similarly, if your boyfriend has shifted to a new city or is traveling for business purposes, he is catching flights or self-driving, it won't be possible for him to stay on call lest his phone's battery will drain and he won't be able to use it in an emergency. 

Before complaining about others, it is important to check with yourself to see where you stand. Why do you have so much free time in hand that the thought of your boyfriend not sending you texts is bothering you? 

It means that you are not engaged in doing anything productive or fruitful. Perhaps try to be more ambitious, and your boyfriend will keep you happy with his goal. 

#3 You text first 

It is okay if your boyfriend isn't texting you. Sometimes guys suffer due to their ego. If his friend might have dared him not to text you to see how long you should wait till you text him first, help him win the bet. 

You don't know what the situation is that might be making things difficult for your boyfriend. Hence, never jump to conclusions. If there is anything that you think you might do to make the situation better, do it. When you work from both ends, you have a true win-win.

#4 Reach out in alternative ways  

There are many ways to reach out to your boyfriend rather than mere texts. While using technology is good, if you feel your boyfriend has self-annihilating tendencies, you must make calls, do door visits, or call his friends or neighbors to find out if he is home and fine. 

We are often so well connected on the phone that it never occurs to us that we should keep some other number with us too. Make it a habit to exchange crucial information with each other. Even when you enroll for a course or a job, you disclose the basic diet, and you must do the same thing here. You cannot wait to find them on social media and wait for them to reply to your text. 

#5 Apologize 

If you feel that you have consciously or unconsciously hurt your boyfriend's sentiments, don't shy away from apologizing. A plain text that expresses how sorry you are will do. 

However, you can make it creative, too, by adding something more to it to make it special. Rather than apologizing, expressing how it made you feel, knowing that you were hurting them will do you more good. 

#6 Send him flowers 

Flowers are always heart-winning. Hence, if you want to make amends for something silly, send him his favorite flowers with a note of apology. 

You can choose to send a bouquet of a similar type, a bunch of rarest collections, or many flowers at intervals till the time he calls you up or comes to take you away with him.

#7 Express your sentiments 

Never shy away from expressing what you feel for someone. Expressing your sentiments will ease your load and make you feel unburdened. 

In relationships, we usually fight the urge to say hurtful things to one another. However, keeping it all pent up within is not a significant choice either. It would help if you found a way to express yourself sensibly. 

The voice must be heard to return an understanding for resolvent. It shouldn't be something that makes both of you more distant. Hence, when you begin to state your concern, start it gently.

Make a soft reference to some incident and tell him that you want to share your feelings about the episode. If he is as interested as you in making things work, he would appreciate the gesture.

Summing up 

All days are not similar. If your boyfriend cannot text you all day, he works hard and finds talking to you quite distracting. There is not anything surprising about this. When we love someone, we are so overawed by their presence that we can't think of doing anything but love them. As a result, we find ourselves failing in other domains. Your boyfriend doesn't mean to hurt your sentiments here. 

He expects to create a balanced understanding where he hopes you might feel the same. It's an approach toward efficient time management. However, a stronger couple won't hesitate to discuss it openly with one another. Hold his hand and tell him that you understand. Such gestures of fondness will strengthen you together. 

Suprity Acharyya


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